All Relations between vim and nucleus raphe pallidus

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Waleed A Hassanain, Christopher L Johnson, Karen Faulds, Neil Keegan, Duncan Graha. Ultrasensitive Dual ELONA/SERS-RPA Multiplex Diagnosis of Antimicrobial Resistance. Analytical chemistry. 2024-07-08. PMID:38975860. in this study, we report a novel proof-of-concept magnetic scaffold-recombinase polymerase amplification (rpa) technique, coupled with an enzyme-linked oligonucleotide assay (elona) and surface-enhanced raman scattering (sers) detection, aimed at selectively amplifying and detecting the dna signature of three resistant carbapenemase genes, vim, kpc, and imp. 2024-07-08 2024-07-11 Not clear