All Relations between Down Syndrome and ds

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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K J Cole, J H Abbs, G S Turne. Deficits in the production of grip forces in Down syndrome. Developmental medicine and child neurology. vol 30. issue 6. 1989-04-28. PMID:2976689. down syndrome (ds) and control individuals were examined as to their ability to adapt grip forces to changes in the properties of lifted objects. 1989-04-28 2023-08-11 Not clear
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H Goldstei. Utilisation of health services over a one-year period by an adolescent population with Down syndrome. Danish medical bulletin. vol 35. issue 6. 1989-03-22. PMID:2975584. the utilisation of health services during a one-year period by an adolescent population with down syndrome (ds) was surveyed and compared to controls of the same age-group and same geographical area. 1989-03-22 2023-08-11 Not clear
M Kumar, D Cohen, C Eisdorfe. Serum IgG brain reactive antibodies in Alzheimer disease and Down syndrome. Alzheimer disease and associated disorders. vol 2. issue 1. 1989-02-17. PMID:2974704. since neurofibrillary tangles and neuritic plaques, a hallmark of ad, are also present in older patients with down syndrome (ds), a close relationship between the two diseases has been suggested. 1989-02-17 2023-08-11 human
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E B Arenson, M D Ford. Bone marrow transplantation for acute leukemia and Down syndrome: report of a successful case and results of a national survey. The Journal of pediatrics. vol 114. issue 1. 1989-02-01. PMID:2521248. we report a child with down syndrome (ds) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia who is a healthy survivor 38 months after bone marrow transplantation (bmt). 1989-02-01 2023-08-11 Not clear
D Montagna, R Maccario, A G Ugazio, L Nespoli, E Pedroni, P Faggiano, G R Burgi. Cell-mediated cytotoxicity in Down syndrome: impairment of allogeneic mixed lymphocyte reaction, NK and NK-like activities. European journal of pediatrics. vol 148. issue 1. 1989-01-26. PMID:2973987. peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) from 16 non-institutionalized patients with down syndrome (ds) were studied with various monoclonal antibodies and analysed for natural killer (nk), and nk-like activity. 1989-01-26 2023-08-11 human
R J Donnelly, C G Rasool, R Bartus, S Vitek, A J Blume, M Vite. Multiple forms of beta-amyloid peptide precursor RNAs in a single cell type. Neurobiology of aging. vol 9. issue 4. 1988-11-30. PMID:2903459. thus, in addition to identifying the cells which produce bap, a new challenge consists of determining which form of forms of app rnas and hence app proteins are associated with bap deposition in ad and down syndrome (ds). 1988-11-30 2023-08-11 human
N Sacchi, J Nalbantoglu, F R Sergovich, T S Papa. Human ETS2 gene on chromosome 21 is not rearranged in Alzheimer disease. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 85. issue 20. 1988-11-21. PMID:2902635. molecular genetic analysis of down syndrome (ds) patients with partial trisomy 21 allowed us to reinforce the supposition that ets2 may be a gene of the minimal ds genetic region. 1988-11-21 2023-08-11 human
C Stoll, Y Alembik, N Armbruster, M M Tongio, S Maye. HLA and Down syndrome (DS): parents at the origin of the nondisjunction share no more HLA-A and -B antigens with their DS child than controls. Genetic epidemiology. vol 5. issue 4. 1988-11-17. PMID:2971591. hla and down syndrome (ds): parents at the origin of the nondisjunction share no more hla-a and -b antigens with their ds child than controls. 1988-11-17 2023-08-11 Not clear
D C Van Dyke, C A Gahaga. Down syndrome. Cervical spine abnormalities and problems. Clinical pediatrics. vol 27. issue 9. 1988-10-17. PMID:2970908. a review of the radiographs of 34 individuals with down syndrome (ds), between 5 and 21 years of age, demonstrated subluxation of atlantoaxial instability (c1-c2) greater than 5 mm in three of the 34 individuals (9 percent). 1988-10-17 2023-08-11 Not clear
S V Cheng, J H Nadeau, R E Tanzi, P C Watkins, J Jagadesh, B A Taylor, J L Haines, N Sacchi, J F Gusell. Comparative mapping of DNA markers from the familial Alzheimer disease and Down syndrome regions of human chromosome 21 to mouse chromosomes 16 and 17. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 85. issue 16. 1988-10-05. PMID:2901095. mouse trisomy 16 has been proposed as an animal model of down syndrome (ds), since this chromosome contains homologues of several loci from the q22 band of human chromosome 21. 1988-10-05 2023-08-11 mouse
P A Baird, A D Sadovnic. Causes of death to age 30 in Down syndrome. American journal of human genetics. vol 43. issue 3. 1988-09-29. PMID:2970794. data for down syndrome (ds), we studied 324 ds individuals who died out of a total of 1,337 ds births occurring in 1,066,508 consecutive live births during the years 1952-81 inclusive. 1988-09-29 2023-08-11 Not clear
P A Baird, A D Sadovnic. Maternal age-specific rates for Down syndrome: changes over time. American journal of medical genetics. vol 29. issue 4. 1988-08-31. PMID:2969681. there have been conflicting reports about whether incidence rates at given maternal ages for down syndrome (ds) are changing over time. 1988-08-31 2023-08-11 Not clear
D M Man. The pathological association between Down syndrome and Alzheimer disease. Mechanisms of ageing and development. vol 43. issue 2. 1988-08-26. PMID:2969441. the neuropathology of down syndrome (ds) at middle age is compared with that of alzheimer disease (ad) at that age, through a review of the published literature and from the author's personal observations on brains from a series of patients of different ages with ds. 1988-08-26 2023-08-11 Not clear