All Relations between hippocampus and infrapyramidal

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Ankangzhi Ma, Yawei Mu, Zixuan Wei, Menghan Sun, Junjie Li, Hanyang Jiang, Cuiqing Zhu, Xianhua Che. SRSF10 regulates migration of neural progenitor cells and granule cells and affects the formation of dentate gyrus during the development of mouse hippocampus. Neuroscience. 2024-07-03. PMID:38960088. in this study, using srsf10 conditional knock-out mice in neural progenitor cells (npcs), we found that dysfunction of srsf10 leads to developmental defects in the dentate gyrus of hippocampus, which manifests as the reduced length and wider suprapyramidal blade and infrapyramidal blade.furthermore, we proved that loss of srsf10 in npcs caused inhibition of the differentiation activity and the abnormal migration of npcs and granule cells, resulting in reduced granule cells and more ectopic granule cells dispersed in the molecular layer and hilus. 2024-07-03 2024-07-10 mouse
Saroj Sah, Ryan Keable, Grant Pfundstein, Kelly J Clemens, Denovan Begg, Melitta Schachner, Iryna Leshchyns'ka, Vladimir Sytny. Deficiency in the neural cell adhesion molecule 2 (NCAM2) reduces axonal levels of beta-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1), affects axonal organization in the hippocampus, and leads to behavioral deficits. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). 2023-07-31. PMID:37522285. in brains of ncam2-deficient mice, bace1 levels are reduced in hippocampal mossy fiber projections, and the infrapyramidal bundle of these projections is shortened. 2023-07-31 2023-08-14 mouse
Yurika Nakanishi, Satoshi Akinaga, Koki Osawa, Natusmi Suzuki, Ayaka Sugeno, Papachan Kolattukudy, Yoshio Goshima, Toshio Ohshim. Regulation of axon pruning of mossy fiber projection in hippocampus by CRMP2 and CRMP4. Developmental neurobiology. 2021-12-21. PMID:34932871. sema3f and its receptor neuropilin-2 (nrp2) have been shown to be involved in the stereotyped pruning of the infrapyramidal bundle (ipb) of mossy fibers of the dentate gyrus (dg) in the developing hippocampus. 2021-12-21 2023-08-13 mouse
R Vassa. Editorial: Implications for BACE1 Inhibitor Clinical Trials: Adult Conditional BACE1 Knockout Mice Exhibit Axonal Organization Defects in the Hippocampus. The journal of prevention of Alzheimer's disease. vol 6. issue 2. 2020-07-23. PMID:30756113. however, a germline phenotype was observed after bace1 knockout in the adult: reduced length and disorganization of the hippocampal mossy fiber infrapyramidal bundle comprised of axons of dentate gyrus granule cells. 2020-07-23 2023-08-13 mouse
A Rami, J Niquet, A Konople. Early Aberrant Growth of Mossy Fibers after Status Epilepticus in the Immature Rat Brain. Molecular neurobiology. vol 56. issue 7. 2020-01-14. PMID:30448889. an incidental finding is that pilocarpine induces within 48 h an aberrant growth of hippocampal mossy fibers in the hippocampus, especially in the infrapyramidal region of the ca3-subfield. 2020-01-14 2023-08-13 rat
Brian Hitt, Sean M Riordan, Lokesh Kukreja, William A Eimer, Tharinda W Rajapaksha, Robert Vassa. β-Site amyloid precursor protein (APP)-cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1)-deficient mice exhibit a close homolog of L1 (CHL1) loss-of-function phenotype involving axon guidance defects. The Journal of biological chemistry. vol 287. issue 46. 2013-01-31. PMID:22988240. here, we show that bace1 deficiency also causes an axon guidance defect in the hippocampus, a shortened and disorganized infrapyramidal bundle of the mossy fiber projection from the dentate gyrus to ca3. 2013-01-31 2023-08-12 mouse
Martin M Riccomagno, Andrés Hurtado, HongBin Wang, Joshua G J Macopson, Erin M Griner, Andrea Betz, Nils Brose, Marcelo G Kazanietz, Alex L Kolodki. The RacGAP β2-Chimaerin selectively mediates axonal pruning in the hippocampus. Cell. vol 149. issue 7. 2012-09-04. PMID:22726444. stereotyped pruning of axons that originate in the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) and extend along the infrapyramidal tract (ipt) occurs during postnatal murine development by neurite retraction and resembles axon repulsion. 2012-09-04 2023-08-12 Not clear
Kiyohiko Angata, Jeffrey M Long, Olena Bukalo, Wenjau Lee, Alexander Dityatev, Anthony Wynshaw-Boris, Melitta Schachner, Minoru Fukuda, Jamey D Mart. Sialyltransferase ST8Sia-II assembles a subset of polysialic acid that directs hippocampal axonal targeting and promotes fear behavior. The Journal of biological chemistry. vol 279. issue 31. 2004-09-10. PMID:15140899. in further contrast with st8sia-iv deficiency, loss of st8sia-ii did not impair hippocampal synaptic plasticity but instead resulted in the misguidance of infrapyramidal mossy fibers and the formation of ectopic synapses in the hippocampus. 2004-09-10 2023-08-12 mouse
Michael G Drage, Gregory L Holmes, Thomas N Seyfrie. Hippocampal neurons and glia in epileptic EL mice. Journal of neurocytology. vol 31. issue 8-9. 2004-02-26. PMID:14501207. timm staining was used to evaluate infrapyramidal mossy fiber organization and the optical dissector method was used to count nissl-stained neurons in hippocampus of adult (about one year of age) el mice and nonepileptic c57bl/6j (b6) and ddy mice. 2004-02-26 2023-08-12 mouse
Amar Sahay, Mark E Molliver, David D Ginty, Alex L Kolodki. Semaphorin 3F is critical for development of limbic system circuitry and is required in neurons for selective CNS axon guidance events. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. vol 23. issue 17. 2003-09-03. PMID:12890759. our data reveal a requirement for neuronal sema3f in the normal development of the anterior commissure in the ventral forebrain and infrapyramidal tract in the hippocampus. 2003-09-03 2023-08-12 mouse
Yann S Mineur, Frans Sluyter, Sanne de Wit, Ben A Oostra, Wim E Crusi. Behavioral and neuroanatomical characterization of the Fmr1 knockout mouse. Hippocampus. vol 12. issue 1. 2002-10-04. PMID:11918286. neuroanatomically, ko male mice were compared to wild-types (littermates) with respect to their sizes of hippocampal intra- and infrapyramidal mossy fiber (iipmf) terminal fields. 2002-10-04 2023-08-12 mouse
T Tömböl, D C Davies, A Németh, T Sebestény, A Alpá. A comparative Golgi study of chicken (Gallus domesticus) and homing pigeon (Columba livia) hippocampus. Anatomy and embryology. vol 201. issue 2. 2000-02-25. PMID:10672361. the pyramidal and pyramidal-like neurons are only found in the central 'pyramidal' layer of the hippocampus whereas multipolar neurons are present in the suprapyramidal, pyramidal and infrapyramidal layers. 2000-02-25 2023-08-12 chicken
J M Petitto, R K McNamara, P L Gendreau, Z Huang, A J Jackso. Impaired learning and memory and altered hippocampal neurodevelopment resulting from interleukin-2 gene deletion. Journal of neuroscience research. vol 56. issue 4. 1999-07-15. PMID:10340751. the spatial learning and memory impairment in il-2 knockout mice was accompanied by reductions in hippocampal infrapyramidal mossy neuronal fiber length, a factor shown previously to correlate positively with spatial learning ability. 1999-07-15 2023-08-12 mouse
R K McNamara, D J Stumpo, L M Morel, M H Lewis, E K Wakeland, P J Blackshear, R H Leno. Effect of reduced myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate expression on hippocampal mossy fiber development and spatial learning in mutant mice: transgenic rescue and interactions with gene background. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 95. issue 24. 1998-12-28. PMID:9826732. here, we examined hippocampal infrapyramidal mossy fiber (ip-mf) limb length and spatial learning in heterozygous macs mutant mice that exhibit an approximately 50% reduction in marcks expression relative to wild-type controls. 1998-12-28 2023-08-12 mouse
H Schwegler, M Boldyreva, R Linke, J Wu, K Zilles, W E Crusi. Genetic variation in the morphology of the septo-hippocampal cholinergic and GABAergic systems in mice: II. Morpho-behavioral correlations. Hippocampus. vol 6. issue 5. 1997-03-14. PMID:8953306. we investigated the contribution of the septo-hippocampal cholinergic and gabaergic system to spatial and nonspatial aspects of learning and memory that had previously been found to correlate with the extent of the hippocampal intra- and infrapyramidal mossy fiber projection in different inbred mouse strains. 1997-03-14 2023-08-12 mouse
S Bernasconi-Guastalla, D P Wolfer, H P Lip. Hippocampal mossy fibers and swimming navigation in mice: correlations with size and left-right asymmetries. Hippocampus. vol 4. issue 1. 1994-09-22. PMID:8061752. individual differences in the extent of the infrapyramidal mossy fiber projection (iip-mf) correlate with performance in tasks sensitive to hippocampal lesions, notably two-way avoidance, radial maze learning, and swimming navigation. 1994-09-22 2023-08-12 mouse
A Cerbone, M P Pellicano, A G Sadil. Evidence for and against the Naples high- and low-excitability rats as genetic model to study hippocampal functions. Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews. vol 17. issue 3. 1994-01-31. PMID:8272284. in addition, multiple evidence of (i) lower intra- + infrapyramidal mossy fiber terminals in both nle/nhe vs. controls; (ii) increased sensitivity of hippocampal elements to microinjections of vasopressin (but not oxytocin) and of "delta" (but not "mu") opioids; (iii) lower number of high-affinity glucocorticoid receptors; (iv) lower number of alpha- but not beta-adrenergic receptors in the hippocampus and hypothalamus of nhe rats only; and (v) the genotype-dependent behavior of a dna fraction with fast turnover, suggest that both nhe/nle are "disintegrated" at the hippocampal interface. 1994-01-31 2023-08-12 rat
M Sekiguchi, R S Nowakowski, K Shimai, G Huang, T Inoue, H Ab. Abnormal distribution of acetylcholinesterase activity in the hippocampal formation of the dreher mutant mouse. Brain research. vol 622. issue 1-2. 1994-01-06. PMID:8242357. in contrast, in homozygous dreher mice, ache activity in area ca3c of the hippocampus was not restricted to the stratum oriens, and extended upward into the infrapyramidal and suprapyramidal mossy fiber layers, the lower part of the stratum radiatum, the pyramidal cell layer, and downward toward the alveus. 1994-01-06 2023-08-12 mouse
R Schöpke, D P Wolfer, H P Lipp, M C Leisinger-Trigon. Swimming navigation and structural variations of the infrapyramidal mossy fibers in the hippocampus of the mouse. Hippocampus. vol 1. issue 3. 1993-12-30. PMID:1669312. the extent of the infrapyramidal mossy fiber projection in ca3 (iip-mf) at the midseptotemporal level correlates negatively with two-way avoidance learning and positively with performance in the radial maze, both tasks known to be sensitive to hippocampal lesions. 1993-12-30 2023-08-11 mouse
R Schöpke, D P Wolfer, H P Lipp, M C Leisinger-Trigon. Swimming navigation and structural variations of the infrapyramidal mossy fibers in the hippocampus of the mouse. Hippocampus. vol 1. issue 3. 1993-12-30. PMID:1669312. swimming navigation and structural variations of the infrapyramidal mossy fibers in the hippocampus of the mouse. 1993-12-30 2023-08-11 mouse