All Relations between cd63 and retina bipolar cell on

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Nico Hüttmann, Yingxi Li, Suttinee Poolsup, Emil Zaripov, Rochelle D'Mello, Vanessa Susevski, Zoran Minic, Maxim V Berezovsk. Surface Proteome of Extracellular Vesicles and Correlation Analysis Reveal Breast Cancer Biomarkers. Cancers. vol 16. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38339272. twelve potential biomarker proteins were identified based on cell line-specific expression and filtered by their predicted co-localization with known ev marker proteins, cd63, cd9, and cd81. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 Not clear
Alessandra Bommarito, Pierina Richiusa, Elvira Carissimi, Giuseppe Pizzolanti, Vito Rodolico, Giovanni Zito, Angela Criscimanna, Francesco Di Blasi, Maria Pitrone, Monica Zerilli, Marco C Amato, Gaetano Spinelli, Valeria Carina, Giuseppe Modica, M Adelfio Latteri, Aldo Galluzzo, Carla Giordan. BRAFV600E mutation, TIMP-1 upregulation, and NF-κB activation: closing the loop on the papillary thyroid cancer trilogy. Endocrine-related cancer. vol 18. issue 6. 2012-03-27. PMID:21903858. in particular, timp-1 binds its receptor cd63 on cell surface membrane and activates akt signaling pathway, which is eventually responsible for its anti-apoptotic activity. 2012-03-27 2023-08-12 Not clear
H Okochi, M Kato, K Nashiro, O Yoshie, K Miyazono, M Furu. Expression of tetra-spans transmembrane family (CD9, CD37, CD53, CD63, CD81 and CD82) in normal and neoplastic human keratinocytes: an association of CD9 with alpha 3 beta 1 integrin. The British journal of dermatology. vol 137. issue 6. 1998-02-23. PMID:9470900. tetra-spans transmembrane family (tstf) members (cd9, cd37, cd53, cd63, cd81 and cd82) have potent effects on cell growth, motility and adhesion in various cells. 1998-02-23 2023-08-12 human