All Relations between ct and cerebral cortex

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Gabriel de Farias Fraga, Fernanda da Silva Rodrigues, Jeferson Jantsch, Victor Silva Dias, Vitória Milczarski, Fernanda Wickert, Camila Pereira Medeiros, Sarah Eller, Alethéa Gatto Barschak, Marcia Giovenardi, Renata Padilha Guede. Omega-3 Attenuates Disrupted Neurotransmission and Partially Protects Metabolic Dysfunction Caused by Obesity in Wistar Rats. Neurochemical research. 2024-07-03. PMID:38960951. we examined adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, plasma, intestine, and the cerebral cortex of four groups: ct (control diet), ctn3 (control diet with n3 supplementation), caf, and cafn3 (caf and n3). 2024-07-03 2024-07-10 rat
Luis E Martinetti, Dawn M Autio, Shane R Crandal. Motor Control of Distinct Layer 6 Corticothalamic Feedback Circuits. eNeuro. 2024-06-26. PMID:38926084. layer 6 corticothalamic (l6 ct) neurons provide massive input to the thalamus, and these feedback connections enable the cortex to influence its own sensory input by modulating thalamic excitability. 2024-06-26 2024-06-29 mouse
Yujue Wang, Lejia Fan, Ying He, Liu Yuan, Zongchang Li, Wenxiao Zheng, Jinsong Tang, Chunwang Li, Ke Jin, Weiqing Liu, Xiaogang Chen, Lijun Ouyang, Xiaoqian M. Compensatory thickening of cortical thickness in early stage of schizophrenia. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). vol 34. issue 6. 2024-06-19. PMID:38897816. uhr-c group had more ct in the right lateral occipital cortex and the right medial orbito-frontal cortex (rmof), while a significant reduction in ct of the right fusiform cortex was observed in fes group. 2024-06-19 2024-06-22 Not clear
Mehmet Fevzi Cakmak, Levent Horoz, Cihan Kircil, Galip Beltir, Hakki Cagdas Basa. Intraoperative assessment of the dorso-ulnar fragment stability with stress fluoroscopy: An observational study. Medicine. vol 103. issue 24. 2024-06-14. PMID:38875428. displacement of the duf, dorsal cortex screw penetration, and the number of screws inserted into the duf were evaluated on immediate postoperative ct scans and direct radiographs. 2024-06-14 2024-06-17 Not clear
Luis E Martinetti, Dawn M Autio, Shane R Crandal. Motor Control of Distinct Layer 6 Corticothalamic Feedback Circuits. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-05-16. PMID:38712153. layer 6 corticothalamic (l6 ct) neurons provide massive input to the thalamus, and these feedback connections enable the cortex to influence its own sensory input by modulating thalamic excitability. 2024-05-16 2024-05-27 mouse
Neha M Chitlange, H V Sharath, Akshaya Saklecha, Sakshi Desa. Effects of Pediatric Rehabilitation on Children With Spastic Quadriplegia Primary to Seizure Disorder and Global Developmental Delay: A Case Report. Cureus. vol 16. issue 3. 2024-04-15. PMID:38618391. bilateral thalamic altered signal intensities were observed in the brain's mri, and multiple calcifications were detected in the periventricular cortex, thalamus, and basal ganglia on the brain's ct scan. to enhance the independence, strength, and coordination of voluntary movement in individuals with cp, a variety of techniques are used in addition to physical therapy, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, aquatic therapy, constraint-induced movement therapy, functional electrical stimulation, orthotic devices, injections of botulinum toxin, and hippotherapy. 2024-04-15 2024-04-17 Not clear
Mateusz Gutowski, Jakub Klimkiewicz, Bartosz Rustecki, Andrzej Michałowski, Kamil Paryż, Arkadiusz Luba. Effect of Respiratory Failure on Peripheral and Organ Perfusion Markers in Severe COVID-19: A Prospective Cohort Study. Journal of clinical medicine. vol 13. issue 2. 2024-01-23. PMID:38256603. from the evaluated perfusion parameters, only renal cortex perfusion (rcp) was substantially correlated with the ct score ( 2024-01-23 2024-01-25 Not clear
Michaël Dancot, Zoë Joostens, Fabrice Audigié, Valeria Buson. The plantar proximal cortex of the third metatarsal bone shows raised longitudinal ridges at the suspensory ligament enthesis in normal equine isolated limbs - a radiographic, computed tomography, and MRI study. Frontiers in veterinary science. vol 10. 2023-11-30. PMID:38033644. this study aimed to assess the computed tomographic (ct) appearance of the plantar surface of the proximal metatarsus and evaluate the influence of the radiographic angle on the trabecular/cortical interface of the proximal plantar metatarsal cortex on lateromedial and slightly oblique radiographs. 2023-11-30 2023-12-10 Not clear
Jin Yang, Ashley A Huggins, Delin Sun, C Lexi Baird, Courtney C Haswell, Jessie L Frijling, Miranda Olff, Mirjam van Zuiden, Saskia B J Koch, Laura Nawijn, Dick J Veltman, Benjamin Suarez-Jimenez, Xi Zhu, Yuval Neria, Anna R Hudson, Sven C Mueller, Justin T Baker, Lauren A M Lebois, Milissa L Kaufman, Rongfeng Qi, Guang Ming Lu, Pavel Říha, Ivan Rektor, Emily L Dennis, Christopher R K Ching, Sophia I Thomopoulos, Lauren E Salminen, Neda Jahanshad, Paul M Thompson, Dan J Stein, Sheri M Koopowitz, Jonathan C Ipser, Soraya Seedat, Stefan du Plessis, Leigh L van den Heuvel, Li Wang, Ye Zhu, Gen Li, Anika Sierk, Antje Manthey, Henrik Walter, Judith K Daniels, Christian Schmahl, Julia I Herzog, Israel Liberzon, Anthony King, Mike Angstadt, Nicholas D Davenport, Scott R Sponheim, Seth G Disner, Thomas Straube, David Hofmann, Daniel W Grupe, Jack B Nitschke, Richard J Davidson, Christine L Larson, Terri A deRoon-Cassini, Jennifer U Blackford, Bunmi O Olatunji, Evan M Gordon, Geoffrey May, Steven M Nelson, Chadi G Abdallah, Ifat Levy, Ilan Harpaz-Rotem, John H Krystal, Rajendra A Morey, Aristeidis Sotira. Examining the association between posttraumatic stress disorder and disruptions in cortical networks identified using data-driven methods. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. 2023-11-28. PMID:38017161. ptsd diagnosis was most strongly associated with diminished ct in scns that encompassed the bilateral superior frontal cortex, motor cortex, insular cortex, orbitofrontal cortex, medial occipital cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, and posterior cingulate cortex. 2023-11-28 2023-12-07 Not clear
b' Paulo L A G Morais, Pablo Rubio-Garrido, Ruthnaldo M de Lima, Ang\\xc3\\xa9lica C\\xc3\\xb3rdoba-Claros, Expedito S de Nascimento, Jefferson S Cavalcanti, Francisco Clasc\\xc3\\xa. The arousal-related "central thalamus" stimulation site simultaneously innervates multiple high-level frontal and parietal areas. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2023-09-27. PMID:37758474.' in marmoset monkeys (callithrix jacchus) of both sexes, we labeled the axons originating from each of the various ct neuronal populations and analyzed their arborization patterns in the cerebral cortex and striatum. 2023-09-27 2023-10-07 human
Takaaki Oda, Masanori Takada, Junya Ono, Yoriaki Kanri, Yasuo Okada, Ichiro Ogur. A case of radicular cyst on deciduous tooth in a 7-year-old child. Oral radiology. 2023-09-21. PMID:37731030. regarding ct imaging, axial soft tissue algorithm ct and bone tissue algorithm ct showed a low-attenuation internal structure and expansion of the buccal cortex of the right side of the mandible. 2023-09-21 2023-10-07 Not clear
Bi Zhang, Jiao Qiao, Qinrui Li, Guoming Luan, Jiong Qi. Astrocyte-derived complement C3 is activated in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex and mediates immune injury: an integrated bioinformatics analysis. Translational pediatrics. vol 12. issue 6. 2023-07-10. PMID:37427054. to understand the molecular mechanism of neuropsychiatric features of tsc, the differentially expressed genes (degs) in ct from patients with tsc and those in normal cortex (nc) from participants acting as healthy controls were investigated. 2023-07-10 2023-08-14 human
Ying Huang, Zhengwang Wu, Tengfei Li, Xifeng Wang, Ya Wang, Lei Xing, Hongtu Zhu, Weili Lin, Li Wang, Lei Guo, John H Gilmore, Gang L. Mapping Genetic Topography of Cortical Thickness and Surface Area in Neonatal Brains. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2023-06-27. PMID:37369585. we capitalized on infant-dedicated computational tools and a data-driven spectral clustering method to parcellate the cerebral cortex into a set of distinct regions purely according to the genetic correlation of cortical vertices in terms of ct and sa, respectively, and accordingly created the first genetically informed cortical parcellation maps of neonatal brains. 2023-06-27 2023-08-14 Not clear
Michael Chirayath, Stallon Sebastian, Arun Georg. Pseudotumor Deltoideus: Touch Me Not Lesion of the Humerus. Cureus. vol 15. issue 4. 2023-05-15. PMID:37182088. further evaluation with ct/mri should be performed in all cases of shoulder pain with conventional radiographic findings of cortical thickening and intracortical lucency. the diagnosis of the condition is aided by the presence of elongated lucency on ct and t2 hyperintensity in the cortex of the proximal humerus. 2023-05-15 2023-08-14 Not clear
Susumu Setogawa, Ryota Kanda, Shuto Tada, Takuya Hikima, Yoshito Saitoh, Mikiko Ishikawa, Satoshi Nakada, Fumiko Seki, Keigo Hikishima, Hideyuki Matsumoto, Kenji Mizuseki, Osamu Fukayama, Makoto Osanai, Hiroto Sekiguchi, Noriaki Ohkaw. A novel micro-ECoG recording method for recording multisensory neural activity from the parietal to temporal cortices in mice. Molecular brain. vol 16. issue 1. 2023-05-03. PMID:37138338. using histology and computed tomography (ct) images, we confirmed that the tip of the μecog device reached to the most ventral part of cerebral cortex without causing noticeable damage to the brain surface. 2023-05-03 2023-08-14 mouse
Ying-Sheng Deng, Guang-Liang Jiang, Yu-Fang Cao, Hong-Yi Deng, Hong-Ping Yang, Zhen-Biao Zhu, Duo-Qing Wu, Qiu-Gen Wan. Orientated-quantitative CT study on individualized axial safety target area of femoral neck screw channel and establishment of a stable spatial coordinate system based on anterior cortex of femoral neck basilar. International journal of surgery (London, England). 2023-04-14. PMID:37057900. orientated-quantitative ct study on individualized axial safety target area of femoral neck screw channel and establishment of a stable spatial coordinate system based on anterior cortex of femoral neck basilar. 2023-04-14 2023-08-14 Not clear
Mark Michael, Michael Stark, Barrett Wood. Effectiveness of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring in a Patient Undergoing a One-Level Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A Case Report. Cureus. vol 15. issue 2. 2023-04-03. PMID:37007300. despite benign electromyography recordings intraoperatively, the patient presented postoperatively with a new-onset left foot drop and a ct scan that confirmed bilateral l4 screw malposition with a breach of the medial cortex. 2023-04-03 2023-08-14 Not clear
Wei Zhang, Jing-Lun Du, Xing-Yu Fang, Long-Yan Ni, Yuan-Yuan Zhu, Wei Yan, Shui-Ping Lu, Rong-Rong Zhang, Shi-Ping Xi. Shared and distinct structural brain alterations and cognitive features in drug-naïve schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Asian journal of psychiatry. vol 82. 2023-02-24. PMID:36827938. compared to hcs, sz had thicker cortex in left pars triangularis, and bd showed thinner ct in left postcentral gyrus. 2023-02-24 2023-08-14 Not clear
Viola Hollestein, Geert Poelmans, Natalie J Forde, Christian F Beckmann, Christine Ecker, Caroline Mann, Tim Schäfer, Carolin Moessnang, Sarah Baumeister, Tobias Banaschewski, Thomas Bourgeron, Eva Loth, Flavio Dell'Acqua, Declan G M Murphy, Nicolaas A Puts, Julian Tillmann, Tony Charman, Emily J H Jones, Luke Mason, Sara Ambrosino, Rosemary Holt, Sven Bölte, Jan K Buitelaar, Jilly Naaije. Excitatory/inhibitory imbalance in autism: the role of glutamate and GABA gene-sets in symptoms and cortical brain structure. Translational psychiatry. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-01-21. PMID:36681677. further, using the same gene-sets, we corelated expression profiles throughout the cortex with differences in ct between autistic and neurotypical control participants, as well as in separate sensory subgroups. 2023-01-21 2023-08-14 human
Gita Thapaliya, Sally Eldeghaidy, Michael Asghar, Jordan McGing, Shellie Radford, Susan Francis, Gordon William Mora. The relationship between Central Nervous System morphometry changes and key symptoms in Crohn's disease. Brain imaging and behavior. 2022-11-21. PMID:36409402. we investigate alterations in brain morphometry in patients with active cd and those in remission, and study relationships between brain structure and key symptoms of fatigue, abdominal pain, and extraintestinal manifestations (eim). magnetic resonance imaging brain scans were collected in 89 participants; 34 cd participants with active disease, 13 cd participants in remission and 42 healthy controls (hcs); voxel based morphometry (vbm) assessed gmv and white matter volume (wmv), and surface-based analysis assessed cortical thickness (ct). we show a significant reduction in global cerebrospinal fluid (csf) volume in cd participants compared with hcs, as well as, a reduction in regional gmv, wmv and ct in the left precentral gyrus (motor cortex), and an increase in gmv in the frontal brain regions in cd compared with hcs. 2022-11-21 2023-08-14 human