All Relations between sd and Dementia

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Karin Mariëlle Volkers, Johanna Gerdine Douma, Jan Binne Hoeksma, Erik Johan Anton Scherde. Effect of an 18-Month Walking Intervention on the Rest-Activity Rhythm of Older Adults With Mild-Moderate Dementia. Journal of aging and physical activity. 2024-02-09. PMID:38335947. the objective of this 18-month walking intervention was to evaluate the effect on rest-activity rhythm (rar) for older adults with mild-to-moderate dementia (65.8% female; aged m = 82.4 [sd = 6.5]). 2024-02-09 2024-02-12 human
Mengjie Huang, Ramon Landin-Romero, Sophie Matis, Marshall A Dalton, Olivier Pigue. Longitudinal volumetric changes in amygdala subregions in frontotemporal dementia. Journal of neurology. 2024-01-24. PMID:38265470. patients clinically diagnosed with behavioral variant ftd (bvftd) (n = 20), semantic dementia (sd) (n = 20), primary nonfluent aphasia (pnfa) (n = 20), alzheimer's disease (ad) (n = 20), and 20 matched healthy controls underwent whole brain structural mri. 2024-01-24 2024-01-26 Not clear
Fang Lan, Daniel Roquet, Marshall A Dalton, Hashim El-Omar, Rebekah M Ahmed, Olivier Piguet, Muireann Iris. Exploring graded profiles of hippocampal atrophy along the anterior-posterior axis in semantic dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiology of aging. vol 135. 2024-01-17. PMID:38232501. mounting evidence indicates marked hippocampal degeneration in semantic dementia (sd) however, the spatial distribution of hippocampal atrophy profiles in this syndrome remains unclear. 2024-01-17 2024-01-20 human
Dinithi Mudalige, Dylan X Guan, Maryam Ghahremani, Zahinoor Ismai. Longitudinal Associations Between Mild Behavioral Impairment, Sleep Disturbance, and Progression to Dementia. Journal of Alzheimer's disease reports. vol 7. issue 1. 2023-12-25. PMID:38143778. clinical guidelines recommend incorporating non-cognitive markers like mild behavioral impairment (mbi) and sleep disturbance (sd) into dementia screening to improve detection. 2023-12-25 2023-12-27 Not clear
Sylvain Lehmann, Susanna Schraen-Maschke, Jean-Sébastien Vidal, Frédéric Blanc, Claire Paquet, Bernadette Allinquant, Stéphanie Bombois, Audrey Gabelle, Constance Delaby, Olivier Hano. Blood Neurofilament Levels Predict Cognitive Decline across the Alzheimer's Disease Continuum. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 24. issue 24. 2023-12-23. PMID:38139190. baseline plasma nfl concentration increased across the alzheimer's disease continuum with a mean nfl value of 17.1 ng/ml [sd = 6.1] in non-amnestic mci, 20.7 ng/ml [sd = 12.0] in amnestic mci, and 23.1 ng/ml [sd = 22.7] in ad dementia patients. 2023-12-23 2023-12-25 human
Davide Norata, Francesco Motolese, Alessandro Magliozzi, Fabio Pilato, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, Simona Luzzi, Fioravante Capon. Transcranial direct current stimulation in semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia: a state-of-the-art review. Frontiers in human neuroscience. vol 17. 2023-12-01. PMID:38021245. the semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia (svppa), known also as "semantic dementia (sd)," is a neurodegenerative disorder that pertains to the frontotemporal lobar degeneration clinical syndromes. 2023-12-01 2023-12-07 Not clear
Davide Norata, Francesco Motolese, Alessandro Magliozzi, Fabio Pilato, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, Simona Luzzi, Fioravante Capon. Transcranial direct current stimulation in semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia: a state-of-the-art review. Frontiers in human neuroscience. vol 17. 2023-12-01. PMID:38021245. the semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia (svppa), known also as "semantic dementia (sd)," is a neurodegenerative disorder that pertains to the frontotemporal lobar degeneration clinical syndromes. 2023-11-29 2023-12-07 Not clear
Esther Teruel-Hernández, José Antonio López-Pina, Sonia Souto-Camba, Aníbal Báez-Suárez, Raquel Medina-Ramírez, Antonia Gómez-Cones. Improving Sleep Quality, Daytime Sleepiness, and Cognitive Function in Patients with Dementia by Therapeutic Exercise and NESA Neuromodulation: A Multicenter Clinical Trial. International journal of environmental research and public health. vol 20. issue 21. 2023-11-10. PMID:37947583. the aim of this study was to test the effect of two non-pharmacological interventions, therapeutic exercise (te) and non-invasive neuromodulation through the nesa device (nn) on sleep quality, daytime sleepiness, and cognitive function of 30 patients diagnosed with dementia (non-invasive neuromodulation experimental group (nng): mean ± sd, age: 71.6 ± 7.43 years; therapeutic exercise experimental group (teg) 75.2 ± 8.63 years; control group (cg) 80.9 ± 4.53 years). 2023-11-10 2023-11-20 human
Yury Shtyrov, Aleksei Efremov, Anastasia Kuptsova, Thomas Wennekers, Boris Gutkin, Max Garagnan. Breakdown of category-specific word representations in a brain-constrained neurocomputational model of semantic dementia. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-11-10. PMID:37949997. we used a neuroanatomically constrained computational model of frontotemporal cortices implicated in word acquisition and processing, and adapted it to simulate and explain the effects of semantic dementia (sd) on word processing abilities. 2023-11-10 2023-11-20 human
Taim A Muayqi. Semantic dementia in Arabic: An assessment of Arabic word reading within sentences. Applied neuropsychology. Adult. 2023-11-02. PMID:37917946. language impairments have not yet been fully explored in native arabic speakers with semantic dementia (sd). 2023-11-02 2023-11-08 Not clear
Pei-Yang Gao, Ya-Nan Ou, Hui-Fu Wang, Zhi-Bo Wang, Yan Fu, Xiao-Yu He, Ya-Hui Ma, Jian-Feng Feng, Wei Cheng, Lan Tan, Jin-Tai Y. Associations of liver dysfunction with incident dementia, cognition, and brain structure: A prospective cohort study of 431 699 adults. Journal of neurochemistry. 2023-10-13. PMID:37830502. 431 699 participants with a mean of 8.65 (standard deviation [sd] 2.61) years of follow-up were included from the uk biobank; 5542 all-cause dementia (acd), 2427 alzheimer's disease (ad), and 1282 vascular dementia (vad) cases were documented. 2023-10-13 2023-10-15 human
Alice Y Hua, Ashlin R K Roy, Eena L Kosik, Nathaniel A Morris, Tiffany E Chow, Sladjana Lukic, Maxime Montembeault, Valentina Borghesani, Kyan Younes, Joel H Kramer, William W Seeley, David C Perry, Zachary A Miller, Howard J Rosen, Bruce L Miller, Katherine P Rankin, Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini, Virginia E Stur. Diminished baseline autonomic outflow in semantic dementia relates to left-lateralized insula atrophy. NeuroImage. Clinical. vol 40. 2023-10-11. PMID:37820490. in semantic dementia (sd), asymmetric degeneration of the anterior temporal lobes is associated with loss of semantic knowledge and alterations in socioemotional behavior. 2023-10-11 2023-10-15 human
Zhenxu Xiao, Wanqing Wu, Xiaoxi Ma, Jie Wu, Xiaoniu Liang, Yang Cao, Qianhua Zhao, Ding Din. Olfactory function, neurofilament light chain, and cognitive trajectory: A 12-year follow-up of the Shanghai Aging Study. Alzheimer's & dementia (Amsterdam, Netherlands). vol 15. issue 4. 2023-10-06. PMID:37800096. cognitive decline was ascertained when dementia was diagnosed or documented in the medical record during follow-up, or the mmse declining rate (slope) was 1.0 sd larger than the group mean. 2023-10-06 2023-10-07 human
Jessica Blake, Aidin Aryankhesal, Louise Allan, Clive Ballard, Simon Briscoe, Niall Broomfield, Leanne Green, Andrea Hilton, Jayden van Horik, Mizanur Khondoker, Anne Killett, Alpar Lazar, Rachael Litherland, Gill Livingston, Ian Maidment, Antonieta Medina-Lara, Molly Megson, Joanne Reeve, George Rook, Sion Scott, Lee Shepstone, Geoff Wong, Chris Fo. Understanding primary care diagnosis and management of sleep disturbance for people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment: a realist review. The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners. vol 73. issue suppl 1. 2023-07-21. PMID:37479302. sleep disturbance (sd) is common among people living with dementia (plwd) or mild cognitive impairment (mci). 2023-07-21 2023-08-14 Not clear
Lin Huang, Liang Cui, Keliang Chen, Zaizhu Han, Qihao Gu. Functional and structural network changes related with cognition in semantic dementia longitudinally. Human brain mapping. 2023-05-20. PMID:37209400. longitudinal changes in the white matter/functional brain networks of semantic dementia (sd), as well as their relations with cognition remain unclear. 2023-05-20 2023-08-14 Not clear
Angelo M Jamerlan, Kyu Hwan Shim, Young Chul Youn, Charlotte Teunissen, Seong Soo A An, Philip Scheltens, SangYun Ki. Increased oligomeric TDP-43 in the plasma of Korean frontotemporal dementia patients with semantic dementia. Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association. 2023-05-18. PMID:37200243. semantic dementia (sd) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease associated with impaired vocabulary that progresses to memory impairment. 2023-05-18 2023-08-14 Not clear
Arunima Kapoor, Aimée Gaubert, Belinda Yew, Jung Yun Jang, Shubir Dutt, Yanrong Li, John Paul M Alitin, Amy Nguyen, Jean K Ho, Anna E Blanken, Isabel J Sible, Anisa Marshall, Fatemah Shenasa, Kathleen E Rodgers, Alessandra C Martini, Elizabeth Head, Daniel A Natio. Enlarged perivascular spaces and plasma Aβ42/Aβ40 ratio in older adults without dementia. Neurobiology of aging. vol 128. 2023-05-08. PMID:37156179. independently living older adults (n = 56, mean age = 68.2 years; standard deviation (sd) = 6.5; 30.4% male) free of dementia or clinical stroke were recruited from the community and underwent brain mri and venipuncture. 2023-05-08 2023-08-14 Not clear
Ardi Roelof. Word production and comprehension in frontotemporal degeneration: A neurocognitive computational Pickian account. Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior. vol 163. 2023-04-14. PMID:37058880. individuals with semantic dementia (sd) and behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia (bvftd) present with word retrieval difficulty, while their comprehension is less affected. 2023-04-14 2023-08-14 Not clear
Tamami Shiba, Miyae Yamakawa, Yoshimi Endo, Kenjiro Komori, Kaori Umezaki, Yasushi Takeya, Kazue Shigenobu, Satoshi Tanimuka. Communication-related experiences of individuals in the early phase of semantic dementia and their families: an interview study. Psychogeriatrics : the official journal of the Japanese Psychogeriatric Society. 2023-03-24. PMID:36959368. semantic dementia (sd), a subtype of frontotemporal dementia, manifests as verbal symptoms, including social and behavioural deficits, associated with focal atrophy of the frontotemporal lobes. 2023-03-24 2023-08-14 Not clear
Heidi T M Lai, Kiara Chang, Mansour T A Sharabiani, Jonathan Valabhji, Edward W Gregg, Lefkos Middleton, Azeem Majeed, Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Christopher Millett, Alex Bottle, Eszter P Vamo. Twenty-year trajectories of cardio-metabolic factors among people with type 2 diabetes by dementia status in England: a retrospective cohort study. European journal of epidemiology. 2023-03-04. PMID:36869989. multivariable multilevel piecewise and non-piecewise growth curve models assessed retrospective trajectories of cardio-metabolic factors by dementia status from up to 19 years preceding dementia diagnosis (dementia) or last contact with healthcare (no dementia). 23,546 patients developed dementia; mean (sd) follow-up was 10.0 (5.8) years. 2023-03-04 2023-08-14 Not clear