All Relations between cochlear nuclei and brainstem

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Ch Kuhlmann, W Scheidemann, M Bachmann, G F Schusse. [Brainstem auditory evoked responses in horses with hearing loss and during general anesthesia]. Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde. vol 166. issue 7. 2024-07-08. PMID:38975650. horses with right sided external otitis: right moderate to severe conductive hearing loss (significantly prolonged latencies of i, iii, v and interpeak latencies i-iii, i-v, iii-v; thresholds of hearing levels 60 to 80 db right); horses with left sided external otitis: left severe conductive hearing loss (no correct identification of baer peaks, latencies not measurable, 80 db); horse with left sided head trauma: severe left sided conductive hearing loss (blood in the left external ear canal, no visible tympanic membrane, no correct identification of baer peaks, latencies not measurable, 80 db); horses with head shaking: mild sensorineural hearing loss on both sides (on both sides osseous parts ii/iii with keratin scales of the junction, visible tympanic membranes, significantly prolonged v, i-iii, i-v, 40 db); moderate to severe skittish horses with chronic eye disease (mostly left sided equine recurrent uveitis): moderate sensorineural hearing loss on both sides (normal otoscopical findings, significantly prolonged latencies and interpeak latencies left; i-v, iii-v right, 60 db, pathological involvement in the auditory pathway of the brainstem between the cochlear nucleus and colliculus caudalis); horse with a tinnitus on both sides: mild sensorineural hearing loss on both sides (normal otoscopical findings, prolonged v, i-iii, i-v, iii-v, 40 db, pathology of auditory nerve, cochlear nucleus and above the level of this nucleus); american paint horses: sensorineurale deafness on both sides (normal otoscopical findings, absent baer peaks, isoelectric lines and 80 db on both sides). 2024-07-08 2024-07-11 Not clear
Ronen Perez, Jean-Yves Sichel, Riki Salem, Dina Hildesheimer, John Thomas Roland, Nevo Margali. [AUDITORY BRAINSTEM IMPLANTS (ABI) IN CHILDREN: CASE SERIES IN SHAARE ZEDEK MEDICAL CENTER]. Harefuah. vol 162. issue 7. 2023-08-10. PMID:37561029. in these cases, implantation of an auditory brainstem implant (abi), directly stimulating the cochlear nucleus, bypassing the inner-ear and auditory-nerve, may be beneficial. 2023-08-10 2023-08-16 Not clear
Vishweshwara Bhat, Emmanuel Shan Onaivi, Venkatanarayanan Sharm. Endocannabinoid system components as potential neuroimmune therapeutic targets in tinnitus. Frontiers in neurology. vol 14. 2023-06-12. PMID:37305742. tinnitus is believed to be a form of sensory epilepsy, spawning neuronal hyperactivity from the cochlear nucleus and inferior colliculus of the auditory brainstem region. 2023-06-12 2023-08-14 Not clear
Lutz Gärtner, Thomas Lenarz, Andreas Büchne. Measurements of the local evoked potential from the cochlear nucleus in patients with an auditory brainstem implant and its implication to auditory perception and audio processor programming. PloS one. vol 16. issue 4. 2021-09-16. PMID:33793674. measurements of the local evoked potential from the cochlear nucleus in patients with an auditory brainstem implant and its implication to auditory perception and audio processor programming. 2021-09-16 2023-08-13 Not clear
Donald A Godfrey, William B Farms, Sharon Polensek, Jon D Dunn, Timothy G Godfre. Effects of brainstem lesions on amino acid levels in the rat cochlear nucleus. Hearing research. vol 403. 2021-08-23. PMID:33578260. in rats with lesions transecting all or almost all pathways to the cochlear nucleus from brain stem regions, gaba, aspartate, and glutamate levels were reduced, compared to contralateral values, in almost all ipsilateral cochlear nucleus regions. 2021-08-23 2023-08-13 rat
Hanna E Sherrill, Philippe Jean, Elizabeth C Driver, Tessa R Sanders, Tracy S Fitzgerald, Tobias Moser, Matthew W Kelle. Pou4f1 Defines a Subgroup of Type I Spiral Ganglion Neurons and Is Necessary for Normal Inner Hair Cell Presynaptic Ca The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. vol 39. issue 27. 2020-06-15. PMID:31085606. pou4f1 defines a subgroup of type i spiral ganglion neurons and is necessary for normal inner hair cell presynaptic ca acoustic signals are relayed from the ear to the brain via spiral ganglion neurons (sgns) that receive auditory information from the cochlear inner hair cells (ihcs) and transmit that information to the cochlear nucleus of the brainstem. 2020-06-15 2023-08-13 mouse
Christian P Moritz, Timo Mühlhaus, Stefan Tenzer, Thomas Schulenborg, Eckhard Friau. Poor transcript-protein correlation in the brain: negatively correlating gene products reveal neuronal polarity as a potential cause. Journal of neurochemistry. vol 149. issue 5. 2020-03-13. PMID:30664243. to test this hypothesis, we performed an integrative inter-omics study and analyzed three interconnected rat auditory brainstem regions (cochlear nuclear complex, cn; superior olivary complex, soc; inferior colliculus, ic) and the rest of the brain as a reference. 2020-03-13 2023-08-13 rat
Eckhard Friau. Tonotopic Order in the Adult and Developing Auditory System of the Rat as Shown by c-fos Immunocytochemistry. The European journal of neuroscience. vol 4. issue 9. 2019-11-20. PMID:12106303. after stimulating adult rats with pure-tone pulses, bands of fos-immunoreactive neurons revealed the frequency representation in seven brainstem nuclei: all three subdivisions of the cochlear nucleus, the lateral superior olive, the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body, the ventral nucleus of the trapezoid body, the rostral periolivary nucleus, the dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus and the inferior colliculus. 2019-11-20 2023-08-12 rat
Michinori Koebis, Shinji Urata, Yo Shinoda, Shigeo Okabe, Tatsuya Yamasoba, Kazuki Nakao, Atsu Aiba, Teiichi Furuich. LAMP5 in presynaptic inhibitory terminals in the hindbrain and spinal cord: a role in startle response and auditory processing. Molecular brain. vol 12. issue 1. 2019-07-31. PMID:30867010. lamp5 was highly expressed in several brainstem nuclei involved with auditory processing including the cochlear nuclei, the superior olivary complex, nuclei of the lateral lemniscus and grey matter in the spinal cord. 2019-07-31 2023-08-13 mouse
Laurie S Eisenberg, Dianne Hammes Ganguly, Amy S Martinez, Laurel M Fisher, Margaret E Winter, Jamie L Glater, Debra K Schrader, Janice Loggins, Eric P Wilkinso. Early Communication Development of Children with Auditory Brainstem Implants. Journal of deaf studies and deaf education. vol 23. issue 3. 2019-07-15. PMID:29718280. the auditory brainstem implant (abi) is an auditory sensory device that is surgically placed on the cochlear nucleus of the brainstem for individuals who are deaf but unable to benefit from a cochlear implant (ci) due to anatomical abnormalities of the cochlea and/or eighth nerve, specific disease processes, or temporal bone fractures. 2019-07-15 2023-08-13 Not clear
Zhao Han, Chengjin Wang, Yuyan Gu, Ning Cong, Rui Ma, Fanglu Ch. Mimic Cochlear Implant Surgery-Induced Cochlear Infection Fails to Further Damage Auditory Pathway in Deafened Guinea Pigs. Medical science monitor : international medical journal of experimental and clinical research. vol 24. 2018-11-05. PMID:30078839. notably, the density of the neurons in the cochlear nucleus region (cnr) of the brainstem were not significantly different between the healthy control guinea pigs and deafened animals. 2018-11-05 2023-08-13 Not clear
Bin Jiang, Nan Xia, Xing Wang, Ning Hu, Xiao Y Wu, Yi Zhou, Wen S Ho. Auditory responses to short-wavelength infrared neural stimulation of the rat cochlear nucleus. Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference. vol 2017. 2018-08-07. PMID:29060273. in order to improve the current auditory brainstem implants (abi), 980 nm-short-wavelength infrared light was applied to stimulate the cochlear nucleus of rats. 2018-08-07 2023-08-13 rat
Veronika J Baumann, Ursula Koc. Perinatal nicotine exposure impairs the maturation of glutamatergic inputs in the auditory brainstem. The Journal of physiology. vol 595. issue 11. 2018-02-26. PMID:28190266. the effect of perinatal nicotine exposure on synaptic maturation in the auditory brainstem was investigated in granule cells in the ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus, which receive a single calyx-like input from the cochlear nucleus. 2018-02-26 2023-08-13 Not clear
Margarida Costa, Franco Lepore, François Prévost, Jean-Paul Guillemo. Effects of aging on peripheral and central auditory processing in rats. The European journal of neuroscience. vol 44. issue 4. 2018-02-01. PMID:27306460. abr level thresholds in aged rats were significantly elevated at an early (cochlear nucleus - wave ii) stage in the auditory brainstem. 2018-02-01 2023-08-13 rat
S Allen Counter, Leo H Buchanan, Fernando Ortega, Anthony B Jacobs, Göran Laurel. Assessment of the Brainstem-Mediated Stapedius Muscle Reflex in Andean Children Living at High Altitudes. High altitude medicine & biology. vol 18. issue 1. 2017-10-13. PMID:27860516. the brainstem-mediated asr reveals the integrity of the neuronal components of the auditory reflex arc, including the cochlea receptors, eight cranial nerves, and brainstem neural projections to the cochlear nuclei, bilateral superior olivary nuclei, facial nerve nuclei, and facial nerve and its stapedius branch. 2017-10-13 2023-08-13 Not clear
Marc S Schwartz, Eric P Wilkinso. Auditory brainstem implant program development. The Laryngoscope. vol 127. issue 8. 2017-08-28. PMID:27716925. because abi placement involves posterior fossa craniotomy in order to access the site of implantation on the cochlear nucleus complex of the brainstem and is not without significant risk, we aim to highlight issues important in developing and maintaining successful abi programs that would be in the best interests of patients. 2017-08-28 2023-08-13 Not clear
Stefan Reuss, Ovidiu Banica, Mirra Elgurt, Stephanie Mitz, Ursula Disque-Kaiser, Randolf Riemann, Marco Hill, Dawn V Jaquish, Fred J Koehrn, Thorsten Burmester, Thomas Hankeln, Nigel K Wool. Neuroglobin Expression in the Mammalian Auditory System. Molecular neurobiology. vol 53. issue 3. 2017-03-01. PMID:25636685. we further investigated ngb distribution in rat, mouse, and human auditory brainstem centers, and found that the cochlear nuclei and superior olivary complex (soc) also express considerable amounts of ngb. 2017-03-01 2023-08-13 mouse
Naser Amini, Nasim Vousooghi, Mahmoudreza Hadjighassem, Mehrdad Bakhtiyari, Neda Mousavi, Hosein Safakheil, Leila Jafari, Arash Sarveazad, Abazar Yari, Sara Ramezani, Faezeh Faghihi, Mohammad Taghi Joghatae. Efficacy of Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells on Neonatal Bilirubin Encephalopathy in Rats. Neurotoxicity research. vol 29. issue 4. 2016-12-27. PMID:26818600. kernicterus is a neurological syndrome associated with indirect bilirubin accumulation and damages to the basal ganglia, cerebellum and brain stem nuclei particularly the cochlear nucleus. 2016-12-27 2023-08-13 human
M R Karim, Y Atoj. Distribution of Vesicular Glutamate Transporter 2 and Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors in the Auditory Ganglion and Cochlear Nuclei of Pigeons (Columba livia). Anatomia, histologia, embryologia. vol 45. issue 1. 2016-12-13. PMID:25639143. our previous studies revealed localization of glutamate receptor mrnas in the pigeon cochlear nuclei, suggesting the existence of glutamatergic input from the auditory nerve to the brainstem. 2016-12-13 2023-08-13 pigeon
Rocío de Iriarte Rodríguez, Sara Pulido, Lourdes Rodríguez-de la Rosa, Marta Magariños, Isabel Varela-Niet. Age-regulated function of autophagy in the mouse inner ear. Hearing research. vol 330. issue Pt A. 2016-10-13. PMID:26235979. we report that autophagy-related genes (atg) becn1, atg4g and atg5 are expressed in the mouse cochlea, vestibular system and brainstem cochlear nuclei from late developmental stages to adulthood. 2016-10-13 2023-08-13 mouse