All Relations between tyrosine hydroxylase and insulin

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Thaina Maquedo Franco, Mariana R Tavares, Leonardo S Novaes, Carolina D Munhoz, Jose Eduardo Peixoto-Santos, Ronaldo C Araujo, Jose Donato, Michael Bader, Frederick Wasinsk. Effects of Bradykinin B2 Receptor Ablation from Tyrosine Hydroxylase Cells on Behavioral and Motor Aspects in Male and Female Mice. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38338764. b2r ablation in tyrosine hydroxylase cells reduced the body weight and lean mass without affecting body adiposity, substrate oxidation, locomotor activity, glucose tolerance, or insulin sensitivity in mice. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 mouse
J Berumen, L Orozco, H Gallardo-Rincón, E Juárez-Torres, E Barrera, M Cruz-López, R E Benuto, E Ramos-Martinez, M Marin-Madina, A Alvarado-Silva, A Valladares-Salgado, J J Peralta-Romero, H García-Ortiz, L A Martinez-Juarez, A Montoya, D A Alvarez-Hernández, J Alegre-Diaz, P Kuri-Morales, R Tapia-Conye. Association of tyrosine hydroxylase 01 (TH01) microsatellite and insulin gene (INS) variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) with type 2 diabetes and fasting insulin secretion in Mexican population. Journal of endocrinological investigation. 2023-08-25. PMID:37624484. association of tyrosine hydroxylase 01 (th01) microsatellite and insulin gene (ins) variable number of tandem repeat (vntr) with type 2 diabetes and fasting insulin secretion in mexican population. 2023-08-25 2023-09-07 Not clear
Ana Knezovic, Marija Piknjac, Jelena Osmanovic Barilar, Ana Babic Perhoc, Davor Virag, Jan Homolak, Melita Salkovic-Petrisi. Association of Cognitive Deficit with Glutamate and Insulin Signaling in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease. Biomedicines. vol 11. issue 3. 2023-03-29. PMID:36979662. the expression of tyrosine hydroxylase (th) and proteins involved in insulin (insulin receptor - ir, phosphoinositide 3 kinase - pi3k, extracellular signal-regulated kinases-erk) and glutamate receptor (α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid receptos-ampar, n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor - nmdar) signaling was assessed in the hippocampus (hpc), hypothalamus (hpt) and striatum (s) by immunofluorescence, western blot and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). 2023-03-29 2023-08-14 rat
Nazia Parveen, Jean Kimi Wang, Supriyo Bhattacharya, Janielle Cuala, Mohan Singh Rajkumar, Alexandra E Butler, Xiwei Wu, Hung-Ping Shih, Senta K Georgia, Sangeeta Dhawa. DNA methylation Dependent Restriction of Tyrosine Hydroxylase Contributes to Pancreatic β-cell Heterogeneity. Diabetes. 2023-01-06. PMID:36607262. pancreatic islets harbor a subset of β-cells that co-express tyrosine hydroxylase (th), an enzyme involved in synthesis of catecholamines that repress insulin secretion. 2023-01-06 2023-08-14 mouse
Francesca Fiory, Paola Mirra, Cecilia Nigro, Francesca Chiara Pignalosa, Federica Zatterale, Luca Ulianich, Nella Prevete, Pietro Formisano, Francesco Beguinot, Claudia Miel. Role of the HIF-1α/Nur77 axis in the regulation of the tyrosine hydroxylase expression by insulin in PC12 cells. Journal of cellular physiology. vol 234. issue 7. 2020-05-11. PMID:30536670. role of the hif-1α/nur77 axis in the regulation of the tyrosine hydroxylase expression by insulin in pc12 cells. 2020-05-11 2023-08-13 Not clear
Maria I Borelli, Juan J Gagliardin. Possible modulatory effect of endogenous islet catecholamines on insulin secretion. BMC endocrine disorders. vol 1. issue 1. 2019-11-20. PMID:11696250. a similar enhancing effect of mit upon insulin secretion was obtained using precultured islets devoid of neural cells, but absolute values were lower than those from fresh islets, suggesting that mit inhibits islet rather than neural tyrosine hydroxylase. 2019-11-20 2023-08-12 rat
María I Borelli, Modesto Rubio, María E García, Luis E Flores, Juan J Gagliardin. Tyrosine hydroxylase activity in the endocrine pancreas: changes induced by short-term dietary manipulation. BMC endocrine disorders. vol 3. issue 1. 2019-11-20. PMID:12659644. background: tyrosine hydroxylase (th) activity and its possible participation in the control of insulin secretion were studied in pancreatic islets of adult wistar rats fed a standard commercial diet (sd) or carbohydrates alone (chd) for one week. 2019-11-20 2023-08-12 rat
Hai-Jun Wang, Hong-Tao Yang, Wei Che. Swimming exercise reduces preference for a high-fat diet by increasing insulin sensitivity in C57BL/6 mice. Neuroreport. vol 28. issue 1. 2018-01-10. PMID:27893609. moreover, changes in insulin sensitivity, tyrosine hydroxylase expression in the ventral tegmental area-nucleus accumbens system, and the expression of irs2, irs2, and high-fat diet-induced akt phosphorylation in the nucleus accumbens were delayed in the swimming exercise intervention group. 2018-01-10 2023-08-13 mouse
Manjula Senthilkumaran, Michaela E Johnson, Larisa Bobrovskay. The Effects of Insulin-Induced Hypoglycaemia on Tyrosine Hydroxylase Phosphorylation in Rat Brain and Adrenal Gland. Neurochemical research. vol 41. issue 7. 2017-03-03. PMID:26935743. in this study we investigated the effects of insulin-induced hypoglycaemia on tyrosine hydroxylase (th) protein and th phosphorylation in the adrenal gland, c1 cell group, locus coeruleus (lc) and midbrain dopaminergic cell groups that are thought to play a role in response to hypoglycaemia and compared the effects of different concentrations of insulin in rats. 2017-03-03 2023-08-13 rat
Y Pang, S Lin, C Wright, J Shen, K Carter, A Bhatt, L-W Fa. Intranasal insulin protects against substantia nigra dopaminergic neuronal loss and alleviates motor deficits induced by 6-OHDA in rats. Neuroscience. vol 318. 2016-12-13. PMID:26777890. consistent with behavioral improvements, insulin treatment provided a potent protection of da neurons in the snc against 6-ohda neurotoxicity, as shown by a 74.8% increase in tyrosine hydroxylase (th)-positive neurons compared to the vehicle group. 2016-12-13 2023-08-13 human
Mahesh Ramalingam, Sung-Jin Ki. The Neuroprotective Role of Insulin Against MPP(+) -Induced Parkinson's Disease in Differentiated SH-SY5Y Cells. Journal of cellular biochemistry. vol 117. issue 4. 2016-10-26. PMID:26364587. insulin also elevated tyrosine hydroxylase (th) and insulin signaling pathways in dopaminergic neuron through activating pi3k/akt/gsk-3 survival pathways which in turn inhibits mpp(+)-induced inos and erk activation, and bax to bcl-2 ratio. 2016-10-26 2023-08-13 human
Marcelo M S Lima, Adriano D S Targa, Ana C D Noseda, Lais S Rodrigues, Ana Marcia Delattre, Fabiola V dos Santos, Mariana H Fortes, Maira J Maturana, Anete C Ferra. Does Parkinson's disease and type-2 diabetes mellitus present common pathophysiological mechanisms and treatments? CNS & neurological disorders drug targets. vol 13. issue 3. 2015-01-07. PMID:24059307. insulin and dopamine may exert reciprocal regulation hence; hypoinsulinemia induced by streptozotocin decreased the amounts of dopamine transporter and tyrosine hydroxylase transcripts in the substantia nigra pars compacta. 2015-01-07 2023-08-12 Not clear
K P Briski, A K Cherian, N K Genabai, K V Vavaiy. In situ coexpression of glucose and monocarboxylate transporter mRNAs in metabolic-sensitive caudal dorsal vagal complex catecholaminergic neurons: transcriptional reactivity to insulin-induced hypoglycemia and caudal hindbrain glucose or lactate repletion during insulin-induced hypoglycemia. Neuroscience. vol 164. issue 3. 2010-02-08. PMID:19744543. individual tyrosine hydroxylase (th)-immunoreactive (-ir) a2 neurons were microdissected from the caudal dvc 2 h after injection of insulin or saline, and continuous caudal fourth ventricular (cv4) infusion of lactate, glucose, or artificial cerebrospinal fluid. 2010-02-08 2023-08-12 rat
Z Q Li, W P Yu, X D Xie, P Q Li, T K Guo, W H Zhang, L Z An, X L Wan. Association of gastric cancer with tyrosine hydroxylase gene polymorphism in a northwestern Chinese population. Clinical and experimental medicine. vol 7. issue 3. 2007-12-06. PMID:17972051. the aim of our study was to investigate the association of the common polymorphisms detected in insulin-like growth factor (igf)-ii, igf-1 receptor, insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1 (igfbp1), insulin (ins) and tyrosine hydroxylase (th) with susceptibility to gc in a northwestern chinese population. 2007-12-06 2023-08-12 Not clear
Catalina Hernández-Sánchez, Oscar Bártulos, Ana I Valenciano, Alicia Mansilla, Flora de Pabl. The regulated expression of chimeric tyrosine hydroxylase-insulin transcripts during early development. Nucleic acids research. vol 34. issue 12. 2006-07-24. PMID:16840532. we have found two novel chimeric transcripts in the chick and quail that result from the fusion of tyrosine hydroxylase (th) and insulin into a single mature transcript. 2006-07-24 2023-08-12 chicken
E M Stricker, M B Zimmerman, M I Friedman, M J Zigmon. Caffeine restores feeding response to 2-deoxy-D-glucose in 6-hydroxydopamine-treated rats. Nature. vol 267. issue 5607. 2005-08-11. PMID:16073437. consistent with this hypothesis, very large increases in telencephalic tyrosine hydroxylase activity in 6-hda-lesioned animals, which occur following chronic insulin treatment, are associated with the restoration of 2-dg-induced feeding. 2005-08-11 2023-08-12 rat
E A Joanette, B Reusens, E Arany, S Thyssen, R C Remacle, D J Hil. Low-protein diet during early life causes a reduction in the frequency of cells immunopositive for nestin and CD34 in both pancreatic ducts and islets in the rat. Endocrinology. vol 145. issue 6. 2004-06-24. PMID:15044374. these were proliferative and immunonegative for cytokeratin 20, fibronectin, tyrosine hydroxylase, pancreatic duodenal homeobox 1, nk homeodomain transcription factor 6.1, or insulin, but expressed vimentin. 2004-06-24 2023-08-12 rat
Alex Palamarchuk, Olga Gritsenko, Elly Holthuizen, John Sussenbach, Antje Caelers, Manfred Reinecke, Vadym Kavsa. Complete nucleotide sequence of the chum salmon insulin-like growth factor II gene. Gene. vol 295. issue 2. 2003-01-22. PMID:12354657. all known mammalian igf-ii genes to date have been found to form a conserved linkage group with the insulin and tyrosine hydroxylase (th) genes and are organized as th-insulin-igf-ii genomic locus. 2003-01-22 2023-08-12 Not clear
Pu-Qing Yuan, Hong Yan. Neuronal activation of brain vagal-regulatory pathways and upper gut enteric plexuses by insulin hypoglycemia. American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism. vol 283. issue 3. 2002-09-23. PMID:12169436. a substantial number of insulin hypoglycemia-activated dmn and nts neurons were choline acetyltransferase and tyrosine hydroxylase positive, respectively, whereas the activated enteric neurons included nadph- and vasoactive intestinal peptide neurons. 2002-09-23 2023-08-12 rat
Carol Hamelink, Olga Tjurmina, Ruslan Damadzic, W Scott Young, Eberhard Weihe, Hyeon-Woo Lee, Lee E Eide. Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide is a sympathoadrenal neurotransmitter involved in catecholamine regulation and glucohomeostasis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 99. issue 1. 2002-04-15. PMID:11756684. failure of pacap-deficient mice to adequately counterregulate plasma glucose levels could be accounted for by impaired long-term secretion of epinephrine, secondary to a lack of induction of tyrosine hydroxylase, normally occurring after insulin hypoglycemia in wild-type mice, and a consequent depletion of adrenomedullary epinephrine stores. 2002-04-15 2023-08-12 mouse