All Relations between cd and alpha

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Georgia Bellou, Eirini Zaharopoulou, Anastasios Giannoukos, Olga Kosmopoulou, Maria Tzouval. Cutaneous Eruption in a Crohn's Disease Patient Under Tumor Necrosis Alpha Inhibitor Treatment: A Rare Case of Syphilis. Cureus. vol 16. issue 3. 2024-04-29. PMID:38681333. reaching a diagnosis of a cutaneous eruption in a crohn's disease (cd) patient treated with anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha (anti-tnfα) can be challenging. 2024-04-29 2024-05-01 Not clear
Andres Yarur, Gerassimos J Mantzaris, Song Wang, Shashi Adsul, Pravin Kamble, Erin Cook, Gautam Sajeev, Annie Guerin, Brian Bressle. Stratified Patient Profiling for Vedolizumab Effectiveness in Crohn's Disease: Identifying Optimal Subgroups for Enhanced Treatment Response in the EVOLVE Study. Advances in therapy. 2024-04-24. PMID:38658485. this analysis evaluated the relative performance of vedolizumab and anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha (anti-tnfα) agents in subpopulations of biologic therapy-naive patients with crohn's disease (cd) and assessed whether patients in whom vedolizumab would have a larger treatment effect vs anti-tnfα agents could be identified. 2024-04-24 2024-04-28 Not clear
Parvaneh Fakharian, Fereshteh Taghavi, Zahra Kianmehr, Maryam Atashia. Inhibitory effects of thymol and carvacrol on heme degradation and oxidative products due to tartrazine: Heliyon. vol 10. issue 2. 2024-02-05. PMID:38312565. the results of the circular dichroism (cd) assay showed the protection of alpha helix structure in hemoglobin treated with thymol and carvacrol compared to the control sample. 2024-02-05 2024-02-07 human
Selma Bouden, Lilia Laadhar, Jihene Soua, Meriam Ben Messaoud, Leila Rouached, Imene Ayadi, Olfa Saidane, Aicha Ben Tekaya, Ines Mahmoud, Sonia Rekik, Héla Sahli Srairi, Rawdha Tekaya, Syrine Bellakhal, Monia Fekih, Leila Abdelmoula, Maryem Kalle. No Correlation between Anti-drug Antibodies and Therapeutic Response in Tunisian Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Treated by TNF Blockers. Current rheumatology reviews. 2024-02-05. PMID:38314598. tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf alpha) blockers such as infliximab (ifx) and adalimumab (ada) had significantly changed the course of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (ra), spondyloarthritis (spa) and crohn's disease (cd). 2024-02-05 2024-02-07 Not clear
Alexander Krauthammer, Tal Cozacov, Sophia Fried, Adi Har-Zahav, Raanan Shamir, Amit Assa, Orith Waisbourd-Zinma. Tissue markers may predict treatment response to antitumor necrosis factor-α agents in children with Crohn's disease. Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition. 2024-02-01. PMID:38299301. patients with moderate-severe crohn's disease (cd) who are treated with antitumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-α) agents may be subjected to primary nonresponse or partial response. 2024-02-01 2024-02-03 Not clear
Gerassimos J Mantzaris, Brian Bressler, Shashi Adsul, Michelle Luo, Chris Colby, Neil R Brett, Sumit Saha, Pravin Kamble, Song Wang, Andres Yaru. Effectiveness and safety of vedolizumab and infliximab in biologic-naive patients with Crohn's disease: results from the EVOLVE study. European journal of gastroenterology & hepatology. 2024-01-05. PMID:38179874. this study compared the real-world effectiveness and safety of α4β7-integrin inhibitor vedolizumab and anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha (anti-tnfα) inhibitor infliximab in biologic-naive patients with crohn's disease (cd). 2024-01-05 2024-01-07 Not clear
Abraham Kisule, Vivek Kak, Chidamber Alamelumangapuram, Ciji Robinso. Drug-Induced Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Case Report. Cureus. vol 15. issue 11. 2024-01-01. PMID:38161925. multiple treatment options exist for cd, including monoclonal anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-α) antibodies like adalimumab (humira). 2024-01-01 2024-01-05 Not clear
Jian Cui, Fengwu Zhou, Jinfeng Li, Ziyao Shen, Jing Zhou, John Yang, Zhongjun Jia, Zhen Zhang, Fengfeng Du, Dongrui Ya. Amendment-driven soil health restoration through soil pH and microbial robustness in a Cd/Cu-combined acidic soil: A ten-year in-situ field experiment. Journal of hazardous materials. vol 465. 2023-12-10. PMID:38071771. results showed that after ten years and in compared with ck (no amendment), total cd concentration and its risk in plot soils were not altered by amendments (p > 0.05), but total cu concentration and its risk were significantly increased by both ap and l, especially the former, rather than at and m (p < 0.05), through increased soil ph and enhanced bacterial alpha diversity as well as plant community. 2023-12-10 2023-12-17 Not clear
Renz C W Klomberg, Hella C van der Wal, Martine A Aardoom, Polychronis Kemos, Dimitris Rizopoulos, Frank M Ruemmele, Mohammed Charrout, J C Escher, Nicholas M Croft, Lissy de Ridder, Ivan D Milovanovich, James J Ashton, Paul Henderson, Oren Ledder, Tim G J de Meij, Richard Hansen, Thalia Z Hummel, Katsuhiro Arai, Astor Rodrigues, Fiona Cameron, Sibylle Koletzko, Rafeeq Muhammed, Natalia Nedelkopoulo. Improved clinical outcomes with early anti-tumour necrosis factor alpha therapy in children with newly diagnosed Crohn's disease: real world data from the international prospective PIBD-SETQuality inception cohort study. Journal of Crohn's & colitis. 2023-11-27. PMID:38011797. treatment guidelines for paediatric crohn's disease (cd) suggest early use of anti-tumour necrosis factor alpha (anti-tnf) in high-risk individuals. 2023-11-27 2023-11-29 Not clear
Karolina Kulig, Zuzanna Denisiuk, Małgorzata Kłósek, Aleksandra Owczarzy, Wojciech Rogóż, Łukasz Sędek, Małgorzata Maciążek-Jurczy. Circular Dichroism as a Rapid Method for Analyzing the Binding of a Targeting Ligand to the Surface of Albumin Nanoparticles. Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). vol 16. issue 10. 2023-10-30. PMID:37895894. in addition, it can be suspected that the alpha structure of hsa was mainly used for the interaction, which confirms the effectiveness of using cd as a rapid technique for analyzing ligand-nanoparticle interactions. 2023-10-30 2023-11-08 human
Patrick M Keating, Nicholas P Schifano, Xinrui Wei, Matthew Y Kong, Jinwoo Le. pH-dependent conformational change within the Lassa virus transmembrane domain elicits efficient membrane fusion. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Biomembranes. 2023-09-21. PMID:37734457. here, we used cd and nmr spectroscopy to show that the transmembrane domain has ph-dependent conformational changes that result in an extension of the alpha helix at the n-terminal end. 2023-09-21 2023-10-07 Not clear
Giorgio Guglielmi, Stefania Crucitta, Lorenzo Bertani, Martina Ruglioni, Giovanni Baiano Svizzero, Linda Ceccarelli, Marzia Del Re, Romano Danesi, Francesco Costa, Stefano Fogl. Expression of Circulating let-7e and miR-126 May Predict Clinical Remission in Patients With Crohn's Disease Treated With Anti-TNF-α Biologics. Inflammatory bowel diseases. 2023-09-11. PMID:37696681. the identification of new biomarkers predictive of response to antitumor necrosis factor alpha (anti-tnf-α) monoclonal antibodies remains an unmet medical need in crohn's disease (cd) because a high percentage of patients show no clinical improvement after treatment or can lose response over time. 2023-09-11 2023-10-07 Not clear
M Morales-Velásquez, J P Barón-Vera, M I Pulgarín-Osorio, M M Sánchez-Jiménez, J D Ospina-Vill. Identification of the ATPase alpha subunit of Biomarkers : biochemical indicators of exposure, response, and susceptibility to chemicals. 2023-09-05. PMID:37667642. identification of the atpase alpha subunit of chagas disease (cd) is considered by the world health organization (who) a neglected disease endemic to the americas, but it has spread throughout the world due to migrations. 2023-09-05 2023-09-07 Not clear
Aynur Sanem Yilmaz, Serhat Ozturk, Bekir Salih, Ramesh S Ayyala, Nurettin Sahine. ESI-IM-MS characterization of cyclodextrin complexes and their chemically cross-linked alpha (α-), beta (β-) and gamma (γ-) cyclodextrin particles as promising drug delivery materials with improved bioavailability. Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces. vol 230. 2023-09-01. PMID:37657404. in this study, alpha (α-), beta (β-) and gamma (γ-) cd particles were prepared by directly using α-, β-, and γ-cds as monomeric units and divinyl sulfone (dvs) as a crosslinker in a single-step via reverse micelle microemulsion crosslinking technique. 2023-09-01 2023-09-07 Not clear
Augustine Apiamu, Oghenetega J Avwioroko, Uduenevwo F Evuen, Helen E Kadiri, Enyohwo D Kpomah, Akpovwehwee A Anigboro, Gilbert Ugbebor, Samuel O Asagb. Exposure to Nickel-Cadmium Contamination of Drinking Water Culminates in Liver Cirrhosis, Renal Azotemia, and Metabolic Stress in Rats. Biological trace element research. 2023-07-19. PMID:37468716. it was done by using the box-behnken design (bbd) with three treatment factors (ni and cd doses at 50-150 mg/l and exposure at 14-21-28 days) at a single alpha level, resulting in seventeen experimental combinations. 2023-07-19 2023-08-14 rat
Satohiro Matsumoto, Hirosato Mashim. Usefulness of Serum Leucine-rich Alpha 2 Glycoprotein in Crohn's Disease: Is There Any Difference between Small Intestine and Colonic Lesions? Crohn's & colitis 360. vol 5. issue 3. 2023-06-08. PMID:37288327. the usefulness of leucine-rich alpha 2 glycoprotein (lrg) to evaluate crohn's disease (cd) activity differs among various intestinal lesions. 2023-06-08 2023-08-14 Not clear
Lingling Xu, Runze Wang, Bingjie Jin, Jiuzhou Chen, Tianchi Jiang, Waqar Ali, Shengke Tian, Lingli L. Cadmium inhibits powdery mildew colonization and reconstructs microbial community in leaves of the hyperaccumulator plant Sedum alfredii. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. vol 260. 2023-05-31. PMID:37257346. however, s. alfredii preferentially accumulated higher concentrations of cd in the leaves of infected plants than in uninfected plants by powdery mildew, which in turn significantly inhibited powdery mildew colonization in leaves; the relative abundance of the fungal class leotiomycetes in infected leaves decreased, and alpha and beta diversities of the phyllosphere microbiome significantly increased with cd treatment in the infected plants. 2023-05-31 2023-08-14 Not clear
Mayur Narkhede, Nancy L Bartlett, Sami Ibrahimi, Leslie Popplewell, Anna Seto, Jamie Bates, Yeonju Lee, Vaishnavi Ganti, Ling Han, Tianling Chen, Manish R Pate. A phase 1 first-in-human study of GS-0189, an anti-signal regulatory protein alpha (SIRPα) monoclonal antibody, in patients with relapsed/refractory (R/R) non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). EJHaem. vol 4. issue 2. 2023-05-19. PMID:37206279. signal regulatory protein alpha (sirpα) is the receptor for cluster of differentiation (cd)47, a potent "don't eat me" signal for macrophages. 2023-05-19 2023-08-14 Not clear
Jie Gu, Kongdong Li, Hong Lin, Yanwei Wang, Yang Zhou, Dongfeng Chen, Xin Gu, Haifeng Sh. Cadmium induced immunosuppression through TLR-IκBα-NFκB signaling by promoting autophagic degradation. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. vol 259. 2023-05-17. PMID:37196523. the results showed that cd exposure inhibited cona-induced the expressions of tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-α) and interferon gamma (ifn-γ) in mouse spleen tissues. 2023-05-17 2023-08-14 mouse
Razan Hayati Zulkeflee, Rosnah Bahar, Marne Abdullah, Muhammad Amiro Rasheeq Mohd Radzi, Alina Md Fauzi, Rosline Hassa. Application of Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing for the Investigation of Thalassemia in a Developing Country: A Single Center Experience. Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). vol 13. issue 8. 2023-05-16. PMID:37189480. other than that, cd 142 (hba2:c.427t>c) and another non-deletional alpha thalassemia and alpha triplication were also not picked up by the gap-pcr methods. 2023-05-16 2023-08-14 Not clear