All Relations between dentate gyrus and hippocampus

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Farzaneh Nazari-Serenjeh, Mehdi Sadeghi, Ronak Azizbeigi, Hadi Semizeh, Sajad Mazaheri, Amir Haghparast, Abbas Haghparas. Blocking the dopaminergic receptors within the hippocampal dentate gyrus reduced analgesic responses induced by restraint stress in the formalin test. Behavioural brain research. 2024-02-18. PMID:38368953. blocking the dopaminergic receptors within the hippocampal dentate gyrus reduced analgesic responses induced by restraint stress in the formalin test. 2024-02-18 2024-02-21 rat
Farzaneh Nazari-Serenjeh, Mehdi Sadeghi, Ronak Azizbeigi, Hadi Semizeh, Sajad Mazaheri, Amir Haghparast, Abbas Haghparas. Blocking the dopaminergic receptors within the hippocampal dentate gyrus reduced analgesic responses induced by restraint stress in the formalin test. Behavioural brain research. 2024-02-18. PMID:38368953. previous studies have shown that various receptors, including dopamine receptors, are expressed in the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg). 2024-02-18 2024-02-21 rat
Qiang Liu, Xing Luo, Ziqi Liang, Dezhe Qin, Mingyue Xu, Min Wang, Weixiang Gu. Coordination between circadian neural circuit and intracellular molecular clock ensures rhythmic activation of adult neural stem cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 121. issue 8. 2024-02-12. PMID:38346182. the circadian clock throughout the day organizes the activity of neural stem cells (nscs) in the dentate gyrus (dg) of adult hippocampus temporally. 2024-02-12 2024-02-15 Not clear
Laura Bellingacci, Jacopo Canonichesi, Miriam Sciaccaluga, Alfredo Megaro, Petra Mazzocchetti, Michela Di Mauro, Cinzia Costa, Massimiliano Di Filippo, Vito Enrico Pettorossi, Alessandro Tozz. Locally Synthetized 17-β-Estradiol Reverses Amyloid-β-42-Induced Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation Deficits. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38338656. electrophysiological recordings were performed to measure dentate gyrus (dg) ltp in rat hippocampal slices. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 rat
Izabelle Dias Benfato, Ana Carolina Silvares Quintanilha, Jessica Salles Henrique, Melyssa Alves Souza, Barbara Dos Anjos Rosário, Jose Ivo Araújo Beserra Filho, Alessandra Mussi Ribeiro, Luciana Le Sueur Maluf, Camila Aparecida Machado de Oliveir. Long-term calorie restriction prevented memory impairment in middle-aged male mice and increased a marker of dna oxidative stress in hippocampal dentate gyrus. Neurobiology of learning and memory. 2024-02-09. PMID:38336097. in addition, immunohistochemistry targetingΔfosb (neuronal activity),brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) and thedna oxidative damage (8ohdg) in hippocampal subfields ca1, ca2, ca3, and dentate gyrus (dg), and in basolateral amygdala and striatum were performed. 2024-02-09 2024-02-12 mouse
Paola Palombo, Roberta Maeda, Caroline Riberti Zanibon, Sheila Antonagi Engi, Thais Yokoyama, Natalia Bonetti Bertagna, Agusto Anesio, Paula Cristina Bianchi, Thamires Riggi, Gabrielle Emily Boaventura Tavares, Fernando Bezerra Romualdo da Silva Caden Souccar, Fabio Cardoso Cr. Unlocking the role of dorsal hippocampal α4β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in Ethanol-Induced conditioned place preference in mice. Neuroscience letters. 2024-02-08. PMID:38331019. our results unveiled that ethanol-induced cpp was associated with an increase fos -positive cells in various subregions of the dorsal hippocampus, including ca1, ca2, ca3, and the dentate gyrus. 2024-02-08 2024-02-11 mouse
Qian-Qian Wei, Yong-Yu Yin, Yong-Xing Qiao, Han Ni, Shuo-Yu Han, Yishan Yao, Yun-Feng Li, Li-Ming Zhang, Junxu L. Anxiolytic-like effects of YL-IPA08, a potent ligand for the translocator protein (18 kDa) via regulating the synaptic plasticity in hippocampus. European journal of pharmacology. 2024-02-08. PMID:38331342. in addition, yl-ipa08 also enhanced the dendritic complexity and dendritic spine density of hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) granule neurons. 2024-02-08 2024-02-11 mouse
Marco Flores-Mendez, Laura Ohl, Thomas Roule, Yijing Zhou, Jesus A Tintos-Hernández, Kelsey Walsh, Xilma R Ortiz-González, Naiara Akiz. IMPDH2 filaments protect from neurodegeneration in AMPD2 deficiency. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-02-08. PMID:38328116. in contrast, impdh2 filaments are barely detectable in the hippocampal dentate gyrus, which shows a progressive neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. 2024-02-08 2024-02-10 mouse
Naoki Yamamoto, Jun Yokose, Kritika Ramesh, Takashi Kitamura, Sachie K Ogaw. Outer layer of Vb neurons in medial entorhinal cortex project to hippocampal dentate gyrus in mice. Molecular brain. vol 17. issue 1. 2024-02-05. PMID:38317261. in this study, using a molecular marker for vb and retrograde tracers, we identified that the outer layer of vb neurons in the medial ec (mec) directly project to both dorsal and ventral hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg), with a significant preference for the ventral dg. 2024-02-05 2024-02-09 mouse
Xuebing Zhang, Suihong Huang, Jin Young Ki. Cell-type specific circadian transcription factor BMAL1 roles in excitotoxic hippocampal lesions to enhance neurogenesis. iScience. vol 27. issue 2. 2024-02-02. PMID:38303690. in the dentate gyrus of excitotoxic hippocampal lesions, reduced bmal1 in granule cells precedes apoptosis. 2024-02-02 2024-02-04 Not clear
Masoud Mohammadi, Zohreh Tavassoli, Sohrab Anvari, Mohammad Javan, Yaghoub Fathollah. Avoidance and escape conditioning adjust adult neurogenesis to conserve a fit hippocampus in adult male rodents. Journal of neuroscience research. vol 102. issue 1. 2024-01-29. PMID:38284841. recording field potentials at performant pathway (pp)-hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) synapses in transverse slices from the dorsal (d), intermediate (i), and ventral (v) hippocampus showed differences in paired-pulse responses and long-term potentiation in rats. 2024-01-29 2024-01-31 mouse
Chia-Hsuan Fu, Jason C You, Carrie Mohila, Robert A Rissman, Daniel Yoshor, Angela N Viaene, Jeannie Chi. Hippocampal ΔFosB expression is associated with cognitive impairment in a subgroup of patients with childhood epilepsies. Frontiers in neurology. vol 14. 2024-01-26. PMID:38274865. we previously found that, compared with cognitively-intact subjects, the activity-dependent expression of Δfosb in the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) was increased in individuals with mild cognitive impairment (mci) and in individuals with ad. 2024-01-26 2024-01-28 human
Alexandra Zvozilova, Alexandra Reichova, Mojmir Mach, Jan Bakos, Romana Koprdov. Effect of a New Substance with Pyridoindole Structure on Adult Neurogenesis, Shape of Neurons, and Behavioral Outcomes in a Chronic Mild Stress Model in Rats. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 2. 2024-01-23. PMID:38255918. administration of sme1ec2m3 significantly increased sox2-positive cells in the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) in cms compared to control animals. 2024-01-23 2024-01-25 rat
Isaac Vingan, Victoria Sook Keng Tung, Shwetha Phatarpekar, A Iván Hernández, Oleg V Evgrafov, Juan Marcos Alarco. Spatially Resolved Transcriptomic Signatures of Hippocampal Subregions and bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-01-23. PMID:38260257. we found that training induced differentially expressed genes (degs) in the ca1 and ca3 hippocampal subregions were enriched with genes involved in synaptic transmission and synaptic plasticity, while degs in the dentate gyrus (dg) were enriched with genes involved in energy balance and ribosomal function. 2024-01-23 2024-01-25 Not clear
Alfredo Zuniga, Jiawei Han, Isaac Miller-Crews, Laura A Agee, Hans A Hofmann, Michael R Dre. Extinction Training Suppresses Activity of Fear Memory Ensembles Across the Hippocampus and Alters Transcriptomes of Fear-Encoding Cells. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-01-23. PMID:38260411. contextual fear conditioning has been shown to activate a set of "fear ensemble" cells in the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) whose reactivation is necessary and sufficient for expression of contextual fear. 2024-01-23 2024-01-25 Not clear
Ning Jiang, Yiwen Zhang, Caihong Yao, Fang Chen, Yupei Liu, Yuzhen Chen, Yan Wang, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, Xinmin Li. Hemerocallis citrina Baroni ameliorates chronic sleep deprivation-induced cognitive deficits and depressive-like behaviours in mice. Life sciences in space research. vol 40. 2024-01-20. PMID:38245346. furthermore, hce suppressed sd-induced microglial activation in the prefrontal cortex (pfc) and the ca1 and dentate gyrus (dg) regions of the hippocampus. 2024-01-20 2024-01-23 mouse
Swamynathan Sowndharya, Koilmani Emmanuvel Raja. Environmental enrichment improves social isolation-induced memory impairment: The possible role of ITSN1-Reelin-AMPA receptor signaling pathway. PloS one. vol 19. issue 1. 2024-01-19. PMID:38241230. in addition, si induced reduction in bdnf expressing neurons in dentate gyrus of hippocampus reversed by ee. 2024-01-19 2024-01-22 mouse
Hamideh Mostafaee, Faezeh Idoon, Mina Mohasel-Roodi, Fatemeh Alipour, Nasim Lotfi, Akram Sadegh. The Effects of Induced Type I Diabetes on Developmental Regulation of GDNF, NRTN, and NCAM proteins in the Dentate Gyrus of male Rat offspring. Journal of chemical neuroanatomy. 2024-01-14. PMID:38219812. therefore, this study aimed to investigate the impacts of the mentioned neurotrophic factors in the hippocampal dentate gyrus (dg) of rat offspring born to diabetic mothers. 2024-01-14 2024-01-17 rat
Nicola Forte, Alessandro Nicois, Brenda Marfella, Isabella Mavaro, Livia D'Angelo, Fabiana Piscitelli, Anna Scandurra, Paolo De Girolamo, Pietro Baldelli, Fabio Benfenati, Vincenzo Di Marzo, Luigia Cristin. Early endocannabinoid-mediated depolarization-induced suppression of excitation delays the appearance of the epileptic phenotype in synapsin II knockout mice. Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS. vol 81. issue 1. 2024-01-12. PMID:38214769. this selective alteration of excitatory synaptic transmission was accompanied by changes in hippocampal endocannabinoid levels and cannabinoid receptor type 1 distribution among glutamatergic and gabaergic synaptic terminals contacting the granule cells of the dentate gyrus. 2024-01-12 2024-01-14 mouse
Ji-Wei Tan, Juan Ji An, Hannah Deane, Haifei Xu, Guey-Ying Liao, Baoji X. Neurotrophin-3 from the dentate gyrus supports postsynaptic sites of mossy fiber-CA3 synapses and hippocampus-dependent cognitive functions. Molecular psychiatry. 2024-01-11. PMID:38212372. at the center of the hippocampal tri-synaptic loop are synapses formed between mossy fiber (mf) terminals from granule cells in the dentate gyrus (dg) and proximal dendrites of ca3 pyramidal neurons. 2024-01-11 2024-01-14 mouse