All Relations between rop and microglial cell

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Huijun Yuan, Shaoyi Chen, Matthew R Duncan, Juan Pablo de Rivero Vaccari, Robert W Keane, W Dalton Dietrich, Tsung-Han Chou, Merline Benny, Augusto F Schmidt, Karen Young, Kevin K Park, Vittorio Porciatti, M Elizabeth Hartnett, Shu W. IC100, a humanized therapeutic monoclonal anti-ASC antibody alleviates oxygen-induced retinopathy in mice. Angiogenesis. 2024-05-06. PMID:38709389. activations of the inflammasome cascade and microglia have been implicated in playing a role in the development of both rop and bpd. 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 mouse
Jin Liu, Jessica Kwan Wun Tsang, Frederic Khe Cheong Fung, Sookja Kim Chung, Zhongjie Fu, Amy Cheuk Yin L. Retinal microglia protect against vascular damage in a mouse model of retinopathy of prematurity. Frontiers in pharmacology. vol 13. 2022-09-05. PMID:36059936. we performed a comprehensive analysis of retinal microglia and retinal vessels in mouse oxygen-induced retinopathy (oir), an animal model of rop. 2022-09-05 2023-08-14 mouse
Satish Patnaik, Meenakshi Rai, Subhadra Jalali, Komal Agarwal, Akshay Badakere, Lavanya Puppala, Sushma Vishwakarma, Divya Balakrishnan, Padmaja K Rani, Ramesh Kekunnaya, Preeti Patil Chhablani, Subhabrata Chakrabarti, Inderjeet Kau. An interplay of microglia and matrix metalloproteinase MMP9 under hypoxic stress regulates the opticin expression in retina. Scientific reports. vol 11. issue 1. 2021-10-29. PMID:33811221. next, we demonstrated that a reduced opticin levels in rop vitreous are regulated by mmps secreted by activated microglia. 2021-10-29 2023-08-13 human
Rong Li, Yao Wang, Pei Chen, Jiamin Meng, Hongbing Zhan. G-protein coupled estrogen receptor activation protects the viability of hyperoxia-treated primary murine retinal microglia by reducing ER stress. Aging. vol 12. issue 17. 2020-10-03. PMID:32920550. in this study, we investigated the effects of g-protein coupled estrogen receptor (gper) activation in the early phase of retinopathy of prematurity (rop) and its association with endoplasmic reticulum (er) stress using primary murine retinal microglia as an experimental model. 2020-10-03 2023-08-13 Not clear