All Relations between hilus and hippocampus

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Ankangzhi Ma, Yawei Mu, Zixuan Wei, Menghan Sun, Junjie Li, Hanyang Jiang, Cuiqing Zhu, Xianhua Che. SRSF10 regulates migration of neural progenitor cells and granule cells and affects the formation of dentate gyrus during the development of mouse hippocampus. Neuroscience. 2024-07-03. PMID:38960088. in this study, using srsf10 conditional knock-out mice in neural progenitor cells (npcs), we found that dysfunction of srsf10 leads to developmental defects in the dentate gyrus of hippocampus, which manifests as the reduced length and wider suprapyramidal blade and infrapyramidal blade.furthermore, we proved that loss of srsf10 in npcs caused inhibition of the differentiation activity and the abnormal migration of npcs and granule cells, resulting in reduced granule cells and more ectopic granule cells dispersed in the molecular layer and hilus. 2024-07-03 2024-07-10 mouse
Parvaneh Mohseni-Moghaddam, Hossein Khaleghzadeh-Ahangar, Rabi Atabak. Role of Necroptosis, a Regulated Cell Death, in Seizure and Epilepsy. Neurochemical research. 2023-08-30. PMID:37646959. these responses involve the activation of neurons and astrocytes, consequently leading to an increase in the expression levels of proteins and genes such as rip1, rip3, and mlkl in a time-dependent manner in regions such as the hippocampus (ca1, ca3, dentate gyrus, and hilus), piriform cortex, and amygdala. 2023-08-30 2023-09-07 Not clear
Paria Hashemi, Shamseddin Ahmad. Alpha-Pinene Exerts Antiseizure Effects by Preventing Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in the Hippocampus in a Rat Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Induced by Kainate. Molecular neurobiology. 2023-02-25. PMID:36840843. the results revealed that apn pretreatment alleviated epileptic seizures, diminished oxidative stress indicators, blocked the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway via decreasing bax and raising bcl2 protein levels in the hippocampus at least partly through inhibiting jnk activity, and decreased neuronal death in the ca3 and hilus regions. 2023-02-25 2023-08-14 rat
Sang-Yoon Kim, Woochang Li. Disynaptic effect of hilar cells on pattern separation in a spiking neural network of hippocampal dentate gyrus. Cognitive neurodynamics. vol 16. issue 6. 2022-11-21. PMID:36408073. in our dg network, the hilus consists of excitatory mossy cells (mcs) and inhibitory hipp (hilar perforant path-associated) cells. 2022-11-21 2023-08-14 Not clear
Sofia Leal Santos, Briana K Chen, Guilherme R Pereira, Vananh Pham, Christine A Denn. Propranolol Administration Modulates Neural Activity in the Hippocampal Hilus During Fear Retrieval. Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience. vol 16. 2022-07-25. PMID:35874651. propranolol administration modulates neural activity in the hippocampal hilus during fear retrieval. 2022-07-25 2023-08-14 Not clear
Barbara Puhahn-Schmeiser, Tobias Kleemann, Ramazan Jabbarli, Hans H Bock, Jürgen Beck, Thomas M Freima. Granule cell dispersion in two mouse models of temporal lobe epilepsy and reeler mice is associated with changes in dendritic orientation and spine distribution. Hippocampus. 2022-05-27. PMID:35621370. temporal lobe epilepsy is characterized by hippocampal neuronal death in ca1 and hilus. 2022-05-27 2023-08-13 mouse
Yu S Severyukhin, M Lalkovičová, D M Utina, K N Lyakhova, I A Kolesnikova, M E Ermolaeva, A G Molokanov, V N Gaevsky, D A Komarov, E A Krasavi. Comparative Analysis of Behavioral Reactions and Morphological Changes in the Rat Brain After Exposure to Ionizing Radiation with Different Physical Characteristics. Cellular and molecular neurobiology. 2022-01-04. PMID:34982311. morphological analysis showed the development of early amyloidosis, autolysis of the ependymal layer, an increase in the number of neurodegenerative changes in various structures of the brain, and the development of neuronal hypertrophy on the 30th day after irradiation in the cerebellum and hippocampal hilus. 2022-01-04 2023-08-13 rat
Barbara Puhahn-Schmeiser, Kathrin Leicht, Florian Gessler, Thomas M Freima. Aberrant hippocampal mossy fibers in temporal lobe epilepsy target excitatory and inhibitory neurons. Epilepsia. vol 62. issue 10. 2021-10-01. PMID:34453315. the pathoanatomical correlate of temporal lobe epilepsy is hippocampal sclerosis, characterized by selective neuronal death of mossy cells in the hilus and of pyramidal cells in cornu ammonis 1. 2021-10-01 2023-08-13 Not clear
Emanuele Mocciaro, Auston Grant, Rinat O Esenaliev, Irene Y Petrov, Yuriy Petrov, Stacy L Sell, Nicole L Hausser, Jutatip Guptarak, Elizabeth Bishop, Margaret A Parsley, Ian J Bolding, Kathia M Johnson, Maxwell Lidstone, Donald S Prough, Maria-Adelaide Micc. Non-Invasive Transcranial Nano-Pulsed Laser Therapy Ameliorates Cognitive Function and Prevents Aberrant Migration of Neural Progenitor Cells in the Hippocampus of Rats Subjected to Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of neurotrauma. vol 37. issue 8. 2021-08-18. PMID:31856661. while increased proliferation of nsc in the hippocampus is known to occur shortly after injury, reduced neuronal maturation and aberrant migration of progenitor cells in the hilus contribute to cognitive and neurological dysfunctions, including epilepsy. 2021-08-18 2023-08-13 rat
Victor Rodrigues Santos, Igor Santana Melo, Amanda Larissa Dias Pacheco, Olagide Wagner de Castr. Life and death in the hippocampus: What's bad? Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. vol 121. issue Pt B. 2021-08-11. PMID:31759972. classically, neurodegeneration affects sensitive areas of the hippocampus, such as dentate gyrus (dg) hilus, as well as specific fields of the ammon's horn, ca3, and ca1. 2021-08-11 2023-08-13 Not clear
S S Sorokina, A E Malkov, L V Shubina, S I Zaichkina, V A Pikalo. Low dose of carbon ion irradiation induces early delayed cognitive impairments in mice. Radiation and environmental biophysics. vol 60. issue 1. 2021-06-22. PMID:33392787. nissl staining revealed a reduction in the number of cells in the dorsal hippocampus of irradiated mice, with the most pronounced reduction in cell density observed in the dentate gyrus (dg) hilus. 2021-06-22 2023-08-13 mouse
Luis A Trujillo-Villarreal, Viktor J Romero-Díaz, Iván Alberto Marino-Martínez, Lizeth Fuentes-Mera, Marco Antonio Ponce-Camacho, Gabriel A Devenyi, M Mallar Chakravarty, Alberto Camacho-Morales, Eduardo E Garza-Villarrea. Maternal cafeteria diet exposure primes depression-like behavior in the offspring evoking lower brain volume related to changes in synaptic terminals and gliosis. Translational psychiatry. vol 11. issue 1. 2021-06-18. PMID:33446642. microstructural analysis revealed reduced synaptic terminals in hippocampus and nac, whereas increased glial fibrillary acidic protein in hippocampus and lateral hypothalamus, as well as a decrease in the hippocampal cell number and myelin reduction in the dentate gyrus and hilus, respectively. 2021-06-18 2023-08-13 rat
Xinjian Zhu, Yuanyuan Yao, Jiurong Yang, Qiyue Ge, Diejing Niu, Xiufang Liu, Chenchen Zhang, Guangming Gan, Aifeng Zhang, Honghong Ya. Seizure-induced neuroinflammation contributes to ectopic neurogenesis and aggressive behavior in pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus mice. Neuropharmacology. vol 170. 2021-06-03. PMID:32179291. more importantly, these proliferating and surviving newborn granular cells are largely ectopically located in the hippocampal dg hilus region. 2021-06-03 2023-08-13 mouse
Yuliana García-Martinez, Karla Berenice Sánchez-Huerta, Jorge Pacheco-Rosad. Quantitative characterization of proliferative cells subpopulations in the hilus of the hippocampus of adult Wistar rats: an integrative study. Journal of molecular histology. vol 51. issue 4. 2021-05-20. PMID:32653982. the hilus plays an important role modulating the excitability of the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg). 2021-05-20 2023-08-13 rat
Héctor Solís-Chagoyán, Aline Domínguez-Alonso, Marcela Valdés-Tovar, Jesús Argueta, Zuly A Sánchez-Florentino, Eduardo Calixto, Gloria Benítez-Kin. Melatonin Rescues the Dendrite Collapse Induced by the Pro-Oxidant Toxin Okadaic Acid in Organotypic Cultures of Rat Hilar Hippocampus. Molecules (Basel, Switzerland). vol 25. issue 23. 2021-04-06. PMID:33255515. in hippocampal hilus, oka increased dna fragmentation and reduced the number of map2(+) cells, whereas melatonin protected against oxidation and apoptosis. 2021-04-06 2023-08-13 rat
Steve C Danze. Valproic Acid Leads New Neurons Down the Wrong Path. Epilepsy currents. vol 19. issue 2. 2020-09-28. PMID:30955424. we confirmed that neurons newly generated from neural stem/progenitor cells (ns/pcs) are integrated into the granular cell layer in the adult hippocampus; however, prenatal vpa treatment altered the expression in ns/pcs of genes associated with cell migration, including cxc motif chemokine receptor 4 (cxcr4), consequently increasing the ectopic localization of newborn neurons in the hilus. 2020-09-28 2023-08-13 mouse
b' Ay\\xc5\\x9fe \\xc4\\xb0kinci Kele\\xc5\\x9f, Jens Randel Nyengaard, Ersan Odac\\xc4\\xb. Changes in pyramidal and granular neuron numbers in the rat hippocampus 7 days after exposure to a continuous 900-MHz electromagnetic field during early and mid-adolescence. Journal of chemical neuroanatomy. vol 101. 2020-09-22. PMID:31465830.' the optical fractionation technique was performed to estimate the pyramidal neuron numbers in the ca1, ca2-3 and hilus regions of the hippocampus and granule neuron numbers in the dentate gyrus region. 2020-09-22 2023-08-13 rat
b' Ay\\xc5\\x9fe \\xc4\\xb0kinci Kele\\xc5\\x9f, Jens Randel Nyengaard, Ersan Odac\\xc4\\xb. Changes in pyramidal and granular neuron numbers in the rat hippocampus 7 days after exposure to a continuous 900-MHz electromagnetic field during early and mid-adolescence. Journal of chemical neuroanatomy. vol 101. 2020-09-22. PMID:31465830.' furthermore, the histopathological results showed that the cytoplasm of pyramidal (in the hilus, ca1, ca2 and ca3 region) and granular (in the dentate gyrus region) cells at the hippocampus were disrupted, as evident by intensive staining around cytoplasm and some artifacts were detected in the emf group. 2020-09-22 2023-08-13 rat
Tania Campos-Ordonez, David Zarate-Lopez, Nereida Ibarra-Castaneda, Jonathan Buritica, Oscar Gonzalez-Pere. Cyclohexane Inhalation Produces Long-Lasting Alterations in the Hippocampal Integrity and Reward-Seeking Behavior in the Adult Mouse. Cellular and molecular neurobiology. vol 39. issue 3. 2019-05-06. PMID:30771197. at both time points, the chx-exposed mice showed a strong overexpression of neuropeptide y (npy) in the ca3 stratum lucidum and the hippocampal hilus. 2019-05-06 2023-08-13 mouse
Zhuopin Sun, Shiying Liu, Elena A Kharlamov, Eric R Miller, Kevin M Kell. Hippocampal neuropeptide Y protein expression following controlled cortical impact and posttraumatic epilepsy. Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. vol 87. 2019-04-09. PMID:30146352. severely injured animals, marked by extensive tissue loss in the ipsilateral neocortex and adjacent hippocampus, resulted in significantly lower neun+ hilar cell density and npy+ cell loss in the contralateral cornu ammonis (ca)-3 and dentate hilus (dh). 2019-04-09 2023-08-13 rat