All Relations between neurotransmitter and snca

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Ji-Hye Oh, Sungyang Jo, Kye Won Park, Eun-Jae Lee, Seung Hyun Lee, Yun Su Hwang, Ha Ra Jeon, Yeonjin Ryu, Hee Jeong Yoon, Sung-Min Chun, Chong Jai Kim, Tae Won Kim, Chang Ohk Sung, Sehyun Chae, Sun Ju Chun. Whole-genome sequencing reveals an association between small genomic deletions and an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease. Experimental & molecular medicine. 2023-03-03. PMID:36869069. gpr27 was found to be expressed specifically in brain tissue, and gpr27 copy number loss was associated with upregulated snca expression and downregulated dopamine neurotransmitter pathways. 2023-03-03 2023-08-14 Not clear
Kasthuri Bai Magalingam, Ammu Kutty Radhakrishnan, Sushela Devi Somanath, Shadab Md, Nagaraja Haleagrahar. Influence of serum concentration in retinoic acid and phorbol ester induced differentiation of SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cell line. Molecular biology reports. vol 47. issue 11. 2021-06-02. PMID:33098048. cells differentiated with ra/tpa or ra differentiated showed increased production of the α-synuclein (snca) neuroprotein and dopamine neurotransmitter compared to undifferentiated cells, regardless serum concentrations used. 2021-06-02 2023-08-13 human
Heather Wilson, George Dervenoulas, Gennaro Pagano, Christos Koros, Tayyabah Yousaf, Marina Picillo, Sotirios Polychronis, Athina Simitsi, Beniamino Giordano, Zachary Chappell, Benjamin Corcoran, Maria Stamelou, Roger N Gunn, Maria Teresa Pellecchia, Eugenii A Rabiner, Paolo Barone, Leonidas Stefanis, Marios Politi. Serotonergic pathology and disease burden in the premotor and motor phase of A53T α-synuclein parkinsonism: a cross-sectional study. The Lancet. Neurology. vol 18. issue 8. 2020-06-08. PMID:31229470. given the known neurochemical changes in the serotonergic system and their association with symptoms of parkinson's disease, we hypothesised that carriers of the a53t snca mutation might show abnormalities in the serotonergic neurotransmitter system before the diagnosis of parkinson's disease, and that this pathology might be associated with measures of parkinson's burden. 2020-06-08 2023-08-13 Not clear
Richard Lee Clough, Georgia Dermentzaki, Maria Haritou, Afroditi Petsakou, Leonidas Stefani. Regulation of α-synuclein expression in cultured cortical neurons. Journal of neurochemistry. vol 117. issue 2. 2011-05-27. PMID:21272005. alpha-synuclein (snca) is a predominantly neuronal protein involved in the control of neurotransmitter release. 2011-05-27 2023-08-12 rat
Yong-Qiang Yang, Fan L. [Inheritance mechnisam of gene SNCA for alcohol dependence]. Yi chuan = Hereditas. vol 32. issue 11. 2011-05-20. PMID:21513161. alpha-synuclein coded by snca gene can regulate the function of dopamine in multiple levels, and dopamine is an important neurotransmitter in alcohol preference. 2011-05-20 2023-08-12 Not clear