All Relations between hb and rhombencephalon

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
José Luis Ferran, Luis Puelle. Atypical Course of the Habenulo-Interpeduncular Tract in Chick Embryos. The Journal of comparative neurology. vol 532. issue 7. 2024-07-04. PMID:38961604. it typically emerges out of the caudal hb, courses dorsoventrally across thalamic alar and basal plates just in front of the thalamo-pretectal boundary, and then sharply bends 90° caudalwards at paramedian basal plate levels (this is the "retroflexion"), to approach longitudinally via paramedian pretectum and midbrain the rostralmost hindbrain, specifically the prepontine median interpeduncular complex across isthmus and rhombomere 1. 2024-07-04 2024-07-10 chicken
Carmel Hutchings, Yarden Nuriel, Daniel Lazar, Ayelet Kohl, Elizabeth Muir, Olga Genin, Yuval Cinnamon, Hadar Benyamini, Yuval Nevo, Dalit Sela-Donenfel. Hindbrain boundaries as niches of neural progenitor/stem cells regulated by the extracellular matrix proteoglycan chondroitin sulphate. Development (Cambridge, England). 2024-01-22. PMID:38251863. the hindbrain is valuable to examine this relationship, as cells in the ventricular surface of hindbrain boundaries (hb), which arise between any two neighboring rhombomeres, express the npsc-marker sox2 while being surrounded with the membrane-bound ecm molecule chondroitin sulphate proteoglycan (cspg), in chick and mouse embryos. 2024-01-22 2024-01-24 mouse
Sifan Chen, Xiaoyu Sun, Yizhe Zhang, Yu Mu, Diansan S. Habenula bibliometrics: Thematic development and research fronts of a resurgent field. Frontiers in integrative neuroscience. vol 16. 2022-08-22. PMID:35990593. the high intrinsic heterogeneity of the hb, extensive connectivity with both hindbrain and forebrain structures, and emerging associations with all three dimensions of mental disorders (internalizing, externalizing, and psychosis) suggest that the hb may be the neuronal substrate for a common psychopathology factor shared by all mental illnesses termed the p factor. 2022-08-22 2023-08-14 zebrafish
Lee-Ming Kow, Hagar Kandel, Murat Kilinc, Martin A Daniels, Ana M Magarinos, Caroline S Jiang, Donald W Pfaf. Potassium channels and the development of arousal-relevant action potential trains in primary hindbrain neurons. Brain research. vol 1768. 2021-12-09. PMID:34274325. first, primary cultured neurons isolated from e12.5 embryonic hindbrain (hb), a dissection which contains all of ngc, were used to take advantage of studying neurons in vitro over using neurons in situ or in brain slices. 2021-12-09 2023-08-13 mouse
Bodhisattwa Banerjee, Debaprasad Koner, David Karasik, Nirmalendu Sah. Genome-wide identification of novel long non-coding RNAs and their possible roles in hypoxic zebrafish brain. Genomics. vol 113. issue 1 Pt 1. 2021-09-14. PMID:33264657. from the rna-seq in the forebrain (fb), midbrain (mb), and hindbrain (hb) regions of hypoxic and normoxic zebrafish, we identified novel lncrnas, whose potential cis targets showed involvement in neuronal development and differentiation pathways. 2021-09-14 2023-08-13 zebrafish
Martin Metzger, Rudieri Souza, Leandro B Lima, Debora Bueno, Luciano Gonçalves, Chemutai Sego, Jose Donato, Sara J Shammah-Lagnad. Habenular connections with the dopaminergic and serotonergic system and their role in stress-related psychiatric disorders. The European journal of neuroscience. vol 53. issue 1. 2021-06-28. PMID:31833616. anatomically, the hb serves as a bridge that links basal forebrain structures with monoaminergic nuclei in the mid- and hindbrain. 2021-06-28 2023-08-13 Not clear
Li Wang, Zhijian Zhang, Jiacheng Chen, Anne Manyande, Rafi Haddad, Qing Liu, Fuqiang X. Cell-Type-Specific Whole-Brain Direct Inputs to the Anterior and Posterior Piriform Cortex. Frontiers in neural circuits. vol 14. 2021-06-10. PMID:32116571. we found that for both types of neurons, apc and ppc share some similarities in input networks, with dominant inputs originating from the olfactory region (olf), followed by the cortical subplate (ctxsp), isocortex, cerebral nuclei (cnu), hippocampal formation (hpf) and interbrain (ib), whereas the midbrain (mb) and hindbrain (hb) were rarely labeled. 2021-06-10 2023-08-13 Not clear
Alexandra B Bentz, Douglas B Rusch, Aaron Buechlein, Kimberly A Rosval. The neurogenomic transition from territory establishment to parenting in a territorial female songbird. BMC genomics. vol 20. issue 1. 2020-03-17. PMID:31699031. here, we use rna-seq to explore neural plasticity in three behaviorally relevant neural tissues (ventromedial telencephalon [vmt], hypothalamus [hypo], and hindbrain [hb]), comparing free-living female tree swallows (tachycineta bicolor) as they shift from territory establishment to incubation. 2020-03-17 2023-08-13 Not clear
Rahul C Bhoyar, Arun G Jadhao, Sridhar Sivasubbu, A R Singh, Ankit Sabharwal, Nikhil V Palande, Saikat Biswa. Neuroanatomical demonstration of calbindin 2a- and calbindin 2b-like calcium binding proteins in the early embryonic development of zebrafish: mRNA study. International journal of developmental neuroscience : the official journal of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience. vol 60. 2018-03-19. PMID:28396290. we have seen very high calb2a mrna expression in the tegmentum (tg), midbrain-hindbrain boundary (mhb), hindbrain (hb), spinal cord (sc), retina and cranial ganglion (crg). 2018-03-19 2023-08-13 zebrafish
Z Leibovitz, C Shkolnik, K Krajden Haratz, G Malinger, I Shapiro, T Lerman-Sagi. Assessment of fetal midbrain and hindbrain in mid-sagittal cranial plane by three-dimensional multiplanar sonography. Part 1: comparison of new and established nomograms. Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. vol 44. issue 5. 2015-06-29. PMID:24448830. to construct nomograms for fetal midbrain (mb) and hindbrain (hb) dimensions, assessed in the mid-sagittal cranial plane by three-dimensional multiplanar sonographic reconstruction (3d-mpr). 2015-06-29 2023-08-12 Not clear
Z Leibovitz, C Shkolnik, K Krajden Haratz, G Malinger, I Shapiro, T Lerman-Sagi. Assessment of fetal midbrain and hindbrain in mid-sagittal cranial plane by three-dimensional multiplanar sonography. Part 2: application of nomograms to fetuses with posterior fossa malformations. Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. vol 44. issue 5. 2015-06-29. PMID:24478245. to apply fetal midbrain (mb) and hindbrain (hb) nomograms, developed using three-dimensional multiplanar sonographic reconstruction (3d-mpr) in the mid-sagittal cranial plane, to fetuses with known posterior fossa malformations. 2015-06-29 2023-08-12 Not clear
A James Barkovic. Developmental disorders of the midbrain and hindbrain. Frontiers in neuroanatomy. vol 6. 2012-10-02. PMID:22408608. malformations of the midbrain (mb) and hindbrain (hb) have become topics of considerable interest in the neurology and neuroscience literature in recent years. 2012-10-02 2023-08-12 Not clear
Mark Zervas, Sandra Blaess, Alexandra L Joyne. Classical embryological studies and modern genetic analysis of midbrain and cerebellum development. Current topics in developmental biology. vol 69. 2009-09-22. PMID:16243598. the brain can be divided into three primary broad regions: the forebrain, midbrain (mb), and hindbrain (hb), each of which contain further subdivisions. 2009-09-22 2023-08-12 mouse