All Relations between erbb2 and her2

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Catrin Heim, Leonie Hartig, Nadine Weinelt, Laura M Moser, Emilia Salzmann-Manrique, Michael Merker, Winfried S Wels, Torsten Tonn, Peter Bader, Jan-Henning Klusmann, Sjoerd J L van Wijk, Eva Rettinge. Bortezomib promotes the TRAIL-mediated killing of resistant rhabdomyosarcoma by ErbB2/Her2-targeted CAR-NK-92 cells via DR5 upregulation. Molecular therapy. Oncology. vol 32. issue 2. 2024-05-06. PMID:38706988. chimeric antigen receptor (car)-based immunotherapies, such as the erbb2 (her2)-car-engineered natural killer (nk) cell line nk-92/5.28.z, provide antitumor cytotoxicity primarily through car-mediated cytotoxic granule release and thereafter-even in cases with low surface antigen expression or tumor escape-by triggering intrinsic nk cell-mediated apoptosis induction via additional ligand/receptors. 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 Not clear
YingHui Wang, Louise Pinet, Nadine Assrir, Latifa Elantak, Françoise Guerlesquin, Ali Badache, Ewen Lescop, Carine van Heijenoor. Biomolecular NMR assignments. vol 12. issue 1. 2019-05-31. PMID:28905237. erbb2 (or her2) is a receptor tyrosine kinase that is involved in signaling pathways controlling cell division, motility and apoptosis. 2019-05-31 2023-08-13 Not clear
Sara Lahsaee, Dale P Corkery, Livia E Anthes, Alice Holly, Graham Dellair. Estrogen receptor alpha (ESR1)-signaling regulates the expression of the taxane-response biomarker PRP4K. Experimental cell research. vol 340. issue 1. 2016-06-22. PMID:26712520. breast cancer treatments are chosen based on hormone and growth factor receptor status, with her2 (erbb2) positive breast cancer patients receiving anti-her2 agents and taxanes and estrogen receptor alpha (esr1) positive (er+) breast cancer patients receiving anti-estrogen therapies such as tamoxifen. 2016-06-22 2023-08-13 mouse
Ariella B Hanker, Adam D Pfefferle, Justin M Balko, María Gabriela Kuba, Christian D Young, Violeta Sánchez, Cammie R Sutton, Hailing Cheng, Charles M Perou, Jean J Zhao, Rebecca S Cook, Carlos L Arteag. Mutant PIK3CA accelerates HER2-driven transgenic mammary tumors and induces resistance to combinations of anti-HER2 therapies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. vol 110. issue 35. 2013-11-22. PMID:23940356. human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (her2; erbb2) amplification and phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase, catalytic subunit alpha (pik3ca) mutations often co-occur in breast cancer. 2013-11-22 2023-08-12 mouse
Shin-ichiro Kiyose, Kiyoko Nagura, Hong Tao, Hisaki Igarashi, Hidetaka Yamada, Masanori Goto, Matsuyoshi Maeda, Nobuya Kurabe, Masaya Suzuki, Masaru Tsuboi, Tomoaki Kahyo, Kazuya Shinmura, Naohiko Hattori, Haruhiko Sugimur. Detection of kinase amplifications in gastric cancer archives using fluorescence in situ hybridization. Pathology international. vol 62. issue 7. 2012-11-19. PMID:22691185. fish analyses using these 10 bac probes containing loci encoding egfr, erbb2(her2), ephb3, pik3ca, met, ptk7, ack1, stk15, src, and hck showed detectable amplifications in paraffin-embedded tissue in 2.83% to 13.6% of the gastric cancer tissues. 2012-11-19 2023-08-12 Not clear
Ranjita Banerjee, Ying Huang, James P McNamee, Margarita Todorova, Bertrand J Jean-Claud. The combi-targeting concept: selective targeting of the epidermal growth factor receptor- and Her2-expressing cancer cells by the complex combi-molecule RB24. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. vol 334. issue 1. 2010-07-13. PMID:20348204. 6-(3-acetoxymethyl-3-methyltriazenyl)-4-(3'-bromophenylamino)quinazoline (rb24) showed significant antiproliferative activity against human breast cancer cells, and transfection of one such cell line, mda-mb-435, with erbb1 or erbb2 (her2) dramatically enhanced cell death by apoptosis. 2010-07-13 2023-08-12 human
Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat, Mark Shackleton, John Stingl, François Vaillant, Natasha C Forrest, Connie J Eaves, Jane E Visvader, Geoffrey J Lindema. Steroid hormone receptor status of mouse mammary stem cells. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. vol 98. issue 14. 2006-08-03. PMID:16849684. the estrogen receptor alpha (eralpha), progesterone receptor (pr), and erbb2 (her2 in humans) are important prognostic markers of human breast cancer, and they are variably expressed in different subtypes of breast cancer. 2006-08-03 2023-08-12 mouse