All Relations between apoptosis and bax

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Jiaxian Weng, Le Wang, Kai Wang, Haitao Su, Dan Luo, Haimei Yang, Yaqian Wen, Qiduan Wu, Xing L. Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid Inhibited Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress in H Molecular neurobiology. 2023-11-28. PMID:38015303. the results showed that tudca significantly enhanced bmsc viability and reduced apoptosis (assessed by annexin v-fitc, tunel, bax, bcl-2, and caspase-3) as well as oxidative stress (assessed by ros, gsh, sod, and mda) both in vitro and in vivo. 2023-11-28 2023-11-29 Not clear
B\\xc3\\xbc\\xc5\\x9fra Hilal, Asl\\xc4\\xb1 Eldem, Tuba Oz, Melek Pehlivan, Ibrahim Piri. Boric Acid Affects Cell Proliferation, Apoptosis, and Oxidative Stress in ALL Cells. Biological trace element research. 2023-11-28. PMID:38015327. expression of apoptosis regulatory genes (bcl-2, bax, caspase-3-8-9) and apoptotic mirna (mir-21) was used by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (rt-qpcr). 2023-11-28 2023-11-29 Not clear
Hu Jin, Longmeng Cao, Dachao Tang, Xiaochun Da. Endogenous ligand of the APJ receptor Apelin-13 inhibits cell apoptosis and oxidative stress of cardiomyocytes. Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France). vol 69. issue 11. 2023-11-28. PMID:38015520. the results revealed that the expression of b-cell lymphoma-2 (bcl-2) was remarkably down-regulated (p<0.01), while the apoptosis rate and the expressions of apoptosis-related proteins (bcl-2-associated x protein (bax) and cysteinyl aspartate specific proteinase-3 (caspase-3)) were significantly up-regulated (p<0.01) in the nicotine group. 2023-11-28 2023-11-29 Not clear
Hengyong Xu, Yuru Jiang, Yuxiang Lu, Zhi Hu, Ranran Du, Yuxin Zhou, Yiping Liu, Xiaoling Zhao, Yaofu Tian, Chaowu Yang, Zengrong Zhang, Mohan Qiu, Yan Wan. Thiram exposure induces tibial dyschondroplasia in broilers via the regulation effect of circ_003084/miR-130c-5p/BMPR1A crosstalk on chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation. Journal of hazardous materials. vol 465. 2023-11-26. PMID:38008051. mechanistically, circ_003084 competitively binds to mir-130c-5p and prevents mir-130c-5p to decrease the level of bmpr1a, which upregulates the expression of apoptosis genes caspase 3, caspase 9, bax and bcl 2023-11-26 2023-11-28 Not clear
Sofia Reis Brand\\xc3\\xa3o, Ana Reis-Mendes, Maria Jo\\xc3\\xa3o Neuparth, F\\xc3\\xa9lix Carvalho, Rita Ferreira, Vera Marisa Cost. The Metabolic Fingerprint of Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Male CD-1 Mice Fades Away with Time While Autophagy Increases. Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). vol 16. issue 11. 2023-11-25. PMID:38004479. in addition, increased b-cell lymphoma-2 associated x-protein (bax) content in dox1 pointed to the upregulation of apoptosis. 2023-11-25 2023-11-28 mouse
Qianqian Xu, Mingyue Liu, Rui Meng, Qi Zhao, Xiaoxiao Men, Yadi Lan, Hongwei X. Therapeutic effects and potential mechanisms of endoscopic submucosal injection of mesenchymal stem cells on chronic atrophic gastritis. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-11-25. PMID:38007523. we also observed a reduction in the expression of apoptosis indicators, including bax and cleaved caspase-3, in ges-1 cells after co-culture with mscs in vitro. 2023-11-25 2023-11-28 Not clear
Lulu Ding, Huali Zhu, Ke Wang, Ruxue Huang, Wenjing Yu, Bingzhao Yan, Bianhua Zhou, Hongwei Wang, Zijun Yang, Zongping Liu, Jicang Wan. Quercetin alleviates cadmium-induced BRL-3A cell apoptosis by inhibiting oxidative stress and the PERK/IRE1\\xce\\xb1/ATF6 signaling pathway. Environmental science and pollution research international. 2023-11-24. PMID:38001299. the mrna and protein expression levels of ers and apoptosis related factors such as grp78, ire1\xce\xb1, xbp1, atf6, caspase-12, caspase-3 and bax in the cells were significantly increased (p\xe2\x80\x89<\xe2\x80\x890.01), while the mrna and protein expression levels of bcl-2 were significantly reduced (p\xe2\x80\x89<\xe2\x80\x890.01). 2023-11-24 2023-11-28 rat
Xiao-Yan Zhang, Xie Wang, Ting Ye, Nan Shao, Jie Wang, Biao Cai, Dao-Jun Xi. Network pharmacology-based approach to understand the effect and mechanism of chrysophanol against cognitive impairment in Wilson disease. Metabolic brain disease. 2023-11-24. PMID:37999884. the rats fed with copper-laden diet for 12\xc2\xa0weeks, and the effect of chr on the copper content in liver and 24-h urine, the learning and memory ability, the morphological changes and the apoptosis level of neurons in hippocampal ca1 region, the expression level of bax, bcl-2, cleaved caspase-3, p-pi3k, pi3k, p-akt, and akt proteins were detected. 2023-11-24 2023-11-29 human
Xiao-Yan Zhang, Xie Wang, Ting Ye, Nan Shao, Jie Wang, Biao Cai, Dao-Jun Xi. Network pharmacology-based approach to understand the effect and mechanism of chrysophanol against cognitive impairment in Wilson disease. Metabolic brain disease. 2023-11-24. PMID:37999884. the experiments showed that chr could reduce the copper content in liver, increase the copper content in 24-h urine, improve the ability of the learning and memory, alleviate the damage and apoptosis level of hippocampal neurons, down-regulate the expression of bax, cleaved caspase-3, and up-regulate the expressions of bcl-2, p-pi3k/pi3k, p-akt/akt. 2023-11-24 2023-11-29 human
Dina A Hanna, Basim A S Messiha, Ali A Abo-Saif, Fares E M Ali, Amany A Azou. Lysosomal membrane stabilization by imipramine attenuates gentamicin-induced renal injury: Enhanced LAMP2 expression, down-regulation of cytoplasmic cathepsin D and tBid/cytochrome c/cleaved caspase-3 apoptotic signaling. International immunopharmacology. vol 126. 2023-11-23. PMID:37995569. besides, imp guarded against apoptosis in gtm-treated rats by down-regulation of the pro-apoptotic (tbid, bax, cytochrome c) and the effector cleaved caspase-3 expressions, while the anti-apoptotic bcl-2 expression was enhanced. 2023-11-23 2023-11-29 rat
Qineng Gong, Haojie Wang, Mi Zhou, Lu Zhou, Renxiao Wang, Yan L. B-cell lymphoma-2 family proteins in the crosshairs: Small molecule inhibitors and activators for cancer therapy. Medicinal research reviews. 2023-11-20. PMID:37983840. additionally, for proapoptotic bcl-2 proteins, exogenous small molecules have been explored to activate cell apoptosis by directly interacting with executioner proteins such as bcl-2-associated x protein (bax) or bcl-2 homologous antagonist/killer protein (bak). 2023-11-20 2023-11-29 Not clear
Sasiwat Yoopum, Navinee Wongmanee, Worarat Rojanaverawong, Siwalee Rattanapunya, Wiriyaporn Sumsakul, Wanthanee Hanchan. Mango (Mangifera indica L.) seed kernel extract suppresses hyperglycemia by modulating pancreatic \\xce\\xb2 cell apoptosis and dysfunction and hepatic glucose metabolism in diabetic rats. Environmental science and pollution research international. 2023-11-19. PMID:37981611. the effect of mke on diabetic pancreatic apoptosis clearly reduced the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dutp nick-end labeling (tunel)-positive cells, which was related to diminished levels of tumor necrosis factor-\xce\xb1 (tnf-\xce\xb1), interleukin-6 (il-6), and bax and an increase in bcl-xl protein expression. 2023-11-19 2023-11-29 rat
Ritu Raina, Arif Hussain, Abdulmajeed G Almutary, Shafiul Haque, Tasleem Raza, Ashley Cletus D'Souza, Sachin Subramani, Akash Sajeeva. Co-administration of Chrysin and Luteolin with Cisplatin and Topotecan Exhibits a Variable Therapeutic Value in Human Cancer Cells, HeLa. ACS omega. vol 8. issue 44. 2023-11-16. PMID:37970041. further, increased expression of the pro-apoptotic proteins bax and caspase 8 and the inhibition of the antiapoptotic protein bcl-2 were instituted in the synergistic doses (chrysin + cisplatin and luteolin + cisplatin), hence promoting apoptosis. 2023-11-16 2023-11-20 human
Junfang Wu, Shumei Yang, Hua Wu, Yongcheng Huang, Yi Mia. Knockdown of LRRK2 inhibits the progression of lung cancer by regulating TLR4/NF-\\xce\\xbaB pathways and NLRP3 inflammasome. Journal of clinical biochemistry and nutrition. vol 73. issue 3. 2023-11-16. PMID:37970545. further studies found that interference with lrrk2 expression significantly induced the apoptosis, and promoted the expression of caspase-3, caspase-9, and bax. 2023-11-16 2023-11-20 Not clear
Stephen Jun Fei Chong, Fen Zhu, Olga Dashevsky, Rin Mizuno, Jolin Xh Lai, Liam Hackett, Christine E Ryan, Mary C Collins, J Bryan Iorgulescu, Romain Gui\\xc3\\xa8ze, Johany Penailillo, Ruben Carrasco, Yeonjoo C Hwang, Denise P Mu\\xc3\\xb1oz, Mehdi Bouhaddou, Yaw Chyn Lim, Catherine J Wu, John N Allan, Richard R Furman, Boon Cher Goh, Shazib Pervaiz, Jean-Philippe Copp\\xc3\\xa9, Constantine S Mitsiades, Matthew S David. Hyperphosphorylation of BCL-2 family proteins underlies functional resistance to venetoclax in lymphoid malignancies. The Journal of clinical investigation. vol 133. issue 22. 2023-11-15. PMID:37751299. using 2 complementary functional precision medicine techniques - bh3 profiling and high-throughput kinase activity mapping - we found that hyperphosphorylation of bcl-2 family proteins, including antiapoptotic myeloid leukemia 1 (mcl-1) and bcl-2 and proapoptotic bcl-2 agonist of cell death (bad) and bcl-2 associated x, apoptosis regulator (bax), underlies functional mechanisms of both intrinsic and acquired resistance to venetoclax in cll and dlbcl. 2023-11-15 2023-11-20 mouse
Qingfeng Lv, Yuan Wang, Wei Tian, Yuqiu Liu, Mengqi Gu, Xiaotong Jiang, Yanjun Cai, Ruiheng Huo, Yuchen Li, Lei Li, Xietong Wan. Exosomal miR-146a-5p derived from human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells can alleviate antiphospholipid antibody-induced trophoblast injury and placental dysfunction by regulating the TRAF6/NF-\\xce\\xbaB axis. Journal of nanobiotechnology. vol 21. issue 1. 2023-11-14. PMID:37957714. exosomal mir-146a-5p suppressed the expression of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (traf6) and inhibited the activation of nf-\xce\xbab signaling, leading to the down-regulation of il-1\xce\xb2 and il-18 to rescue inflammation and modulation of cleaved-casp3, bax, and bcl2 to inhibit apoptosis in htr8/svneo cells and mice placenta. 2023-11-14 2023-11-20 mouse
Olga O Gnedina, Alisa V Morshneva, Maria V Igott. Sodium Butyrate Enhances the Cytotoxic Effect of Etoposide in HDACi-Sensitive and HDACi-Resistant Transformed Cells. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 24. issue 21. 2023-11-14. PMID:37958894. despite the inactivation of bax in hdaci-resistant cells, its accumulation in the cytoplasm upon nabut treatment makes it possible to enhance the apoptotic response against agents activating the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis. 2023-11-14 2023-11-20 Not clear
Jun Huang, Wentao Jiang, Junping Pan, Xuetao X. Correlation of sLOX-1 and CSF1 with the pathological progression of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in neonatal rats. Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France). vol 69. issue 10. 2023-11-13. PMID:37953571. compared with the blank group, slox-1-si and csf1-si groups showed significantly alleviated hippocampal damage, inhibited neuronal apoptosis, reduced 5-ht, da, ne, bax, and cl-caspase-3, and increased bcl-2 (p<0.05). 2023-11-13 2023-11-20 rat
Yi Jia, Haiyan Xiao, Xiaolin Wang, Ying Liu, Jiaxin Wang, Haochen Xie, Hai Shang, Guibo Sun, Yu Tia. Design, synthesis, and evaluation of n-butylphthalide and ligustrazine hybrids as potent neuroprotective agents for the treatment of ischemic stroke in vitro and in vivo. Bioorganic chemistry. vol 142. 2023-11-13. PMID:37956636. in addition, 7m could regulate the levels of mitochondrial apoptosis pathway-related proteins bcl-2, bax, and caspase 3. 2023-11-13 2023-11-20 rat
Christophe Le Clorennec, Divya Subramonian, Yuchen Huo, Peter E Zag. UBE4B interacts with the ITCH E3 ubiquitin ligase to induce Ku70 and c-FLIPL polyubiquitination and enhanced neuroblastoma apoptosis. Cell death & disease. vol 14. issue 11. 2023-11-13. PMID:37957138. hdac inhibition induced ku70 acetylation, leading to release of c-flipl and bax from ku70, increased ku70 and c-flipl lys48/lys63 branched polyubiquitination via the itch-ube4b complex, and induction of apoptosis. 2023-11-13 2023-11-20 Not clear