All Relations between Coma and ci

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Yoshiyuki Matsuki, Toshimi Oda, Eri Fukao, Ayaka Sugiura, Takayuki Yokozawa, Yutaka Honm. Prognostic Factors for Japanese Adults With Acute Community-Acquired Bacterial Meningitis: A Retrospective Study. Cureus. vol 16. issue 4. 2024-05-06. PMID:38707085. glasgow coma scale (gcs) score on admission was also observed to be associated with poor prognoses (or = 0.93, 95% ci = 0.89145-0.97290, p = 0.0029). 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 Not clear
Byungchul Yu, Jayun Cho, Byung Hee Kang, Kyounghwan Kim, Dong Hun Kim, Sung Wook Chang, Pil Young Jung, Yoonjung Heo, Wu Seong Kan. Nomogram for predicting in-hospital mortality in trauma patients undergoing resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta: a retrospective multicenter study. Scientific reports. vol 14. issue 1. 2024-04-21. PMID:38644449. in the mlr model using risk factors selected in the lasso, five risk factors, including initial heart rate (adjusted odds ratio [aor], 0.99; 95% confidence interval [ci], 0.98-1.00; p = 0.030), initial glasgow coma scale (aor, 0.86; 95% ci 0.80-0.93; p < 0.001), rbc transfusion within 4 h (unit, aor, 1.12; 95% ci 1.07-1.17; p < 0.001), balloon occlusion type (reference: partial occlusion; total occlusion, aor, 2.53; 95% ci 1.27-5.02; p = 0.008; partial + total occlusion, aor, 2.04; 95% ci 0.71-5.86; p = 0.187), and post-reboa systolic blood pressure (sbp) (aor, 0.98; 95% ci 0.97-0.99; p < 0.001) were significantly associated with mortality due to exsanguination. 2024-04-21 2024-04-24 Not clear
Xian Wang, Wei Tian, Yongfeng Zhao, Yong Yang, Li Den. Systemic immune inflammation index and system inflammation response index on the third postoperative day predict poor prognosis of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage patients. Medicine. vol 103. issue 16. 2024-04-19. PMID:38640265. after adjusting for baseline differences in hunt-hess grade, glasgow coma scale score, combination with intraventricular hemorrhage and maximum diameter of aneurysm, the levels of siri (odds ratio = 3.968, 95% ci: 1.432-10.992, p = .008) and sii (odds ratio = 3.313, 95% ci: 1.029-10.665, p = .045) on the 3rd postoperative day could predict poor prognosis. 2024-04-19 2024-04-22 Not clear
Ping Zhou, Lijing Ling, Xiaohua Xia, Hua Yuan, Zhiqiang Guo, Qiupeng Feng, Jin M. Independent predictors of mortality for critically ill patients with polytrauma: A single center, retrospective study. Heliyon. vol 10. issue 3. 2024-02-19. PMID:38371971. the multivariate logistic regression showed that decreased glasgow coma scale (gcs) score (odds ratio (or) = 0.72, 95 % confidence interval (95%ci): 0.63-0.83, 2024-02-19 2024-02-21 Not clear
Kyung Hun Yoo, Hyunggoo Kang, Jaehoon Oh, Tae Ho Lim, Yongil Cho, Juncheol Lee, Sang Hwan Lee, Seungkyo Jung, Won Young Kim, Chang Hwan Sohn, Byuk Sung K. Predicting acute brain lesions on magnetic resonance imaging in acute carbon monoxide poisoning: a multicenter prospective observational study. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-12-12. PMID:38086978. multivariable logistic regression analysis showed that loss of consciousness (loc) (adjusted odds ratio [aor] 2.68, 95% confidence interval [ci]: 1.49-5.06), glasgow coma scale (gcs) score < 9 (aor 2.41, 95% ci: 1.49-3.91), troponin-i (tni) (aor 1.22, 95% ci: 1.08-1.41), co exposure duration (aor 1.09, 95% ci: 1.05-1.13), and white blood cell (wbc) (aor 1.05, 95% ci: 1.01-1.09) were independent predictors of abls on mri. 2023-12-12 2023-12-17 Not clear
Mohamed Abd-Elgawad, Nada K Abdelsattar, Gehad T Genedy, Alyaa K Madeeh, Moaz Khamis, Mahmoud Ryaad, Wessam H Hassaan, Eman A Abdullah, Marwa G Mustafa, Ahmed Assar, Abdullah M Farhat, Youssef Soliman, Abhigan Babu Shrestha, Amira Mohamed Tah. Prevalence of depression and anxiety among diabetic patients in Egypt: A cross-sectional study. Medicine. vol 102. issue 46. 2023-11-21. PMID:37986306. the results of multiple logistic regression suggested that age (odds ratio [or] = 2.28, 95% confidence interval [ci] [1.54, 3.41]), neuropathy (or = 2.25, 95% ci [1.38, 3.70]), sexual dysfunction (or = 2.24, 95% ci [1.02, 4.96]), the presence of coma or spasm (or = 2.82, 95% ci [1.44, 5.72]), and anxiety (or = 3.15, 95% ci [2.21, 4.52]) were associated with increased risk of depression among diabetics. 2023-11-21 2023-11-29 Not clear
Ahmed Aljabali, Aya Mohammed Sharkawy, Belal Jaradat, Ibrahim Serag, Nada Mostafa Al-Dardery, Mariam Abdelhady, Mohamed Abouzi. Drainage versus no drainage after burr-hole evacuation of chronic subdural hematoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 1961 patients. Neurosurgical review. vol 46. issue 1. 2023-09-19. PMID:37726502. no significant difference was found in the occurrence of a glasgow coma scale score of 15 (or = 1.21, 95% ci 0.84 to 1.76; p = 0.30). 2023-09-19 2023-10-07 Not clear
Simona Lattanzi, Giada Giovannini, Francesco Brigo, Niccolò Orlandi, Eugen Trinka, Stefano Melett. Acute symptomatic status epilepticus: splitting or lumping? A proposal of classification based on real-world data. Epilepsia. 2023-08-19. PMID:37597263. the aetiological categories of acute-primary cns (or 3.61, 95% ci 2.11-6.18), acute-secondary cns (or 1.80, 95% ci 1.11-2.91) and progressive se (or 2.65, 95% ci 1.57-4.47), age (or 1.05, 95% ci 1.04-1.06), non-convulsive semiology with coma (or 3.06, 95% ci 1.52-6.17), refractoriness (or 4.31, 95% ci 2.39-7.77) and super-refractoriness to treatment (or 8.24, 95% ci 3.51-19.36) increased the odds of poor outcome. 2023-08-19 2023-09-07 Not clear
Chuyue Wu, Jing Wang, Lina Zhang, Fei Yan, Zhenjie Yang, Lei He, Jing Gu. Effect of massive cerebellar infarction on the outcomes of patients with acute basilar artery occlusion during hospitalization after endovascular treatment: A retrospective study. Medicine. vol 102. issue 29. 2023-07-21. PMID:37478217. patients with mci had a higher modified rankin scale (mrs) score at discharge compared to those without mci (4.36 ± 1.14 vs 3.05 ± 1.85, p = .042, odds ratio [or] (95% confidence interval [ci]) = 1.093 (0.083, 2.103)), and a lower glasgow coma scale score (6.59 ± 4.0 vs 10.10 ± 5.07, p = .036, or (95% ci) = -3.444 (-6.518, -0.369)). 2023-07-21 2023-08-14 Not clear
Mohd Amin Mohd Mokhtar, Zahir Izuan Azhar, Sabariah Faizah Jamaluddin, David Christopher Cone, Sang Do Shin, Goh E Shaun, Wen Chu Chiang, Kentaro Kajino, Kyoung Jun Song, Do Ngoc Son, Nurul Azlean Norza. An analysis of trauma characteristics between the older and younger adult patient from the Pan Asian Trauma Outcome Study registry (PATOS). Prehospital emergency care. 2023-07-17. PMID:37459651. multiple logistic regression revealed age (aor 1.06, 95%ci 1.02-1.04, p < 0.001), male sex (aor 1.60, 95%ci 1.04-2.46, p = 0.032), head and face injuries (aor 3.25, 95%ci 2.06-5.11, p < 0.001), abdominal and pelvic injuries (aor 2.78, 95%ci 1.48-5.23, p = 0.002), cardiovascular (aor 2.71, 95%ci 1.40-5.22, p = 0.003), pulmonary (aor 3.13, 95%ci 1.30-7.53, p = 0.011) and cancer (aor 2.03, 95%ci 1.02-4.06, p = 0.045) comorbidities, severe iss (aor 2.06, 95%ci 1.23-3.45, p = 0.006), glasgow coma scale (gcs) ≤ 8 (aor 12.50, 95% ci 6.95-22.48, p < 0.001) were significant predictors of hospital mortality.conclusionsolder trauma patients in the asian region have a higher mortality rate than their younger counterparts, with many significant predictors. 2023-07-17 2023-08-14 Not clear
Abhijit V Lele, Sarah Wahlster, Sunita Khadka, Andrew M Walters, Christine T Fong, Patricia A Blissitt, Sarah L Livesay, Gemi E Jannotta, Bernice G Gulek, Vasisht Srinivasan, Kathryn Rosenblatt, Michael J Souter, Monica S Vavilal. Neurological Pupillary Index and Disposition at Hospital Discharge following ICU Admission for Acute Brain Injury. Journal of clinical medicine. vol 12. issue 11. 2023-06-11. PMID:37298001. after adjusting for age, sex, admitting diagnosis, admission glasgow coma scale score, craniotomy/craniectomy, and hyperosmolar therapy, npi values that remained <3 or worsened from ≥3 to <3 were associated with poor outcomes (adjusted odds ratio, aor 2.58, 95% ci [2.03; 3.28]), placement of a tracheostomy tube (aor 1.58, 95% ci [1.13; 2.22]), and transition to comfort measures only (aor 2.12, 95% ci [1.67; 2.70]). 2023-06-11 2023-08-14 Not clear
Andrea Lauren Lauren Christman Christman Schneider, J Russell Huie, Sonia Jain, Xiaoying Sun, Adam R Ferguson, Cillian E Lynch, John K Yue, Geoffrey T Manley, Kevin K W Wang, Danielle Sandsmark, Christopher Campbell, Ramon R Diaz-Arrasti. Associations of Microvascular Injury-Related Biomarkers with Traumatic Brain Injury Severity and Outcomes: A TRACK-TBI Pilot Study. Journal of neurotrauma. 2023-04-06. PMID:37021339. in principal components analysis, pc1 (comprised of ang1, bfgf, p-selectin, vegf-c, vegf-a, and tie2) was associated with less severe injury (age-adjusted or: 0.63, 95% ci: 0.44-0.88 for head ct positive versus negative) and pc2 (ang-2, e-selectin, flt-1, pigf, thrombomodulin, and vcam-1) was associated with greater injury severity (age-adjusted or: 2.29, 95% ci: 1.49-3.69 for glasgow coma scale [gcs] 3-12 versus 13-15 and age-adjusted or 1.59, 95% ci: 1.11-2.32 for head ct positive versus negative). 2023-04-06 2023-08-14 human
Elsa Lin-Chin Mai, Chao-Kai Chang, Chia-Yi Lee, Ie-Bin Lian, Chen-Cheng Cha. Higher-Order Aberrations of Topography-Guided LASIK and Wavefront-Optimized LASIK in High- and Low-Myopic Eyes: A Non-Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of personalized medicine. vol 13. issue 3. 2023-03-29. PMID:36983581. the high-myopia patients with tg-lasik showed more coma and sa compared to low-myopia individuals (all 95% ci lower limits > 0), and subjects who received wfo-lasik exhibited more sa in high-myopia status (both 95% ci lower limits > 0). 2023-03-29 2023-08-14 human
Fuxin Lin, Qiu He, Lingyun Zhuo, Mingpei Zhao, Gengzhao Ye, Zhuyu Gao, Wei Huang, Lveming Cai, Fangyu Wang, Huangcheng Shangguan, Wenhua Fang, Yuanxiang Lin, Dengliang Wang, Dezhi Kan. A nomogram predictive model for long-term survival in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage patients without cerebral herniation at admission. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-02-22. PMID:36813798. the cox proportional hazard models showed that age (hr 1.055, 95% ci 1.038-1.071, p < 0.001), glasgow coma scale (gcs) at admission (hr 2.496, 95% ci 2.014-3.093, p < 0.001) and hydrocephalus caused by intraventricular hemorrhage (ivh) (hr 1.955, 95% ci 1.362-2.806, p < 0.001) were independent risk factors. 2023-02-22 2023-08-14 Not clear
He Tian, Wenjing Gao, Caohui Xu, Yan Wan. Clinical outcomes and higher order aberrations of wavefront-guided LASIK versus SMILE for correction of myopia: A systemic review and meta-analysis. Acta ophthalmologica. 2023-02-02. PMID:36726315. the meta-analysis demonstrated that spherical aberration was smaller in the smile group than in the wfg-lasik group (standardised mean difference [smd]: -0.34, 95% confidence interval [ci]: -0.47, -0.22; p < 0.00001), and that the postoperative values of vertical coma (smd: 0.83; 95% ci: 0.63, 1.03; p < 0.00001) and trefoil (smd: 0.37; 95% ci: 0.02, 0.72; p = 0.04) were higher in the smile group compared to the wfg lasik group. 2023-02-02 2023-08-14 Not clear
Thomas Arjan van Essen, Lodewijk Res, Jan Schoones, Godard de Ruiter, Olaf Dekkers, Andrew Maas, Wilco Peul, Niels Anthony van der Gaa. Mortality Reduction of Acute Surgery in Traumatic Acute Subdural Hematoma since the 19th Century: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis with Dramatic Effect: Is Surgery the Obvious Parachute? Journal of neurotrauma. 2022-08-30. PMID:35699084. mortality after surgery for comatose patients (glasgow coma scale ≤8) is 41% (95% ci 31-51%) in contemporary series (after 2000). 2022-08-30 2023-08-16 Not clear
b' Ana Penezi\\xc4\\x87, Marija Santini, Zdravko Heinrich, Darko Chudy, Pavle Mikli\\xc4\\x87, Bruno Bar\\xc5\\xa1i\\xc4\\x8. DOES THE TYPE OF SURGERY IN BRAIN ABSCESS PATIENTS INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME? ANALYSIS BASED ON THE PROPENSITY SCORE METHOD. Acta clinica Croatica. vol 60. issue 4. 2022-06-23. PMID:35734506.' worse outcome (gos below 4) was independently associated with glasgow coma score (gcs) on admission (or 0.787, ci 0.656-0.944). 2022-06-23 2023-08-14 Not clear
Sally Bath, Michael M Dinh, Stacey Casley, Pooria Sarram. Predictors of mortality in older patients with isolated severe head injury: a data linkage study from New South Wales, Australia. Australian health review : a publication of the Australian Hospital Association. vol 46. issue 1. 2022-02-07. PMID:35130479. clinical variables associated with increased 90-day mortality were a glasgow coma scale (gcs) score p  = 0.03) and systolic blood pressure ≥180 mmhg on arrival (aor 1.39; 95%ci 1.05-1.83; p  = 0.02). 2022-02-07 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jacques Bouget, Alexia Jouhanny, Louis Soulat, Emmanuel Oge. Ground-level falls among nonagenarians: the impact of pre-injury antithrombotic therapy. Internal and emergency medicine. 2022-02-03. PMID:35112277. the independent risk factors for 1-month mortality were: ich associated with head trauma (or = 5.9, 95% ci 2.5-14), glasgow coma score ≤ 12 at admission (or = 10; 95% ci 2.2-46), atrial fibrillation (or = 2.2, 95% ci 1.4-3.4) and age ≥ 95 years (or = 1.6, 95% ci 1.0-2.5). 2022-02-03 2023-08-13 Not clear
Gloria Mas Tedrus, Elizardo Nogueira, Mariana Almeida Vida. Elderly patients with nonconvulsive status epilepticus: Clinical-EEG data, hospital mortality, STESS and EMSE. Seizure. vol 94. 2021-12-09. PMID:34808547. elderly people with a higher risk of death are those diagnosed with ncse with coma (hr 2.76; 95% ci 1.15-6.65; p = 0.023), with stess≥3 (hr 16.0; ci 1.77-45.08; p = 0.014), with emse≥64 (hr 3.67; ci 1.54-8.72; p = 0.003), and those with no history of recurrent se (hr 6.80; ci 1.42-32.64; p = 0.017), in cox regression. 2021-12-09 2023-08-13 Not clear