All Relations between bag3 and alpha

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Margot De Marco, Giuseppe Armentaro, Antonia Falco, Antonina Minniti, Anna Lisa Cammarota, Claudia Iannone, Anna Basile, Angela D'Ardia, Pio Zeppa, Liberato Marzullo, Alessandra Rosati, Claudio Vitali, Roberto Caporali, Nicoletta Del Pap. Overexpression of BAG3 (Bcl2-associated athanogene 3) in serum and skin of patients with systemic sclerosis. Clinical and experimental rheumatology. 2024-07-08. PMID:38976307. bag3 (bcl2-associated athanogene3) is able to induce the transformation of cancer-associated fibroblasts to alpha smooth muscle actin (a-sma) positive (+) myofibroblasts. 2024-07-08 2024-07-11 Not clear
Roghayeh Ijabi, Parisa Roozehdar, Reza Afrisham, Hemen Moradi-Sardareh, Saeed Kaviani, Janat Ijabi, Amirhossein Sahebka. Association of GRP78, HIF-1α and BAG3 Expression with the Severity of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry. vol 20. issue 4. 2021-02-02. PMID:31823704. parallel with the progression of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll), the levels of 78kda glucose-regulated protein (grp78) and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha (hif-1α) are increased as they may activate the induction of anti-apoptotic proteins such as bcl2 associated athanogene 3 (bag3). 2021-02-02 2023-08-13 Not clear
Marion Flum, Michael Kleemann, Helga Schneider, Benjamin Weis, Simon Fischer, René Handrick, Kerstin Ott. miR-217-5p induces apoptosis by directly targeting PRKCI, BAG3, ITGAV and MAPK1 in colorectal cancer cells. Journal of cell communication and signaling. vol 12. issue 2. 2020-10-01. PMID:28905214. furthermore, elevated mir-217-5p levels downregulated mrna and protein expression of atypical protein kinase c iota type i (prkci), bag family molecular chaperone regulator 3 (bag3), integrin subunit alpha v (itgav) and mitogen-activated protein kinase 1 (mapk1). 2020-10-01 2023-08-13 Not clear
Paola Rusmini, Katia Cortese, Valeria Crippa, Riccardo Cristofani, Maria Elena Cicardi, Veronica Ferrari, Giulia Vezzoli, Barbara Tedesco, Marco Meroni, Elio Messi, Margherita Piccolella, Mariarita Galbiati, Massimiliano Garrè, Elena Morelli, Thomas Vaccari, Angelo Polett. Trehalose induces autophagy via lysosomal-mediated TFEB activation in models of motoneuron degeneration. Autophagy. vol 15. issue 4. 2020-05-11. PMID:30335591. abbreviations: als: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; ar: androgen receptor; atg: autophagy related; av: autophagic vacuole; bag3: bcl2-associated athanogene 3; becn1: beclin 1, autophagy related; casa: chaperone-assisted selective autophagy; ctsb: cathepsin b; dapi: 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole; dmem: dulbecco's modified eagle's medium; egfp: enhanced green fluorescent protein; fals, familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; fra: filter retardation assay; gapdh: glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase; gla: galactosidase, alpha; hd: huntington disease; hipscs: human induced pluripotent stem cells; hspa8: heat shock protein a8; hspb8: heat shock protein b8; if: immunofluorescence analysis; lamp1: lysosomal-associated membrane protein 1; lamp2a: lysosomal-associated membrane protein 2a; lgals3: lectin, galactose binding, soluble 3; llome: l-leucyl-l-leucine methyl ester; lmp: lysosomal membrane permeabilization; lys: lysosomes; map1lc3b: microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 beta; mcoln1: mucolipin 1; mrna: messenger rna; mtor: mechanistic target of rapamycin kinase; nds: neurodegenerative diseases; nsc34: neuroblastoma x spinal cord 34; pbs: phosphate-buffered saline; pd: parkinson disease; polyq: polyglutamine; ppargc1a: peroxisome proliferative activated receptor, gamma, coactivator 1 alpha; ppp3cb: protein phosphatase 3, catalytic subunit, beta isoform; rt-qpcr: real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction; sbma: spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy; scas: spinocerebellar ataxias; sirna: small interfering rna; slc2a8: solute carrier family 2, (facilitated glucose transporter), member 8; smnpcs: small molecules neural progenitors cells; sod1: superoxide dismutase 1; sqstm1/p62: sequestosome 1; sted: stimulated emission depletion; stub1: stip1 homology and u-box containing protein 1; tardbp/tdp-43: tar dna binding protein; tfeb: transcription factor eb; tpp1: tripeptidyl peptidase i; treh: trehalase (brush-border membrane glycoprotein); wb: western blotting; zkscan3: zinc finger with krab and scan domains 3. 2020-05-11 2023-08-13 human