All Relations between tgfb1 and tgfb2

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Adela Kratochvilova, Lucia Knopfova, Janka Gregorkova, Reinhard Gruber, Eva Janeckova, Yang Chai, Eva Matalov. FasL impacts Tgfb signaling in osteoblastic cells. Cells & development. 2024-06-09. PMID:38810946. tgfb subfamily members (tgfb1, tgfb2, tgfb3) represent major components in osteogenic pathways and extracellular matrix. 2024-06-09 2024-06-11 Not clear
Sara Berjaoui, Mónica Povedano, Paula Garcia-Esparcia, Margarita Carmona, Ester Aso, Isidre Ferre. Complex Inflammation mRNA-Related Response in ALS Is Region Dependent. Neural plasticity. vol 2015. 2016-04-19. PMID:26301107. significant increased expression of tlr7, ctss, and ctsc mrna and a trend to increased expression of il10ra, tgfb1, and tgfb2 are found in the anterior lumbar spinal cord in als cases compared to control cases, whereas c1qtnf7 and tnfrsf1a mrna expression levels are significantly decreased. 2016-04-19 2023-08-13 Not clear
Petra Stute, Sonja Sielker, Charles E Wood, Thomas C Register, Cynthia J Lees, Fitriya N Dewi, J Koudy Williams, Janice D Wagner, Ulrich Stefenelli, J Mark Clin. Life stage differences in mammary gland gene expression profile in non-human primates. Breast cancer research and treatment. vol 133. issue 2. 2012-09-28. PMID:22037779. gene families or pathways that changed across life stages included those related to estrogen and androgen (esr1, pgr, tff1, greb1, ar, 17hsdb2, 17hsdb7, sts, hsd11b1, akr1c4), prolactin (prlr, elf5, stat5, csn1s1), insulin-like growth factor signaling (igf1, igfbp1, igfbp5), extracellular matrix (postn, tgfb1, col5a2, col12a1, foxc1, lamc1, pdgfra, tgfb2), and differentiation (cd24, cd29, cd44, cd61, aldh1, brca1, foxa1, postn, dicer1, lig4, klf4, notch2, rif1, bmpr1a, tgfb2). 2012-09-28 2023-08-12 monkey
Sally K Martin, Stephen Fitter, Li Fei Bong, Jennifer J Drew, Stan Gronthos, Peter R Shepherd, Andrew C W Zannettin. NVP-BEZ235, a dual pan class I PI3 kinase and mTOR inhibitor, promotes osteogenic differentiation in human mesenchymal stromal cells. Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. vol 25. issue 10. 2011-02-10. PMID:20499346. under osteoinductive conditions, bez235 strongly promotes osteogenic differentiation, as evidenced by an increase in mineralized matrix production, an upregulation of genes involved in osteogenesis, including bone morphogenetic proteins (bmp2, -4, and -6) and transforming growth factor β1 (tgf-β1) superfamily members (tgfb1, tgfb2, and inhbe), and increased activation of smad signaling molecules. 2011-02-10 2023-08-12 human
Leanne J McGrath, Wendy V Ingman, Rebecca L Robker, Sarah A Robertso. Exogenous transforming growth factor beta1 replacement and fertility in male Tgfb1 null mutant mice. Reproduction, fertility, and development. vol 21. issue 4. 2009-06-25. PMID:19383262. bovine colostrum and fresh unpasteurised bovine milk were found to be rich sources of tgfb1 and tgfb2; however, feeding tgfb1 null mutant mice colostrum for 2 days failed to raise serum levels of tgfb1. 2009-06-25 2023-08-12 mouse