All Relations between apoptosis and kit

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Jiayu Shen, Ningning Hu, Zetian Wang, Lina Yang, Rujun Chen, Liwen Zhang, Xiaoqin Wan. Ghrelin alleviates placental dysfunction by down-regulating NF-κB phosphorylation in LPS-induced rat model of preeclampsia. European journal of pharmacology. 2024-04-09. PMID:38593930. in addition, the apoptosis rates of jeg-3 and htr-8/svneo trophoblast cells were determined by annexin v-fitc/pi apoptosis detection kit. 2024-04-09 2024-04-12 human
Josquin Moraly, Julien Rossignol, Claire Rouzaud, Thomas Gabas, Hassiba Bouktit, Ludovic Lhermitte, Danielle Canioni, Sylvie Fraitag, Julie Bruneau, Stéphane Barete, Felipe Suarez, Thomas Ballul, Cécile Meni, Laura Polivka, Louis Terriou, David Launay, Laurence Bouillet, Caroline Gaudy-Marqueste, Marie Gousseff, Edwige Le Mouel, Antoine Neel, Dana Ranta, Roland Jaussaud, Philippe Guilpain, Laurent Frenzel, Julie Agopian, Patrice Dubreuil, Céline Greco, Sophie Dimicoli-Salazar, Mael Heiblig, Clément Gourguechon, Olivier Tournilhac, Rose-Marie Javier, Florence Castelain, Quentin Cabrera, Marie Pierre Gourin, Ewa Wierzbicka-Hainaut, Jose Miguel Torregrosa-Diaz, Cristina Bulai, Christian Lavigne, Cyrille Hoarau, Michel Arock, Gandhi Damaj, Olivier Lortholary, Olivier Hermin. Efficacy and safety of mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors in systemic mastocytosis: A nationwide French pilot study. American journal of hematology. 2024-04-06. PMID:38581211. furthermore, rapamycin induces the apoptosis of kit d816v mcs selectively. 2024-04-06 2024-04-10 Not clear
Yan Meng, Zhenzhen Hu, Chenyi Zhang, Hao Bai, Zhaoping Li, Xinru Guo, Liyong Che. miR-92a-3p regulates ethanol-induced apoptosis in H9c2 cardiomyocytes. Cell stress & chaperones. 2024-04-06. PMID:38582327. an annexin v-fluorescein isothiocyanate (fitc)/propidium iodide (pi) apoptosis detection kit and apoptosis-related antibodies were used for apoptosis detection through flow cytometry and western blotting, respectively. 2024-04-06 2024-04-10 Not clear
Mengli Zhang, Bei Xu, Wei Li, Bo Yu, Huan Peng, Feng Gui, Fen Ai, Zhen Che. lncRNA CCAT2 Protects Against Cardiomyocyte Injury After Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion by Regulating BMI1 Expression. International heart journal. vol 65. issue 2. 2024-03-31. PMID:38556336. cell viability, lactate dehydrogenase (ldh) leakage, reactive oxygen species (ros) levels, mitochondrial membrane potential, and apoptosis were detected using counting kit-8, ldh assay kit, dihydroethidium assay, 5,5',6,6'-tetrachloro1,1',3,3'-tetramethylbenzimidazolylcarbocyanine iodide staining, flow cytometry, and western blotting, respectively. 2024-03-31 2024-04-03 Not clear
Xiangcheng Wang, Ruilong Niu, Hao Yang, Yu Lin, Hui Hou, Hong Yan. Fibroblast activation protein promotes progression of hepatocellular carcinoma via regulating the immunity. Cell biology international. 2024-03-19. PMID:38501437. the cell proliferation and apoptosis were determined using the cell counting kit-8 assay kit and annexin v-fitc/pi apoptosis kit, respectively. 2024-03-19 2024-03-21 Not clear
Xiangxin Kong, Denglong Cheng, Xu Xu, Yuan Zhang, Xin Li, Wanlong Pa. IFN‑γ induces apoptosis in gemcitabine‑resistant pancreatic cancer cells. Molecular medicine reports. vol 29. issue 5. 2024-03-15. PMID:38488034. the ifn‑γ‑induced apoptosis of panc‑1/gem cells was assessed using an apoptosis detection kit, whereas the impact of ifn‑γ on the migration of these cells was evaluated using a wound‑healing assay. 2024-03-15 2024-03-17 Not clear
Tong Wang, Liying Gao, Jiahua Tan, Dongzhi Zhuoma, Ruiying Yuan, Bin Li, Shan Huan. The Neuroprotective Effect of Sophocarpine against Glutamate-Induced HT22 Cell Cytotoxicity. Journal of oleo science. vol 73. issue 3. 2024-03-03. PMID:38433000. mitochondrial membrane potential (mmp) and cell apoptosis were used by 5, 5', 6, 6'-tetrachloro-1, 1', 3, 3'-tetraethyl-imidacarbocyanine iodide (jc- 1) kit and terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dutp nick-end labeling (tunel) apoptosis assay kit, respectively. 2024-03-03 2024-03-06 mouse
Chengliang Sun, Dongzhi Liu, Shunheng Gao, Mingyu Xiu, Zhaojian Zhan. Propofol Ameliorates Spinal Cord Injury Process by Mediating miR-672-3p/TNIP2 Axis. Biochemical genetics. 2024-02-21. PMID:38379038. cell viability and apoptosis were determined by cell counting kit 8 assay, flow cytometry, and caspase-3 activity detection. 2024-02-21 2024-02-23 rat
Shenggui Xu, Weimin Lin, Wang Lin, Chengshou Lin, Weizhong Gu. Blocking TXNIP reduced IL-1β Induced chondrocyte cell inflammation. Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France). vol 69. issue 15. 2024-01-27. PMID:38279454. after inhibiting the expression of txnip by transfecting shtxnip into normal mouse chondrocytes, the cck-8 kit was used for detecting its effect on cell proliferation after transfection, and the effect on chondrocyte apoptosis was detected by flow cytometry. 2024-01-27 2024-01-29 mouse
Yue Wu, Dan Chen, Longguang L. EXPRESS: Morinda officinalis polysaccharide promotes the osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells via microRNA-210-3p / scavenger receptor class A member 3. Journal of investigative medicine : the official publication of the American Federation for Clinical Research. 2024-01-24. PMID:38264863. cell counting kit-8 assay was employed to detect cell viability; terminal-deoxynucleoitidyl transferase mediated nick end labeling assay and flow cytometry were adopted to detect apoptosis; alkaline phosphatase (alp) activity assay kit was applied to detect alp activity; western blot was executed to quantify the expression levels of scara3, osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation markers. 2024-01-24 2024-01-26 human
Chongnan Zhang, Jing Zhang, Kai Gu. Paeonol upregulates expression of tumor suppressors TNNC1 and SCARA5, exerting anti-tumor activity in non-small cell lung cancer cells. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology. 2024-01-24. PMID:38265681. cell viability, caspase-3 activity, and apoptosis were evaluated using cck-8 assay, caspase-3 colorimetric assay kit, and flow cytometry analysis, respectively. 2024-01-24 2024-01-26 Not clear
Jiankun Ren, Songwei Zhao, Junyu La. Triptolide restrains the growth, invasion, stemness, and glycolysis of non-small cell lung cancer cells by PFKFB2-mediated PI3K/AKT pathway. Chemical biology & drug design. vol 103. issue 1. 2024-01-17. PMID:38230789. cell proliferation, apoptosis, invasion, and stemness were detected by cell counting kit 8 assay, edu assay, flow cytometry, transwell assay, and sphere formation assay. 2024-01-17 2024-01-19 Not clear
Peiyu Shuai, Zhihong Hu, Wei Li, Guoliang You, Zhiye Liu, Niandong Zhen. The protective role of circ_0016760 downregulation against sevoflurane‑induced neurological impairment via modulating miR‑145 expression in aged rats. Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis. vol 83. issue 4. 2024-01-15. PMID:38224284. the cck‑8 assay, flow cytometry, elisa, ros kit, mwm test were carried out to measure the cell viability, apoptosis, inflammation indicators, ros level, and cognitive and memory function of the rats. 2024-01-15 2024-01-17 rat
Qi Liu, Linfang Li, Jingzhuang Zhao, Guangming Ren, Tongyan Lu, Yizhi Shao, Liming X. Andrographolide Alleviates Oxidative Damage and Inhibits Apoptosis Induced by IHNV Infection via CTSK/BCL2/Cytc Axis. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 1. 2024-01-11. PMID:38203479. fluorescent staining was performed using a reactive oxygen species detection kit (ros) and hoechst 33342/pi double staining kit, and the mechanism of alleviation of apoptosis and oxidative stress andrographolide after ihnv infection was determined. 2024-01-11 2024-01-13 Not clear
Lili Zhang, Fei Sh. LMTK2 inhibits Aβ25-35-elicited ferroptosis, oxidative stress and apoptotic damage in PC12 cells through activating Nrf2/ARE signalling pathway. Folia neuropathologica. 2024-01-04. PMID:38174688. with the application of cck-8, tunel, iron colorimetric assay kit and dcfh-da, the viability, apoptosis, fe 2+ and ros content in pc12 cells were assessed. 2024-01-04 2024-01-06 cat
Xiaopeng Peng, Haoyao Yuan, Guangtian Chen, Yuliang Guo, Qiuer Liang, Qiming Chen, Weidong Ca. Investigation on the effect of ulinastatin on the apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells in rats with aortic dissection based on the Sirt1/FoxO3a pathway. Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France). vol 69. issue 13. 2023-12-30. PMID:38158682. for this purpose a rat model of aortic dissection (ad) was constructed by giving drinking water containing 0.08% β-aminopropionitrile (bapn) to rats, he staining was used to observe the pathological changes of the aorta in ad rats; the diseased blood vessels of ad rats were taken for primary culture and passage of vsmcs, the morphology of vsmcs was observed, and vsmcs were identify with immunofluorescence staining; vsmcs were treated with culture media containing 0, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 u/ml ulinastatin, and mtt kit was used to determine the effect of ulinastatin on vsmc proliferation in ad rats; the vsmc of ad rats were divided into blank group (normal culture), ulinastatin group (medium containing 5000 u/ml ulinastatin), sirt1 inhibitor group (medium containing 1 μmol/l ex527), ulinastatin + sirt1 inhibitor group (medium containing 5000 u/ml ulinastatin, 1 μmol/l ex527), flow cytometry was used to detect the vsmc apoptosis in each group, wb was used to detect the expression of vsmc apoptosis-related proteins and sirt1/foxo3a pathway-related proteins in each group. 2023-12-30 2024-01-05 rat
Wei-Yu Guo, Ding-Yan Lu, Zhi-Zhong Guan, Lin Zheng, Shuai-Shuai Chen, Ting Li. Periploca forrestii Schltr. ameliorate liver injury caused by fluorosis in rat. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. vol 270. 2023-12-19. PMID:38113798. additionally, cell apoptosis rate was determined using the annexin v-fitc/pi cell apoptosis assay kit. 2023-12-19 2023-12-23 human
Rui Zhang, Ya Li, Jin Zhan. Molecular mechanisms of pelvic organ prolapse influenced by FBLN5 via FOSL1/miR-222/MEIS1/COL3A1 axis. Cellular signalling. 2023-12-06. PMID:38056607. cellular cytoskeletal changes were examined via phalloidin staining, intracellular ros levels with a ros kit, cell apoptosis through flow cytometry, and cell senescence using β-galactosidase staining. 2023-12-06 2023-12-10 human
Aysun Ökçesiz Hacıseyitoğlu, Tuğbagül Çal Doğan, Sevtap Aydın Dilsiz, Hande Canpınar, Ayşe Eken, Ülkü Ündeğer Bucurga. Pitavastatin induces caspase-mediated apoptotic death through oxidative stress and DNA damage in combined with cisplatin in human cervical cancer cell line. Journal of applied toxicology : JAT. 2023-12-06. PMID:38053498. pita-induced apoptosis, an increased proportion of sub g1 cells, was monitored, and also, it increased the expression of active caspase-9 and caspase-3 and upregulated cleaved poly adenosine diphosphate ribose polymerase (parp) by western blotting and caspase 3/8/9 multiple assay kit. 2023-12-06 2023-12-10 human
Xin Wei, Jinliang Ni, Lin Yuan, Xueliang L. Hematoporphyrin derivative photodynamic therapy induces apoptosis and suppresses the migration of human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells by regulating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway. Oncology letters. vol 27. issue 1. 2023-11-30. PMID:38034489. an annexin v-fitc/pi kit was used to determine cell apoptosis rates. 2023-11-30 2023-12-10 human