All Relations between il6 and matrix compartment

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Marina Couto, Daniela Pereira Vasconcelos, Catarina Leite Pereira, Estrela Neto, Bruno Sarmento, Meriem Lamghar. Neuro-Immunomodulatory Potential of Nanoenabled 4D Bioprinted Microtissue for Cartilage Tissue Engineering. Advanced healthcare materials. 2024-06-08. PMID:38850170. under in vitro inflamed environment, the nanoenabled hcm exhibits chondroprotective potential by decreasing the interleukin (il)1β and il6 release, while sustaining extracellular matrix (ecm) production. 2024-06-08 2024-06-11 mouse
Krishna C Penumatsa, Yamini Sharma, Rod R Warburton, Adit Singhal, Deniz Toksoz, Chinmayee D Bhedi, Guanming Qi, Ioana R Preston, Christina Anderlind, Nicholas S Hill, Barry L Fanbur. Lung-specific interleukin 6 mediated transglutaminase 2 activation and cardiopulmonary fibrogenesis. Frontiers in immunology. vol 15. 2024-04-23. PMID:38650935. il6 also induced tg2 activation and the accumulation of tg2 in the extracellular matrix. 2024-04-23 2024-04-26 mouse
Thales Augusto Anestino, Celso Martins Queiroz-Junior, Amanda Medeiros Frota Cruz, Daniele G Souza, Mila Fernandes Moreira Madeir. The impact of arthritogenic viruses in oral tissues. Journal of applied microbiology. vol 135. issue 2. 2024-02-22. PMID:38323434. these viruses can induce an upsurge of matrix metalloproteinases and immune-inflammatory mediators such as interleukin-6 (il6), il-1β, tumor necrosis factor, chemokine ligand 2, and receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-b ligand in the joint and serum of infected individuals. 2024-02-22 2024-02-24 human
Victoria Menéndez, José L Solórzano, Mónica García-Cosío, Ruth Alonso-Alonso, Marta Rodríguez, Laura Cereceda, Sara Fernández, Eva Díaz, Carlos Montalbán, Mónica Estévez, Miguel A Piris, Juan F Garcí. Immune and stromal transcriptional patterns that influence the outcome of classic Hodgkin lymphoma. Scientific reports. vol 14. issue 1. 2024-01-06. PMID:38184757. ), cytotoxic cd8 t and natural killer cells; (2) the balance between inflammatory signatures (such as il6, tnf, ifn-γ/tgf-β) and mhc-i/mhc-ii molecules; and (3) several cells, pathways and genes related to the stroma and extracellular matrix remodeling. 2024-01-06 2024-01-09 Not clear
Hirotaka Iijima, Fan Zhang, Fabrisia Ambrosio, Yusuke Matsu. Network-based cytokine inference implicates Oncostatin M as a driver of an inflammation phenotype in knee osteoarthritis. Aging cell. 2023-12-19. PMID:38111237. next, network-based cytokine inference with pharmacological manipulation uncovered il6 family member, oncostatin m (osm), as a driver of the aberrant matrix remodeling. 2023-12-19 2023-12-21 Not clear
Ilja Boone, Margo Tuerlings, Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida, Johannes Lehmann, Yolande Ramos, Rob Nelissen, Eline Slagboom, Peter de Keizer, Ingrid Meulenbel. Identified senescence endotypes in aged cartilage are reflected in the blood metabolome. GeroScience. 2023-11-14. PMID:37962736. endotype-2 showed enriched inflammation-associated pathways, expressed by interleukin 6 (il6), matrix metallopeptidase (mmp)1/3, and vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf)c and sasp pathways were identified as possible targets for endotype-2 patients. 2023-11-14 2023-11-20 Not clear
Chu Chen, Guanhua Xu, Jiajia Chen, Chunshuai Wu, Jinlong Zhang, Jiawei Jiang, Hongxiang Hong, Zhiming Cu. Decreased FoxO1 expression contributes to facet joint osteoarthritis pathogenesis by impairing chondrocyte migration and extracellular matrix synthesis. Cellular signalling. vol 113. 2023-11-12. PMID:37890685. importantly, overexpression of itgb3 and inhibition of il6 counteracted foxo1 knockdown-induced impairments in chondrocyte migration and extracellular matrix synthesis, respectively. 2023-11-12 2023-11-20 mouse
Ilhaam Ayaz Durrani, Attya Bhatti, Peter Joh. Integrated bioinformatics analyses identifying potential biomarkers for type 2 diabetes mellitus and breast cancer: In SIK1-ness and health. PloS one. vol 18. issue 8. 2023-08-09. PMID:37556419. eight hub genes were identified: interleukin 6 (il6), tumor protein 53 (tp53), interleukin 8 (cxcl8), myc, matrix metalloproteinase 9 (mmp9), beta-catenin 1 (ctnnb1), nitric oxide synthase 3 (nos3) and interleukin 1 beta (il1β). 2023-08-09 2023-08-16 Not clear
Di Hu, Zenan Lin, Pan Li, Zhehuan Zhang, Junhong Jiang, Chenhao Yan. Investigation of Potential Crucial Genes and Key Pathways in Keratoconus: An Analysis of Gene Expression Omnibus Data. Biochemical genetics. 2023-05-26. PMID:37233843. the results revealed that extracellular matrix remodeling and immune inflammatory response could be the key links of keratoconus, tnf, il6, il1a, il1b, ccl3, mmp3, mmp9, mmp1, and tgfb1 may be potential crucial genes, and tnf signaling pathway and il-17 signaling pathway were the potential pathways accounting for pathogenesis and development of keratoconus. 2023-05-26 2023-08-14 Not clear
Martin Rydén, Karin Lindblom, Aida Yifter-Lindgren, Aleksandra Turkiewicz, Anders Aspberg, Viveka Tillgren, Martin Englund, Patrik Önnerfjor. A human meniscus explant model for studying early events in osteoarthritis development by proteomics. Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society. 2023-05-23. PMID:37218349. further, we observed an increased release of matrix proteins (collagens, integrins, prolargin, tenascin) in response to oncostatin m (osm)+tumor necrosis factor (tnf) and tnf+interleukin-6 (il6)+sil6r treatments, and analysis of semi-tryptic peptides provided additional evidence of increased catabolic effects in response to these treatments. 2023-05-23 2023-08-14 human
Bowen Yang, Qiuwen Zhu, Xiaodong Wang, Jingxin Mao, Shuqing Zho. Using network pharmacology and molecular docking verification to explore the mechanism of ursolic acid in the treatment of osteoporosis. Medicine. vol 101. issue 49. 2023-01-10. PMID:36626454. a total of 24 core target genes were obtained, mainly including tumor protein p53 (tp53), vascular endothelial growth factor a (vegfa), interleukin-6 (il6), tumor necrosis factor (tnf), caspase3 (casp3), matrix metallo protein (mmp9), transcription factor ap-1 (jun), activator of transcription 3 (stat3), mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 (mapk8), and prostaglandin endoperoxidase 2 (ptgs2), respectively. 2023-01-10 2023-08-14 Not clear
Michael D Kim, Samuel Chung, John S Dennis, Makoto Yoshida, Carolina Aguiar, Sheyla P Aller, Eliana S Mendes, Andreas Schmid, Juan Sabater, Nathalie Baumlin, Matthias Salath. Vegetable glycerin e-cigarette aerosols cause airway inflammation and ion channel dysfunction. Frontiers in pharmacology. vol 13. 2022-10-13. PMID:36225570. markers of inflammation, including interleukin-6 (il6), interleukin-8 (il8) and matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp9) mrnas, as well as mmp-9 activity and mucin 5ac (muc5ac) expression levels, were also elevated in nasal samples from volunteers who vaped vg-containing e-liquids. 2022-10-13 2023-08-14 human
Jiaquan Chen, Weilun Wang, Qihong Ni, Lan Zhang, Xiangjiang Gu. Interleukin 6-regulated macrophage polarization controls atherosclerosis-associated vascular intimal hyperplasia. Frontiers in immunology. vol 13. 2022-08-15. PMID:35967343. next, hub genes were predicted in these 122 genes, from which we detected 3 candidates, interleukin 6 (il6), decorin (dcn) and tissue inhibitor matrix metalloproteinase 1 (timp1). 2022-08-15 2023-08-14 Not clear
Michael R McLeod, Jonathan G Heywood, Sarah M Thomas, William J Richardson, Adi D Dubas. Control of Fibrotic Gene Expression in Cardiac Myocytes and Fibroblasts via the Rap1 GTPase. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. vol 36 Suppl 1. 2022-05-13. PMID:35552696. interestingly, expression of wt or 63e rap1a in cardiac fibroblasts caused a dramatic increase in inflammatory markers (such as tnf, il6, nfkb1a) and matrix remodeling enzymes (mmp3 and mmp9), genes which have been shown to play a role in increasing collagen turnover, reducing ecm rigidity/stiffness and repair of damaged myocardial tissue. 2022-05-13 2023-08-13 Not clear
Thao L Masters, Aditya V Bhagwate, Mrunal R Dehankar, Kerryl E Greenwood-Quaintance, Matthew P Abdel, Jay N Mandrekar, Robin Pate. Human transcriptomic response to periprosthetic joint infection. Gene. 2022-03-20. PMID:35306116. differential gene expression analysis confirmed 28 previously reported potential biomarkers of pji, including bactericidal/permeability increasing protein (bpi), cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide (camp), c-c-motif chemokine ligand 3 (ccl3), 4(ccl4), and c-x-c-motif chemokine ligand 2 (cxcl2), colony stimulating factor 2 receptor beta (csf2rb), colony stimulating factor 3 (csf3), alpha-defensin (defa4), fc fragment of igg receptor 1b (cd64b), intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (icam1), interferon gamma (ifng), interleukin 13 receptor subunit alpha 2 (il13ra2), interleukin 17d (il17d), interleukin 1 (il1a, il1b, il1rn), interleukin 2 receptors (il2ra, il2rg), interleukin 5 receptor (il5ra), interleukin 6 (il6), interleukin 8 (il8), lipopolysaccharide binding protein (lbp), lipocalin (lcn2), lactate dehydrogenase c (ldhc), lactotransferrin (ltf), matrix metallopeptidase 3 (mmp3), peptidase inhibitor 3 (pi3), and vascular endothelial growth factor a (vegfa), and identified three novel molecules of potential diagnostic use for detection of pji, namely c-c-motif chemokine ligand ccl20, coagulation factor vii (f7), and b cell receptor fcrl4. 2022-03-20 2023-08-13 human
Marie Walters, Kerstin Skovgaard, Pia Haubro Andersen, Peter M H Heegaard, Stine Jacobse. Dynamics of local gene regulations in synovial fluid leukocytes from horses with lipopolysaccharide-induced arthritis. Veterinary immunology and immunopathology. vol 241. 2021-10-25. PMID:34562797. expression of 26 genes changed significantly over the 24 h study period, including pro- and anti-inflammatory genes such as interleukin (il)1, il6, tumor necrosis factor (tnf), cyclooxygenase 2 (cox2), il1 receptor antagonist (il1rn), il10, and superoxide dismutase 2 (sod2), chemokine genes, apoptosis-related genes, and genes related to cartilage turnover (matrix metalloproteinase 8 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1). 2021-10-25 2023-08-13 Not clear
Hanae Ichioka, Yosuke Ida, Megumi Watanabe, Hiroshi Ohguro, Fumihito Hikag. Prostaglandin F2α and EP2 agonists, and a ROCK inhibitor modulate the formation of 3D organoids of Grave's orbitopathy related human orbital fibroblasts. Experimental eye research. vol 205. 2021-09-03. PMID:33587909. the effects of either 100 nm bim-a, 100 nm omd or 10 μm rip on the 3d ghofs organoids were examined with respect to organoid size, physical properties by a micro-squeezer, and the mrna expression of extracellular matrix (ecm) proteins including collagen (col) 1, col 4, col 6, and fibronectin (fn), ecm regulatory genes including lysyl oxidase (lox), connective tissue growth factor (ctgf) and inflammatory cytokines including interleukin-1β (il1β) and interleukin-6 (il6). 2021-09-03 2023-08-13 human
Mingmin Wang, Shuangjie Yang, Mingyan Shao, Qian Zhang, Xiaoping Wang, Linghui Lu, Sheng Gao, Yong Wang, Wei Wan. Identification of Potential Bioactive Ingredients and Mechanisms of the Guanxin Suhe Pill on Angina Pectoris by Integrating Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking. Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM. vol 2021. 2021-08-24. PMID:34422068. protein-protein interaction identified vegfa (vascular endothelial growth factor a), tnf (tumor necrosis factor), ccl2 (c-c motif chemokine ligand 2), fn1 (fibronectin 1), mmp9 (matrix metallopeptidase 9), ptgs2 (prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2), il10 (interleukin 10), cxcl8 (c-x-c motif chemokine ligand 8), il6 (interleukin 6), and ins (insulin) as hub targets for gsp, which were involved in the inflammatory process, ecm proteolysis, glucose metabolism, and lipid metabolism. 2021-08-24 2023-08-13 Not clear
Min Ji Han, Won Ji Lee, Joonhyuk Choi, Yean Ju Hong, Sang Jun Uhm, Youngsok Choi, Jeong Tae D. Inhibition of neural stem cell aging through the transient induction of reprogramming factors. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 529. issue 3. 2021-07-26. PMID:32510600. in this study, we found that long-term in vitro culture of nscs resulted in aging-related upregulation of inflammatory- and endoplasmic reticulum (er) stress-related genes, including the proinflammatory cytokines interleukin (il)1β and il6, the senescence-associated enzyme matrix metallopeptidase 13 (mmp13), and the er stress-responsive transcription factor activating transcription factor 4 (atf4) and c/ebp homologous protein (chop). 2021-07-26 2023-08-13 Not clear
Joakim Sandstedt, Karin Vargmar, Kristina Björkman, Ulla Ruetschi, Göran Bergström, Lillemor Mattsson Hultén, Eva Skiöldebran. COMP (Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein) Neoepitope: A Novel Biomarker to Identify Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. vol 41. issue 3. 2021-03-15. PMID:33472398. when the concentration was compared between the stenosis and control groups, il-1ra (interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein), il6 (interleukin-6), ren (renin), mmp1 (matrix metalloproteinase-1), trail-r2 (tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 2), itgb1bp2 (integrin beta 1 binding protein 2), and compneo were predictive of stenosis. 2021-03-15 2023-08-13 human