All Relations between il1b and tnfa

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
B Haridevamuthu, Raghul Murugan, Boopathi Seenivasan, Ramu Meenatchi, Raman Pachaiappan, Bader O Almutairi, Selvaraj Arokiyaraj, Kathiravan M K, Jesu Arockiara. Synthetic azo-dye, Tartrazine induces neurodevelopmental toxicity via mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in zebrafish embryos. Journal of hazardous materials. vol 461. 2023-09-23. PMID:37741213. gene expression analyses revealed broad disruptions in genes associated with antioxidant defense (sod1, cat, and gstp1), mitochondrial dysfunction (mfn2, opa1, and fis1),evoked inflammatory response (nfkb, tnfa, and il1b), apoptosis activation (bcl2, bax, and p53), and neural development (bdnf, mbp, and syn2a). 2023-09-23 2023-10-07 human
Mirai Yamazaki, Hiroya Yamada, Eiji Munetsuna, Yoshitaka Ando, Itsuki Kageyama, Nao Sadamoto, Yuki Nouchi, Atsushi Teshigawara, Genki Mizuno, Hiroaki Ishikawa, Koji Suzuki, Shuji Hashimoto, Koji Ohash. Interaction between Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure to High-Fructose Corn Syrup Increases Gene Expression of Tnfa in Hippocampus of Offspring. Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology. vol 69. issue 4. 2023-08-30. PMID:37648509. the synergistic effect of maternal and post-weaning hfcs intake on the hippocampus was investigated by studying the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokine genes (tnfa, il1b, and il6). 2023-08-30 2023-09-07 rat
Yi Chung, Jia-Ling Wu, Wen-Ching Huan. Effects of prebiotics on intestinal physiology, neuropsychological function, and exercise capacity of mice with sleep deprivation. Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.). vol 165. 2023-03-04. PMID:36869551. results showed that sleep deprivation caused intestinal inflammation (increased tnfa and il1b) and decreased intestinal permeability with a significant decrease in the tight junction genes (ocln, cldn1, tjp1, and tjp2) of intestine and brain. 2023-03-04 2023-08-14 mouse
Mikko Gynther, Mariana Leal Estrada, Sanna Loppi, Paula Korhonen, Katja M Kanninen, Tarja Malm, Jari Koistinaho, Seppo Auriola, Gert Fricker, Elena Puri. Increased Expression and Activity of Brain Cortical cPLA2 Due to Chronic Lipopolysaccharide Administration in Mouse Model of Familial Alzheimer's Disease. Pharmaceutics. vol 14. issue 11. 2022-11-11. PMID:36365256. the gene expressions of inflammation markers il1b and tnfa were significantly elevated in the cortex of both apde9 groups compared to the wild-type groups. 2022-11-11 2023-08-14 mouse
Kexin Jia, Jianzhi Wu, Yijie Li, Jia Liu, Runping Liu, Yajie Cai, Yinhao Zhang, Xiaojiaoyang L. A novel pulmonary fibrosis murine model with immune-related liver injury. Animal models and experimental medicine. 2022-08-08. PMID:35934841. this mouse model successfully recapitulated the clinical features of ae-ipf, including excessive intrapulmonary inflammation and fibrosis and extrapulmonary manifestations, as indicated by significant upregulation of il6, tnfa, il1b, tgfb, fibronectin, and col1a1 in both lungs and liver and elevated serum aspartate transaminase and alanine transaminase levels. 2022-08-08 2023-08-14 mouse
Tim Schauer, Anne-Sophie Mazzoni, Anna Henriksson, Ingrid Demmelmaier, Sveinung Berntsen, Truls Raastad, Karin Nordin, Bente K Pedersen, Jesper F Christense. Exercise intensity and markers of inflammation during and after (neo-) adjuvant cancer treatment. Endocrine-related cancer. vol 28. issue 3. 2021-12-03. PMID:33608485. plasma taken at baseline, immediately post-treatment and post-intervention was analyzed for levels of interleukin 1 beta (il1b), il6, il8, il10, tumor-necrosis factor alpha (tnfa) and c-reactive protein (crp). 2021-12-03 2023-08-13 human
Wiktoria Ratajczak, Sarah D Atkinson, Catriona Kell. A20 controls expression of beta-cell regulatory genes and transcription factors. Journal of molecular endocrinology. vol 67. issue 4. 2021-10-19. PMID:34463643. glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and production of inflammatory cytokines (tnfa, il1b and ifng) were measured by elisa. 2021-10-19 2023-08-13 human
Sanni Hansen, Nina D Otten, Karin Birch, Kerstin Skovgaard, Charlotte Hopster-Iversen, Julie Fjeldbor. Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytokine, cytology and IgE allergen in horses with equine asthma. Veterinary immunology and immunopathology. vol 220. 2020-09-30. PMID:31786444. the expression of messenger rna (mrna) coding for il4, il5, il8, il10, tgfb, tnfa, toll-like receptor (tlr)4, il1ra, il1b, matrix metalloproteinase 8 (mmp8), tlr9, chemokine ligand 5 (ccl5) and cluster of differentiation (cd)14 in balf were measured using reverse transcriptase (rt) quantitative pcr (qpcr). 2020-09-30 2023-08-13 Not clear
Hirawati Deval, Kalichamy Alagarasu, Mahima Mittal, Neha Srivastava, Rupali Bachal, Aniket Gondhalekar, Urmila Chaudhary, Deepika Chowdhary, Vijay P Bondr. Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in TNFA and CCR5 genes with Japanese Encephalitis: A study from an endemic region of North India. Journal of neuroimmunology. vol 336. 2020-06-17. PMID:31479868. tnfa, il1b, hmgb1, il10, cxcl8, ccl2 and ccr5 gene polymorphisms were investigated in 183 japanese encephalitis (je) cases and 361 healthy controls from north india. 2020-06-17 2023-08-13 Not clear
Md Abdul Masum, Osamu Ichii, Yaser Hosny Ali Elewa, Teppei Nakamura, Yuki Otani, Marina Hosotani, Yasuhiro Ko. Overexpression of toll-like receptor 9 correlates with podocyte injury in a murine model of autoimmune membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis. Autoimmunity. vol 51. issue 8. 2019-10-25. PMID:30592438. relative mrna expression of tlr9 and its downstream cytokines, including interleukin 1 beta (il1b), il6, interferon gamma (ifng) and tumour necrosis factor alpha (tnfa) was markedly increased in glomeruli isolated from yaa mice. 2019-10-25 2023-08-13 mouse
Federica Frigerio, Giulia Pasqualini, Ilaria Craparotta, Sergio Marchini, Erwin A van Vliet, Patrick Foerch, Catherine Vandenplas, Karin Leclercq, Eleonora Aronica, Luca Porcu, Kimberly Pistorius, Romain A Colas, Trond V Hansen, Mauro Perretti, Rafal M Kaminski, Jesmond Dalli, Annamaria Vezzan. n-3 Docosapentaenoic acid-derived protectin D1 promotes resolution of neuroinflammation and arrests epileptogenesis. Brain : a journal of neurology. vol 141. issue 11. 2019-07-15. PMID:30307467. of note, intracerebroventricular injection of this mediator during epileptogenesis in mice dose-dependently reduced the hippocampal expression of both il1b and tnfa mrnas. 2019-07-15 2023-08-13 mouse
Flora Reverchon, Stéphane Mortaud, Maëliss Sivoyon, Isabelle Maillet, Anthony Laugeray, Jennifer Palomo, Céline Montécot, Améziane Herzine, Sandra Meme, William Meme, François Erard, Bernhard Ryffel, Arnaud Menuet, Valérie F J Quesniau. IL-33 receptor ST2 regulates the cognitive impairments associated with experimental cerebral malaria. PLoS pathogens. vol 13. issue 4. 2017-08-01. PMID:28448579. pba-induced neuroinflammation was reduced in st2-deficient mice with low ifng, tnfa, il1b, il6, cxcl9, cxcl10 and cd8a expression, associated with an absence of neurogenesis defects in hippocampus. 2017-08-01 2023-08-13 mouse
Andrew D Kraft, Christopher A McPherson, G Jean Harr. Association Between Microglia, Inflammatory Factors, and Complement with Loss of Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Synapses Induced by Trimethyltin. Neurotoxicity research. vol 30. issue 1. 2017-06-26. PMID:26892644. neuronal apoptosis was accompanied by amoeboid microglia and elevations in tumor necrosis factor [tnfa], interleukin 1β [il1b], and il6 mrna and c1q protein. 2017-06-26 2023-08-13 mouse
Yi Wang, Jiao-Jiao Zhang, Wei-Rong Yang, Hong-Yan Luo, Jia-Hua Zhang, Xian-Zhong Wan. Lipopolysaccharide-induced expression of FAS ligand in cultured immature boar sertoli cells through the regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and miR-187. Molecular reproduction and development. vol 82. issue 11. 2016-10-27. PMID:26256020. in this study, lps reduced the viability of cultured, immature boar sertoli cells in a time- and dose-dependent manner; enhanced the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines including tumor necrosis factor α (tnfa), interleukin-1β (il1b), nitric oxide (no), and transforming growth factor-β (tgfb); and increased the expression of faslg in a dose-dependent manner. 2016-10-27 2023-08-13 Not clear
Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar, Mohsen Khalili, Rudabeh Rufchaei, Mojtaba Raeisi, Marzieh Attar, Héctor Cordero, M Ángeles Esteba. Effects of date palm fruit extracts on skin mucosal immunity, immune related genes expression and growth performance of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fry. Fish & shellfish immunology. vol 47. issue 2. 2016-09-08. PMID:26439417. at the end of feeding trial (8 weeks) skin mucus immune parameters (total immunoglobulins, lysozyme, protease and alkaline phosphatase activity) and immune related gene expression (tumor necrosis factor α [tnfa], lysozyme [ly] and interleukin-1-beta, [il1b]) in the head-kidney were studied. 2016-09-08 2023-08-13 Not clear
Darius Saberi, Bastian Ott, Carolin Dahlke, Veronika Matschke, Thomas Schmitt-John, Carsten Theis. The Spatiotemporal Pattern of Degeneration in the Cerebellum of the Wobbler Mouse. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology. vol 75. issue 4. 2016-07-21. PMID:26945034. we did not identify evidence of neuron cell death, but we observed an inflammatory response detected by il1b and tnfa expression by quantitative pcr, increased activated microglia and astrocytosis by immunohistochemistry, and ultrastructural abnormalities in the cerebella of wobbler mice at late stages. 2016-07-21 2023-08-13 mouse
Santosh Gowda, David A Weinstein, Timothy D Blalock, Kavita Gandhi, Bruce A Mast, Gloria Chin, Gregory S Schult. Topical application of recombinant platelet-derived growth factor increases the rate of healing and the level of proteins that regulate this response. International wound journal. vol 12. issue 5. 2016-07-07. PMID:24118782. levels of tumour necrosis factor-alpha (tnfa), interleukin 1-beta (il1b) and both the latent and active forms of matrix metalloproteinase 2 (mmp2) and 9 (mmp9) were measured. 2016-07-07 2023-08-12 rat
Kirsten A Kulcsar, Victoria K Baxter, Rachy Abraham, Ashley Nelson, Diane E Griffi. Distinct Immune Responses in Resistant and Susceptible Strains of Mice during Neurovirulent Alphavirus Encephalomyelitis. Journal of virology. vol 89. issue 16. 2016-01-14. PMID:26041298. b6 mice had more infiltration of inflammatory cells and higher levels of il1b, il-6, tnfa, csf2, and ccl2 mrnas and interleukin-6 (il-6), tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-α), ifn-γ, and c-c motif ligand 2 (ccl2) protein in brains than bc mice. 2016-01-14 2023-08-13 mouse
Pardes Habib, Alexander Slowik, Adib Zendedel, Sonja Johann, Jon Dang, Cordian Beye. Regulation of hypoxia-induced inflammatory responses and M1-M2 phenotype switch of primary rat microglia by sex steroids. Journal of molecular neuroscience : MN. vol 52. issue 2. 2014-10-06. PMID:24163150. the induction of tnfa and il1b was counteracted by p. hypoxia shifted the primary microglia to the pro-inflammatory m1 phenotype. 2014-10-06 2023-08-12 rat
Erin A Dannecker, Ying Liu, R Scott Rector, Tom R Thomas, Stephen P Sayers, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, Bimal K Ra. The effect of fasting on indicators of muscle damage. Experimental gerontology. vol 48. issue 10. 2014-03-11. PMID:23266375. measures of muscle pain, resting elbow extension, upper arm girth, isometric strength, myoglobin (mb), total nitric oxide (no), interleukin 1beta (il1b), and tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnfa) were collected before and after eccentric contractions of the non-dominant elbow flexors were completed. 2014-03-11 2023-08-12 human