All Relations between Mood Disorders and serotonin

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Doaa Ghorab, Ejlal M Abu-El-Rub, Mohamed Hamdi Gharaibeh, Alaa Yehya, Ramada R Khasawneh, Laila M Matalqah, Ahmed Mohamed Helal. Neurological Effects of Combining Low Toxic Dose of Tramadol and Nicotine: An Animal Model Evidence of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. BioMed research international. vol 2023. 2023-08-18. PMID:37593523. serotonin receptor blockers such as olanzapine may increase systemic serotonin levels and need further investigation to utterly pinpoint their roles in managing mood disorders. 2023-08-18 2023-09-07 rat
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