All Relations between rest and insulin

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A Tate Lasher, Liou Y Su. Distinct physiological characteristics and altered glucagon signaling in GHRH knockout mice: Implications for longevity. Aging cell. 2023-09-05. PMID:37667562. our previous research has demonstrated that mice lacking functional growth hormone-releasing hormone (ghrh) exhibit distinct physiological characteristics, including an extended lifespan, a preference for lipid utilization during rest, mild hypoglycemia, and heightened insulin sensitivity. 2023-09-05 2023-09-07 mouse
Duaa Abuarqoub, Sofia Adwan, Rand Zaza, Suha Wehaibi, Nazneen Aslam, Hanan Jafar, Nidal Qinnah, Abdalla Awid. Effective Generation of Functional Pancreatic \\xce\\xb2 Cells from Human-Derived Dental Stem Cells of Apical Papilla and Bone-Marrow-Derived Stem Cells: A Comparative Study. Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland). vol 16. issue 5. 2023-05-27. PMID:37242432. therefore, diabetic patients depend on insulin treatment for the rest of their lives. 2023-05-27 2023-08-14 Not clear
Eiji Yamat. Aberrant expression of Rest4 gene in low-functioning pancreatic beta cell line. Hormone and metabolic research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et metabolisme. 2023-02-09. PMID:36758614. however, rest4, a truncated form of rest, is expressed in high passaged min6 (hp-min6) cells, a pancreatic beta cell line that lost glucose-responsive insulin secretion. 2023-02-09 2023-08-14 Not clear
Tomoki Ab. Timing of Medium-Chain Triglyceride Consumption Modulates Effects in Mice with Obesity Induced by a High-Fat High-Sucrose Diet. Nutrients. vol 14. issue 23. 2022-12-11. PMID:36501131. significant reduction in body weight, white adipose tissue (wat) weight, and adipocyte size in epididymal wat (ewat) and improved insulin sensitivity in mice fed with m-hfhsd during the active but not the rest phase were observed. 2022-12-11 2023-08-14 mouse
Cyranka K, Matejko B, Chrobak Aa, Dudek D, B Kie\\xc4\\x87-Wilk, Cyganek K, Witek P, Lushchyk M, Krzy\\xc5\\xbcowska S, M T Ma\\xc5\\x82ecki, Klupa . Assessment of the spectrum of depression and bipolarity in patients with type 1 diabetes being under regular diabetes care. Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews. 2022-10-21. PMID:36270020. three patients from the whole group were on intensive insulin therapy with multiple daily injections (mdi) and self-monitoring of blood glucose (smbg), all the rest were on various types of personal insulin pumps (years on insulin pump [n] 9.1\xc2\xb14.5). 2022-10-21 2023-08-14 Not clear
Anna Maria Cybulska, Daria Schneider-Matyka, Mateusz Bosiacki, Dariusz Chlubek, Mariusz Panczyk, El\\xc5\\xbcbieta Grochan. The Levels of Bioelements in Postmenopausal Women with Metabolic Syndrome. Nutrients. vol 14. issue 19. 2022-10-14. PMID:36235758. significantly higher fpg, tg, ldl, hba1c, insulin, tg/hdl ratio, and tc/hdl ratio were recorded in the mets group compared to the rest of respondents. 2022-10-14 2023-08-14 Not clear
Darian Keller, Ellen M Hardin, Sai V Nagula, Anthony Roye. Hypertriglyceridemia-Induced Acute Pancreatitis During Pregnancy: A Case Report. Cureus. vol 14. issue 8. 2022-09-26. PMID:36158430. insulin and maternal bowel rest reduced her serum triglyceride levels; however, additional medical therapy including fibrate and statin drugs were initiated to achieve goal levels of triglycerides and improve patient symptoms. 2022-09-26 2023-08-14 Not clear
Adri\\xc3\\xa1n Montes-de-Oca-Garc\\xc3\\xada, Juan Corral-P\\xc3\\xa9rez, Daniel Vel\\xc3\\xa1zquez-D\\xc3\\xadaz, Alejandro Perez-Bey, Mar\\xc3\\xada Rebollo-Ramos, Alberto Mar\\xc3\\xadn-Galindo, F\\xc3\\xa9lix G\\xc3\\xb3mez-Gallego, Maria Calderon-Dominguez, Cristina Casals, Jes\\xc3\\xbas G Ponce-Gonz\\xc3\\xa1le. Influence of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR)-gamma Coactivator (PGC)-1 alpha gene rs8192678 polymorphism by gender on different health-related parameters in healthy young adults. Frontiers in physiology. vol 13. 2022-08-08. PMID:35936915. health-related variables included cardiometabolic risk, anthropometry and body composition, biochemical parameters, insulin sensitivity (quicki and homa-ir indexes), blood pressure (bp) at rest and after exercise, diet, basal metabolism, physical activity, maximal fat oxidation, and cardiorespiratory fitness. 2022-08-08 2023-08-14 Not clear
Zaira Pardo, Isabel Seiquer, Manuel Lachica, Rosa Nieto, Luis Lara, Ignacio Fern\\xc3\\xa1ndez-F\\xc3\\xadgare. Exposure of growing Iberian pigs to heat stress and effects of dietary betaine and zinc on heat tolerance. Journal of thermal biology. vol 106. 2022-05-31. PMID:35636882. insulin, quantitative insulin sensitivity check index, homeostasis model assessment index for estimating insulin resistance percentage and the rest of biochemical parameters were not affected by treatments. 2022-05-31 2023-08-13 Not clear
Millad Ghawil, Fathia Abdulrahman, Ibtisam Hadeed, Milad Doggah, Salem Zarroug, Abdelhadi Habe. Further evidence supporting the role of DUT gene in diabetes with bone marrow failure syndrome. American journal of medical genetics. Part A. 2022-05-25. PMID:35611808. the heterozygous carriers have no bm failure, one developed type 2 diabetes, and the rest have normal fasting glucose, insulin, hba1c, and c-peptide. 2022-05-25 2023-08-13 Not clear
Nicholas Whitticar, Craig Nunemake. Developing an In Vitro Platform to Mimic the Pancreas-Liver Endocrine Axis. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. vol 36 Suppl 1. 2022-05-13. PMID:35553605. insulin is secreted from pancreatic islets in a pulsatile manner due to alternating periods of cellular activity and rest. 2022-05-13 2023-08-13 mouse
Laura \\xc3\\x81lvarez-Jimenez, Alfonso Moreno-Caba\\xc3\\xb1as, Felix Morales-Palomo, Ricardo Mora-Rodrigue. Effects of metabolic syndrome on fuel utilization during exercise on middle-aged moderately trained individuals. Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985). 2022-05-05. PMID:35511719. at rest, fasting plasma triglycerides (tg), blood glucose and insulin were higher in mets than in healthy-young (38%, 42% and 85%, respectively; all p<0.05). 2022-05-05 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jean L Fry, Brooke D Munson, Katherine L Thompson, Christopher S Fry, Douglas Paddon-Jones, Emily J Arentson-Lant. The T allele of TCF7L2 rs7903146 is associated with decreased glucose tolerance after bed rest in healthy older adults. Scientific reports. vol 12. issue 1. 2022-04-28. PMID:35477971. bed rest increased 2-h ogtt blood glucose and insulin independent of genetic variant. 2022-04-28 2023-08-13 human
Neil J McMillan, Rogerio N Soares, Jennifer L Harper, Brian Shariffi, Alfonso Moreno-Caba\\xc3\\xb1as, Timothy B Curry, Camila Manrique-Acevedo, Jaume Padilla, Jacqueline K Limber. Role of the arterial baroreflex in the sympathetic response to hyperinsulinemia in adult humans. American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism. vol 322. issue 4. 2022-04-08. PMID:35187960. in 33 young healthy adults (28 m/5f), msna (microneurography) and arterial blood pressure (bp, finometer/brachial catheter) were measured, and total peripheral resistance (tpr, modelflow) and baroreflex sensitivity were calculated at rest and during intravenous infusion of insulin ( 2022-04-08 2023-08-16 Not clear
Ana Gutierrez Alvarez, Naomi Yachelevich, Brenda Kohn, Preneet Cheema Bra. Genotype - phenotype correlation in an adolescent girl with pathogenic PPARy genetic variation that caused severe hypertriglyceridemia and early onset type 2 diabetes. Annals of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism. vol 26. issue 4. 2022-01-07. PMID:34991302. her treatment management included bowel rest, insulin infusion, and plasmapheresis. 2022-01-07 2023-08-13 Not clear
Hiroshi Tajima, Hiroo Matsuse, Ryuki Hashida, Takeshi Nago, Masafumi Bekki, Sohei Iwanaga, Eriko Higashi, Naoto Shib. Electrically stimulated eccentric contraction during non-weight bearing knee bending exercise in the supine position increases oxygen uptake: A randomized, controlled, exploratory crossover trial. PloS one. vol 16. issue 11. 2021-11-21. PMID:34793521. it is well known that prolonged bed rest induces muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, cardiovascular deconditioning, bone loss, a loss of functional capacity, and the development of insulin resistance. 2021-11-21 2023-08-13 human
Lisa Oest, Michael Roden, Karsten M\\xc3\\xbcssi. Comparison of patient characteristics between East Asian and non-East Asian patients with insulin autoimmune syndrome. Clinical endocrinology. 2021-11-15. PMID:34778997. insulin autoimmune syndrome (ias) is the third most common cause of spontaneous hypoglycaemia in japan but very rare in the rest of the world. 2021-11-15 2023-08-13 Not clear
Ana Gutierrez Alvarez, Naomi Yachelevich, Brenda Kohn, Preneet Cheema Bra. Genotype - phenotype correlation in an adolescent girl with pathogenic variant in PPAR\\xc6\\xb4 gene causing severe hypertriglyceridemia and early onset type 2 diabetes. Annals of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism. 2021-10-20. PMID:34670072. she was managed with bowel rest, insulin infusion, and plasmapheresis. 2021-10-20 2023-08-13 Not clear
Bastian Gaus, Dennis Br\\xc3\\xbcning, Kathrin Hatlapatka, Ingo Rustenbec. Changes in granule mobility and age contribute to changes in insulin secretion after desensitization or rest. BMJ open diabetes research & care. vol 9. issue 1. 2021-10-12. PMID:34620619. changes in granule mobility and age contribute to changes in insulin secretion after desensitization or rest. 2021-10-12 2023-08-13 Not clear
Benjamin H Colpitts, Ken Seaman, Ashley L Eadie, Keith R Brunt, Danielle R Bouchard, Martin S\\xc3\\xa9n\\xc3\\xa9cha. Effects of sprint interval training on substrate oxidation in adults living with and without obesity: The i-FLEX study. Physiological reports. vol 9. issue 11. 2021-10-04. PMID:34110721. the primary objective was to investigate changes in substrate oxidation at rest and during submaximal exercise, and in insulin sensitivity after 4\xc2\xa0weeks of sit in individuals living with or without obesity. 2021-10-04 2023-08-13 Not clear