All Relations between learning and memory and synaptic plasticity

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Kuldeep Tripathi, Somoday Hazra, Joyeeta Dutta Hazra, Silvia Mandel, Ruchi Anunu, Martin Kriebel, Hansjurgen Volkmer, Gal Richter-Levi. Selective knockdown of GABAA-α2 subunit in the dorsal dentate gyrus in adulthood induces anxiety, learning and memory deficits and impairs synaptic plasticity. The European journal of neuroscience. 2024-06-10. PMID:38858171. selective knockdown of gabaa-α2 subunit in the dorsal dentate gyrus in adulthood induces anxiety, learning and memory deficits and impairs synaptic plasticity. 2024-06-10 2024-06-14 rat
Gabriel Reichert Blume, Luiz Fernando Freire Roye. Peripheral to brain and hippocampus crosstalk induced by exercise mediates cognitive and structural hippocampal adaptations. Life sciences. 2024-06-09. PMID:38852798. both learning and memory as well as other hippocampal functional-related changes such as neurogenesis, cell proliferation, dendrite morphology and synaptic plasticity are controlled by these exercise responsive peripheral proteins. 2024-06-09 2024-06-14 Not clear
Ayman Alzu'bi, Ejlal Abu-El-Rub, Fatimah Almahasneh, Lena Tahat, Rabaa Y Athamneh, Ramada Khasawneh, Hiba Alzoubi, Doaa S Ghorab, Rawan Almazari, Mazhar Salim Al Zoubi, Raed M Al-Zoub. Delineating the molecular mechanisms of hippocampal neurotoxicity induced by chronic administration of synthetic cannabinoid AB-FUBINACA in mice. Neurotoxicology. vol 103. 2024-06-08. PMID:38823587. these findings were found to be correlated with increased level of oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and apoptosis markers, and reduced expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf), which plays an essential role in modulating synaptic plasticity integral for promoting learning and memory in the hippocampus. 2024-06-08 2024-06-11 mouse
Ting Sun, Ya-Ya Du, Yong-Qiang Zhang, Qin-Qin Tian, Xi Li, Jiao-Yan Yu, Yan-Yan Guo, Qing-Qing Liu, Le Yang, Yu-Mei Wu, Qi Yang, Ming-Gao Zha. Activation of GPR55 Ameliorates Maternal Separation-Induced Learning and Memory Deficits by Augmenting 5-HT Synthesis in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus of Juvenile Mice. ACS omega. vol 9. issue 20. 2024-05-27. PMID:38799363. in this study, we sought to discern the repercussions of gpr55 activation on 5-ht synthesis within the drn of adult c57bl/6j mice that experienced ms. concurrently, we analyzed potential alterations in excitatory synaptic transmission, long-term synaptic plasticity, and relevant learning and memory outcomes. 2024-05-27 2024-05-31 mouse
Sima Gul Ghasemi, Alireza Khoshrou, Samaneh Kakhki, Atefeh Shirinzadeh Feizabadi, Maha Masoudi, Faezeh Bagherifar, Farimah Behesht. Ascorbic Acid Supplementation Improves Adolescent Stress-induced Cognitive Impairment Through Restoration of Behavioral, Biochemical and Electrophysiological Alterations in Male Rats. Neuroscience. 2024-05-17. PMID:38718917. the results of our study showed that chronic stress during adolescence could cause learning and memory disorders as well as synaptic plasticity. 2024-05-17 2024-05-27 rat
Tareq I Jibril, Karem H Alzoubi, Nizar M Mhaidat, Omar F Khabour, Mohammad A Y Alqudah, Abeer M Rababa'h, Nasr Alrabadi, Doaa Al-Udat. Sildenafil prevents chronic psychosocial stress-induced working memory impairment: Role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Current research in pharmacology and drug discovery. vol 6. 2024-05-06. PMID:38706525. reduced brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) levels, increased oxidative stress, and alteration of synaptic plasticity biomarkers are also possible contributors to the negative impact of stress on learning and memory. 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 rat
Jens Stepan, Daniel E Heinz, Frederik Dethloff, Svenja Wiechmann, Silvia Martinelli, Kathrin Hafner, Tim Ebert, Ellen Junglas, Alexander S Häusl, Max L Pöhlmann, Mira Jakovcevski, Julius C Pape, Anthony S Zannas, Thomas Bajaj, Anke Hermann, Xiao Ma, Hermann Pavenstädt, Mathias V Schmidt, Alexandra Philipsen, Christoph W Turck, Jan M Deussing, Gerhard Rammes, Andrew C Robinson, Antony Payton, Michael C Wehr, Valentin Stein, Christopher Murgatroyd, Joachim Kremerskothen, Bernhard Kuster, Carsten T Wotjak, Nils C Gasse. Inhibiting Hippo pathway kinases releases WWC1 to promote AMPAR-dependent synaptic plasticity and long-term memory in mice. Science signaling. vol 17. issue 834. 2024-04-30. PMID:38687825. the localization, number, and function of postsynaptic ampa-type glutamate receptors (ampars) are crucial for synaptic plasticity, a cellular correlate for learning and memory. 2024-04-30 2024-05-03 mouse
Wenzhu Wang, Jingyu Zhao, Zihan Li, Xiaoyu Kang, Ting Li, Nickolay K Isaev, Elena A Smirnova, Hui Shen, Lixu Liu, Yan Y. L-DOPA ameliorates hippocampus-based mitochondria respiratory dysfunction caused by GCI/R injury. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. vol 175. 2024-04-28. PMID:38678966. our previous researches demonstrated that levodopa (l-dopa) improves learning and memory impairment in gci/r rats by increasing synaptic plasticity of hippocampal neurons. 2024-04-28 2024-05-01 rat
Dina W Yakout, Ankit Shroff, Wei Wei, Vishrut Thaker, Zachary D Allen, Mathew Sajish, Taras Y Nazarko, Angela M Mab. Tau regulates Arc stability in neuronal dendrites via a proteasome-sensitive but ubiquitin-independent pathway. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2024-03-29. PMID:38552740. the activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein (arc), is an immediate early gene that plays a key role in synaptic plasticity, learning and memory. 2024-03-29 2024-04-01 mouse
Kushagra Nagori, Madhulika Pradhan, Mukesh Sharma, Ajazuddin, Hemant R Badwaik, Kartik T Nakhat. Current Progress on Central Cholinergic Receptors as Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer's Disease. Current Alzheimer research. 2024-03-26. PMID:38529600. by modulating synaptic transmission and promoting synaptic plasticity, particularly in the hippocampus and cortex, ach plays a pivotal role in the regulation of learning and memory. 2024-03-26 2024-03-28 Not clear
Haoxuan Gao, Mi Tian, Xiaozhe Geng, Ji Zhao, Yanan Song, Bing Wu, Xueyan Tian, Yong Yang, Wensi Ni, Huifang Yan. Cyfluthrin exposure during pregnancy causes neurotoxicity in offspring-Ca Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. vol 274. 2024-03-16. PMID:38492481. we found that gestational cy exposure affected pregnancy outcomes and fetal development, and that offspring showed impairments in anxiety as well as learning and memory, accompanied by impairments in hippocampal synaptic ultrastructure and synaptic plasticity. 2024-03-16 2024-03-19 Not clear
Jianxiong Gui, Mingdan Xie, Lingman Wang, Bing Tian, Benke Liu, Hengsheng Chen, Li Cheng, Dishu Huang, Ziyao Han, Xiaoyue Yang, Jie Liu, Li Jian. Protective effects of docosahexaenoic acid supplementation on cognitive dysfunction and hippocampal synaptic plasticity impairment induced by early postnatal PM2.5 exposure in young rats. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology. 2024-03-09. PMID:38459987. dha could ameliorate pm2.5-induced learning and memory dysfunction, as well as reverse the impairment of hippocampal synaptic plasticity, evidenced by enhanced long-term potentiation, recovered synaptic ultrastructure, and increased expression of synaptic proteins. 2024-03-09 2024-03-12 rat
Tue G Banke, Stephen F Traynelis, Andres Barri. Early Expression of GluN2A-Containing NMDA Receptors in A Model of Fragile X Syndrome. Journal of neurophysiology. 2024-02-21. PMID:38380828. nmda-type glutamate receptors (nmdars) play a crucial role in synaptogenesis, circuit development, and synaptic plasticity, serving as fundamental components in cellular models of learning and memory. 2024-02-21 2024-02-23 mouse
Svitlana V Bach, Allison J Bauman, Darya Hosein, Jennifer J Tuscher, Lara Ianov, Kelsey M Greathouse, Benjamin W Henderson, Jeremy H Herskowitz, Keri Martinowich, Jeremy J Da. Distinct roles of Bdnf I and Bdnf IV transcript variant expression in hippocampal neurons. Hippocampus. 2024-02-16. PMID:38362938. brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) plays a critical role in brain development, dendritic growth, synaptic plasticity, as well as learning and memory. 2024-02-16 2024-02-18 rat
Yinghan Zhuang, Chuhan Li, Fang Zhao, Yan Yan, Hongjie Pan, Jianmin Zhan, Thomas Behnisc. E3 Ubiquitin Ligase International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38338822. given the role of the ubiquitin-proteasome system (ups) in various nervous system processes, including learning and memory, we were particularly interested in exploring the involvement of ring-type ubiquitin e3 ligases, such as uhrf2 (nirf), in social behavior and synaptic plasticity. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 mouse
Judit Català-Solsona, Stefano Lutzu, Pablo J Lituma, Cristina Fábregas-Ordoñez, Dolores Siedlecki, Lydia Giménez-Llort, Alfredo J Miñano-Molina, Carlos A Saura, Pablo E Castillo, José Rodriguez-Álvare. Nr4a2 blocks oAβ-mediated synaptic plasticity dysfunction and ameliorates spatial memory deficits in the APP bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-02-08. PMID:38328087. nr4a2 blocks oaβ-mediated synaptic plasticity dysfunction and ameliorates spatial memory deficits in the app alzheimer's disease ad is associated with disruptions in neuronal communication, especially in brain regions crucial for learning and memory, such as the hippocampus. 2024-02-08 2024-02-10 mouse
Wenbin Zhang, Jiaqi Zhang, Zhongqi Zhang, Shuhan Cha, Jiong Li, Li Chen, Jiaming Wu, Jijun Teng, Guoqing Guo, Jifeng Zhan. Effects of DeSUMOylated Spastin on AMPA Receptor Surface Delivery and Synaptic Function Are Enhanced by Phosphorylating at Ser210. Molecular neurobiology. 2024-01-24. PMID:38267753. surface trafficking of ampa receptors (ampars) is one of the important mechanisms mediating synaptic plasticity which is essential for cognitive functions such as learning and memory. 2024-01-24 2024-01-27 Not clear
Valérie Clavet-Fournier, ChungKu Lee, Waja Wegner, Nils Brose, JeongSeop Rhee, Katrin I Willi. Pre- and postsynaptic nanostructures increase in size and complexity after induction of long-term potentiation. iScience. vol 27. issue 1. 2024-01-12. PMID:38213627. synaptic plasticity involves changes in synaptic morphology and the number of neurotransmitter receptors, and is thought to underlie learning and memory. 2024-01-12 2024-01-14 Not clear
Hou-Yuan Huang, Shelbi Salinas, Jessica Cornell, Iquo-Bella Udoh, Yang Shen, Miou Zho. CCR5 regulates Aβ Neurobiology of learning and memory. 2024-01-12. PMID:38215963. recently, ccr5 has also been reported to play a role in synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, and cognitive deficits associated with normal aging, traumatic brain injury (tbi), and hiv-associated neurocognitive disorder (hand). 2024-01-12 2024-01-15 mouse
Chad M Heer, Mark E J Sheffiel. Distinct catecholaminergic pathways projecting to hippocampal CA1 transmit contrasting signals during behavior and learning. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2023-12-11. PMID:38076843. neuromodulatory inputs to the hippocampus play pivotal roles in modulating synaptic plasticity, shaping neuronal activity, and influencing learning and memory. 2023-12-11 2023-12-17 mouse