All Relations between Down Syndrome and ds

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Rodolphe Dard, Anastasia Tutunaru, Malek Bouassida, Aissatu Balde Camara, Estelle Parizot, Nadim Kassis, Joanne Fortemps, Céline Cierniewski, Chrystèle Racine, Nathalie di Clemente, Francois Vialard, Nathalie Jane. Spermatogonial depletion and a spermatogenesis defect in the Dp(16)1Yey mouse model of Down syndrome. Reproduction (Cambridge, England). 2023-12-08. PMID:38063330. down syndrome (ds), or trisomy 21, is the most common chromosomal disorder in humans. 2023-12-08 2023-12-17 mouse
Viviane Merzbach, Michael Ferrandino, Marie Gernigon, Jorge Marques Pinto, Adrian Scruton, Dan Gordo. Impact of Prescribed Exercise on the Physical and Cognitive Health of Adults with Down Syndrome: The MinDSets Study. International journal of environmental research and public health. vol 20. issue 23. 2023-12-08. PMID:38063551. the duplication of chromosome 21, as evidenced in down syndrome (ds), has been linked to contraindications to health, such as chronotropic and respiratory incompetence, neuromuscular conditions, and impaired cognitive functioning. 2023-12-08 2023-12-17 human
Scott J Halperin, Meera M Dhodapkar, Zachary Radford, David B Frumberg, Lee E Rubin, Jonathan N Graue. Patients With Down Syndrome and Total Hip and Total Knee Arthroplasty: Outcome Measures Show Increased Risk of Perioperative Complications. Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Global research & reviews. vol 7. issue 12. 2023-12-06. PMID:38054749. patients with down syndrome (ds) are being considered for total joint arthroplasty. 2023-12-06 2023-12-10 Not clear
Lauren Frank, Brian Helsel, Danica Dodd, Amy E Bodde, Jessica C Danon, Joseph R Sherman, Daniel E Forsha, Amanda Szabo-Reed, Richard A Washburn, Joseph E Donnelly, Lauren T Ptome. The association between cardiovascular health and cognition in adults with Down syndrome. Journal of neurodevelopmental disorders. vol 15. issue 1. 2023-12-06. PMID:38057709. studies supporting these associations in adults with down syndrome (ds) are limited. 2023-12-06 2023-12-10 Not clear
Meredith Ramba, Dusan Bogunovi. The immune system in Down Syndrome: Autoimmunity and severe infections. Immunological reviews. 2023-12-05. PMID:38050836. over 200,000 individuals in the united states alone live with down syndrome (ds), the most common genetic disorder associated with intellectual disability. 2023-12-05 2023-12-10 Not clear
Josef Brandauer, Candace N Receno, Cynthia Anyaoku, Lauren E Cooke, Hannalyn M Schwarzer, Keith C DeRuisseau, Caitlin Cunningham, Lara R DeRuissea. Senescent hearts from male Ts65Dn mice exhibit preserved function but altered size and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide pathway signaling. American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology. 2023-12-04. PMID:38047317. down syndrome (ds) is associated with congenital heart defects at birth, but cardiac function has not been assessed at older ages. 2023-12-04 2023-12-10 mouse
María Del Carmen Ortega, José Pablo Bullard, María Del Mar Unceta, Felipe Ortuño Sánchez-Pedreño, Patricio Molero, Diego Real de Asú. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy secondary to electroconvulsive therapy in a young adult with Down syndrome regression disorder. American journal of medical genetics. Part C, Seminars in medical genetics. 2023-12-02. PMID:38041246. we report the case of an 18-year-old woman with down syndrome (ds) who developed takotsubo cardiomyopathy (tsc) immediately after the administration of electroconvulsive therapy (ect), a treatment prescribed for down syndrome regression disorder resistant to oral psychotropic drugs. 2023-12-02 2023-12-10 Not clear
Marta Hetman, Ewa Barg, Sylwia Placzkowsk. Comparative analysis of obesity prevalence, antioxidant and oxidant status in children with Down syndrome - a sibling-controlled study. Pediatric endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. vol 29. issue 3. 2023-12-01. PMID:38031829. down syndrome (ds), a common genetic disorder, leads to various physical, cognitive, and developmental challenges. 2023-12-01 2023-12-10 Not clear
Marta Hetman, Karolina Mielko, Sylwia Placzkowska, Aleksandra Bodetko, Piotr Młynarz, Ewa Bar. Predisposition to atherosclerosis in children and adults with trisomy 21: biochemical and metabolomic studies. Pediatric endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. vol 29. issue 3. 2023-12-01. PMID:38031830. the metabolic process in the down syndrome (ds) population remain less explored. 2023-12-01 2023-12-10 Not clear
Firouzeh Nilchian, Neda Mosayebi, Mohammad Javad Tarrahi, Hamidreza Pasya. Comparison of oral indices in patients with Down syndrome and healthy individuals: A meta-analysis study. Dental research journal. vol 20. 2023-12-01. PMID:38020256. the aim of the present study was to compare dental indexes of pediatric down syndrome (ds) patients to those who are healthy. 2023-12-01 2023-12-07 Not clear
Nobuhiro Kurabayashi, Kazuki Fujii, Yuta Otobe, Shingo Hiroki, Masaharu Hiratsuka, Hikari Yoshitane, Yasuhiro Kazuki, Keizo Taka. Neocortical neuronal production and maturation defects in the TcMAC21 mouse model of Down syndrome. iScience. vol 26. issue 12. 2023-12-01. PMID:38025769. down syndrome (ds) results from trisomy of human chromosome 21 (hsa21), and ds research has been conducted by the use of mouse models. 2023-12-01 2023-12-10 mouse
Erin Wentz, Ashley Conklin, Kathy Martin, Julia Looper, Nora Shields, Alyssa Fis. Informing Clinical Practice Guidelines for Children and Youth With Down Syndrome: A Survey of Key Partners. Pediatric physical therapy : the official publication of the Section on Pediatrics of the American Physical Therapy Association. 2023-11-30. PMID:38033285. the purpose of this work was to describe input from key partners to inform the scope and priorities for a clinical practice guideline (cpg) pertaining to physical therapy services provided to children and youth with down syndrome (ds). 2023-11-30 2023-12-10 Not clear
Firouzeh Nilchian, Neda Mosayebi, Mohammad Javad Tarrahi, Hamidreza Pasya. Comparison of oral indices in patients with Down syndrome and healthy individuals: A meta-analysis study. Dental research journal. vol 20. 2023-12-01. PMID:38020256. the aim of the present study was to compare dental indexes of pediatric down syndrome (ds) patients to those who are healthy. 2023-11-29 2023-12-07 Not clear
Natsaruth Songthawee, Pornpun Sripornsawan, Shevachut Chavananon, Sirinthip Kittivisuit, Edward B McNeil, Thirachit Chotsampancharoe. Survival outcomes of myeloid leukemia associated with Down syndrome and de novo acute myeloid leukemia in children: Experience from a single tertiary center in Thailand. Pediatric hematology and oncology. 2023-11-28. PMID:38013232. few studies have reported the survival outcomes of myeloid leukemia associated with down syndrome (ds) in resource-limited countries. 2023-11-28 2023-11-29 Not clear
Sonali P Barwe, E Anders Kolb, Anilkumar Gopalakrishnapilla. Down syndrome and leukemia: An insight into the disease biology and current treatment options. Blood reviews. 2023-11-28. PMID:38016838. children with down syndrome (ds) have a 10- to 20-fold greater predisposition to develop acute leukemia compared to the general population, with a skew towards myeloid leukemia (ml-ds). 2023-11-28 2023-12-07 Not clear
Bridgette G J O' Malley, Huong Duong, Georgia Kafer, Michelle Maugham-Maca. The aetiology of atypical bone health in individuals with Down syndrome. Archives of osteoporosis. vol 18. issue 1. 2023-11-27. PMID:37996656. trisomy 21 (t21), more commonly known as down syndrome (ds) is a genetic condition where every cell in the body has an additional copy of chromosome 21. 2023-11-27 2023-11-28 human
Karen R Rabin, Meenakshi Devidas, Zhiguo Chen, Lingyun Ji, John Kairalla, Johann K Hitzler, Jun J Yang, Andrew J Carroll, Nyla A Heerema, Michael J Borowitz, Brent L Wood, Kathryn G Roberts, Charles G Mullighan, Richard C Harvey, I-Ming Chen, Cheryl L Willman, Shalini C Reshmi, Julie M Gastier-Foster, Deepa Bhojwani, Susan R Rheingold, Kelly W Maloney, Leonard A Mattano, Eric C Larsen, Reuven J Schore, Michael J Burke, Wanda L Salzer, Naomi J Winick, William L Carroll, Elizabeth A Raetz, Mignon L Loh, Stephen P Hunger, Anne L Angiolill. Outcomes in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Down Syndrome and ALL: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 2023-11-23. PMID:37890117. patients with down syndrome (ds) and b-all experience increased rates of relapse, toxicity, and death. 2023-11-23 2023-11-29 Not clear
Laura E Hawley, Megan Stringer, Abigail J Deal, Andrew Folz, Charles R Goodlett, Randall J Rope. Sex-specific developmental alterations in DYRK1A expression in the brain of a down syndrome mouse model. Neurobiology of disease. 2023-11-22. PMID:37992782. aberrant neurodevelopment in down syndrome (ds)-caused by triplication of human chromosome 21-is commonly attributed to gene dosage imbalance, linking overexpression of trisomic genes with disrupted developmental processes, with dyrk1a particularly implicated. 2023-11-22 2023-11-29 mouse
Matteo Vandoni, Matteo Giuriato, Agnese Pirazzi, Sara Zanelli, Francesca Gaboardi, Vittoria Carnevale Pellino, Alessandra Anna Gazzarri, Paola Baldassarre, Gianvincenzo Zuccotti, Valeria Calcaterr. Motor Skills and Executive Functions in Pediatric Patients with Down Syndrome: A Challenge for Tailoring Physical Activity Interventions. Pediatric reports. vol 15. issue 4. 2023-11-21. PMID:37987287. down syndrome (ds) is one of the most common chromosomal disorders. 2023-11-21 2023-11-29 human
Marta Fructuoso, Álvaro Fernández-Blanco, Ana Gallego-Román, Cèsar Sierra, María Martínez de Lagrán, Nicola Lorenzon, Ilario De Toma, Klaus Langohr, Elena Martín-García, Rafael Maldonado, Julien Dairou, Nathalie Janel, Mara Diersse. Exploring the link between hedonic overeating and prefrontal cortex dysfunction in the Ts65Dn trisomic mouse model. Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS. vol 80. issue 12. 2023-11-21. PMID:37989807. individuals with down syndrome (ds) have a higher prevalence of obesity compared to the general population. 2023-11-21 2023-11-29 mouse