All Relations between hippocampus and isocortex

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Xiaonan L Liu, Charan Ranganath, Randall C O'Reill. A complementary learning systems model of how sleep moderates retrieval practice effects. Psychonomic bulletin & review. 2024-03-26. PMID:38530592. our model suggests that when memories are activated during sleep, the reduced influence of temporal context establishes connections across temporally separated events through mutual training between the hippocampus and neocortex. 2024-03-26 2024-03-29 Not clear
Bárður H Joensen, Jennifer E Ashton, Sam C Berens, M Gareth Gaskell, Aidan J Horne. An enduring role for hippocampal pattern completion in addition to an emergent non-hippocampal contribution to holistic episodic retrieval after a 24-hour delay. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2024-03-25. PMID:38527810. our results point to a consolidation process where the hippocampus and neocortex may work in an additive, rather than compensatory, manner to support episodic memory retrieval. 2024-03-25 2024-03-28 human
Kalyani Verma, Amitabh, Dipti N Prasad, M Prasanna Kumar Reddy, Ekta Kohl. Kynurenines Dynamics in the Periphery and Central Nervous System Steers Behavioral Deficits in Rats under Hypobaric Hypoxia. ACS chemical neuroscience. 2024-03-11. PMID:38462729. to investigate the role of kp under hh, the levels of kp metabolites in the serum, cerebrospinal fluid (csf), and brain tissue (prefrontal cortex-pfc, neocortex, and hippocampus) of male sprague-dawley rats exposed to hh at 7620 m for 1, 3, and 7 days were estimated utilizing high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc). 2024-03-11 2024-03-14 rat
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Koping Chang, Alexander Barrett, Khoa Pham, Juan C Troncos. Lateral geniculate body is spared of tau pathology in Pick disease. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology. 2024-02-27. PMID:38412343. using immunohistochemistry for phospho-tau (at8) and 3r tau isoform, all pid cases demonstrated extensive lesions involving the hippocampus and neocortex. 2024-02-27 2024-03-01 Not clear
Attila Ozsvár, Meike Claudia Sieburg, Monica Dahlstrup Sietam, Wen-Hsien Hou, Marco Capogn. A combinatory genetic strategy for targeting neurogliaform neurons in the mouse basolateral amygdala. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience. vol 18. 2024-02-16. PMID:38362542. here, we validated the ngfc-specific labeling with a molecular marker, neuron-derived neurotrophic factor (ndnf), in the mouse bla, as such specificity has been demonstrated in the neocortex and hippocampus. 2024-02-16 2024-02-18 mouse
F Fussing, J Christensson, G Wörtwei. Expression of erythropoietin receptor protein in the mouse hippocampus in response to normobaric hypoxia. Heliyon. vol 10. issue 3. 2024-02-07. PMID:38322970. to our knowledge, epor protein levels in the hippocampus and isocortex have never been measured. 2024-02-07 2024-02-09 mouse
Xin Yan, Xinqian Chen, Zhiying Shan, Lanrong B. Innovative Cyanine-Based Fluorescent Dye for Targeted Mitochondrial Imaging and Its Utility in Whole-Brain Visualization. ACS omega. vol 9. issue 2. 2024-01-22. PMID:38250363. based on the assessment of glial cell responses in the hippocampus and neocortex regions using gfap and iba1 biomarkers, cy5-peg2 seems to have minimal adverse effects on brain immune response or neuronal health. 2024-01-22 2024-01-24 Not clear
G T Liddiard, P S Suryavanshi, J Glyky. Enhancing GABAergic tonic inhibition reduces seizure-like activity in the neonatal mouse hippocampus and neocortex. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2024-01-04. PMID:38176909. enhancing gabaergic tonic inhibition reduces seizure-like activity in the neonatal mouse hippocampus and neocortex. 2024-01-04 2024-01-07 mouse
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Lars Emil Larsen, Sielke Caestecker, Latoya Stevens, Pieter van Mierlo, Evelien Carrette, Paul Boon, Kristl Vonck, Robrecht Raed. Hippocampal seizures differentially modulate locus coeruleus activity and result in consistent time-locked release of noradrenaline in rat hippocampus. Neurobiology of disease. 2023-11-17. PMID:37977430. the locus coeruleus (lc) is a small brainstem nucleus and is the sole source of noradrenaline in the neocortex, hippocampus and cerebellum. 2023-11-17 2023-11-20 rat
Debora Stendardi, Anindita Basu, Alessandro Treves, Elisa Ciaramell. Déjà vu: A botched memory operation, illegitimate to start with. The Behavioral and brain sciences. vol 46. 2023-11-14. PMID:37961795. rather than a natural product, a computational analysis leads us to characterize déjà vu as a failure of memory retrieval, linked to the activation in neocortex of familiar items from a compositional memory in the absence of hippocampal input, and to a misappropriation by the self of what is of others. 2023-11-14 2023-11-20 Not clear
Alexander J Barnett, Mitchell Nguyen, James Spargo, Reesha Yadav, Brendan I Cohn-Sheehy, Charan Ranganat. Hippocampal-cortical interactions during event boundaries support retention of complex narrative events. Neuron. 2023-11-09. PMID:37944517. according to most memory theories, encoding involves continuous communication between the hippocampus and neocortex, but recent work has shown that key moments at the end of an event, called event boundaries, may be especially critical for memory formation. 2023-11-09 2023-11-20 human
Yann Vanrobaeys, Zeru J Peterson, Emily N Walsh, Snehajyoti Chatterjee, Li-Chun Lin, Lisa C Lyons, Thomas Nickl-Jockschat, Ted Abe. Spatial transcriptomics reveals unique gene expression changes in different brain regions after sleep deprivation. Nature communications. vol 14. issue 1. 2023-11-05. PMID:37925446. we find that sleep deprivation induced pronounced differences in gene expression across the brain, with the greatest changes in the hippocampus, neocortex, hypothalamus, and thalamus. 2023-11-05 2023-11-08 mouse
Jonathan C Vincent, Colleen N Garnett, James B Watson, Emma K Higgins, Teresa Macheda, Lydia Sanders, Kelly N Roberts, Ryan K Shahidehpour, Eric M Blalock, Ning Qaun, Adam D Bachstette. IL-1R1 signaling in TBI: assessing chronic impacts and neuroinflammatory dynamics in a mouse model of mild closed-head injury. Journal of neuroinflammation. vol 20. issue 1. 2023-10-26. PMID:37884959. we found that il-1r1 gko attenuated behavioral impairments 14 weeks post-injury and reduced reactive microglia and astrocyte staining in the neocortex, corpus callosum, and hippocampus. 2023-10-26 2023-11-08 mouse