All Relations between ca1 field and hippocampus

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Xiayu Gong, Zhixin Fan, Hanfang Xu, Yue Qu, Bozhi Li, Lanxin Li, Yuqi Yan, Lili Wu, Can Ya. GABAergic interneurons in the hippocampal CA1 mediate contextual fear generalization in PTSD rats. Journal of neurochemistry. 2024-05-05. PMID:38705582. in the present study, we established a rat model of ptsd with inescapable foot shocks (ifs) and observed the loss of gabaergic interneuron phenotype in the hippocampal cornu ammonis-1 (ca1) subfield. 2024-05-05 2024-05-08 rat
Valeria Cogut, Maaike Goris, Aukje Jansma, Marrit van der Staaij, Robert H Hennin. Hippocampal neuroimmune response in mice undergoing serial daily torpor induced by calorie restriction. Frontiers in neuroanatomy. vol 18. 2024-05-01. PMID:38686173. concurrently, the ca1 region of the hippocampus showed persistent morphological changes in microglia, characterized by reduced cell branching, decreased cell complexity and altered shape. 2024-05-01 2024-05-03 mouse
Dan Huang, Yunhui Fan, Jingjun Zhang, Qianfeng Wang, Ming Ding, Ruiqing Hou, Kewei Yu, Xiao Xiao, Yi Wu, Junfa W. Dorsal dentate gyrus mediated enriched environment-induced anxiolytic and antidepressant effects in cortical infarcted mice. Experimental neurology. 2024-04-30. PMID:38685308. compared to the mice housing in a standard environment, those subjected to acute ee stimulation had significantly increased alff and reho values in the bilateral somatosensory cortex (s1, s2), dorsal dentate gyrus (ddg), dorsal ca1 of hippocampus (dca1), lateral habenular nucleus (lhb), periaqueductal gray (pag), ipsilateral primary motor cortex (m1), retrosplenial cortex (rsc), parietal association cortex (pta), dorsal ca3 of hippocampus (dca3), claustrum (cl), ventral pallidum (vp), amygdala (amy), and contralateral auditory cortex (au). 2024-04-30 2024-05-03 mouse
Guadalupe Herrera, Teresa Scimonelli, Lasaga Mercedes, Gladys Granero, Renée Onnaint. Polysorbate 80 coated chitosan nanoparticles for delivery of α-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone analog (NDP-MSH) to the brain reverse cognitive impairment related to neuroinflammation produced by a high-fat diet (HFD). Neuropharmacology. 2024-04-30. PMID:38688422. intraperitoneal injection of fitc-ps80/cs nps and [ndp-msh]-ps80/cs np in rats demonstrated their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, reach the brain, and accumulate in ca1 neurons of the dorsal hippocampus within 2 hours. 2024-04-30 2024-05-03 rat
Dae Won Kim, Tae-Kyeong Lee, Ji Hyeon Ahn, Se-Ran Yang, Myoung Cheol Shin, Jun Hwi Cho, Moo-Ho Won, Il Jun Kang, Joon Ha Par. Porphyran Attenuates Neuronal Loss in the Hippocampal CA1 Subregion Induced by Ischemia and Reperfusion in Gerbils by Inhibiting NLRP3 Inflammasome-Mediated Neuroinflammation. Marine drugs. vol 22. issue 4. 2024-04-26. PMID:38667787. the aim of this study was to examine the neuroprotective effects of porphyran against brain ir injury and its underlying mechanisms using a gerbil model of transient forebrain ischemia (ir in the forebrain), which results in pyramidal cell (principal neuron) loss in the cornu ammonis 1 (ca1) subregion of the hippocampus on day 4 after ir. 2024-04-26 2024-04-28 Not clear
Zhu Wang, Bowen Li, Jingrui Yang, Ying Gao, Liu Gao, Qiang Jia, Li Yu, Yunzhi Lin. ML365 ameliorates postoperative cognitive impairment in aged mice by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome activation in the hippocampus. Brain research. 2024-04-25. PMID:38663469. ml365 pretreatment also reduced nlrp3, caspase-1, asc and il-1β expression levels in the hippocampus, improved pocd-induced pathological changes in the hippocampal ca1 and ca3 areas of aged mice, and decreased levels of plasma mda and oxidative stress. 2024-04-25 2024-04-28 mouse
Nicholas R Livingston, Amanda Kiemes, Gabriel A Devenyi, Samuel Knight, Paulina B Lukow, Luke A Jelen, Thomas Reilly, Aikaterini Dima, Maria Antonietta Nettis, Cecilia Casetta, Tyler Agyekum, Fernando Zelaya, Thomas Spencer, Andrea De Micheli, Paolo Fusar-Poli, Anthony A Grace, Steve C R Williams, Philip McGuire, Alice Egerton, M Mallar Chakravarty, Gemma Modino. Effects of diazepam on hippocampal blood flow in people at clinical high risk for psychosis. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. 2024-04-24. PMID:38658738. regional cerebral blood flow (rcbf) was measured using 3d pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling and sampled in native space using participant-specific hippocampus and subfield masks (ca1, subiculum, ca4/dentate gyrus). 2024-04-24 2024-04-28 Not clear
Doris C Jackson, Richard M Burgon, Spencer Thompson, Sterling N Sudweek. Single-cell quantitative expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor mRNA in rat hippocampal interneurons. PloS one. vol 19. issue 4. 2024-04-18. PMID:38635806. using single-cell quantitative pcr to analyze rat ca1 hippocampal interneurons, we quantified neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nachr) mrna subunit expression and detailed possible nachr subtype combinations for the α2, α3, α4, α5, α7, β2, β3, and β4 subunits. 2024-04-18 2024-04-21 rat
Doris C Jackson, Richard M Burgon, Spencer Thompson, Sterling N Sudweek. Single-cell quantitative expression of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor mRNA in rat hippocampal interneurons. PloS one. vol 19. issue 4. 2024-04-18. PMID:38635806. we show that the majority of interneurons in the ca1 of the rat hippocampus contain detectable levels of nachr subunit mrna. 2024-04-18 2024-04-21 rat
Karine Ramires Lima, Ben-Hur Souto das Neves, Gabriela Jaques Sigaran, Ana Carolina de Souza da Rosa, Gabriela Cristiane Mendes Gomes, Marcelo Gomes de Gomes, Pâmela Billig Mello-Carpe. ACUTE PHYSICAL EXERCISE PREVENTS MEMORY AMNESIA CAUSED BY PROTEIN SYNTHESIS INHIBITION IN RATS' HIPPOCAMPUS. Neurochemistry international. 2024-04-18. PMID:38636905. using anisomycin (ani) and rapamycin (rapa), compounds that inhibit protein synthesis through different mechanisms, we manipulated protein synthesis in the ca1 region of the hippocampus to examine its contribution to memory consolidation. 2024-04-18 2024-04-21 rat
Eliza M Greiner, Gorica D Petrovic. Recruitment of hippocampal and thalamic pathways to the central amygdala in the control of feeding behavior under novelty. Brain structure & function. 2024-04-16. PMID:38625554. recruitment of direct inputs from the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus (pvt), the infralimbic cortex (ila), the agranular insular cortex (ai), the hippocampal ventral field ca1, and the bed nucleus of the stria terminals (bst) was assessed with combined retrograde tract tracing and fos induction analysis. 2024-04-16 2024-04-18 rat
Austin Ferro, Anosha Arshad, Leah Boyd, Tess Stanley, Adrian Berisha, Uma Vrudhula, Adrian M Gomez, Jeremy C Borniger, Lucas Cheadl. The cytokine receptor Fn14 is a molecular brake on neuronal activity that mediates circadian function bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-04-15. PMID:38617238. we show that a subset of excitatory pyramidal (pyr) neurons in the ca1 subregion of the hippocampus increase fn14 expression when neuronal activity is heightened. 2024-04-15 2024-04-17 mouse
Lu Liu, Jie Wu, Changlin Zhang, Tong Cao, Yongli Lu, Zhi He, Zicheng L. Inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress attenuates morphine protracted abstinence-induced anxiety-like behaviors in the male mice. Brain research. 2024-04-11. PMID:38604556. (2) the endoplasmic reticulum stress-related proteins in the lateral habenula (lhb) but not in the nucleus accumbens (nac), ventral pallidum (vp), basolateral amygdala (bla) and ca1 of hippocampus was upregulated by morphine withdrawal, upregulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress-related proteins in the lateral habenula induced by morphine withdrawal was inhibited by 4-pba. 2024-04-11 2024-04-14 mouse
Megumi T Matsushita, Zhengui Xi. Cadmium inhibits calcium activity in hippocampal CA1 neurons of freely moving mice. Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology. 2024-04-05. PMID:38579196. this study aimed to determine if cd disrupts ca2+ transients of neurons in ca1 region of the hippocampus during an associative learning paradigm. 2024-04-05 2024-04-10 mouse
Yuenan Ban, Xiaolan Yang, Dandan Tan, Chen Gong, Yuan Gao, Jinxian Yuan, Yangmei Chen, You Wang, Tao X. Sorbs2 regulates seizure activity by influencing AMPAR-mediated excitatory synaptic transmission in temporal lobe epilepsy. Neurochemistry international. 2024-03-30. PMID:38555055. we also found that the knockdown of sorbs2 in the hippocampus could decrease excitatory synaptic transmission in pyramidal neurons (pns) in the hippocampal ca1 region and reduce the expression levels of the ampar subunits glua1 and glua2. 2024-03-30 2024-04-02 mouse
Carlos Nascimento, Vasco Guerreiro-Pinto, Seweryn Pawlak, Ana Caulino-Rocha, Laia Amat-Garcia, Diana Cunha-Rei. Impaired Response to Mismatch Novelty in the Li Biomedicines. vol 12. issue 3. 2024-03-28. PMID:38540244. mismatch novelty detection, that activates the hippocampal ca1 area in humans and is vital for memory reformulation and reconsolidation, is also impaired in patients with hippocampal lesions. 2024-03-28 2024-03-30 Not clear
Susana Junceda, María Cruz-Alonso, Beatriz Fernandez, Rosario Pereiro, Eva Martínez-Pinilla, Ana Navarr. Iron Dysregulation in Alzheimer's Disease: LA-ICP-MS Bioimaging of the Distribution of Iron and Ferroportin in the CA1 Region of the Human Hippocampus. Biomolecules. vol 14. issue 3. 2024-03-28. PMID:38540715. iron dysregulation in alzheimer's disease: la-icp-ms bioimaging of the distribution of iron and ferroportin in the ca1 region of the human hippocampus. 2024-03-28 2024-03-30 human
Marat M Rvache. An operating principle of the cerebral cortex, and a cellular mechanism for attentional trial-and-error pattern learning and useful classification extraction. Frontiers in neural circuits. vol 18. 2024-03-20. PMID:38505865. we modify synaptic plasticity rules to align with behavioral time scale synaptic plasticity (btsp) observed in hippocampal area ca1, making the framework more biophysically and behaviorally plausible. 2024-03-20 2024-03-23 Not clear
Krista A Mitchnick, Hannah Marlatte, Zorry Belchev, Fuqiang Gao, R Shayna Rosenbau. Differential contributions of the hippocampal dentate gyrus and cornu ammonis 1 subfield to mnemonic discrimination. Hippocampus. 2024-03-19. PMID:38501294. here, we demonstrated dissociations in these memory processes in two unique individuals with near-selective bilateral damage within the hippocampus, affecting the dentate gyrus (dg) in case bl and the cornu ammonis 1 (ca1) subfield in case br. 2024-03-19 2024-03-21 Not clear
Qiao Ye, Gocylen Gast, Erik George Wilfley, Hanh Huynh, Chelsea Hays, Todd C Holmes, Xiangmin X. Monosynaptic rabies tracing reveals sex- and age-dependent dorsal subiculum connectivity alterations in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2024-03-19. PMID:38503494. input-mapped brain regions include hippocampal subregions (ca1, ca2, ca3), medial septum and diagonal band (ms-db), retrosplenial cortex (rsc), sub, post subiculum (postsub), visual cortex (vis), auditory cortex (aud), somatosensory cortex (ss), entorhinal cortex (ec), thalamus, perirhinal cortex (prh), ectorhinal cortex (ect) and temporal association cortex (tea). 2024-03-19 2024-03-23 mouse