All Relations between retina photoreceptor rod and retina amacrine cell

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Riley Ferguson, Kiyoharu J Miyagishima, Francisco M Nadal-Nicolas, Wei L. Characterizing the rod pathway in cone-dominated thirteen-lined ground squirrels. Frontiers in ophthalmology. vol 3. 2024-07-08. PMID:38974057. therefore, the aii's original function is likely that of a 'rod' amacrine cell, and its role in cone pathways in the mouse retina might be an adaptive feature stemming from its rod dominance. 2024-07-08 2024-07-11 mouse
Chengjie He, Jingyi Peng, Jiayi Jin, Wanwen Shao, Yongxin Zheng, Liuxueying Zhon. Comparison of retinal parameters between rhesus and cynomolgus macaques. Experimental animals. vol 73. issue 1. 2024-02-14. PMID:37460311. dark-adapted 3.0 oscillatory potentials (reflection of amacrine cell activity) and light-adapted 30-hz flicker erg (a sensitive cone-pathway-driven response) waveforms of the ff-erg were similar in both species, while the times to peaks in dark-adapted 0.01 erg (the rod-driven response of bipolar cells) and dark-adapted 3.0 erg (combined rod and cone system responses) as well as the implicit times of the a- and b-waves in light-adapted 3.0 erg (the single-flash cone response) were substantially different. 2024-02-14 2024-02-17 monkey
Deborah L Beaudoin, Mania Kupershtok, Jonathan B Dem. Selective synaptic connections in the retinal pathway for night vision. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 527. issue 1. 2020-04-16. PMID:28856684. the mammalian retina encodes visual information in dim light using rod photoreceptors and a specialized circuit: rods→rod bipolar cells→aii amacrine cell. 2020-04-16 2023-08-13 Not clear
Cole W Graydon, Evan E Lieberman, Nao Rho, Kevin L Briggman, Joshua H Singer, Jeffrey S Diamon. Synaptic Transfer between Rod and Cone Pathways Mediated by AII Amacrine Cells in the Mouse Retina. Current biology : CB. vol 28. issue 17. 2019-10-17. PMID:30122532. here, we dissect a microcircuit in the mouse retina in which scotopic visual information (i.e., single photon events, luminance, contrast) is encoded by rod bipolar cells (rbcs) and distributed to parallel on and off cone bipolar cell (cbc) circuits via the aii amacrine cell, an inhibitory interneuron. 2019-10-17 2023-08-13 mouse
Takashi Kozuka, Taro Chaya, Fuminobu Tamalu, Mariko Shimada, Kayo Fujimaki-Aoba, Ryusuke Kuwahara, Shu-Ichi Watanabe, Takahisa Furukaw. The TRPM1 Channel Is Required for Development of the Rod ON Bipolar Cell-AII Amacrine Cell Pathway in the Retinal Circuit. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. vol 37. issue 41. 2017-10-23. PMID:28899920. the trpm1 channel is required for development of the rod on bipolar cell-aii amacrine cell pathway in the retinal circuit. 2017-10-23 2023-08-13 mouse
Lena S Mortensen, Silvia J H Park, Jiang-Bin Ke, Benjamin H Cooper, Lei Zhang, Cordelia Imig, Siegrid Löwel, Kerstin Reim, Nils Brose, Jonathan B Demb, Jeong-Seop Rhee, Joshua H Singe. Complexin 3 Increases the Fidelity of Signaling in a Retinal Circuit by Regulating Exocytosis at Ribbon Synapses. Cell reports. vol 15. issue 10. 2017-09-22. PMID:27239031. to understand the contributions of cplx to signaling in a well-characterized neural circuit, we investigated how cplx3, a retina-specific paralog, shapes transmission at rod bipolar (rb)→aii amacrine cell synapses in the mouse retina. 2017-09-22 2023-08-13 mouse
Sammy C S Lee, Felix Weltzien, Michele C Madigan, Paul R Martin, Ulrike Grüner. Identification of AⅡ amacrine, displaced amacrine, and bistratified ganglion cell types in human retina with antibodies against calretinin. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 524. issue 1. 2016-08-29. PMID:26053777. antibodies against calretinin are markers for one type of rod pathway interneuron (aⅡ amacrine cell) in the retina of some but not all mammalian species. 2016-08-29 2023-08-13 human
Sammy C S Lee, Arndt Meyer, Timm Schubert, Laura Hüser, Karin Dedek, Silke Haverkam. Morphology and connectivity of the small bistratified A8 amacrine cell in the mouse retina. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 523. issue 10. 2016-03-15. PMID:25630271. the synaptic connectivity and function of a few γ-aminobutyric acid (gaba)ergic wide-field amacrine cells have recently been studied; however, with the exception of the rod pathway-specific aii amacrine cell, the connectivity of glycinergic small-field amacrine cells has not been investigated in the mouse retina. 2016-03-15 2023-08-13 mouse
Sammy C S Lee, Arndt Meyer, Timm Schubert, Laura Hüser, Karin Dedek, Silke Haverkam. Morphology and connectivity of the small bistratified A8 amacrine cell in the mouse retina. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 523. issue 10. 2016-03-15. PMID:25630271. the results show that the bistratified a8 cell makes very similar synaptic contacts with cone bipolar cells as the rod pathway-specific aii amacrine cell. 2016-03-15 2023-08-13 mouse
Fujun Luo, Taulant Bacaj, Thomas C Südho. Synaptotagmin-7 Is Essential for Ca2+-Triggered Delayed Asynchronous Release But Not for Ca2+-Dependent Vesicle Priming in Retinal Ribbon Synapses. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. vol 35. issue 31. 2015-11-05. PMID:26245964. to address these issues, we here analyzed synaptic transmission at rod bipolar neuron-aii amacrine cell synapses in acute mouse retina slices as a model system. 2015-11-05 2023-08-13 mouse
Robert E Marc, Bryan W Jones, Carl B Watt, James R Anderson, Crystal Sigulinsky, Scott Lauritze. Retinal connectomics: towards complete, accurate networks. Progress in retinal and eye research. vol 37. 2014-05-05. PMID:24016532. in particular, connectomics has permitted an aggressive refactoring of the retinal inner plexiform layer, demonstrating that network function cannot be simply inferred from stratification; exposing the complex geometric rules for inserting different cells into a shared network; revealing unexpected bidirectional signaling pathways between mammalian rod and cone systems; documenting selective feedforward systems, novel candidate signaling architectures, new coupling motifs, and the highly complex architecture of the mammalian aii amacrine cell. 2014-05-05 2023-08-12 Not clear
Erika D Eggers, Reece E Mazade, Justin S Klei. Inhibition to retinal rod bipolar cells is regulated by light levels. Journal of neurophysiology. vol 110. issue 1. 2014-01-24. PMID:23596335. rods signal to rod bipolar cells that receive significant inhibition from amacrine cells in the dark, especially from a rod bipolar cell-activated gabaergic amacrine cell. 2014-01-24 2023-08-12 Not clear
Immanuel Landgraf, Johanna Mühlhans, Karin Dedek, Kerstin Reim, Johann H Brandstätter, Josef Ammermülle. The absence of Complexin 3 and Complexin 4 differentially impacts the ON and OFF pathways in mouse retina. The European journal of neuroscience. vol 36. issue 4. 2012-12-20. PMID:22694764. in the inner plexiform layer, cplx 3 is present in rod bipolar cell terminals and in amacrine cell processes. 2012-12-20 2023-08-12 mouse
Brian P Hafler, Natalia Surzenko, Kevin T Beier, Claudio Punzo, Jeffrey M Trimarchi, Jennifer H Kong, Constance L Cepk. Transcription factor Olig2 defines subpopulations of retinal progenitor cells biased toward specific cell fates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 109. issue 20. 2012-07-27. PMID:22543161. the later, postnatal olig2(+) rpcs also made terminal divisions, which were biased toward production of rod photoreceptors and amacrine cell interneurons. 2012-07-27 2023-08-12 drosophila_melanogaster
Mean-Hwan Kim, Evan Vickers, Henrique von Gersdorf. Patch-clamp capacitance measurements and Ca²⁺ imaging at single nerve terminals in retinal slices. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. issue 59. 2012-05-25. PMID:22297269. on-type mixed bipolar cell (mb) terminals in the goldfish retina, which depolarize to light stimuli and receive mixed rod and cone photoreceptor input, are suitable for the study of ribbon-type synapses both due to their large size (~10-12 μm diameter) and to their numerous lateral and reciprocal synaptic connections with amacrine cell dendrites. 2012-05-25 2023-08-12 Not clear
Peter G Fuerst, Freyja Bruce, Miao Tian, Wei Wei, Justin Elstrott, Marla B Feller, Lynda Erskine, Joshua H Singer, Robert W Burges. DSCAM and DSCAML1 function in self-avoidance in multiple cell types in the developing mouse retina. Neuron. vol 64. issue 4. 2009-12-21. PMID:19945391. dscaml1 was expressed in the rod circuit, and mice lacking dscaml1 had fasciculated rod bipolar cell dendrites and clumped aii amacrine cell bodies, also indicating a role in self-avoidance. 2009-12-21 2023-08-12 mouse
Josefin Snellman, David Zenisek, Scott Naw. Switching between transient and sustained signalling at the rod bipolar-AII amacrine cell synapse of the mouse retina. The Journal of physiology. vol 587. issue Pt 11. 2009-08-03. PMID:19332496. switching between transient and sustained signalling at the rod bipolar-aii amacrine cell synapse of the mouse retina. 2009-08-03 2023-08-12 mouse
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Ji-Jie Pang, Muhammad M Abd-El-Barr, Fan Gao, Debra E Bramblett, David L Paul, Samuel M W. Relative contributions of rod and cone bipolar cell inputs to AII amacrine cell light responses in the mouse retina. The Journal of physiology. vol 580. issue Pt. 2. 2007-07-19. PMID:17255172. relative contributions of rod and cone bipolar cell inputs to aii amacrine cell light responses in the mouse retina. 2007-07-19 2023-08-12 mouse
Theresa Puthussery, Erica L Fletche. P2X2 receptors on ganglion and amacrine cells in cone pathways of the rat retina. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 496. issue 5. 2006-06-08. PMID:16615123. it was interesting that p2x(2)r-immunoreactive amacrine cell dendrites stratified in the sublaminae of the inner plexiform layer occupied by cone, but not rod bipolar cell axon terminals. 2006-06-08 2023-08-12 rat