All Relations between hippocampus and middle frontal gyrus

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Fuping Sun, Zhening Liu, Jun Yang, Zebin Fan, Feiwen Wang, Jie Yan. Aberrant brain dynamics in major depressive disorder during working memory task. European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience. 2024-07-08. PMID:38976050. compared with controls, under '2back vs. 0back' contrast, patients showed an elevated ddc variability in wide range of brain regions, including the middle frontal gyrus, orbital part of inferior frontal gyrus (ifgorb), hippocampus, and middle temporal gyrus. 2024-07-08 2024-07-11 Not clear
Qian Xiao, Liying Shen, Haoling He, Xueying Wang, Yan Fu, Jun Ding, Furong Jiang, Jinfan Zhang, Zhejia Zhang, Alessandro Grecucci, Xiaoping Yi, Bihong T Che. Alteration of prefrontal cortex and its associations with emotional and cognitive dysfunctions in adolescent borderline personality disorder. European child & adolescent psychiatry. 2024-04-20. PMID:38642117. the left middle frontal gyrus exhibited increased fc with the right hippocampus, left inferior temporal gyrus and right inferior frontal gyrus (voxel p < 0.001, cluster p < 0.05, fwe correction). 2024-04-20 2024-04-23 human
Jamie Snytte, Roni Setton, Laetitia Mwilambwe-Tshilobo, M Natasha Rajah, Signy Sheldon, Gary R Turner, R Nathan Spren. Structure-function interactions in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex are associated with episodic memory in healthy aging. eNeuro. 2024-03-13. PMID:38479810. the findings revealed that greater structural integrity of the posterior hippocampus and middle frontal gyrus were linked with a pattern of increased within-network connectivity, which together were related to better associative and source memory in older adulthood. 2024-03-13 2024-03-16 human
Allegra Kawles, Rachel Keszycki, Grace Minogue, Antonia Zouridakis, Ivan Ayala, Nathan Gill, Alyssa Macomber, Vivienne Lubbat, Christina Coventry, Emily Rogalski, Sandra Weintraub, Qinwen Mao, Margaret E Flanagan, Hui Zhang, Rudolph Castellani, Eileen H Bigio, M-Marsel Mesulam, Changiz Geula, Tamar Gefe. Phenotypically concordant distribution of pick bodies in aphasic versus behavioral dementias. Acta neuropathologica communications. vol 12. issue 1. 2024-02-23. PMID:38389095. paraffin-embedded sections were stained immunohistochemically with at8 to visualize pick bodies, and unbiased stereological analysis was performed in up to six regions bilaterally [middle frontal gyrus (mfg), superior temporal gyrus (stg), inferior parietal lobule (ipl), anterior temporal lobe (atl), dentate gyrus (dg) and ca1 of the hippocampus], and unilateral occipital cortex (occ). 2024-02-23 2024-02-25 Not clear
Krystal R Leger, Isu Cho, Ioannis Valoumas, Danielle Schwartz, Ross W Mair, Joshua Oon Soo Goh, Angela Gutches. Cross-cultural comparison of the neural correlates of true and false memory retrieval. Memory (Hove, England). 2024-01-24. PMID:38266009. additional analyses of old vs. new activity indicated that americans and taiwanese differ in the neural activity supporting general object recognition in the hippocampus, left inferior frontal gyrus and middle frontal gyrus. 2024-01-24 2024-01-27 Not clear
Xun Yang, Yuan Song, Yuhan Zou, Yilin Li, Jianguang Zen. Neural correlates of prediction error in patients with schizophrenia: evidence from an fMRI meta-analysis. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). 2023-12-07. PMID:38061699. our meta-analysis showed that, relative to healthy controls, schizophrenia patients showed increased activity in the precentral gyrus and middle frontal gyrus and reduced activity in the mesolimbic circuit, including the striatum, thalamus, amygdala, hippocampus, anterior cingulate cortex, insula, superior temporal gyrus, and cerebellum, when processing prediction errors. 2023-12-07 2023-12-17 Not clear
Baolin Wu, Ying Chen, Xipeng Long, Yuan Cao, Hongsheng Xie, Xiuli Wang, Neil Roberts, Qiyong Gong, Zhiyun Ji. Altered single-subject gray matter structural networks in first-episode drug-naïve adolescent major depressive disorder. Psychiatry research. vol 329. 2023-11-01. PMID:37890406. compared to controls, adolescent mdd patients showed higher nodal centralities in the bilateral cuneus, left lingual gyrus, and right middle occipital gyrus and lower nodal centralities in the bilateral dorsolateral superior frontal gyrus, bilateral middle frontal gyrus, right anterior cingulate and paracingulate gyri, bilateral hippocampus, bilateral amygdala, bilateral caudate nucleus, and bilateral thalamus. 2023-11-01 2023-11-08 human
Huaigui Liu, Wei Li, Nana Liu, Jie Tang, Lixin Sun, Jiayuan Xu, Yuan Ji, Yingying Xie, Hao Ding, Zhaoxiang Ye, Chunshui Yu, Wen Qi. Structural covariances of prefrontal subregions selectively associate with dopamine-related gene coexpression and schizophrenia. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). 2023-03-19. PMID:36935097. moreover, based on a schizophrenia postmortem expression dataset, we found that the da genes coexpression of schizophrenia was significantly reduced between the middle frontal gyrus and hippocampus, in which 21 da genes showed significantly unsynchronized expression changes, and the 21 genes' brain expression were enriched in brain activity invoked by working memory, reward, speech production, and episodic memory. 2023-03-19 2023-08-14 human
FengYing Lu, WenJing Yang, Jiang Qi. Neural bases of motivated forgetting of autobiographical memories. Cognitive neuroscience. 2022-11-21. PMID:36409182. attempting to exclude negative autobiographical memories from awareness was associated with increased activity in the right mfg, superior frontal gyrus (sfg), and inferior frontal gyrus (ifg), while reduced activity was observed in the bilateral brodmann areas ba18 and ba19, bilateral medial prefrontal cortex (mpfc), bilateral precuneus, bilateral post cingulate cortex (pcc), the left parahippocampus, and the left hippocampus. 2022-11-21 2023-08-14 human
Xiang Liu, Liting Chen, Wenfeng Duan, Haijun Li, Linghong Kong, Yongqiang Shu, Panmei Li, Kunyao Li, Wei Xie, Yaping Zeng, Dechang Pen. Abnormal Functional Connectivity of Hippocampal Subdivisions in Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. Frontiers in neuroscience. vol 16. 2022-05-13. PMID:35546892. our results revealed increased fc in the osa group between the left anterior hippocampus and left middle temporal gyrus; between the left middle hippocampus and the left inferior frontal gyrus, right anterior central gyrus, and left anterior central gyrus; between the left posterior hippocampus and right middle frontal gyrus; between the right middle hippocampus and left inferior frontal gyrus; and between the right posterior hippocampus and left middle frontal gyrus. 2022-05-13 2023-08-13 Not clear
Baolin Wu, Xuekun Li, Meng Zhang, Feifei Zhang, Xipeng Long, Qiyong Gong, Zhiyun Ji. Disrupted brain functional networks in patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing hemodialysis. Journal of neuroscience research. vol 98. issue 12. 2021-09-17. PMID:32930417. hd patients, relative to hcs, showed significantly decreased nodal centralities in the left temporal pole: superior temporal gyrus, bilateral median cingulate and paracingulate gyri, bilateral hippocampus, bilateral parahippocampal gyrus, and bilateral amygdala, and showed increased nodal centralities in the orbital part of the bilateral middle frontal gyrus, left cuneus, and left superior occipital gyrus (all p < 0.05 after bonferroni correction). 2021-09-17 2023-08-13 Not clear
Huan Cui, Si Su, Yan Cao, Chao Ma, Wenying Qi. The Altered Anatomical Distribution of ACE2 in the Brain With Alzheimer's Disease Pathology. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. vol 9. 2021-07-13. PMID:34249938. in addition, this study demonstrates that the protein level of ace2 was downregulated in the basal nucleus, hippocampus and entorhinal cortex, middle frontal gyrus, visual cortex, and amygdala of the brain with alzheimer's disease (ad) pathology. 2021-07-13 2023-08-13 human
Kristina Dahlgren, Charles Ferris, Stephan Haman. Neural correlates of successful emotional episodic encoding and retrieval: An SDM meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies. Neuropsychologia. vol 143. 2021-06-24. PMID:32416099. for successful emotional episodic memory retrieval, sdm activations were observed in the medial temporal lobe (bilateral amygdala, left hippocampus, and left entorhinal cortex and perirhinal cortex), visual processing regions (bilateral occipital cortex and right middle temporal gyrus), prefrontal cortex (bilateral orbitofrontal cortex, bilateral inferior frontal gyrus, bilateral precentral gyrus, left middle frontal gyrus, right frontal pole) and other regions in the left hemisphere including the temporal pole, insula, putamen, angular gyrus, and parietal opercular cortex. 2021-06-24 2023-08-13 Not clear
Rongfeng Qi, Yifeng Luo, Li Zhang, Yifei Weng, Wesley Surento, Lingjiang Li, Zhihong Cao, Guang Ming L. Effects of COMT rs4680 and BDNF rs6265 polymorphisms on brain degree centrality in Han Chinese adults who lost their only child. Translational psychiatry. vol 10. issue 1. 2021-06-18. PMID:32066722. these findings suggest that the modulatory effect of bdnf polymorphism on the mfg and hippocampus may contribute to ptsd development in bereaved adults. 2021-06-18 2023-08-13 human
Carol E Franz, Sean N Hatton, Richard L Hauger, M Alexandra Kredlow, Anders M Dale, Lisa Eyler, Linda K McEvoy, Christine Fennema-Notestine, Donald Hagler, Kristen C Jacobson, Ruth E McKenzie, Matthew S Panizzon, Daniel E Gustavson, Hong Xian, Rosemary Toomey, Asad Beck, Samantha Stevens, Xin Tu, Michael J Lyons, William S Kreme. Posttraumatic stress symptom persistence across 24 years: association with brain structures. Brain imaging and behavior. vol 14. issue 4. 2021-04-27. PMID:30830577. higher pts symptoms averaged over time and symptoms at time 1 were both associated with lower hippocampal, amygdala, rostral middle frontal gyrus (mfg), and medial orbitofrontal cortex (ofc) volumes, and a lower hoc ratio at time 2. 2021-04-27 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jiayu Liu, Lei Li, Lei Chen, Ruen Liu, Yongan Jiang, Jixia Fang, Dongliang Wang, Zhi Liu, Jia Ouyan. Grey matter changes in Meige syndrome: a voxel-based morphology analysis. Scientific reports. vol 10. issue 1. 2021-03-08. PMID:32884000. comparing vbm-mri measures in meige syndrome patients with and without depression, decreased gm volume was found in the left hemisphere in the cuneus and hippocampus and in the right hemisphere in the angular gyrus, middle frontal gyrus and middle occipital gyrus in the definite depression group. 2021-03-08 2023-08-13 human
Guangyang Ma, Dan Yang, Wen Qin, Yong Liu, Tianzi Jiang, Chunshui Y. Enhanced Functional Coupling of Hippocampal Sub-regions in Congenitally and Late Blind Subjects. Frontiers in neuroscience. vol 10. 2020-10-01. PMID:28119560. compared with the sc, both the cb and the lb showed increased hippocampal rsfcs with the posterior cingulate cortex, angular gyrus, parieto-occpital sulcus, middle occipito-temporal conjunction, inferior temporal gyrus, orbital frontal cortex, and middle frontal gyrus. 2020-10-01 2023-08-13 human
Zhen Li, Chunlin Li, Yuting Liang, Keyang Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Renji Chen, Qingqing Wu, Xu Zhan. Altered Functional Connectivity and Brain Network Property in Pregnant Women With Cleft Fetuses. Frontiers in psychology. vol 10. 2020-10-01. PMID:31649585. compared with the control group, increased alff in the left hippocampus, the right fusiform and the left anterior cingulate (acg), increased reho in left middle occipital gyrus (mog) and right medial frontal gyrus (mfg) were found for pregnancies with nsclp. 2020-10-01 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jian Xu, Fuqin Chen, Du Lei, Wang Zhan, Xiaomeng Sun, Xueling Suo, Zulai Peng, Ting Wang, Junran Zhang, Qiyong Gon. Disrupted Functional Network Topology in Children and Adolescents With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Frontiers in neuroscience. vol 12. 2020-09-29. PMID:30356635. the ptsd group also showed increased nodal centralities, predominately in the left middle frontal gyrus, caudate nucleus, and hippocampus, and decreased nodal centralities in the left anterior cingulate cortex, left paracentral lobule, and bilateral thalami. 2020-09-29 2023-08-13 human
Jeanne Leerssen, Rick Wassing, Jennifer R Ramautar, Diederick Stoffers, Oti Lakbila-Kamal, Joy Perrier, Jessica Bruijel, Jessica C Foster-Dingley, Moji Aghajani, Eus J W van Somere. Increased hippocampal-prefrontal functional connectivity in insomnia. Neurobiology of learning and memory. vol 160. 2019-12-24. PMID:29448003. the findings indicate more severe insomnia and worse sleep quality in people with a stronger functional connectivity between the bilateral hippocampus and the left middle frontal gyrus, part of a circuit that characteristically activates with maladaptive rumination and deactivates with sleep. 2019-12-24 2023-08-13 human