All Relations between ddc and tyrosine hydroxylase

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Yoshiaki Soejima, Nahoko Iwata, Koichiro Yamamoto, Atsuhito Suyama, Yasuhiro Nakano, Fumio Otsuk. Mutual Effects of Orexin and Bone Morphogenetic Proteins on Catecholamine Regulation Using Adrenomedullary Cells. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38338864. orexin a treatment reduced the mrna levels of key enzymes for catecholamine synthesis, including tyrosine hydroxylase (th), 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanie decarboxylase (ddc) and dopamine β-hydroxylase (dbh), in a concentration-dependent manner. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 rat
Julia Sepel Loreto, Sabrina Antunes Ferreira, Pâmela de Almeida, João Batista Teixeira da Rocha, Nilda Vargas Barbos. Screening for Differentially Expressed Memory Genes on a Diabetes Model Induced by High-Sugar Diet in Drosophila melanogaster: Potential Markers for Memory Deficits. Molecular neurobiology. 2023-09-12. PMID:37698834. interestingly, the flies fed on hsd presented a decreased expression of the tyrosine hydroxylase (ple) and dopa decarboxylase (ddc) genes, signals of a possible dopamine deficiency. 2023-09-12 2023-10-07 drosophila_melanogaster
Aakansha Sharma, Vatsala Tripathi, Vinod Kuma. Hypothalamic molecular correlates of photoperiod-induced spring migration in intact and castrated male redheaded buntings. Molecular and cellular endocrinology. 2022-12-16. PMID:36526025. these included genes associated with the appetitive phase of reproduction (spring migration drive, th and ddc genes encoding for tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine decarboxylase enzymes, respectively), sleep/awake state (pmch gene encoding for pro-melanin concentrating hormone; hcrt and hcrtr2 encoding for the hypocretin/orexin and its receptor, respectively) and neurogenesis (dcx and neun coding for doublecortin and neuronal nuclear proteins, respectively). 2022-12-16 2023-08-14 Not clear
Minghao Yan, Haibo Jin, Chun Pan, Hexing Hang, Dongmei Li, Xiaodong Ha. Movement Disorder and Neurotoxicity Induced by Chronic Exposure to Microcystin-LR in Mice. Molecular neurobiology. 2022-06-22. PMID:35732866. meanwhile, mc-lr induced the accumulation of alpha synuclein (α-syn) in da neurons and decreased the proteins of tyrosine hydroxylase (th), dopa decarboxylase (ddc) and dopamine transporter (dat), resulting in a reduction in dopamine (da) content, which are pathological features of parkinson's disease (pd). 2022-06-22 2023-08-14 mouse
George Mpekoulis, Vassilina Tsopela, Anna Chalari, Katerina I Kalliampakou, Georgios Panos, Efseveia Frakolaki, Raphaela S Milona, Diamantis C Sideris, Dido Vassilacopoulou, Niki Vassilak. Dengue Virus Replication Is Associated with Catecholamine Biosynthesis and Metabolism in Hepatocytes. Viruses. vol 14. issue 3. 2022-03-26. PMID:35336971. in turn, dv apart from its negative impact on ddc, inhibits tyrosine hydroxylase, dopamine beta-hydroxylase, monoamine oxidase, and vmat2 expression. 2022-03-26 2023-08-13 Not clear
George Mpekoulis, Vassilina Tsopela, Georgios Panos, Vasileiοs Siozos, Katerina I Kalliampakou, Efseveia Frakolaki, Constantinos D Sideris, Alice G Vassiliou, Diamantis C Sideris, Dido Vassilacopoulou, Niki Vassilak. Association of Hepatitis C Virus Replication with the Catecholamine Biosynthetic Pathway. Viruses. vol 13. issue 11. 2021-11-30. PMID:34834946. to counteract the effect of catecholamines, hcv, apart from the already reported effects on ddc, causes the down-regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase that encodes the rate-limiting enzyme of catecholamine biosynthesis and suppresses dopamine beta-hydroxylase mrna and protein amounts, while increasing the catecholamine degradation enzyme monoamine oxidase. 2021-11-30 2023-08-13 Not clear
Shunyi Zhao, Jaclyn H DeFinis, Shaoping Ho. Alterations of Dopamine-Related Transcripts in A11 Diencephalospinal Pathways after Spinal Cord Injury. Neural plasticity. vol 2021. 2021-10-27. PMID:33510781. the results showed that, compared to naïve rats, mrna levels of tyrosine hydroxylase (th), dopamine decarboxylase (ddc), and d 2021-10-27 2023-08-13 rat
Jun Young Heo, Min-Ho Nam, Hyung Ho Yoon, Jeongyeon Kim, Yu Jin Hwang, Woojin Won, Dong Ho Woo, Ji Ae Lee, Hyun-Jung Park, Seonmi Jo, Min Joung Lee, Sunpil Kim, Jeong-Eun Shim, Dong-Pyo Jang, Kyoung I Kim, Sue H Huh, Jae Y Jeong, Neil W Kowall, Junghee Lee, Hyeonjoo Im, Jong Hyun Park, Bo Ko Jang, Ki Duk Park, Hyunjoo J Lee, Hyogeun Shin, Il-Joo Cho, Eun Mi Hwang, YoungSoo Kim, Hye Yun Kim, Soo-Jin Oh, Seung Eun Lee, Sun Ha Paek, Jong Hyuk Yoon, Byung K Jin, Gi Ryang Kweon, Insop Shim, Onyou Hwang, Hoon Ryu, Sang Ryong Jeon, C Justin Le. Aberrant Tonic Inhibition of Dopaminergic Neuronal Activity Causes Motor Symptoms in Animal Models of Parkinson's Disease. Current biology : CB. vol 30. issue 2. 2020-11-30. PMID:31928877. here we show that optogenetic activation of substantia nigra pars compacta (snpc) neurons alleviates parkinsonism in acute pd animal models by recovering tyrosine hydroxylase (th) from the th-negative dormant dopaminergic neurons, some of which still express dopa decarboxylase (ddc). 2020-11-30 2023-08-13 Not clear
Yunxiao Li, Yongsheng Zhu, Jianghua Lai, Xugang Shi, Yuanyuan Chen, Jinyu Zhang, Shuguang We. Association studies of dopamine synthesis and metabolism genes with multiple phenotypes of heroin dependence. BMC medical genetics. vol 21. issue 1. 2020-10-28. PMID:32736537. this study aimed to identify the association between genetic polymorphisms of da synthesis and metabolism genes, including tyrosine hydroxylase (th), dopa decarboxylase (ddc), solute carrier family 6 member 3 (slc6a3) and da beta-hydroxylase (dbh), with six important phenotypes of heroin dependence. 2020-10-28 2023-08-13 Not clear
Andrew E Christie, Meredith E Stanhope, Helen I Gandler, Tess J Lameyer, Micah G Pascual, Devlin N Shea, Andy Yu, Patsy S Dickinson, J Joe Hul. Molecular characterization of putative neuropeptide, amine, diffusible gas and small molecule transmitter biosynthetic enzymes in the eyestalk ganglia of the American lobster, Homarus americanus. Invertebrate neuroscience : IN. vol 18. issue 4. 2019-05-28. PMID:30276482. similarly, transcripts encoding full complements of the enzymes responsible for dopamine [tryptophan-phenylalanine hydroxylase (tph), tyrosine hydroxylase and dopa decarboxylase (ddc)], octopamine (tph, tyrosine decarboxylase and tyramine β-hydroxylase), serotonin (tph or tryptophan hydroxylase and ddc) and histamine (histidine decarboxylase) biosynthesis were identified from the eyestalk ganglia, as were those responsible for the generation of the gases nitric oxide (nitric oxide synthase) and carbon monoxide (heme oxygenase), and the small molecule transmitters acetylcholine (choline acetyltransferase), glutamate (glutaminase) and gaba (glutamic acid decarboxylase). 2019-05-28 2023-08-13 lobster
Esfandiar Azadmarzabadi, Arvin Haghighatfard, Alireza Mohammad. Low resilience to stress is associated with candidate gene expression alterations in the dopaminergic signalling pathway. Psychogeriatrics : the official journal of the Japanese Psychogeriatric Society. vol 18. issue 3. 2018-08-01. PMID:29423959. here, we aimed to describe the association between comprehensive psychological characteristics and messenger rna levels of dopamine receptor d1 (drd1), dopamine receptor d2 (drd2), dopamine receptor d3 (drd3), dopamine receptor d4 (drd4), dopamine receptor d5 (drd5), comt, dopamine beta-hydroxylase (dbh), tyrosine hydroxylase (th), monoamine oxidase a (maom), dopa decarboxylase (ddc), dopamine transporter (dat), serotonin transporter (5-htt), brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (gdnf) genes based on peripheral blood samples from 400 subjects who react differently to major life event stressors. 2018-08-01 2023-08-13 human
Liping Huang, Minzhen Deng, Sheng Zhang, Shiyao Lu, Xuehong Gui, Yongqi Fan. β-asarone and levodopa coadministration increases striatal levels of dopamine and levodopa and improves behavioral competence in Parkinson's rat by enhancing dopa decarboxylase activity. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. vol 94. 2018-05-15. PMID:28787702. neurotransmitters, dopa decarboxylase (ddc), tyrosine hydroxylase (th), catechol-o-methyltransferase (comt), monoamine oxidase b (mao-b) and dopamine transporter (dat) levels were detected. 2018-05-15 2023-08-13 rat
Janaine C Carvalho, Patricia C Lisboa, Elaine de Oliveira, Nayara Peixoto-Silva, Cintia R Pinheiro, Mabel C Fraga, Sylvio Claudio-Neto, Celso R Franci, Alex C Manhães, Egberto G Mour. Effects of early and late neonatal bromocriptine treatment on hypothalamic neuropeptides, dopaminergic reward system and behavior of adult rats. Neuroscience. vol 325. 2017-06-07. PMID:27038750. this group had higher pomc in the arcuate nucleus (arc), higher tyrosine hydroxylase (th) in the vta, higher dopa decarboxylase (ddc), higher d2r and μu-opioid receptor in the nac. 2017-06-07 2023-08-13 rat
H L Martin, I Alsaady, G Howell, E Prandovszky, C Peers, P Robinson, G A McConke. Effect of parasitic infection on dopamine biosynthesis in dopaminergic cells. Neuroscience. vol 306. 2016-06-14. PMID:26297895. although the levels of the host tyrosine hydroxylase (th) and dopa decarboxylase and aadc (ddc) did not change significantly in infected cultures, ddc was found within the parasitophorous vacuole (pv), the vacuolar compartment where the parasites reside, as well as in the host cytosol in infected dopaminergic cells. 2016-06-14 2023-08-13 Not clear
Wei Zhang, Sungwon Kim, Robert Settlage, Wyatt McMahon, Lindsay H Sumners, Paul B Siegel, Benjamin J Dorshorst, Mark A Cline, Elizabeth R Gilber. Hypothalamic differences in expression of genes involved in monoamine synthesis and signaling pathways after insulin injection in chickens from lines selected for high and low body weight. Neurogenetics. vol 16. issue 2. 2015-11-25. PMID:25582322. there was greater expression of genes, mainly tyrosine hydroxylase (th), l-aromatic amino acid decarboxylase (ddc), and vesicular monoamine transporter (vmat), involved in serotonin and dopamine biosynthesis and signaling in lws than in hws vehicle-injected chickens. 2015-11-25 2023-08-13 chicken
Hong-Bin Zhao, Hui Ma, Xiao-Qin Ha, Ping Zheng, Xiao-Yun Li, Ming Zhang, Ju-Zi Dong, Yin-Shu Yan. Salidroside induces rat mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into dopaminergic neurons. Cell biology international. vol 38. issue 4. 2014-10-30. PMID:24323403. the expression of dopamine neurons markers, such as dopamine-beta-hydroxy (dbh), dopa decarboxylase (ddc) and tyrosine hydroxylase (th), was significantly upregulated after treatment with salidroside for 1-12 days. 2014-10-30 2023-08-12 rat
Yusuke Sekine, Shuichi Takagahara, Ryo Hatanaka, Takeshi Watanabe, Haruka Oguchi, Takuya Noguchi, Isao Naguro, Kazuto Kobayashi, Makoto Tsunoda, Takashi Funatsu, Hiroshi Nomura, Takeshi Toyoda, Norio Matsuki, Erina Kuranaga, Masayuki Miura, Kohsuke Takeda, Hidenori Ichij. p38 MAPKs regulate the expression of genes in the dopamine synthesis pathway through phosphorylation of NR4A nuclear receptors. Journal of cell science. vol 124. issue Pt 17. 2012-02-29. PMID:21878507. drosophila tyrosine hydroxylase (th, also known as pale) and dopa decarboxylase (ddc), key enzymes in the dopamine synthesis pathway, underlie the melanin synthesis by providing the melanin precursors dopa and dopamine, respectively. 2012-02-29 2023-08-12 drosophila_melanogaster
Michail Pavlidis, Maria Sundvik, Yu-Chia Chen, Pertti Panul. Adaptive changes in zebrafish brain in dominant-subordinate behavioral context. Behavioural brain research. vol 225. issue 2. 2012-01-24. PMID:21875623. expression of genes encoding proteins involved in the functioning of the hypothalamus-hypophysis-interrenal axis (corticotropin releasing factor, crf; glucocorticoid receptor, gr; mineralocorticoid receptor, mr); arginine vasotocin, avt), in the biosynthesis and catabolism of catecholamines (tyrosine hydroxylase, th1 and th2; dopa decarboxylase, ddc), dopamine β-hydroxylase, dbh; catechol-o-methyl transferase, comt), in the biosynthesis of histamine (histidine decarboxylase, hdc) and in the general stress response (galanin, gal; hypocretin/orexin, hcrt) was examined. 2012-01-24 2023-08-12 zebrafish
Shizuma Ishikawa, Takahiro Taira, Takeshi Niki, Kazuko Takahashi-Niki, Chinatsu Maita, Hiroshi Maita, Hiroyoshi Ariga, Sanae M M Iguchi-Arig. Oxidative status of DJ-1-dependent activation of dopamine synthesis through interaction of tyrosine hydroxylase and 4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine (L-DOPA) decarboxylase with DJ-1. The Journal of biological chemistry. vol 284. issue 42. 2009-11-24. PMID:19703902. parkinson disease (pd) is caused by loss of dopamine, which is synthesized from tyrosine by two enzymes, tyrosine hydroxylase (th) and 4-dihydroxy-l-phenylalanine decarboxylase (ddc). 2009-11-24 2023-08-12 human
Rosilane Taveira da Silva, Jan Nora Hokoç, Fernando Garcia de Mello, Patrícia Franca Gardin. Differential immunodetection of L-DOPA decarboxylase and tyrosine hydroxylase in the vertebrate retina. International journal of developmental neuroscience : the official journal of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience. vol 27. issue 5. 2009-08-12. PMID:19446629. the immunocytochemical staining of l-dopa decarboxylase (ddc) and tyrosine hydroxylase (th) in cells of the developing avian retina and in cells of the retina of adult rats and opossum were compared. 2009-08-12 2023-08-12 rat