All Relations between apoptosis and tnf

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Ana Catarina Cristovão-Silva, Maria Carolina Accioly Brelaz-de-Castro, Elis Dionisio da Silva, Ana Cristina Lima Leite, Lizandra Beatriz Amorim Alves Santiago, Juliana Maria da Conceição, Robert da Silva Tiburcio, Davi Pereira de Santana, Danilo Cesar Galindo Bedor, Breno Ítalo Valença de Carvalho, Luiz Felipe Gomes Rebello Ferreira, Rafael de Freitas E Silva, Valéria Rêgo Alves Pereira, Marcelo Zaldini Hernande. Trypanosoma cruzi Killing and Immune Response Boosting by Novel Phenoxyhydrazine-Thiazole against Chagas Disease. Experimental parasitology. 2024-04-09. PMID:38593864. liz311 induced the secretion of tnf, ifnγ, il-2, il-4, il-10, and il-17, cell death by apoptosis, decreased acidic compartment formation, and induced changes in the mitochondrial membrane potential. 2024-04-09 2024-04-12 human
Zigang Shen, Zhuojun Ke, Qiong Yang, Samson Teweldeberhan Ghebremichael, Tangxin Li, Tian Li, Jie Chen, Xianzhi Meng, Heng Xiang, Chunfeng Li, Zeyang Zhou, Guoqing Pan, Ping Che. Transcriptomic changes in the microsporidia proliferation and host responses in congenitally infected embryos and larvae. BMC genomics. vol 25. issue 1. 2024-04-01. PMID:38556880. for the transcriptome of b. mori infected with n. bombycis, beyond numerous degs related to dna replication and repair, mrna surveillance pathway, rna transport, protein biosynthesis, and proteolysis, with the progression of infection, a large number of degs related to immune and infection pathways, including phagocytosis, apoptosis, tnf, toll-like receptor, nf-kappa b, fc epsilon ri, and some diseases, were successively identified. 2024-04-01 2024-04-03 Not clear
Lei Xu, Yang Zhang, Qian Tao, Tong Xu, Feng-Qin Lee, Li-Shuang Deng, Zhijie Jian, Jun Zhao, Yanting Yang, Siyuan Lai, Yuan-Cheng Zhou, Zhi-Wen Xu, Ling Zh. Transcriptome and metabolome analysis reveals PRV XJ delgE/gI/TK protects intracranially infected mice from death by regulating the inflammation. Frontiers in microbiology. vol 15. 2024-03-29. PMID:38550870. go and kegg enrichment analysis indicated that the differentially expressed genes were primarily enriched in pathways such as tnf, nod-like receptor, jak-stat, mapk, il-17 and apoptosis signaling. 2024-03-29 2024-03-31 mouse
Zhen Shang, Weipeng Shi, Haitao Fu, Yingze Zhang, Tengbo Y. Identification of key autophagy-related genes and pathways in spinal cord injury. Scientific reports. vol 14. issue 1. 2024-03-20. PMID:38504116. go and kegg pathway enrichment analysis showed that these 129 genes were mainly involved in the process of cell apoptosis, angiogenesis, il-1 production, and inflammatory reactions, the tnf signaling pathway and the p53 signaling pathway. 2024-03-20 2024-03-23 Not clear
Lijuan Xiong, Kexin Lin, Tianmu He, Xingyan Liu, Rui Yuan, Xiaofei Li, Jianyong Zhan. A novel approach combining network pharmacology and experimental validation to study the protective effect of ginsenoside Rb1 against cantharidin-induced hepatotoxicity in mice. Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology. 2024-03-13. PMID:38477401. kegg enrichment analysis revealed that 75 hub genes were mainly enriched in tnf, il-17 and apoptosis signalling pathways. 2024-03-13 2024-03-15 mouse
Marcus K Preedy, Michael R H White, Vinay Tergaonka. Cellular heterogeneity in TNF/TNFR1 signalling: live cell imaging of cell fate decisions in single cells. Cell death & disease. vol 15. issue 3. 2024-03-12. PMID:38467621. tnf promotes cell survival by activating pro-inflammatory nf-κb and mapk signalling pathways but may also trigger apoptosis and necroptosis. 2024-03-12 2024-03-14 Not clear
Yang Xiao, Bingbing Xu, Xiaolan Li, Tianhao Ding, Wenxin Zhao, Xiaoxue Nie, Junxia Mu, Zhiyou Xiao, Qian Wang, Qunli Ren, Enkui Zhan. Potential targets of diosgenin for the treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma and their bioinformatics and transcriptional profiling analyses. Steroids. 2024-03-08. PMID:38458369. the results revealed that there were 146 potential targets of diosgenin for oscc treatment, which involved signaling pathways such as ras, tnf, pi3k-akt, hif, nf-κb, and could regulate cellular activity through apoptosis, autophagy, proliferation and differentiation, inflammatory response, dna repair, etc. 2024-03-08 2024-03-11 Not clear
Saiyare Xuekelati, Zhuoya Maimaitiwusiman, Xue Bai, Hong Xiang, Yangjing Li, Hongmei Wan. Sarcopenia is associated with hypomethylation of TWEAK and increased plasma levels of TWEAK and its downstream inflammatory factor TNF-α in older adults: A case-control study. Experimental gerontology. 2024-03-04. PMID:38437928. tumor necrosis factor (tnf)-like weak inducer of apoptosis (tweak) and its receptor fibroblast growth factor inducible 14 (fn14) are known to play important roles in the pathogenesis of sarcopenia. 2024-03-04 2024-03-07 Not clear
Yu He, Fei Liu, Mingjuan He, Fayu Long, Ding Hu, Jingwen Chen, Miao Fang, Zhenlong Wan. Molecular mechanism of resveratrol promoting differentiation of preosteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells based on network pharmacology and experimental validation. BMC complementary medicine and therapies. vol 24. issue 1. 2024-02-29. PMID:38424533. apoptosis, foxo signaling pathway, and tnf signaling pathway are the primary kegg signaling pathways. 2024-02-29 2024-03-03 mouse
Jiacheng Wu, Xiaoqing Xu, Jiaqi Duan, Yangyang Chai, Jiaying Song, Dongsheng Gong, Bingjing Wang, Ye Hu, Taotao Han, Yuanyuan Ding, Yin Liu, Jingnan Li, Xuetao Ca. EFHD2 suppresses intestinal inflammation by blocking intestinal epithelial cell TNFR1 internalization and cell death. Nature communications. vol 15. issue 1. 2024-02-12. PMID:38346956. mechanistically, efhd2 interacts with cofilin and suppresses cofilin phosphorylation, thus blocking tnf receptor i (tnfr1) internalization to inhibit iec apoptosis and consequently protecting intestine from inflammation. 2024-02-12 2024-02-15 mouse
Guangyu Cheng, Xuan Wang, Chaojie Wang, Qi Zhang, Yiwen Zhan. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma: Nardostahyos Radix et Rhizoma in epilepsy treatment using network pharmacology and molecular docking. Medicine. vol 103. issue 6. 2024-02-09. PMID:38335401. these 53 targets were found to influence ep by manipulating pi3k-akt, il-17, tnf, and apoptosis signaling pathways. 2024-02-09 2024-02-12 Not clear
Man Zhao, Aixian Liu, Jiaojiao Wu, Linhong Mo, Fang Lu, Guiling Wa. Il1r2 and Tnfrsf12a in transcranial magnetic stimulation effect of ischemic stroke via bioinformatics analysis. Medicine. vol 103. issue 4. 2024-01-26. PMID:38277520. in kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (kegg) analysis, they were mainly enriched in nf-κb signaling pathway, fluid shear stress and atherosclerosis, p53 signaling pathway, tnf signaling pathway, and apoptosis. 2024-01-26 2024-01-29 Not clear
Saadet Busra Aksoyer Sezgin, Sermin Durak, Faruk Celik, Arezoo Gheybi, Murat Diramali, Ramazan Cakmak, Ali Osman Gurol, Ilhan Yaylim, Umit Zeybe. Genetic Investigation of the Trail Mechanism in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Obese Patients. Biochemical genetics. 2024-01-19. PMID:38243005. tumor necrosis factor-associated apoptosis-inducing ligand(trail), which is a member of the tumor necrosis factor(tnf)-family with an important role in adipose tissue biology, is included in many studies with its ability to induce apoptosis in cancer cells, but the number of human-studies conducted on the gene related to its protective-role against diabetes and obesity at this level is insufficient. 2024-01-19 2024-01-22 human
Chuan Wang, Yuanzi Liu, Yuze Yang, Man Teng, Xuerui Wan, Zixiang Wu, Zhao Zhan. Splenic proteome profiling in response to Marek's disease virus strain GX0101 infection. BMC veterinary research. vol 20. issue 1. 2024-01-05. PMID:38183097. additionally, kegg analysis indicated that the following pathways were linked to mdv-induced inflammation, apoptosis, and tumor: wnt, hippo, ampk, camp, notch, tgf-β, pi3k-akt, rap1, ras, calcium, nf-κb, ppar, cgmp-pkg, apoptosis, vegf, mtor, foxo, tnf, jak-stat, mapk, prion disease, t cell receptor, and b cell receptor. 2024-01-05 2024-01-08 chicken
Maha Moussa, Marina Pozzolini, Sara Ferrando, Asma Mannai, Eleonora Tassara, Marco Giovine, Khaled Sai. Insight on thermal stress response of demosponge Chondrosia reniformis (Nardo, 1847). The Science of the total environment. 2023-12-30. PMID:38159772. however, exposure to 30 °c at both periods of time resulted in indication of hsp, antioxidant enzymes, the gene involved in the apoptosis process (bcl-2: b-cell lymphoma 2), the gene involved in inflammation (tnf: tumor necrosis factor), as well as the aquaporin gene, involved in h 2023-12-30 2024-01-05 Not clear
Hema Priya Manivannan, Vishnu Priya Veeraraghavan, Arul Prakash Franci. Identification of molecular targets of Trigonelline for treating breast cancer through network pharmacology and bioinformatics-based prediction. Molecular diversity. 2023-12-25. PMID:38145425. at the same time, parp1, ddit3, bax, and tnf were associated with the apoptosis pathway according to kegg pathway enrichment analyses. 2023-12-25 2023-12-27 Not clear
Sandeep Paudel, Neha Mishra, Rajesh Agarwa. Phytochemicals as Immunomodulatory Molecules in Cancer Therapeutics. Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). vol 16. issue 12. 2023-12-23. PMID:38139779. phytochemicals and their products have demonstrated immune regulation, such as macrophage migration, nitric oxide synthase inhibition, lymphocyte, t-cell, and cytokine stimulation, natural killer cell augmentation, and nfκb, tnf, and apoptosis regulation. 2023-12-23 2023-12-25 Not clear
Rui Chen, Chao Song, Junjie Qiu, Qifan Su, Xiaoqiang Wang, Guanghui Deng, Kang Cheng, Xiaoyu Chen, Wei Xiang, Tao Liu, Xiaojun Chen, Jiaqi W. Exploring the potential mechanism of Taohong Siwu decoction in the treatment of avascular necrosis of the femoral head based on network pharmacology and molecular docking. Medicine. vol 102. issue 50. 2023-12-20. PMID:38115279. the kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes signaling pathway mainly involves tnf signaling pathway, il-17 signaling pathway, and the recactome pathway mainly involves signaling by interleukins, apoptosis, and intrinsic pathway for apoptosis. 2023-12-20 2023-12-23 Not clear
Aoife Costigan, Emilie Hollville, Seamus J Marti. Discriminating Between Apoptosis, Necrosis, Necroptosis, and Ferroptosis by Microscopy and Flow Cytometry. Current protocols. vol 3. issue 12. 2023-12-19. PMID:38112058. numerous physiological as well as pathological stimuli trigger apoptosis, such as engagement of plasma-membrane-associated fas, trail, or tnf receptors, growth factor deprivation, hypoxia, radiation, and exposure to diverse cytotoxic drugs. 2023-12-19 2023-12-21 Not clear
Juan Pablo Robles, Magdalena Zamora, Jose F Garcia-Rodrigo, Alma Lorena Perez, Thomas Bertsch, Gonzalo Martinez de la Escalera, Jakob Triebel, Carmen Clap. Vasoinhibin apoptotic, inflammatory, and fibrinolytic actions are in a motif different from its antiangiogenic HGR motif. Endocrinology. 2023-12-06. PMID:38057149. instead, the incubation of human umbilical vein endothelial cells with oligopeptides containing the sequence hnlssem, corresponding to residues 30 to 36 of vasoinhibin, induced apoptosis, nuclear translocation of nf-κb, expression of genes encoding leukocyte adhesion molecules (vcam1 and icam1) and proinflammatory cytokines (il1b, il6, tnf), and adhesion of peripheral blood leukocytes. 2023-12-06 2023-12-10 mouse