All Relations between hypertrophic and matrix compartment

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Zhenyu Feng, Ningning Zhang, Jie Bai, Qiu-Yue Lin, Yunpeng Xie, Yun-Long Xi. Biochanin A inhibits cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in vivo and in vitro. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. vol 170. 2023-12-13. PMID:38091641. the heart undergoes pathological cardiac hypertrophy as an adaptive response to prolonged pathological stimulation, leading to cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, fibroblast proliferation, and an increase in extracellular matrix. 2023-12-13 2023-12-17 mouse
Qian Xu, Kunping Zhuo, Xiaotian Zhang, Yanru Zhen, Limin Liu, Lu Zhang, Yufan Gu, Hui Jia, Qing Chen, Meixi Liu, Jiawei Dong, Ming-Sheng Zho. The role of angiotensin II activation of yes-associated protein/PDZ-binding motif signaling in hypertensive cardiac and vascular remodeling. European journal of pharmacology. vol 962. 2023-12-12. PMID:38061470. treatment with verteporfin significantly reduced ang ii-induced cardiac and vascular hypertrophy with a mild reduction in systolic blood pressure (sbp), verteporfin attenuated ang ii-induced cardiac and aortic fibrosis with the inhibition of transform growth factor (tgf)β/smad2/3 fibrotic signaling and extracellular matrix collagen i deposition. 2023-12-12 2023-12-17 Not clear
Ying Zhang, Qian Fang, Yinan Liu, Dan Zhang, Ying He, Fei Liu, Kun Sun, Jinghong Che. Increased FGFR3 is involved in T-2 toxin-induced lesions of hypertrophic cartilage associated with endemic osteoarthritis. Human & experimental toxicology. vol 42. 2023-12-07. PMID:38059300. inhibiting the fgfr3 signal could alleviate extracellular matrix degradation, abnormal chondrocytes differentiation, and excessive cell death in t-2 toxin-induced hypertrophic chondrocytes. 2023-12-07 2023-12-10 rat
Dongxu Feng, Huixia Li, Xiao Ma, Wenjuan Liu, Yangjun Zhu, Xiaomin Kan. Downregulation of extracellular matrix protein 1 effectively ameliorates osteoarthritis progression in vivo. International immunopharmacology. vol 126. 2023-12-01. PMID:38039715. although extracellular matrix protein 1 (ecm1) serves as a central regulator of chondrocyte proliferation and hypertrophy, its role in oa remains largely unknown. 2023-12-01 2023-12-10 mouse
Peter Wolf, Luigi Maione, Peter Kamenický, Philippe Chanso. Acromegalic Cardiomyopathy: An Entity on its own? The Effects of GH and IGF-I Excess and Treatment on Cardiovascular Risk Factors. Archives of medical research. 2023-12-01. PMID:38040526. myocardial hypertrophy in acromegaly is due to a homogeneous increase in the intracellular myocardial mass and extracellular myocardial matrix and improves following successful treatment through intracellular changes. 2023-12-01 2023-12-10 Not clear
Fang Ma, Honglin Liu, Tongtong Xia, Zhenghao Zhang, Shengchao Ma, Yinju Hao, Jiangyong Shen, Yideng Jiang, Nan L. HSFAS mediates fibroblast proliferation, migration, trans-differentiation and apoptosis in hypertrophic scars via interacting with ADAMTS8. Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica. 2023-11-25. PMID:38006215. human hypertrophic scar-derived fibroblasts (hsfbs) have been shown to exert more potent promoting effects on extracellular matrix (ecm) accumulation than normal skin-derived fibroblasts (nsfbs) and are associated with enhanced hs formation. 2023-11-25 2023-11-28 human
Binyu Song, Yuhan Zhu, Ying Zhao, Kai Wang, Yixuan Peng, Lin Chen, Zhou Yu, Baoqiang Son. Machine learning and single-cell transcriptome profiling reveal regulation of fibroblast activation through THBS2/TGFβ1/P-Smad2/3 signalling pathway in hypertrophic scar. International wound journal. 2023-11-21. PMID:37986676. hypertrophic scar (hs) is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by excessive deposition of extracellular matrix, and the mechanisms underlying their formation remain poorly understood. 2023-11-21 2023-11-29 Not clear
Marc G Jeschke, Fiona M Wood, Esther Middelkoop, Ardeshir Bayat, Luc Teot, Rei Ogawa, Gerd G Gauglit. Scars. Nature reviews. Disease primers. vol 9. issue 1. 2023-11-16. PMID:37973792. although the underlying mechanisms of hypertrophic scars and keloid lesions are not well defined, evidence suggests that the changes in the extracellular matrix are perpetuated by ongoing inflammation in susceptible individuals, resulting in a fibrotic phenotype. 2023-11-16 2023-11-20 Not clear
Xuan Kan, Ruidi Guan, Jianwei Hao, Chunyuan Zhao, Yanan Su. Integrative analysis of immune-related signature profiles in eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis. FEBS open bio. 2023-11-07. PMID:37867480. functional analyses revealed several significant associations with ecrswnp, including focal adhesion, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and extracellular matrix (ecm)-receptor interactions. 2023-11-07 2023-11-08 Not clear
Cheng Zeng, Jing Liu, Xialei Zheng, Xinqun Hu, Yuhu H. Prostaglandin and prostaglandin receptors: present and future promising therapeutic targets for pulmonary arterial hypertension. Respiratory research. vol 24. issue 1. 2023-11-02. PMID:37915044. the mechanisms involved in this process include inflammation, vascular matrix remodeling, endothelial cell apoptosis and proliferation, vasoconstriction, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and hypertrophy. 2023-11-02 2023-11-08 Not clear
Lourdes Alcaide-Ruggiero, Verónica Molina-Hernández, Juan Morgaz, J Andrés Fernández-Sarmiento, María M Granados, Rocío Navarrete-Calvo, José Pérez, Setefilla Quirós-Carmona, José M Carrillo, Ramón Cugat, Juan M Domíngue. Immunohistochemical Analysis of Knee Chondral Defect Repair after Autologous Particulated Cartilage and Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment in Sheep. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 24. issue 20. 2023-10-30. PMID:37894837. significant differences were found in collagens associated with matrix maturity (ii and v), degradation (ix), structure and mechanics (vi), and hypertrophy (x) between healthy cartilage and rls- or ha-repaired cartilage. 2023-10-30 2023-11-08 Not clear
Linlin Sun, Miao Ding, Fuhua Chen, Dingyu Zhu, Xinmiao Xi. Long non‑coding RNA L13Rik promotes high glucose-induced mesangial cell hypertrophy and matrix protein expression by regulating miR-2861/CDKN1B axis. PeerJ. vol 11. 2023-10-24. PMID:37868060. long non‑coding rna l13rik promotes high glucose-induced mesangial cell hypertrophy and matrix protein expression by regulating mir-2861/cdkn1b axis. 2023-10-24 2023-11-08 Not clear
Linlin Sun, Miao Ding, Fuhua Chen, Dingyu Zhu, Xinmiao Xi. Long non‑coding RNA L13Rik promotes high glucose-induced mesangial cell hypertrophy and matrix protein expression by regulating miR-2861/CDKN1B axis. PeerJ. vol 11. 2023-10-24. PMID:37868060. given the role of long non coding rna (lncrna) in regulating mc hypertrophy and extracellular matrix (ecm) accumulation, our aim was to identify functional lncrnas during mc hypertrophy. 2023-10-24 2023-11-08 Not clear
Maja Schlittler, Peter P Pramstaller, Alessandra Rossini, Marzia De Bortol. Myocardial Fibrosis in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: A Perspective from Fibroblasts. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 24. issue 19. 2023-10-14. PMID:37834293. the disease is characterized by cardiomyocyte hypertrophy and myocardial fibrosis, which is defined as the excessive deposition of extracellular matrix proteins, mainly collagen i and iii, in the myocardium. 2023-10-14 2023-10-15 Not clear
Hirai Suito, Kaoru Fujikawa, Masafumi Ohsak. ENPP1 downregulation and FGF23 upregulation in growth-related calcification of the tibial tuberosity in rats. Journal of anatomy. 2023-10-10. PMID:37814911. the extracellular matrix of hypertrophic chondrocytes was calcified. 2023-10-10 2023-10-15 rat
Kevin G Burt, Dan C Viola, Lauren E Lisiewski, Joseph M Lombardi, Louis F Amorosa, Nadeen O Chahin. An in vivo model of ligamentum flavum hypertrophy from early-stage inflammation to fibrosis. JOR spine. vol 6. issue 3. 2023-10-02. PMID:37780823. in this study, we created an injury model to test the hypothesis that lf needle scrape injury in the rat will result in hypertrophy of the lf characterized by altered tissue geometry, matrix organization, composition and inflammation. 2023-10-02 2023-10-07 rat
Xue Bai, Hongyan Sun, Lina Jia, Junjie Xu, Peng Zhang, Deyuan Zhang, Yu Gu, Bo Chen, Lin Fen. Chondrocyte targeting gold nanoparticles protect growth plate against inflammatory damage by maintaining cartilage balance. Materials today. Bio. vol 23. 2023-09-28. PMID:37766899. aunps inhibited the formation of gaps, without chondrocytes and extracellular matrix, between the proliferative and hypertrophy zones of the gp cartilage, and the gaps were noticeable in the lps group. 2023-09-28 2023-10-07 mouse
Yunxian Dong, Xiaoling Cao, Jinsheng Huang, Zhicheng Hu, Chufen Chen, Miao Chen, Qian Long, Zhongye Xu, Dongming Lv, Yanchao Rong, Shengkang Luo, Haibin Wang, Wuguo Deng, Bing Tan. Melatonin inhibits fibroblast cell functions and hypertrophic scar formation by enhancing autophagy through the MT2 receptor-inhibited PI3K/Akt /mTOR signaling. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease. 2023-09-22. PMID:37739092. hypertrophic scar (hs) is a fibrotic skin condition and characterized by abnormal proliferation of myofibroblasts and accumulation of extracellular matrix. 2023-09-22 2023-10-07 human
Liu Yang, Yajuan Song, Tong Wang, Zhiwei Cui, JunZheng Wu, Yi Shi, Zhou Yu, Baoqiang Son. Transcription factor c-Maf drives macrophages to promote hypertrophic scar formation. Journal of cosmetic dermatology. 2023-09-15. PMID:37710417. hypertrophic scar (hs) is caused by the abnormal proliferation of fibroblasts and excessive deposition of extracellular matrix (ecm). 2023-09-15 2023-10-07 Not clear
Natalia J Braams, Azar Kianzad, Jessie van Wezenbeek, Jeroen N Wessels, Samara M A Jansen, Stine Andersen, Anco Boonstra, Esther J Nossent, J Tim Marcus, Ahmed A Bayoumy, Clarissa Becher, Marie-José Goumans, Asger Andersen, Anton Vonk Noordegraaf, Frances S de Man, Harm Jan Bogaard, Lilian J Meijboo. Long-Term Effects of Pulmonary Endarterectomy on Right Ventricular Stiffness and Fibrosis in Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension. Circulation. Heart failure. 2023-09-07. PMID:37675561. it is unknown whether incomplete reversal of rv remodeling results from extracellular matrix expansion (diffuse interstitial fibrosis) or cellular hypertrophy, and whether residual rv remodeling relates to altered diastolic function. 2023-09-07 2023-10-07 Not clear