All Relations between varenicline and gaba

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Julien Guiraud, Rainer Spanagel, Wim van den Brin. Substitution therapy for patients with alcohol dependence: Mechanisms of action and efficacy. International review of neurobiology. vol 175. 2024-03-30. PMID:38555116. accordingly, potential substitution treatments include agonists acting at gaba receptors such as sodium oxybate, baclofen and benzodiazepines, nmda receptor antagonists such as ketamine and memantine, or nachrs agonists such as varenicline. 2024-03-30 2024-04-02 Not clear
Dustin W DuBois, Joanne C Damborsky, Annette S Fincher, Gerald D Frye, Ursula H Winzer-Serha. Varenicline and nicotine enhance GABAergic synaptic transmission in rat CA1 hippocampal and medial septum/diagonal band neurons. Life sciences. vol 92. issue 6-7. 2013-04-12. PMID:23352971. in this study, we determined if varenicline, like nicotine, can stimulate presynaptic gaba release. 2013-04-12 2023-08-12 rat