All Relations between apoptosis and mtt

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Qiushi Wang, Jie Yang, Rui Pan, Zhengang Zh. LncRNA SNHG1 overexpression alleviates osteoarthritis via activating PI3K/Akt signal pathway and suppressing autophagy. Immunobiology. vol 229. issue 3. 2024-04-18. PMID:38636283. cell viability and apoptosis were assessed with mtt and flow cytometry assays, respectively. 2024-04-18 2024-04-21 mouse
Bingxian Zhang, Ning Zhou, Zhenkai Zhang, Ruifeng Wang, Long Chen, Xiaoke Zheng, Weisheng Fen. Study on the Neuroprotective Effects of Eight Iridoid Components Using Cell Metabolomics. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). vol 29. issue 7. 2024-04-13. PMID:38611777. the mtt assay and flow cytometry analysis showed that the eight iridoid components can improve cell viability, inhibit cell apoptosis, reduce intracellular ros levels, and elevate mmp levels. 2024-04-13 2024-04-15 cat
Li Sun, Yumeng Wang, Jia Li, Shiqing Xu, Shuang Xu, Jun L. Bruceantinol works as a CDK2/4/6 inhibitor to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Chemico-biological interactions. 2024-04-12. PMID:38608999. the effects of bol on cell growth, proliferation, the cell cycle, and apoptosis were investigated using the mtt assays, edu incorporation assays, and flow cytometry, respectively. 2024-04-12 2024-04-15 human
Xiaomeng Xu, Cheng Yin, Bing Dong, Yuewen Li, Shi Liu, Jun Che. LncRNA XIST Protects Against Polycystic Ovary Syndrome via the Regulation of miR-212-3p/RASA1 Axis. Biochemical genetics. 2024-04-12. PMID:38609670. cell viability, apoptosis, protein expression of bcl-2 and bax were assessed by mtt, flow cytometry analysis, rt-qpcr and western blot, respectively. 2024-04-12 2024-04-15 Not clear
Weijia Zhao, Min Mo, Jia Yu, Sha Cheng, Guiping Long, Zhiqiong Luo, Wei Liang, Chen Yan, Heng Luo, Baofei Su. A novel α,β-unsaturated ketone inhibits leukemia cell growth as PARP1 inhibitor. Medical oncology (Northwood, London, England). vol 41. issue 5. 2024-04-11. PMID:38602586. the effect of sgp-17-s on the viability of leukemic cell was demonstrated by mtt assay, cell cycle, and apoptosis were assessed by flow cytometry using pi staining and annexin v/pi double staining. 2024-04-11 2024-04-13 Not clear
Huanzhen Chen, Tongguan Tian, Dan Wan. Dysregulation of miR-25-3p in Diabetic Nephropathy and Its Role in Inflammatory Response. Biochemical genetics. 2024-04-11. PMID:38602597. mtt assay, flow cytometry and elisa were used to evaluate the effects of mir-25-3p on the proliferation, apoptosis, and inflammatory response of dn cell models. 2024-04-11 2024-04-13 human
Yajun Zhang, Woda Shi, Rongjin Chen, Yan Gu, Mengjie Zhao, Jianxiang Song, Zhan Shi, Jixiang Wu, HuiWen Chang, Ming Li. LINC01133 regulates MARCKS expression via sponging miR-30d-5p to promote the development of lung squamous cell carcinoma. Translational oncology. vol 44. 2024-04-10. PMID:38599002. proliferation was assessed through mtt experiment and apoptosis was detected upon flow cytometry. 2024-04-10 2024-04-13 Not clear
Yuanchun Xie, Jingjing Qi, Ju Li. Curcumin suppresses the malignant phenotype of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma through downregulating E2F1 to inhibit FLNA. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology. 2024-04-09. PMID:38592439. cell viability was showed by mtt assay, and flow cytometry was used to exhibit cell cycle distribution and cell apoptosis. 2024-04-09 2024-04-11 Not clear
Qiao Chen, Congbo Jiang, Hui L. Indole-3-Carbinol Promotes Apoptosis and Inhibits the Metastasis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Downregulating the Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway. Nutrition and cancer. 2024-04-08. PMID:38588526. mtt and flow cytometry were used to assess cell viability and apoptosis in ec18 and te1 cells, while wound healing and transwell assays were used to investigate cell migration and invasion in vitro. 2024-04-08 2024-04-11 Not clear
Xiaoxue Zhang, Liujun He, Yong Li, Yifei Qiu, Wujing Hu, Wanying Lu, Huihui Du, Donglin Yan. Compound 225# inhibits the proliferation of human colorectal cancer cells by promoting cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction. Oncology reports. vol 51. issue 5. 2024-04-05. PMID:38577924. the inhibitory activity of compound 225# against crc was determined by mtt assay, edu fluorescence labeling and colony formation assay; the effects of compound 225# on the cell cycle progression and apoptosis of crc cells were detected by flow cytometry and western blotting; and the changes in autophagic flux after the administration of compound 225# were detected using the double fluorescence fusion protein mcherry‑gfp‑lc3b and western blotting. 2024-04-05 2024-04-07 human
Amit Kumar Srivastav, Pradeep Kumar Rajput, Jyoti Jaiswal, Umesh C S Yadav, Umesh Kuma. In vitro and in silico investigation of glycyrrhizic acid encapsulated zein nanoparticles: A synergistic targeted drug delivery approach for breast cancer. International journal of biological macromolecules. 2024-04-05. PMID:38580025. this cellular internalization was further confirmed through cytotoxicity assessments using mtt and apoptosis assays (fluorescence microscopy), which demonstrated the prominent anticancer effects of ga-lnps on mcf-7 in time/dose-dependent manner. 2024-04-05 2024-04-10 Not clear
Ying-Song Liu, Hao-Bo Zhong, Wei-le Liu, Xin-Huan He, Xiao-Rui Zhan, Chun-Han Su. Icariin alleviates the apoptosis of chondrocytes in osteoarthritis through regulating SIRT-1-Nrf2-HO-1 signaling. Chemical biology & drug design. vol 103. issue 4. 2024-04-03. PMID:38570329. besides, cell viability and apoptosis were detected by mtt and apoptosis assay, and dna damage was observed by comet assay. 2024-04-03 2024-04-06 mouse
Saeed Shahbaz, Mahta Esmaeili, Mohammad Hosein Fathian Nasab, Zhila Imani, Reza Bafkary, Mohsen Amini, Fatemeh Atyabi, Rassoul Dinarvan. PEGylated mesoporous silica core-shell redox-responsive nanoparticles for delivering paclitaxel to breast cancer cells. International journal of pharmaceutics. 2024-03-27. PMID:38537920. furthermore, the cell viability and the capability of nanoparticles to induce apoptosis in mcf-7 cell line were studied using the mtt assay and flow cytometry, respectively. 2024-03-27 2024-03-30 Not clear
Fang Fang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Yun Fan. Diosgenin inhibits proliferation and migration of ovarian cancer cells and induce apoptosis via upregulation of PTEN. Chemical biology & drug design. vol 103. issue 3. 2024-03-27. PMID:38538058. ovcar-3 and skov-3 cells were treated with diosgenin, cellular viability was assessed by mtt assay and apoptosis was measured by elisa and evaluated the protein expression levels of apoptotic markers through western blotting. 2024-03-27 2024-03-30 Not clear
Wenying Zhang, Anne Blank, Irina Kremenetskaia, Anja Nitzsche, Güliz Acker, Peter Vajkoczy, Susan Brandenbur. CD13 expression affects glioma patient survival and influences key functions of human glioblastoma cell lines in vitro. BMC cancer. vol 24. issue 1. 2024-03-23. PMID:38519889. cell lines with different cd13 expression status were treated with a cd13 inhibitor, bestatin, and examined by mtt, scratch and colony formation assaysas well as by apoptosis assay and western blots. 2024-03-23 2024-03-26 human
Sneha Krishnamoorthy, Rajalakshmi Sabanayagam, Loganayaki Periyasamy, Bharathi Muruganantham, Sridhar Muthusam. Plumbagin as a preferential lead molecule to combat EGFR-driven matrix abundance and migration of cervical carcinoma cells. Medical oncology (Northwood, London, England). vol 41. issue 4. 2024-03-23. PMID:38520625. we utilized morphological assessment, mtt assay, mitored tracking, acridine orange (ao)/ ethidium bromide (etbr) staining and bromodeoxyuridine (brdu) assay to measure the cell viability, mitochondrial activity, cellular apoptosis, and dna synthesis. 2024-03-23 2024-03-26 Not clear
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Shaghayegh Saharkhiz, Negar Nasri, Nazanin Naderi, Ghasem Dini, Saeid Shirzadi Ghalehshahi, Fateme Firoozbakh. Evaluating a targeted Palbociclib-Trastuzumab loaded smart niosome platform for treating HER2 positive breast cancer cells. International journal of pharmaceutics: X. vol 7. 2024-03-22. PMID:38516198. mtt assessments demonstrated enhanced apoptosis induction, particularly in her2-positive cells, by trz-pal-phsns. 2024-03-22 2024-03-24 human
Dena Najafi, Goli Siri, Maryam Sadri, Omid Yazdani, Romina Esbati, Parvin Karimi, Ali Keshavarz, Amirreza Mehmandar-Oskuie, Mehmet Ilkta. Combination MEG3 lncRNA and Ciprofloxacin dramatically decreases cell migration and viability as well as induces apoptosis in GC cells in vitro. Biotechnology and applied biochemistry. 2024-03-18. PMID:38499448. the wound healing test, mtt assay, and flow cytometry were used to assess the impact of their administration on cell migration, viability, and apoptosis, respectively. 2024-03-18 2024-03-21 human
Dena Najafi, Goli Siri, Maryam Sadri, Omid Yazdani, Romina Esbati, Parvin Karimi, Ali Keshavarz, Amirreza Mehmandar-Oskuie, Mehmet Ilkta. Combination MEG3 lncRNA and Ciprofloxacin dramatically decreases cell migration and viability as well as induces apoptosis in GC cells in vitro. Biotechnology and applied biochemistry. 2024-03-18. PMID:38499448. mtt assay and flow cytometry demonstrated that meg3 lncrna decreased cell viability and triggered apoptosis. 2024-03-18 2024-03-21 human