All Relations between endogenous cannabinoid system and serotonin

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Danielle Diniz Aguiar, J\\xc3\\xbalia Alvarenga Petrocchi, Grazielle Caroline da Silva, Virg\\xc3\\xadnia Soares Lemos, Marina Gomes Miranda E Castor, Andrea de Castro Perez, Igor Dimitri Gama Duarte, Thiago Roberto Lima Romer. Participation of the cannabinoid system and the NO/cGMP/K Neuroscience letters. 2023-10-28. PMID:37898181. participation of the cannabinoid system and the no/cgmp/k it has already been shown that serotonin can release endocannabinoids at the spinal cord level, culminating in inhibition of the dorsal horn. 2023-10-28 2023-11-08 Not clear
G M Mandolini, M Lazzaretti, A Pigoni, L Oldani, G Delvecchio, P Brambill. Pharmacological properties of cannabidiol in the treatment of psychiatric disorders: a critical overview. Epidemiology and psychiatric sciences. vol 27. issue 4. 2018-11-06. PMID:29789034. findings to date suggest that (a) cbd may exert antipsychotic effects in schizophrenia mainly through facilitation of endocannabinoid signalling and cannabinoid receptor type 1 antagonism; (b) cbd administration may exhibit acute anxiolytic effects in patients with generalised social anxiety disorder through modification of cerebral blood flow in specific brain sites and serotonin 1a receptor agonism; (c) cbd may reduce withdrawal symptoms and cannabis/tobacco dependence through modulation of endocannabinoid, serotoninergic and glutamatergic systems; (d) the preclinical pro-cognitive effects of cbd still lack significant results in psychiatric disorders. 2018-11-06 2023-08-13 Not clear
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Shervin Ravan, Diana Martinez, Mark Slifstein, Anissa Abi-Dargha. Molecular imaging in alcohol dependence. Handbook of clinical neurology. vol 125. 2016-07-28. PMID:25307582. studies of the opiate system have suggested alterations in some subtypes in discrete brain regions, including the ventral striatum, while studies of serotonin have been negative and those of the cannabinoid system have been inconclusive. 2016-07-28 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jorge Emilio Ortega, Victor Gonzalez-Lira, Igor Horrillo, Mario Herrera-Marschitz, Luis Felipe Callado, J Javier Mean. Additive effect of rimonabant and citalopram on extracellular serotonin levels monitored with in vivo microdialysis in rat brain. European journal of pharmacology. vol 709. issue 1-3. 2013-11-26. PMID:23562616. the cannabinoid system has been implicated in control of mood and neural processing of emotional information, and the modulation of serotonin (5-ht) release in the synaptic clefts. 2013-11-26 2023-08-12 rat
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