All Relations between tph2 and alpha

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Sylvana I S Rendeiro de Noronha, Lauro Angelo Gonçalves de Moraes, James E Hassell, Christopher E Stamper, Mathew R Arnold, Jared D Heinze, Christine L Foxx, Margaret M Lieb, Kristin E Cler, Bree L Karns, Sophia Jaekel, Kelsey M Loupy, Fernanda C S Silva, Deoclécio Alves Chianca-Jr, Christopher A Lowry, Rodrigo Cunha de Meneze. High-fat diet, microbiome-gut-brain axis signaling, and anxiety-like behavior in male rats. Biological research. vol 57. issue 1. 2024-05-05. PMID:38705984. we show that hfd intake decreased alpha diversity and altered the community composition of the gut microbiome in association with obesity, increased brainstem tph2, htr1a and slc6a4 mrna expression, including in the caudal part of the dorsomedial dorsal raphe nucleus (cdrd), a subregion previously associated with stress- and anxiety-related behavioral responses, and, finally, increased anxiety-related defensive behavioral responses. 2024-05-05 2024-05-08 rat
J W Lunden, L G Kirb. Opiate exposure and withdrawal dynamically regulate mRNA expression in the serotonergic dorsal raphe nucleus. Neuroscience. vol 254. 2015-02-23. PMID:24055683. gene expression for brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf), tyrosine kinase receptor b (trkb), corticotrophin releasing-factor (crf)-r1, crf-r2, alpha 1 subunit of the gabaa receptor (gabaa-α1), μ-opioid receptor (mor), 5-ht1a receptor, tryptophan hydroxylase2 (tph2) and the 5-ht transporter was then measured using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction at multiple time-points across the model of morphine exposure, withdrawal and post withdrawal stress. 2015-02-23 2023-08-12 rat