All Relations between ci and ct

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Jianlin Chen, Jinfeng Zhang, Jingjing Xiang, Jie Yu, Fanghui Qi. Impact of Intelligent Convolutional Neural Network -based Algorithms on Head Computed Tomography Evaluation and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Acupuncture Therapy for Patients with Cerebral Infarction. Journal of neuroscience methods. 2024-06-08. PMID:38851543. this work was to evaluate the impacts of comprehensive rehabilitation acupuncture therapy on the recovery of neurological function in cerebral infarction (ci) patients and to utilize convolutional neural network (cnn) intelligent algorithms to optimize head computed tomography (ct) images and improve lesion localization accuracy. 2024-06-08 2024-06-11 Not clear
Kwasi Enin, Cole Pavelchek, Yupeng Liu, Sebastian Sciegienka, Emily Spatar. The Association of Same-Day CT Scan with Post-Operative Outcomes in Isolated Orbital Fracture Repair. Facial plastic surgery : FPS. 2023-11-22. PMID:37992751. the data revealed that 16.2% (815 of 5023) had a same-day ct. those who underwent a same-day ct scan exhibited reduced odds of post-operative enophthalmos (aor: 0.269 [95% ci, 0.167-0.433]) and diplopia (aor, 0.670 [95% ci, 0.495-906]). 2023-11-22 2023-11-29 human
Urszula Szydełko-Paśko, Joanna Przeździecka-Dołyk, Andrzej Dołyk, Artur Małyszczak, Marta Misiuk-Hojł. Evaluation of Choroidal and Retinal Features in Patients with Primary Vasculitis-An Original Optical Coherence Tomography and Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Study. Journal of clinical medicine. vol 12. issue 21. 2023-11-14. PMID:37959292. conducting routine ophthalmological examinations in patients diagnosed with vasculitis by assessment of the retina and choroid by measuring parameters like ct, cvi, area and perimeter of faz, and ci could be beneficial, as it may detect pathological changes before any ocular symptoms alarm the patients. 2023-11-14 2023-11-20 Not clear
Masaru Fukahori, Yoshinobu Okabe, Mototsugu Shimokawa, Taiga Otsuka, Futa Koga, Yujiro Ueda, Junichi Nakazawa, Azusa Komori, Satoshi Otsu, Shiho Arima, Akitaka Makiyama, Hiroki Taguchi, Takuya Honda, Tomoyuki Ushijima, Keisuke Miwa, Taro Shibuki, Kenta Nio, Yasushi Ide, Norio Ureshino, Toshihiko Mizuta, Kenji Mitsugi, Tsuyoshi Shirakaw. Efficacy of second-line chemotherapy after treatment with gemcitabine plus nab-paclitaxel or FOLFIRINOX in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-11-08. PMID:37938630. the ct group had a significantly longer mos than the bsc group (5.2 vs. 2.6 months; adjusted hazard ratio (hr) 0.38; 95% ci 0.27-0.54). 2023-11-08 2023-11-20 Not clear
Alexander Mewes, Christopher Bennett, Jan Dambon, Goetz Brademann, Matthias He. Evaluation of CI electrode position from imaging: comparison of an automated technique with the established manual method. BMC medical imaging. vol 23. issue 1. 2023-09-29. PMID:37773060. a manual evaluation of the ci electrode position from ct and dvt scans may be affected by diagnostic errors due to cognitive biases. 2023-09-29 2023-10-07 Not clear
Benson S Ku, Meghan Collins, Deidre M Anglin, Anthony M Diomino, Jean Addington, Carrie E Bearden, Kristin S Cadenhead, Tyrone D Cannon, Barbara A Cornblatt, Benjamin G Druss, Matcheri Keshavan, Daniel H Mathalon, Diana O Perkins, William S Stone, Ming T Tsuang, Scott W Woods, Elaine F Walke. Associations between childhood ethnoracial minority density, cortical thickness, and social engagement among minority youth at clinical high-risk for psychosis. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. 2023-07-12. PMID:37438421. among youth at chr-p (n = 164), lower levels of emd during childhood were associated with reduced ct in the right fusiform gyrus (adjusted β = 0.54; 95% ci 0.17 to 0.91) and right insula (adjusted β = 0.40; 95% ci 0.05 to 0.74). 2023-07-12 2023-08-14 human
Benson S Ku, Meghan Collins, Deidre M Anglin, Anthony M Diomino, Jean Addington, Carrie E Bearden, Kristin S Cadenhead, Tyrone D Cannon, Barbara A Cornblatt, Benjamin G Druss, Matcheri Keshavan, Daniel H Mathalon, Diana O Perkins, William S Stone, Ming T Tsuang, Scott W Woods, Elaine F Walke. Associations between childhood ethnoracial minority density, cortical thickness, and social engagement among minority youth at clinical high-risk for psychosis. Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology. 2023-07-12. PMID:37438421. the associations between emd and ct were significantly moderated by se: among youth with lower se (se at or below the median, n = 122), lower levels of emd were significantly associated with reduced right fusiform gyrus ct (adjusted β = 0.72; 95% ci 0.29 to 1.14) and reduced right insula ct (adjusted β = 0.57; 95% ci 0.18 to 0.97). 2023-07-12 2023-08-14 human
Emrah Yurek, Burcu Genc Yavuz, Esra Guzel Tanoglu, Erdem Gurkas, Ibrahim Altundag, Burhanettin Yalcinkaya, Erdal Yılmaz, Sahin Cola. The Effect of the ABCB1(MDR-1) C3435T Polymorphism in Turkish Patients with Aspirin Resistance in Acute Ischemic Stroke. Translational stroke research. 2023-07-11. PMID:37432593. based on multivariate logistic regression analysis of factors affecting ar in acute ischemic stroke patients, hypertension (or: 5.679; 95% ci: 1.144-28.19; p = 0.034), heterozygous (ct) genotype (or: 2.557; 95% ci: 1.126-5.807; p = 0.025), increased platelet values (or: 1.005; 95% ci: 1.001-1.009; p = 0.029), and crp/albumin values (or: 1.547; 95% ci: 1.005-2.382; p = 0.047) were found to be associated with a greater risk of ar. 2023-07-11 2023-08-14 human
Katarzyna A Kowalczyk, Jakub Pękala, Michał Kawzowicz, Przemysław A Pękala, Krzysztof A Tomaszewsk. The meta-analysis and systematic review of prevalence and clinical anatomy of the arc of Buhler. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-06-06. PMID:37280432. by imaging type, the prevalence of the aob was 1.8% for radiological studies (n = 3485; 95% ci 0.9, 3.0), 1.4% for computed tomography (ct) studies (n = 1417; 95% ci 0.4, 3.0), and 1.9% for angiography studies (n = 2068; 95% ci 0.5, 4.0). 2023-06-06 2023-08-14 Not clear
Andrea Lauren Lauren Christman Christman Schneider, J Russell Huie, Sonia Jain, Xiaoying Sun, Adam R Ferguson, Cillian E Lynch, John K Yue, Geoffrey T Manley, Kevin K W Wang, Danielle Sandsmark, Christopher Campbell, Ramon R Diaz-Arrasti. Associations of Microvascular Injury-Related Biomarkers with Traumatic Brain Injury Severity and Outcomes: A TRACK-TBI Pilot Study. Journal of neurotrauma. 2023-04-06. PMID:37021339. in principal components analysis, pc1 (comprised of ang1, bfgf, p-selectin, vegf-c, vegf-a, and tie2) was associated with less severe injury (age-adjusted or: 0.63, 95% ci: 0.44-0.88 for head ct positive versus negative) and pc2 (ang-2, e-selectin, flt-1, pigf, thrombomodulin, and vcam-1) was associated with greater injury severity (age-adjusted or: 2.29, 95% ci: 1.49-3.69 for glasgow coma scale [gcs] 3-12 versus 13-15 and age-adjusted or 1.59, 95% ci: 1.11-2.32 for head ct positive versus negative). 2023-04-06 2023-08-14 human
David M Kent, Lester Y Leung, Yichen Zhou, Patrick H Luetmer, David F Kallmes, Jason Nelson, Sunyang Fu, Eric J Puttock, Chengyi Zheng, Hongfang Liu, Wansu Che. Association of Incidentally Discovered Covert Cerebrovascular Disease Identified Using Natural Language Processing and Future Dementia. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2022-12-24. PMID:36565208. dementia risk was strongly correlated with id-wmd severity; adjusted hrs compared with patients who were negative for id-wmd by mri ranged from 1.41 (95% ci, 1.25-1.60) for those with mild disease on mri to 4.11 (95% ci, 3.58-4.72) for those with severe disease on ct. 2022-12-24 2023-08-14 Not clear
Min Du, Yirui Ma, Jie Deng, Min Liu, Jue Li. Comparison of Long COVID-19 Caused by Different SARS-CoV-2 Strains: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. International journal of environmental research and public health. vol 19. issue 23. 2022-12-11. PMID:36498103. the highest pooled estimate of long covid-19 was found in the ct abnormalities (60.5%; 95% ci: 40.4%, 80.6%) for the wild-type strain; fatigue (66.1%; 95% ci: 42.2%, 89.9%) for the alpha variant; and ≥1 general symptoms (28.4%; 95% ci: 7.9%, 49.0%) for the omicron variant. 2022-12-11 2023-08-14 Not clear
Suelen H Qassim, Mohammad R Hasan, Patrick Tang, Hiam Chemaitelly, Houssein H Ayoub, Hadi M Yassine, Hebah A Al-Khatib, Maria K Smatti, Hanan F Abdul-Rahim, Gheyath K Nasrallah, Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari, Abdullatif Al-Khal, Peter Coyle, Imtiaz Gillani, Anvar Hassan Kaleeckal, Riyazuddin Mohammad Shaik, Ali Nizar Latif, Einas Al-Kuwari, Andrew Jeremijenko, Adeel A Butt, Roberto Bertollini, Hamad Eid Al-Romaihi, Mohamed H Al-Thani, Laith J Abu-Radda. Effects of SARS-CoV-2 Alpha, Beta, and Delta variants, age, vaccination, and prior infection on infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 infections. Frontiers in immunology. vol 13. 2022-09-30. PMID:36177014. compared to beta infections, alpha and delta infections demonstrated 2.56 higher ct cycles (95% ci: 2.35-2.78), and 4.92 fewer cycles (95% ci: 4.67- 5.16), respectively. 2022-09-30 2023-08-14 Not clear
Dapeng Sun, Xiaochuan Huo, Raynald, Baixue Jia, Xu Tong, Gaoting Ma, Anxin Wang, Ning Ma, Feng Gao, Dapeng Mo, Zhongrong Mia. Predictors of symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage after endovascular treatment for acute large vessel occlusion: data from ANGEL-ACT registry. Journal of thrombosis and thrombolysis. 2022-08-01. PMID:35913684. on multivariable analysis, admission national institutes of health stroke scale (nihss) > 12 (odds ratio [or] = 1.86, 95% confidence interval [ci]: 1.11-3.11, p = 0.018), admission alberta stroke program early ct score (aspects) < 6 (or = 2.98, 95%ci: 1.68-5.29, p < 0.001), general anesthesia (or = 1.81, 95%ci: 1.20-2.71, p = 0.004), prior intravenous thrombolysis (or = 1.58, 95%ci: 1.04-2.40, p = 0.031), number of mechanical thrombectomy passes > 2 (or = 1.68, 95%ci: 1.10-2.57, p = 0.016), and procedure duration > 96 min (or = 1.82, 95%ci: 1.20-2.77, p = 0.005) were associated with high risk of sich, whereas sich was negatively associated with underlying intracranial atherosclerotic disease (or = 0.45, 95%ci: 0.26-0.79, p = 0.021). 2022-08-01 2023-08-14 Not clear
Na Zeng, Yi-Miao Zhao, Wei Yan, Chao Li, Qing-Dong Lu, Lin Liu, Shu-Yu Ni, Huan Mei, Kai Yuan, Le Shi, Peng Li, Teng-Teng Fan, Jun-Liang Yuan, Michael V Vitiello, Thomas Kosten, Alexandra L Kondratiuk, Hong-Qiang Sun, Xiang-Dong Tang, Mei-Yan Liu, Ajit Lalvani, Jie Shi, Yan-Ping Bao, Lin L. A systematic review and meta-analysis of long term physical and mental sequelae of COVID-19 pandemic: call for research priority and action. Molecular psychiatry. 2022-06-06. PMID:35668159. the most common investigation findings included abnormalities on lung ct (56.9%, 95% ci 46.2-67.3) and abnormal pulmonary function tests (45.6%, 95% ci 36.3-55.0), followed by generalized symptoms, such as fatigue (28.7%, 95% ci 21.0-37.0), psychiatric symptoms (19.7%, 95% ci 16.1-23.6) mainly depression (18.3%, 95% ci 13.3-23.8) and ptsd (17.9%, 95% ci 11.6-25.3), and neurological symptoms (18.7%, 95% ci 16.2-21.4), such as cognitive deficits (19.7%, 95% ci 8.8-33.4) and memory impairment (17.5%, 95% ci 8.1-29.6). 2022-06-06 2023-08-14 human
Kainaat Javed, Andre Boyke, Ishan Naidu, Jessica Ryvlin, Rose Fluss, Adisson N Fortunel, Joseph Dardick, Devikarani Kadaba, David J Altschul, Neil Haranhall. Predictors of Radiographic and Symptomatic Hemorrhagic Conversion Following Endovascular Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke Due to Large Vessel Occlusion. Cureus. vol 14. issue 4. 2022-05-31. PMID:35637796. in the logistic regression model, a history of prior ischemic stroke (odds ratio (or) = 2.197; 95% confidence interval (ci) = 1.062-4.545; p-value = 0.034), alberta stroke program early ct score (aspects) of <6 (or = 2.207; 95% ci = 1.477-7.194; p-value = 0.019), and thrombolysis in cerebral infarction (tici) 2b-3 recanalization (or = 2.551; 95% ci = 1.998-6.520; p-value=0.045) were found to be independent predictors of all types of hemorrhagic conversion. 2022-05-31 2023-08-13 Not clear
José Antonio Alonso-Cadenas, Clara Ferrero García-Loygorri, Rosa María Calderón Checa, Isabel Durán Hidalgo, María José Pérez García, Sara Ruiz González, Maria De Ceano-Vivas, Pablo Delgado Gómez, Miguel Antoñón Rodríguez, Rubén Moreno Sánchez, José Martínez Hernando, Cristina Muñoz López, Irene Ortiz Valentín, Raquel Jiménez-Garcí. Epidemiology of minor blunt head trauma in infants younger than 3 months. European journal of pediatrics. 2022-05-13. PMID:35552807. a clinically important traumatic brain injury (citbi) occurred in 1 infant (0.3% overall; 95% ci, 0-1.5), tbi was evidenced on ct scan in 12 (3.3% overall; 95% ci, 1.7-5.7), and 20 infants had an isolated skull fracture (5.5% overall; 95% ci, 3.4-8.3). 2022-05-13 2023-08-13 Not clear
Jun Gao, Changming Wen, Jun Sun, Di Chen, Donghuan Zhang, Ning Wang, Yifeng Liu, Jie Wang, Baochao Zhan. Prognostic factors for acute posterior circulation cerebral infarction patients after endovascular mechanical thrombectomy: A retrospective study. Medicine. vol 101. issue 17. 2022-05-05. PMID:35512073. the thermodynamic diagram was drawn to explore the associations between the prognostic factors.the risk of poor prognosis in pcci patients receiving emergency endovascular mechanical thrombectomy was reduced by 0.552 time with every 1-point increase of the alberta stroke program early ct in posterior circulation score (odds ratio [or] = 0.448, 95% confidence interval [ci]: 0.276-0.727). 2022-05-05 2023-08-13 Not clear
Eijun Sueyoshi, Tomonori Murakami, Xi He, Hirofumi Koike, Hiroki Nagayama, Masataka Uetan. CT findings of type A acute aortic dissection that did and did not result in prehospital death. Medicine. vol 101. issue 4. 2022-01-28. PMID:35089207. we retrospectively evaluated the ct or postmortem ct findings of each case and analyzed the relationships between clinical factors (ct findings and clinical characteristics) and phd using logistic regression analysis.bloody pericardial effusion (96% vs 35%, p < .0001), bloody pleural effusion (40% vs 1%, p < .0001), and mediastinal hematomas (88% vs 14%, p < .0001) were significantly more common in the phd group than in the no phd the multivariate logistic regression analysis, bloody pericardial effusion and lung consolidation were found to be significant risk factors for phd (odds ratio: 21.29 [95% confidence intervals {ci}: 1.19-248.29] and 13.72 [95% ci: 1.79-105.06], respectively; p = .014 and p  = .012, respectively). 2022-01-28 2023-08-13 Not clear
Andrew S Duncombe, Lesley A Anderson, Glen James, Frank de Vocht, Lin Fritschi, Ruben Mesa, Mike Clarke, Mary Frances McMulli. Modifiable Lifestyle and Medical Risk Factors Associated With Myeloproliferative Neoplasms. HemaSphere. vol 4. issue 1. 2021-12-03. PMID:32072143. receipt of multiple ct scans was associated with a strongly increased risk of mpn although with wide confidence intervals (or 5.38, 95%ci 1.67-17.3). 2021-12-03 2023-08-13 human