All Relations between synaptic plasticity and neurotransmitter

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Marzieh Abdollahi, Jesus D Castaño, Jennifer Ben Salem, Francis Beaudr. Anandamide Modulates Thermal Avoidance in Caenorhabditis elegans Through Vanilloid and Cannabinoid Receptor Interplay. Neurochemical research. 2024-06-07. PMID:38847909. enrichment analysis unveiled significant involvement of ion homeostasis pathways, which are crucial for maintaining neuronal function and synaptic transmission, suggesting aea's impact on neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity. 2024-06-07 2024-06-10 human
Pawan Faris, Doris Pischedda, Fulvia Palesi, Egidio D'Angel. New clues for the role of cerebellum in schizophrenia and the associated cognitive impairment. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience. vol 18. 2024-05-27. PMID:38799988. we initially consider the major forebrain alterations in cias, addressing impairments in neurotransmitter systems, synaptic plasticity, and connectivity. 2024-05-27 2024-05-31 Not clear
Fu-Li Zhang, Xiao-Ke Yang, Yu-Ting Qi, Si-Yu Tian, Wei-Hua Huan. Nanoelectrochemistry reveals how presynaptic neurons regulate vesicle release to sustain synaptic plasticity under repetitive stimuli. Chemical science. vol 15. issue 20. 2024-05-24. PMID:38784745. although there is a considerable body of knowledge on protein expression and receptor migration in different categories of synaptic plasticity, the contribution and impact of presynaptic vesicle release and neurotransmitter levels towards plasticity remain largely unclear. 2024-05-24 2024-05-27 Not clear
Nengyin Xia, Lingyun Xu, Mengyuan Huang, Dengrui Xu, Yang Li, Haoming Wu, Zhinan Mei, Zejun Y. Neuroprotection of macamide in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease involves Nrf2 signaling pathway and gut microbiota. European journal of pharmacology. vol 975. 2024-05-12. PMID:38734297. the animal experiments showed that m 18:2 prevented the scopolamine (scp)-induced cognitive impairment and neurotransmitter disorders, increased the positive rates of nrf2 and ho-1 in hippocampal ca1, improved the synaptic plasticity by maintaining synaptic morphology and increasing the synapse density. 2024-05-12 2024-05-27 mouse
Lei Wang, Xiaoming Liu, Chenlu Zhu, Shouyi Wu, Zhilei Li, Lipeng Jing, Zhenchang Zhang, Yuhong Jing, Yonggang Wan. Environmental enrichment alleviates hyperalgesia by modulating central sensitization in a nitroglycerin-induced chronic migraine model of mice. The journal of headache and pain. vol 25. issue 1. 2024-05-10. PMID:38724948. central sensitization refers to the enhanced response to sensory stimulation, which involves changes in neuronal excitability, synaptic plasticity, and neurotransmitter release. 2024-05-10 2024-05-27 mouse
Arpna Srivastava, Priya Rajput, Manjari Tripathi, Poodipedi Sarat Chandra, Ramesh Doddamani, Mehar Chand Sharma, Sanjeev Lalwani, Jyotirmoy Banerjee, Aparna Banerjee Dixi. Integrated Proteomics and Protein Co-expression Network Analysis Identifies Novel Epileptogenic Mechanism in Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Molecular neurobiology. 2024-04-30. PMID:38687446. our findings reveal a molecular blueprint of altered protein networks in mtle brain and highlight dysregulated pathways and processes including altered cargo transport, neurotransmitter release from synaptic vesicles, synaptic plasticity, proteostasis, rna homeostasis, ion transport and transmembrane transport, cytoskeleton disorganization, metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction, blood micro-particle function, extracellular matrix organization, immune response, neuroinflammation, and cell signaling. 2024-04-30 2024-05-03 human
Junyu Wu, Xue Xu, Shifeng Zhang, Minping Li, Yuemin Qiu, Gengxin Lu, Zhihui Zheng, Haiwei Huan. Plastic Events of the Vestibular Nucleus: the Initiation of Central Vestibular Compensation. Molecular neurobiology. 2024-04-30. PMID:38689145. notable molecular candidates implicated in this process include variations in ion channels and neurotransmitter profiles, as well as neuronal and synaptic plasticity, metabolic processes, and electrophysiological modifications. 2024-04-30 2024-05-03 Not clear
Xiang Gu, Ling Li. Spatiotemporal expression of AP-2/myosin Ⅵ in mouse cochlear IHCs and correlation with auditory function. Acta oto-laryngologica. 2024-04-25. PMID:38662892. recycling of synaptic vesicles plays an important role in vesicle pool replenishment, neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity. 2024-04-25 2024-04-28 mouse
J Wren Kim, Adeline J H Yong, Erin E Aisenberg, Joseph H Lobel, Wei Wang, Ted M Dawson, Valina L Dawson, Ruixuan Gao, Yuh Nung Jan, Helen S Bateup, Nicholas T Ingoli. Molecular recording of calcium signals via calcium-dependent proximity labeling. Nature chemical biology. 2024-04-24. PMID:38658655. in neurons, calcium transients play a central role in regulating neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity. 2024-04-24 2024-04-28 Not clear
Maria P Mogavero, Michele Salemi, Giuseppe Lanza, Antonio Rinaldi, Giovanna Marchese, Maria Ravo, Maria Grazia Salluzzo, Amedeo Antoci, Lourdes M DelRosso, Oliviero Bruni, Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Raffaele Ferr. Unveiling the pathophysiology of restless legs syndrome through transcriptome analysis. iScience. vol 27. issue 4. 2024-04-15. PMID:38617564. genetic predisposition plays a key role in rls and evidence indicates its inflammatory nature; the high involvement of mainly neurotropic viruses and the torch complex might trigger inflammatory/immune reactions in genetically predisposed subjects and activate a series of biological pathways-especially il-17, receptor potential channels, nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated b cells, nod-like receptor, mitogen-activated protein kinase, p53, mitophagy, and ferroptosis-involved in neurotransmitter mechanisms, synaptic plasticity, axon guidance, neurodegeneration, carcinogenesis, and metabolism. 2024-04-15 2024-04-17 human
Shubhrajit Roy, Svetlana Lutsenk. Mechanism of Cu entry into the brain: many unanswered questions. Neural regeneration research. vol 19. issue 11. 2024-03-25. PMID:38526278. brain tissue requires high amounts of copper (cu) for its key physiological processes, such as energy production, neurotransmitter synthesis, maturation of neuropeptides, myelination, synaptic plasticity, and radical scavenging. 2024-03-25 2024-03-27 Not clear
Hayder M Al-Kuraishy, Esraa H Fahad, Salah Al-Windy, Suzy A El-Sherbeni, Walaa A Negm, Gaber El-Saber Batih. The effects of cholesterol and statins on Parkinson's neuropathology: a narrative review. Inflammopharmacology. 2024-03-19. PMID:38499742. different studies highlighted that statins, via inhibition of brain hmg-coa, can affect neuronal integrity through suppression of neuronal cholesterol, which regulates synaptic plasticity and neurotransmitter release. 2024-03-19 2024-03-21 Not clear
Raj A Katariya, Shivkumar S Sammeta, Mayur B Kale, Nandkishor R Kotagale, Milind J Umekar, Brijesh G Taksand. Agmatine as a Novel Intervention for Alzheimer's Disease: Pathological Insights and Cognitive Benefits. Ageing research reviews. 2024-03-13. PMID:38479477. it also exerts neuroprotective effects, modulates neurotransmitter systems, enhances synaptic plasticity, and stimulates neurogenesis. 2024-03-13 2024-03-16 Not clear
Züleyha Doğanyiğit, Aslı Okan, Seher Yılmaz, A Cihangir Uğuz, Enes Akyü. Gender-related variation expressions of neuroplastin TRAF6, GluA1, GABA(A) receptor, and PMCA in cortex, hippocampus, and brainstem in an experimental epilepsy model. Synapse (New York, N.Y.). vol 78. issue 2. 2024-03-04. PMID:38436644. neuroplastin, and its related molecules which are known to play a role in synaptic plasticity, neurotransmitter activities that provide balance of excitability and, different neurological diseases, have not been studied before in epilepsy. 2024-03-04 2024-03-06 rat
Yousong Zhu, Qinlong Hui, Zheng Zhang, Hao Fu, Yali Qin, Qiong Zhao, Qinqing Li, Junlong Zhang, Lei Guo, Wenbin He, Cheng Ha. Advancements in the study of synaptic plasticity and mitochondrial autophagy relationship. Journal of neuroscience research. vol 102. issue 2. 2024-02-24. PMID:38400573. consequently, the quantity, distribution, transport, and function of mitochondria impact the stability of brain energy metabolism, thereby participating in the regulation of fundamental processes in synaptic plasticity, including neuronal differentiation, neurite outgrowth, synapse formation, and neurotransmitter release. 2024-02-24 2024-02-26 Not clear
Daniela M Magalhães, Nicolas A Stewart, Myrthe Mampay, Sara O Rolle, Chloe M Hall, Emad Moeendarbary, Melanie S Flint, Ana M Sebastião, Cláudia A Valente, Marcus K Dymond, Graham K Sherida. The sphingosine 1-phosphate analogue, FTY720, modulates the lipidomic signature of the mouse hippocampus. Journal of neurochemistry. 2024-02-10. PMID:38339785. moreover, direct modulation of s1p receptor-mediated lipid signalling by fty720 can impact homeostatic cns physiology, including neurotransmitter release probability, the biophysical properties of synaptic membranes, ion channel and transmembrane receptor kinetics, and synaptic plasticity mechanisms. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 mouse
Liang He, Xiyuan Duan, Shikuo Li, Ruqiang Zhang, Xulei Dai, Meilin L. Unveiling the role of astrocytes in postoperative cognitive dysfunction. Ageing research reviews. 2024-02-07. PMID:38325753. herein, in this context, we mainly explore the multifaceted roles of astrocytes in the context of pocd, highlighting their involvement in neuroinflammation, neurotransmitter regulation, synaptic plasticity and neurotrophic support, and discuss how pocd may augment the onset of ad. 2024-02-07 2024-02-10 Not clear
Valérie Clavet-Fournier, ChungKu Lee, Waja Wegner, Nils Brose, JeongSeop Rhee, Katrin I Willi. Pre- and postsynaptic nanostructures increase in size and complexity after induction of long-term potentiation. iScience. vol 27. issue 1. 2024-01-12. PMID:38213627. synaptic plasticity involves changes in synaptic morphology and the number of neurotransmitter receptors, and is thought to underlie learning and memory. 2024-01-12 2024-01-14 Not clear
Mariana G Fronza, Bruna F Ferreira, Isabela Pavan-Silva, Francisco S Guimarães, Sabrina F Lisbo. "NO" Time in Fear Response: Possible Implication of Nitric-Oxide-Related Mechanisms in PTSD. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). vol 29. issue 1. 2024-01-11. PMID:38202672. stress predominantly affects glutamate, a neurotransmitter crucial for synaptic plasticity and memory formation. 2024-01-11 2024-01-13 Not clear
Ubaid Ansari, Vincent Chen, Romteen Sedighi, Burhaan Syed, Zohaer Muttalib, Khadija Ansari, Fatima Ansari, Denise Nadora, Daniel Razick, Forshing Lu. Role of the UNC13 family in human diseases: A literature review. AIMS neuroscience. vol 10. issue 4. 2024-01-08. PMID:38188011. the involvement of unc13a in neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity is linked to als and ftd, with genetic variations affecting disease progression. 2024-01-08 2024-01-10 human