All Relations between cd9 and cd81

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Nico Hüttmann, Yingxi Li, Suttinee Poolsup, Emil Zaripov, Rochelle D'Mello, Vanessa Susevski, Zoran Minic, Maxim V Berezovsk. Surface Proteome of Extracellular Vesicles and Correlation Analysis Reveal Breast Cancer Biomarkers. Cancers. vol 16. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38339272. twelve potential biomarker proteins were identified based on cell line-specific expression and filtered by their predicted co-localization with known ev marker proteins, cd63, cd9, and cd81. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 Not clear
Koya Yakabi, Eloise Berson, Kathleen S Montine, Sean C Bendall, Michael J MacCoss, Kathleen L Poston, Thomas J Montin. Human cerebrospinal fluid single exosomes in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024-01-08. PMID:38187636. single events were captured with mouse monoclonal antibodies to one of three different tetraspanins (cd9, cd63, or cd81) or with mouse (m) igg control, and then probed with fluorescently labeled antibodies to prion protein (prp) or cd47 to mark neuronal or presynaptic origin, as well as add- and pdd-related proteins: amyloid beta (aβ), tau, α-synuclein, and apolipoprotein (apo) e. data were collected only from captured events that were within the size range of 50 to 200 nm. 2024-01-08 2024-01-10 mouse
Dan Yi, Yong-Yi Zhang, Wen-Li Jiang, Mo-Lin Li, Xiang-Hui Chen, Jiang Yu, Hong-Yu Yi, Ya-Qiong Zhu, Yue-Xiang Wan. [Human Platelet-Rich Plasma-Derived Exosomes Promote the Proliferation of Schwann Cells Cultured Zhongguo yi xue ke xue yuan xue bao. Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae. 2023-04-28. PMID:37106519. methods prp-exos were extracted by polymerization-precipitation combined with ultracentrifugation.the morphology of prp-exos was observed by transmission electron microscopy,and the concentration and particle size distribution of prp-exos were determined by nanoparticle tracking analysis.western blotting was employed to determine the expression of the marker proteins cd63,cd81,and cd9 on exosome surface and the platelet membrane glycoprotein cd41.the scs of rats were isolated and cultured,and the expression of the sc marker s100β was detected by immunofluorescence staining.the fluorescently labeled prp-exos were co-cultured with scs in vitro for observation of their assay was employed to detect the effect of prp-exos on sc proliferation,and cck-8 assay to detect the effects of prp-exos at different concentrations(0,10,20,40,80,and 160 μg/ml)on sc proliferation. 2023-04-28 2023-08-14 human
Rebecca Lees, Robert Tempest, Alice Law, Dimitri Aubert, Owen G Davies, Soraya Williams, Nick Peake, Ben Peacoc. Single Extracellular Vesicle Transmembrane Protein Characterization by Nano-Flow Cytometry. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. issue 185. 2022-08-15. PMID:35969098. here, evs derived from conditioned cell culture media (ccm) are labeled with both a lipid dye, to identify particles with a membrane, and antibodies specific for cd9, cd63, and cd81 as common ev markers. 2022-08-15 2023-08-14 Not clear
D Yu Zhdanova, R A Poltavtseva, E V Svirshchevskaya, N V Bobkov. Effect of Intranasal Administration of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Exosomes on Memory of Mice in Alzheimer's Disease Model. Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine. vol 170. issue 4. 2021-11-04. PMID:33725248. intranasal administration of isolated exosomes expressing typical markers cd9, cd63 and cd81 improved spatial memory in bulbectomized animals, which manifested in a significant increase in the number of visits to the target sector and the time spent there in comparison with indifferent sectors. 2021-11-04 2023-08-13 mouse
Jessica L Reynolds, Supriya D Mahaja. Transmigration of Tetraspanin 2 (Tspan2) siRNA Via Microglia Derived Exosomes across the Blood Brain Barrier Modifies the Production of Immune Mediators by Microglia Cells. Journal of neuroimmune pharmacology : the official journal of the Society on NeuroImmune Pharmacology. vol 15. issue 3. 2021-08-13. PMID:31823250. tetraspanin 2 (tspan2) is closely related to cd9 and cd81 proteins, and are expressed on microglia cells. 2021-08-13 2023-08-13 human
Niaz Z Khan, Tuoxin Cao, Junyun He, Rodney M Ritzel, Yun Li, Rebecca J Henry, Courtney Colson, Bogdan A Stoica, Alan I Faden, Junfang W. Spinal cord injury alters microRNA and CD81+ exosome levels in plasma extracellular nanoparticles with neuroinflammatory potential. Brain, behavior, and immunity. vol 92. 2021-05-27. PMID:33307173. surface expression of tetraspanins cd9 and cd63 increased in multiple cell types at the injury site; however, astrocyte cd81 expression uniquely decreased, as demonstrated by flow cytometry. 2021-05-27 2023-08-13 mouse
Keerthie Dissanayake, Monika Nõmm, Freddy Lättekivi, Yosra Ressaissi, Kasun Godakumara, Arina Lavrits, Getnet Midekessa, Janeli Viil, Rikke Bæk, Malene Møller Jørgensen, Sourav Bhattacharjee, Aneta Andronowska, Andres Salumets, Ülle Jaakma, Alireza Fazel. Individually cultured bovine embryos produce extracellular vesicles that have the potential to be used as non-invasive embryo quality markers. Theriogenology. vol 149. 2021-01-21. PMID:32259747. based on ev array, evs isolated from embryo conditioned media were strongly positive for ev-markers cd9 and cd81 and weakly positive for cd63 and alix among others. 2021-01-21 2023-08-13 cattle
Ye Tian, Manfei Gong, Yunyun Hu, Haisheng Liu, Wenqiang Zhang, Miaomiao Zhang, Xiuxiu Hu, Dimitri Aubert, Shaobin Zhu, Lina Wu, Xiaomei Ya. Quality and efficiency assessment of six extracellular vesicle isolation methods by nano-flow cytometry. Journal of extracellular vesicles. vol 9. issue 1. 2020-10-24. PMID:31839906. as cd9, cd63 and cd81 also exist in the plasma matrix, single-particle phenotyping of evs offers distinct advantage in the validation of evs compared with ensemble-averaged approaches, such as western blot analysis. 2020-10-24 2023-08-13 Not clear
Chengzhi Ding, Gaoyuan Xi, Guolei Wang, Dong Cui, Binbin Zhang, Hongtao Wang, Gongqian Jiang, Jingchao Song, Guanghui Xu, Jiao Wan. Exosomal Circ-MEMO1 Promotes the Progression and Aerobic Glycolysis of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Through Targeting MiR-101-3p/KRAS Axis. Frontiers in genetics. vol 11. 2020-10-03. PMID:33005174. western blot assay was used to measure the protein expression of hexokinase 2 (hk2), lactate dehydrogenase a (ldha), kras, cd9, cd81, tumor susceptibility 101 (tsg101), and golgi matrix protein 130 kda (gm130). 2020-10-03 2023-08-13 Not clear
Lisa Seipold, Paul Safti. The Emerging Role of Tetraspanins in the Proteolytic Processing of the Amyloid Precursor Protein. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience. vol 9. 2020-10-01. PMID:28066176. cd9, cd63, cd81, tspan12, tspan15 are among the tetraspanins involved in the intracellular transport and in the stabilization of the gamma secretase complex or adam10 as the major app alpha secretase. 2020-10-01 2023-08-13 Not clear
Yingji Jin, Yoshito Takeda, Yasushi Kondo, Lokesh P Tripathi, Sujin Kang, Hikari Takeshita, Hanako Kuhara, Yohei Maeda, Masayoshi Higashiguchi, Kotaro Miyake, Osamu Morimura, Taro Koba, Yoshitomo Hayama, Shohei Koyama, Kaori Nakanishi, Takeo Iwasaki, Satoshi Tetsumoto, Kazuyuki Tsujino, Muneyoshi Kuroyama, Kota Iwahori, Haruhiko Hirata, Takayuki Takimoto, Mayumi Suzuki, Izumi Nagatomo, Ken Sugimoto, Yuta Fujii, Hiroshi Kida, Kenji Mizuguchi, Mari Ito, Takashi Kijima, Hiromi Rakugi, Eisuke Mekada, Isao Tachibana, Atsushi Kumanogo. Double deletion of tetraspanins CD9 and CD81 in mice leads to a syndrome resembling accelerated aging. Scientific reports. vol 8. issue 1. 2019-09-25. PMID:29572511. importantly, sirna knockdown of cd9 and cd81 in lung epithelial cells additively decreased sirt1 and foxo3a expression, but reciprocally upregulated the expression of p21 and p53, leading to reduced cell proliferation and elevated apoptosis. 2019-09-25 2023-08-13 mouse
Wei Seong Toh, Ruenn Chai Lai, Bin Zhang, Sai Kiang Li. MSC exosome works through a protein-based mechanism of action. Biochemical Society transactions. vol 46. issue 4. 2019-02-18. PMID:29986939. nevertheless, the term 'msc exosome' is often used to describe populations of 50-200 nm evs that are prepared from culture medium conditioned by mscs on the basis that these populations collectively exhibited typical exosome-associated proteins such as endosomal proteins, tsg101 and alix, and tetraspanin proteins, cd9, cd63 and cd81. 2019-02-18 2023-08-13 Not clear
Fan-Long Kong, Xiao-Ping Wang, Ya-Nan Li, Hai-Xu Wan. The role of exosomes derived from cerebrospinal fluid of spinal cord injury in neuron proliferation in vitro. Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology. vol 46. issue 1. 2018-08-01. PMID:28346015. the results demonstrated these exosomes all expressed cd9, cd63, cd81, alix and tsg101; however, only exosomes derived from cerebrospinal fluid of sci could promote proliferation of neuron via erk signaling pathway, and decrease cell apoptosis. 2018-08-01 2023-08-13 Not clear
Kazuki Miyaji, Friedemann Paul, Nortina Shahrizaila, Thirugnanam Umapathi, Nobuhiro Yuk. Autoantibodies to tetraspanins (CD9, CD81 and CD82) in demyelinating diseases. Journal of neuroimmunology. vol 291. 2016-06-20. PMID:26857499. few multiple sclerosis and acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy patients had autoantibodies that were weakly reactive to cd9 or cd81 but the significance is unclear. 2016-06-20 2023-08-13 Not clear
Kazuki Miyaji, Friedemann Paul, Nortina Shahrizaila, Thirugnanam Umapathi, Nobuhiro Yuk. Autoantibodies to tetraspanins (CD9, CD81 and CD82) in demyelinating diseases. Journal of neuroimmunology. vol 291. 2016-06-20. PMID:26857499. autoantibodies to tetraspanins (cd9, cd81 and cd82) in demyelinating diseases. 2016-06-20 2023-08-13 Not clear
Yingji Jin, Isao Tachibana, Yoshito Takeda, Ping He, Sujin Kang, Mayumi Suzuki, Hanako Kuhara, Satoshi Tetsumoto, Kazuyuki Tsujino, Toshiyuki Minami, Takeo Iwasaki, Kaori Nakanishi, Satoshi Kohmo, Haruhiko Hirata, Ryo Takahashi, Koji Inoue, Izumi Nagatomo, Hiroshi Kida, Takashi Kijima, Mari Ito, Hideyuki Saya, Atsushi Kumanogo. Statins decrease lung inflammation in mice by upregulating tetraspanin CD9 in macrophages. PloS one. vol 8. issue 9. 2014-07-02. PMID:24040034. the lipophilic statins, fluvastatin and simvastatin, reversed lps-induced downregulation of cd9 and cd81, simultaneously preventing tnf-α and matrix metalloproteinase-9 production and spreading of raw264.7 cells. 2014-07-02 2023-08-12 mouse
Takeo Iwasaki, Yoshito Takeda, Kazuichi Maruyama, Yasuyuki Yokosaki, Kazuyuki Tsujino, Satoshi Tetsumoto, Hanako Kuhara, Kaori Nakanishi, Yasushi Otani, Yingji Jin, Satoshi Kohmo, Haruhiko Hirata, Ryo Takahashi, Mayumi Suzuki, Koji Inoue, Izumi Nagatomo, Sho Goya, Takashi Kijima, Toru Kumagai, Isao Tachibana, Ichiro Kawase, Atsushi Kumanogo. Deletion of tetraspanin CD9 diminishes lymphangiogenesis in vivo and in vitro. The Journal of biological chemistry. vol 288. issue 4. 2013-04-02. PMID:23223239. finally, double deletion of cd9/cd81 in mice caused abnormal development of lymphatic vasculature in the trachea and diaphragm, suggesting that cd9 and a closely related tetraspanin cd81 coordinately play an essential role in physiological lymphangiogenesis. 2013-04-02 2023-08-12 mouse
Célia Chambrion, François Le Naou. The tetraspanins CD9 and CD81 regulate CD9P1-induced effects on cell migration. PloS one. vol 5. issue 6. 2010-11-03. PMID:20574531. on the other hand, expression of tetraspanins cd9 or cd81 was shown to reverse the effects of cd9p-1 on cell motility on collagen i or fibronectin with a concomitant association with cd9p-1. 2010-11-03 2023-08-12 Not clear
Célia Chambrion, François Le Naou. The tetraspanins CD9 and CD81 regulate CD9P1-induced effects on cell migration. PloS one. vol 5. issue 6. 2010-11-03. PMID:20574531. the tetraspanins cd9 and cd81 regulate cd9p1-induced effects on cell migration. 2010-11-03 2023-08-12 Not clear