All Relations between clu and matrix compartment

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Tachatra Ungsudechachai, Jiraphun Jittikoon, Sittisak Honsawek, Wanvisa Udomsinpraser. Protective effect of clusterin against interleukin-1β-induced apoptosis and inflammation in human knee osteoarthritis chondrocytes. Clinical and translational science. vol 17. issue 7. 2024-07-10. PMID:38982592. clu significantly upregulated messenger ribonucleic acid (mrna) expressions of anabolic factors [sry-box transcription factor-9 (sox9) and aggrecan (acan)], but significantly downregulated mrna expressions of il6, nuclear factor kappa-b (nf-κb), casp3, and matrix metalloproteinase-13 (mmp13). 2024-07-10 2024-07-12 human
Anuja Pant, Tikam Chand Dakal, Kareena Moar, Bhanupriya Dhabhai, Taruna K Arora, Narendra Kumar Sharma, Vipin Ranga, Pawan Kumar Maury. Assessment of MMP14, CAV2, CLU and SPARCL1 expression profiles in endometriosis. Pathology, research and practice. vol 251. 2023-10-28. PMID:37898038. in this regard, do matrix metalloproteinases 14 (mmp14) and other related genes such as sparc-like protein 1 (sparcl1), caveolin 2 (cav2), and clusterin (clu) exert any significant influence in the processes of endometriosis development and pathophysiology is not apparent. 2023-10-28 2023-11-08 Not clear
Shravan K Chintala, Jinhong Pan, Sandeep Satapathy, Rebecca Condruti, Zixuan Hao, Pei-Wen Liu, Christian F O'Conner, Joseph T Barr, Mark R Wilson, Shinwu Jeong, M Elizabeth Fin. Recombinant Human Clusterin Seals Damage to the Ocular Surface Barrier in a Mouse Model of Ophthalmic Preservative-Induced Epitheliopathy. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 24. issue 2. 2023-01-21. PMID:36674497. we recently reported that the natural tear glycoprotein clu (clusterin), a molecular chaperone and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, seals and heals epitheliopathy in mice subjected to desiccating stress in a model of aqueous-deficient/evaporative dry eye. 2023-01-21 2023-08-14 mouse
Tachatra Ungsudechachai, Sittisak Honsawek, Jiraphun Jittikoon, Wanvisa Udomsinpraser. Clusterin exacerbates interleukin-1β-induced inflammation via suppressing PI3K/Akt pathway in human fibroblast-like synoviocytes of knee osteoarthritis. Scientific reports. vol 12. issue 1. 2022-06-15. PMID:35705674. furthermore, clu significantly attenuated inflammation and extracellular matrix degradation induced by il-1β via down-regulating expressions of il-6, nuclear factor kappa b, and matrix metalloproteinase-13. 2022-06-15 2023-08-14 human
Virginia Veronica Visconti, Chiara Greggi, Ida Cariati, Beatrice Gasperini, Ambra Mastrogregori, Annalisa Botta, Umberto Tarantin. Deregulated Clusterin as a Marker of Bone Fragility: New Insights into the Pathophysiology of Osteoporosis. Genes. vol 13. issue 4. 2022-04-23. PMID:35456459. clusterin (clu) is a secreted heterodimeric glycoprotein expressed in all organism fluids as well as in the intracellular matrix that plays key roles in several pathological processes. 2022-04-23 2023-08-13 Not clear
Yankang Cui, Chenkui Miao, Shouyong Liu, Jingyuan Tang, Jing Zhang, Hengtao Bu, Yuhao Wang, Chao Liang, Meiling Bao, Chao Hou, Jiajin Wu, Xiaochao Chen, Xiang Zhang, Zengjun Wang, Bianjiang Li. Clusterin suppresses invasion and metastasis of testicular seminoma by upregulating COL15a1. Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids. vol 26. 2021-12-03. PMID:34853731. besides, extracellular matrix protein col15a1 was demonstrated as the downstream of clu to affect the epithelial-mesenchymal transition (emt) process via competitively binding to ddr1 with col1a1 and inhibiting the phosphorylation of pyk2. 2021-12-03 2023-08-13 Not clear
Shanshui Zeng, Yue Pan, Fei Liu, Jiaye Yin, Min Jiang, Yan Long, Xueqin Zhao, Gendie E Lash, Hongling Yan. Role of clusterin in the regulation of trophoblast development and preeclampsia. Biochemical and biophysical research communications. vol 583. 2021-11-15. PMID:34735874. clu significantly inhibited the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and vimentin and enhanced e-cadherin to inhibit epithelial-mesenchymal transition of trophoblast cells, further reducing its migration and invasion. 2021-11-15 2023-08-13 Not clear
Arthur T Kopylov, Olga Papysheva, Iveta Gribova, Galina Kotaysch, Lubov Kharitonova, Tatiana Mayatskaya, Ekaterina Sokerina, Anna L Kaysheva, Sergey G Morozo. Molecular pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy with antenatal complications. Scientific reports. vol 10. issue 1. 2021-03-25. PMID:33184417. the impaired triglycerides transport, glucose uptake, and consequent insulin resistance are mostly affected by faulted lipid metabolism (apom, apod, apoh, apoc1) and encouraged by oxidative stress (cp, tf, orm2) and inflammation (cfh, cfb, clu) as a secondary response accompanied by changes in matrix architecture (afm, fbln1, ambp). 2021-03-25 2023-08-13 Not clear
Martina Bonacini, Aide Negri, Pierpaola Davalli, Valeria Naponelli, Ileana Ramazzina, Chiara Lenzi, Saverio Bettuzzi, Federica Rizz. Clusterin Silencing in Prostate Cancer Induces Matrix Metalloproteinases by an NF- Journal of oncology. vol 2019. 2020-10-01. PMID:31885575. clusterin silencing in prostate cancer induces matrix metalloproteinases by an nf- clusterin (clu) is a stress-activated glycoprotein, whose expression is altered both in inflammation and cancer. 2020-10-01 2023-08-13 mouse
Sarah K Herring, Hee-Jung Moon, Punam Rawal, Anindit Chhibber, Liqin Zha. Brain clusterin protein isoforms and mitochondrial localization. eLife. vol 8. 2020-05-27. PMID:31738162. of particular significance, we identify a non-glycosylated 45 kda clu isoform (mitoclu) that is localized to the mitochondrial matrix and expressed in both rodent and human neurons and astrocytes. 2020-05-27 2023-08-13 human
Yuejin Li, Jinping Lu, Shan Zhou, Weiwei Wang, Gongjun Tan, Zhenlin Zhang, Zigang Dong, Tiebang Kang, Faqing Tan. Clusterin induced by N,N'-Dinitrosopiperazine is involved in nasopharyngeal carcinoma metastasis. Oncotarget. vol 7. issue 5. 2016-12-15. PMID:26716898. dnp was found to increase clu, matrix metalloproteinases (mmp) 9 and vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) expression and activity, further dnp-increased mmp-9 and vegf expression was through up-regulating clu. 2016-12-15 2023-08-13 Not clear
Bao J Fan, Louis R Pasquale, Jae H Kang, Hani Levkovitch-Verbin, Jonathan L Haines, Janey L Wigg. Association of clusterin (CLU) variants and exfoliation syndrome: An analysis in two Caucasian studies and a meta-analysis. Experimental eye research. vol 139. 2015-12-03. PMID:26272660. clusterin (clu) is an extracellular matrix chaperone that prevents protein aggregation and is highly expressed in ocular tissues affected by xfs. 2015-12-03 2023-08-13 Not clear
Cun Wang, Guangzhi Jin, Haojie Jin, Ning Wang, Qin Luo, Yurong Zhang, Dongmei Gao, Kai Jiang, Dishui Gu, Qiujing Shen, Xisong Huo, Fangyuan Hu, Tianxiang Ge, Fangyu Zhao, Wei Chu, Huiqun Shu, Ming Yao, Wenming Cong, Wenxin Qi. Clusterin facilitates metastasis by EIF3I/Akt/MMP13 signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncotarget. vol 6. issue 5. 2015-11-25. PMID:25609201. we also revealed that clu activated akt signaling through complexing with eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit i (eif3i), which in turn promoted matrix metalloproteinase 13 (mmp13) expression and hcc metastasis. 2015-11-25 2023-08-13 Not clear
J Li, L Jia, P Zhao, Y Jiang, S Zhong, D Che. Stable knockdown of clusterin by vectorbased RNA interference in a human breast cancer cell line inhibits tumour cell invasion and metastasis. The Journal of international medical research. vol 40. issue 2. 2012-11-13. PMID:22613415. the present study explored the effect of clu silencing on invasion and metastasis, and the relationship between clu expression and the extracellular signal-regulated kinase (erk) / matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp) signalling pathway in human breast cancer cells. 2012-11-13 2023-08-12 human
Abigail L Clutterbuck, Julia R Smith, David Allaway, Pat Harris, Susan Liddell, Ali Mobasher. High throughput proteomic analysis of the secretome in an explant model of articular cartilage inflammation. Journal of proteomics. vol 74. issue 5. 2011-07-28. PMID:21354348. tryptic peptides originating from aggrecan core protein, cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (comp), fibronectin, fibromodulin, thrombospondin-1 (tsp-1), clusterin (clu), cartilage intermediate layer protein-1 (cilp-1), chondroadherin (chad) and matrix metalloproteinases mmp-1 and mmp-3 were detected. 2011-07-28 2023-08-12 Not clear
Qalb-E-Saleem Khan, Charles McL Press, Amer Sehic, Maria A Landin, Steinar Risnes, Harald Osmundse. Expression of prion gene and presence of prion protein during development of mouse molar tooth germ. European journal of oral sciences. vol 118. issue 6. 2011-03-24. PMID:21083616. enamel matrix proteins (amelx, ambn, enam), aplp1, clstn1, and clu]. 2011-03-24 2023-08-12 mouse