All Relations between tgfb2 and matrix compartment

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Adela Kratochvilova, Lucia Knopfova, Janka Gregorkova, Reinhard Gruber, Eva Janeckova, Yang Chai, Eva Matalov. FasL impacts Tgfb signaling in osteoblastic cells. Cells & development. 2024-06-09. PMID:38810946. tgfb subfamily members (tgfb1, tgfb2, tgfb3) represent major components in osteogenic pathways and extracellular matrix. 2024-06-09 2024-06-11 Not clear
Jacob P Rose, Charles A Schurman, Christina D King, Joanna Bons, Sandip K Patel, Jordan B Burton, Amy O'Broin, Tamara Alliston, Birgit Schillin. Deep coverage and quantification of the bone proteome provides enhanced opportunities for new discoveries in skeletal biology and disease. PloS one. vol 18. issue 10. 2023-10-10. PMID:37816044. key components identified were proteins of the extracellular matrix (ecm), bone-specific proteins (e.g., secreted protein acidic and cysteine rich, sparc, and bone sialoprotein 2, ibsp), and signaling proteins (e.g., transforming growth factor beta-2, tgfb2), and lysyl oxidase homolog 2 (loxl2), an important protein in collagen crosslinking. 2023-10-10 2023-10-15 Not clear
Jing-Nan Liang, Xiao Zou, Xian-Hong Fang, Jin-Dong Xu, Zhen Xiao, Jie-Ning Zhu, Hui Li, Jing Yang, Ni Zeng, Shu-Jing Yuan, Rong Pan, Yong-Heng Fu, Ming Zhang, Jian-Fang Luo, Sheng Wang, Zhi-Xin Sha. The Smad3-miR-29b/miR-29c axis mediates the protective effect of macrophage migration inhibitory factor against cardiac fibrosis. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease. vol 1865. issue 9. 2020-05-07. PMID:31175931. mir-29b-3p and mir-29c-3p could suppress the expression of col1a1, col3a1 and α-sma in cfs through targeting the pro-fibrosis genes of transforming growth factor beta-2 (tgfb2) and matrix metallopeptidase 2 (mmp2). 2020-05-07 2023-08-13 mouse
Lisa Yan-Yan Xi, Shea Ping Yip, Sze Wan Shan, Jody Summers-Rada, Chea-Su Ke. Region-specific differential corneal and scleral mRNA expressions of MMP2, TIMP2, and TGFB2 in highly myopic-astigmatic chicks. Scientific reports. vol 7. issue 1. 2019-06-21. PMID:28900109. here we presented the changes in mrna expression levels of three genes (mmp2, timp2, and tgfb2), all known to participate in extracellular matrix organization, at five regions of the cornea and sclera in chickens developing high myopia and astigmatism induced by form deprivation. 2019-06-21 2023-08-13 Not clear
Mahmut Sözmen, Alparslan K Devrim, Yonca B Kabak, Tuba Devrim, Mert Sudagida. The Effects of Periostin in a Rat Model of Isoproterenol: Mediated Cardiotoxicity. Cardiovascular toxicology. vol 18. issue 2. 2019-02-04. PMID:28895052. administration of periostin following iso-induced cardiotoxicity revealed that periostin alleviated deleterious effects of iso through several pathways: (1) periostin induced mitotic activity of endothelial/fibroblastic cells, (2) periostin drives cardiomyocytes into s and m phases, thus promoting proliferation of cardiomyocytes, (3) periostin contributed to collagen degradation, tissue remodeling, and reduced cardiac fibrosis during the healing process following myocardial damage while preserving tissue matrix, (4) periostin stimulated angiogenesis by upregulating thbs1, tgfb2, and hgf genes, (5) periostin regulated cell growth and proliferation while maintaining cell shape and cellular muscle contractions (actb) and functioned as chemoattractant factor (ccl2) at the beginning of myocardial damage. 2019-02-04 2023-08-13 rat
Baodong Xie, Chunfeng Zhang, Kai Kang, Shulin Jian. miR-599 Inhibits Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Proliferation and Migration by Targeting TGFB2. PloS one. vol 10. issue 11. 2016-07-06. PMID:26551255. in conclusion, our findings suggest mir-599 plays a crucial role in controlling vsmcs proliferation and matrix gene expression by regulating tgfb2 expression. 2016-07-06 2023-08-13 Not clear
L-F Seet, S N Finger, S W L Chu, L Z Toh, T T Won. Novel insight into the inflammatory and cellular responses following experimental glaucoma surgery: a roadmap for inhibiting fibrosis. Current molecular medicine. vol 13. issue 6. 2014-02-25. PMID:23651348. the late "fibrotic" phase was characterized by an increased expression of tgfb2 and extracellular matrix genes as well as a notable reduction of infiltrating inflammatory cells. 2014-02-25 2023-08-12 mouse
Petra Stute, Sonja Sielker, Charles E Wood, Thomas C Register, Cynthia J Lees, Fitriya N Dewi, J Koudy Williams, Janice D Wagner, Ulrich Stefenelli, J Mark Clin. Life stage differences in mammary gland gene expression profile in non-human primates. Breast cancer research and treatment. vol 133. issue 2. 2012-09-28. PMID:22037779. gene families or pathways that changed across life stages included those related to estrogen and androgen (esr1, pgr, tff1, greb1, ar, 17hsdb2, 17hsdb7, sts, hsd11b1, akr1c4), prolactin (prlr, elf5, stat5, csn1s1), insulin-like growth factor signaling (igf1, igfbp1, igfbp5), extracellular matrix (postn, tgfb1, col5a2, col12a1, foxc1, lamc1, pdgfra, tgfb2), and differentiation (cd24, cd29, cd44, cd61, aldh1, brca1, foxa1, postn, dicer1, lig4, klf4, notch2, rif1, bmpr1a, tgfb2). 2012-09-28 2023-08-12 monkey
Mohamad Azhar, Kristen Brown, Connie Gard, Hwudaurw Chen, Sudarsan Rajan, David A Elliott, Mark V Stevens, Todd D Camenisch, Simon J Conway, Thomas Doetschma. Transforming growth factor Beta2 is required for valve remodeling during heart development. Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists. vol 240. issue 9. 2012-05-15. PMID:21780244. here, we used histological, morphometric, immunohistochemical and molecular approaches and showed that significant dysregulation of major extracellular matrix (ecm) components contributed to valve remodeling defects in tgfb2(-/-) embryos. 2012-05-15 2023-08-12 Not clear
Daisuke Kanematsu, Tomoko Shofuda, Atsuyo Yamamoto, Chiaki Ban, Takafumi Ueda, Mami Yamasaki, Yonehiro Kanemur. Isolation and cellular properties of mesenchymal cells derived from the decidua of human term placenta. Differentiation; research in biological diversity. vol 82. issue 2. 2011-12-02. PMID:21684674. gene expression analysis showed that, compared with bm-mscs, the dmcs expressed higher levels of twist2 and runx2 (which are associated with early mesenchymal development and/or proliferative capacity), several matrix metalloproteinases (mmp1, 3, 10, and 12), and cytokines (bmp2 and tgfb2), and lower levels of msx2, interleukin 26, and hgf. 2011-12-02 2023-08-12 human
Sally K Martin, Stephen Fitter, Li Fei Bong, Jennifer J Drew, Stan Gronthos, Peter R Shepherd, Andrew C W Zannettin. NVP-BEZ235, a dual pan class I PI3 kinase and mTOR inhibitor, promotes osteogenic differentiation in human mesenchymal stromal cells. Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. vol 25. issue 10. 2011-02-10. PMID:20499346. under osteoinductive conditions, bez235 strongly promotes osteogenic differentiation, as evidenced by an increase in mineralized matrix production, an upregulation of genes involved in osteogenesis, including bone morphogenetic proteins (bmp2, -4, and -6) and transforming growth factor β1 (tgf-β1) superfamily members (tgfb1, tgfb2, and inhbe), and increased activation of smad signaling molecules. 2011-02-10 2023-08-12 human