All Relations between gall and adrenal gland

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Erica Eggers Carroll, Amit Kumar, Pedro Romao, Catherine L Ross, Wendy Henderson, Alok K Sharm. Spontaneous histopathology in New Zealand White rabbits: ten years of control data. Journal of toxicologic pathology. vol 37. issue 3. 2024-07-04. PMID:38962260. also noted were degeneration/necrosis in the myocardium, and intramuscular injection sites of the skin, degeneration/regeneration of muscle and diaphragm, ectopic tissue in the pancreas and thyroid, basophilic foci in salivary gland, increased/decreased vacuolation in adrenal gland, increased/decreased lymphocytic cellularity of lymph nodes, intrasinusoidal erythrocytes in lymph nodes, thymic atrophy, increased adipocytes in bone marrow, inflammatory cell foci in the liver and gall bladder, lacrimal gland atrophy, renal tubule basophilia, degeneration/regeneration, and dilatation; oviduct cyst; in the testis, degeneration/atrophy, cellular debris, dilatation, decreased sperm and segmental hypoplasia of seminiferous tubules; and squamous metaplasia of the testis and seminal vesicle. 2024-07-04 2024-07-10 Not clear
Thiago R Müller, Raquel S Marcelino, Livia P de Souza, Carlos R Teixeira, Maria J Mampri. Ultrasonographic anatomy of the healthy southern tigrina ( Leopardus guttulus) abdomen: comparison with domestic cat references. Journal of feline medicine and surgery. vol 19. issue 2. 2017-07-31. PMID:26620650. methods eighteen clinically healthy tigrina were selected for abdominal ultrasound examination, in order to obtain normal parameters of the bladder, spleen, adrenal gland, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, liver and gall bladder, and doppler parameters of liver and kidney vessels. 2017-07-31 2023-08-13 cat
Wilson Yau, Daniel R Riss. Cholecystic adenocarcinoma and pancreatic insulinomas in a goat. Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc. vol 26. issue 6. 2015-09-11. PMID:25274741. a metastatic focus from the gall bladder neoplasm was observed infiltrating the right adrenal gland medulla. 2015-09-11 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jian Xie, Yuan Yang, Jianbo Li, Jing Hou, Kun Xia, Weihong Song, Shengchun Li. Expression of tmp21 in normal adult human tissues. International journal of clinical and experimental medicine. vol 7. issue 9. 2014-10-30. PMID:25356171. it was shown that the expression of tmp21 is at high levels in heart, liver, lung, kidney and adrenal gland; moderate levels in brain, pancreas, prostate gland, testicle, small intestine, colon, stomach, gall bladder, thyroid gland and trachea; low levels in skeletal muscle, skin and lymphonodus. 2014-10-30 2023-08-13 human
A S Tuladhar, R C Adhikari, S Shrestha, S K Sharma, S Pradhan, A Shrestha, A Giri Tuladha. Role of USG guided FNAC in diagnosis of abdominal and thoracic lesions. Nepal Medical College journal : NMCJ. vol 14. issue 4. 2014-04-03. PMID:24579532. these included liver, lungs, intra-abdominal lymphnodes, gall bladder, ovary and adnexa, pancreas, stomach, omentum, other mass of unknown origin in peritoneal cavity, mediastinum, kidney, colon, small intestine, pleura, appendix and adrenal gland. 2014-04-03 2023-08-12 Not clear
Tadashi Terada, Hirotoshi Maru. Unusual extrahepatic metastatic sites from hepatocellular carcinoma. International journal of clinical and experimental pathology. vol 6. issue 5. 2013-11-27. PMID:23638212. unusual extrahepatic metastatic sites in the autopsy series were abdominal regional lymph nodes (n=6), bones (n=5), diaphragma (n=2), pancreas (n=2), gall bladder (n=1), stomach (n=1), colon (n=1), adrenal gland (n=1), pleura (n=1), peritoneum (n=1), cervical lymph nodes (n=1), and shoulder soft tissue (n=1). 2013-11-27 2023-08-12 Not clear
Min-Su Lee, Ah-Ra Lee, Mi-Ae Jung, In-Hye Lee, Ji-Hye Choi, Hyun-Woo Chung, Soon-Wuk Jeong, Sang-Soep Nahm, Ki-Dong Eo. Characterization of physiologic 18F-FDG uptake with PET-CT in dogs. Veterinary radiology & ultrasound : the official journal of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and the International Veterinary Radiology Association. vol 51. issue 6. 2011-02-17. PMID:21158245. mean and maximum suv values of the eye, skeletal muscle, bone tissue, spleen, adrenal gland, stomach, tongue, gall bladder, and lung were similar to or lower than that of the aortic blood pool. 2011-02-17 2023-08-12 Not clear
E Dahl, F Wiesmann, M Woenckhaus, R Stoehr, P J Wild, J Veeck, R Knüchel, E Klopocki, G Sauter, R Simon, W F Wieland, B Walter, S Denzinger, A Hartmann, C G Hammerschmie. Frequent loss of SFRP1 expression in multiple human solid tumours: association with aberrant promoter methylation in renal cell carcinoma. Oncogene. vol 26. issue 38. 2007-09-28. PMID:17353908. we defined nine novel tumour entities with apparent loss of sfrp1 expression, i.e., cancers of the kidney, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, parathyroid, adrenal gland, gall bladder, endometrium and testis. 2007-09-28 2023-08-12 mouse
Jodi S Matheson, Robert T O'Brien, Fern Delane. Tissue harmonic ultrasound for imaging normal abdominal organs in dogs and cats. Veterinary radiology & ultrasound : the official journal of the American College of Veterinary Radiology and the International Veterinary Radiology Association. vol 44. issue 2. 2003-06-16. PMID:12718357. significant improvement by tissue harmonic ultrasound was seen in images of gall bladder (p = .05) and left adrenal gland (p = .02) in dogs, and spleen, urinary bladder, and intestinal images (p = .01) in cats. 2003-06-16 2023-08-12 Not clear
H Kuper, P Boffetta, H-O Adam. Tobacco use and cancer causation: association by tumour type. Journal of internal medicine. vol 252. issue 3. 2002-10-03. PMID:12270001. there are some data suggesting that tobacco use increases the risk for myeloid leukaemia, squamous cell sinonasal cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer after an extended latency, childhood cancers and cancer of the gall bladder, adrenal gland and small intestine. 2002-10-03 2023-08-12 Not clear
Sharmilee Gnanapavan, Blerina Kola, Stephen A Bustin, Damian G Morris, Patrick McGee, Peter Fairclough, Satya Bhattacharya, Robert Carpenter, Ashley B Grossman, Márta Korbonit. The tissue distribution of the mRNA of ghrelin and subtypes of its receptor, GHS-R, in humans. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. vol 87. issue 6. 2002-07-03. PMID:12050285. in contrast, ghrelin was found in the stomach, other parts of the gut and, indeed, in all the tissues studied (adrenal gland, atrium, breast, buccal mucosa, esophagus, fallopian tube, fat tissue, gall bladder, human lymphocytes, ileum, kidney, left colon, liver, lung, lymph node, muscle, muscle, myocardium, ovary, pancreas, pituitary, placenta, prostate, right colon, skin, spleen, testis, thyroid, and vein). 2002-07-03 2023-08-12 human
T J Tucker, H E Smuts, C Eedes, G D Knobel, P Eickhaus, S C Robson, R E Kirsc. Evidence that the GBV-C/hepatitis G virus is primarily a lymphotropic virus. Journal of medical virology. vol 61. issue 1. 2000-07-24. PMID:10745232. no negative strand rna was detected in the following: brain, muscle, heart, thyroid, salivary gland, tonsil, lung, lymph nodes, gall bladder, pancreas, oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, large bowel, adrenal gland, gonad, aorta, skin and cartilage. 2000-07-24 2023-08-12 human
N Yamazaki, A Yamamoto, T Wada, M Ishikaw. Dacarbazine, nimustine hydrochloride, cisplatin and tamoxifen combination chemotherapy for advanced malignant melanoma. The Journal of dermatology. vol 26. issue 8. 1999-10-07. PMID:10487002. the patients characteristics were as follows: four were males and six females; the age range was 33-70 years; all were japanese; sites of primary disease: extremities 4, primary unknown 3, nasal cavity 1, anus 1, scalp 1; sites of metastases: lymph nodes 6, pulmonary system 5, skin 2, liver 3, gall bladder 1, adrenal gland 1. 1999-10-07 2023-08-12 Not clear
C H Frith, M Chandr. Incidence, distribution, and morphology of amyloidosis in Charles Rivers CD-1 mice. Toxicologic pathology. vol 19. issue 2. 1992-02-25. PMID:1771365. in animals sacrificed at 12 months, amyloid was also present in the adrenal gland, gall bladder, heart, ileum, kidney, pancreas, parathyroid, spleen, glandular stomach, testis, and thyroid. 1992-02-25 2023-08-11 mouse
V F Pang, R M Lorenzana, V R Beasley, W B Buck, W M Hasche. Experimental T-2 toxicosis in swine. III. Morphologic changes following intravascular administration of T-2 toxin. Fundamental and applied toxicology : official journal of the Society of Toxicology. vol 8. issue 3. 1987-06-10. PMID:3569701. gross lesions in the t-2-treated pigs consisted of edema, congestion, and hemorrhage of the lymph nodes and pancreas; congestion and hemorrhage of the gastrointestinal mucosa, subendocardium, adrenal gland, and meninges; and edema of the gall bladder. 1987-06-10 2023-08-11 Not clear
M M Saleem, Y Y Al-Tamer, L Skursky, Z Al-Habba. Alcohol dehydrogenase activity in the human tissues. Biochemical medicine. vol 31. issue 1. 1984-08-13. PMID:6378190. adh activities were detected in tissues which have not been tested yet, e.g., thyroid gland, adrenal gland, fat tissue, skin tissue, peritoneal membrane, breast tissue, duodenum, and gall bladder. 1984-08-13 2023-08-12 human