All Relations between top-down modulation and bottom-up

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Siqi Wang, Xiaosheng Yu, Wenzhuo Jia, Jianning Chi, Pengfei Lv, Junxiang Wang, Chengdong W. Optic disc detection based on fully convolutional network and weighted matrix recovery model. Medical & biological engineering & computing. 2023-09-05. PMID:37668892. secondly, the top-down semantic prior information provided by fcn and bottom-up background prior information of the optic disc region are used to jointly construct the prior information weighting matrix, which more accurately guides the decomposition of the feature matrix into a sparse matrix representing the optic disc and a low-rank matrix representing the background. 2023-09-05 2023-09-07 human
Luke Pramod, Matthew P Frase. Source Apportionment of Measured Volatile Organic Compounds in Maricopa County, Arizona. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (1995). 2023-08-23. PMID:37610359. the ultimate objective of this study is to offer a comparison to the "top-down" emissions modeling via cmb and the "bottom-up" modeling traditionally used in preparing emission inventories to identify possible discrepancies and help direct future investigations to better understand local air quality. 2023-08-23 2023-09-07 Not clear
Shubham Innani, Prasad Dutande, Ujjwal Baid, Venu Pokuri, Spyridon Bakas, Sanjay Talbar, Bhakti Baheti, Sharath Chandra Guntuk. Generative adversarial networks based skin lesion segmentation. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-08-21. PMID:37596306. it consists of a generator module with a top-down squeeze excitation-based compound scaled path, an asymmetric lateral connection-based bottom-up path, and a discriminator module that distinguishes between original and synthetic masks. 2023-08-21 2023-09-07 Not clear
Shailaja Akella, Andr\\xc3\\xa9 M Bastos, Earl K Miller, Jose C Princip. Measurable fields-to-spike causality and its dependence on cortical layer and area. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2023-08-14. PMID:37577637. in pfc, the direction of intralaminar information flow was from spikes \xe2\x86\x92 fields where these influences dually controlled top-down and bottom-up processing. 2023-08-14 2023-08-16 monkey
Petter Kallioinen, Jonas K Olofsson, Cecilia Nakeva von Mentze. Semantic processing in children with Cochlear Implants: A review of current N400 studies and recommendations for future research. Biological psychology. 2023-08-04. PMID:37541539. we propose that in children with ci, the observed large n400 effect reflects a stronger reliance on top-down predictions, relative to bottom-up language processing. 2023-08-04 2023-08-14 human
Christian Herrera, Nicole Whittle, Marjorie R Leek, Christian Brodbeck, Grace Lee, Caleb Barcenas, Samuel Barnes, Barbara Holshouser, Alex Yi, Jonathan H Venezi. Cortical networks for recognition of speech with simultaneous talkers. Hearing research. vol 437. 2023-08-02. PMID:37531847. regarding contributions to speech recognition, we conclude: (a) superior temporal regions play a bottom-up, perceptual role that is not qualitatively dependent on the presence of competing speech; (b) frontoparietal regions play a top-down role that is modulated by competing speech and scales with listening effort; and (c) performance ultimately relies on dynamic interactions between these networks, with ancillary contributions from networks not involved in speech processing per se (e.g., the m-ag network). 2023-08-02 2023-08-14 Not clear
Fengxue Qi, Michael A Nitsche, Xiping Ren, Duanwei Wang, Lijuan Wan. Top-down and bottom-up stimulation techniques combined with action observation treatment in stroke rehabilitation: a perspective. Frontiers in neurology. vol 14. 2023-07-27. PMID:37497013. top-down and bottom-up stimulation techniques combined with action observation treatment in stroke rehabilitation: a perspective. 2023-07-27 2023-08-14 Not clear
Fengxue Qi, Michael A Nitsche, Xiping Ren, Duanwei Wang, Lijuan Wan. Top-down and bottom-up stimulation techniques combined with action observation treatment in stroke rehabilitation: a perspective. Frontiers in neurology. vol 14. 2023-07-27. PMID:37497013. we suggest that top-down and bottom-up stimulation techniques combined with action observation treatment synergistically might develop into valuable physical therapy strategies in neurorehabilitation after stroke. 2023-07-27 2023-08-14 Not clear
Giulia Magni, Cosimo Tuena, Giuseppe Riv. A predictive coding approach to psychedelic virtual-induced hallucinations and creative cognition in aging. Frontiers in human neuroscience. vol 17. 2023-07-24. PMID:37484922. the present paper suggests that psychedelic hallucinations induced by vr may help optimize the balance between top-down expectations and bottom-up sensory information. 2023-07-24 2023-08-14 Not clear
Ant\\xc3\\xadgona Mart\\xc3\\xadnez, Pablo A Gaspar, Dalton H Bermudez, M Belen Aburto-Ponce, Daniel C Javit. Bottom-up and top-down contributions to impaired motion processing in schizophrenia. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences. 2023-07-18. PMID:37461678. bottom-up and top-down contributions to impaired motion processing in schizophrenia. 2023-07-18 2023-08-14 Not clear
Xiaoyu Ren, Jie Li, Jinqiu Liu, Duo Liu, Jing Zha. Intervention targeting different visual attention span components in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia: a study based on Bundesen's theory of visual attention. Annals of dyslexia. 2023-07-08. PMID:37422551. within the framework of the theory of visual attention (tva), the visual attention span (vas) deficit among individuals with developmental dyslexia has been ascribed to the problems entailed by bottom-up (botu) and top-down (topd) attentional processes. 2023-07-08 2023-08-14 human
Kaisu Lankinen, Jyrki Ahveninen, Mainak Jas, Tommi Raij, Seppo P Ahlfor. Neuronal modeling of magnetoencephalography responses in auditory cortex to auditory and visual stimuli. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2023-07-03. PMID:37398025. intracortical recordings in non-human primates (nhp) have suggested a bottom-up feedforward (ff) type laminar profile for auditory evoked but top-down feedback (fb) type for cross-sensory visual evoked activity in the auditory cortex. 2023-07-03 2023-08-14 human
Sherif S Hindi, Jamal S M Sabir, Uthman M Dawoud, Iqbal M Ismail, Khalid A Asiry, Zohair M Mirdad, Kamal A Abo-Elyousr, Mohamed H Shiboob, Mohamed A Gabal, Mona Othman I Albureikan, Rakan A Alanazi, Omer H M Ibrahi. Nanocellulose-Based Passivated-Carbon Quantum Dots (P-CQDs) for Antimicrobial Applications: A Practical Review. Polymers. vol 15. issue 12. 2023-06-28. PMID:37376306. converting mcc into ncc is performed chemically via the top-down route, while synthesizing cods from ncc can be performed via the bottom-up route. 2023-06-28 2023-08-14 Not clear
Akihisa Kimur. Alterations of sensory cell activity in the thalamic reticular nucleus by prefrontal cortex activation in anesthetized rats. The European journal of neuroscience. 2023-06-08. PMID:37287424. highly complex cooperative and/or competitive interactions between the top-down influence from the pfc and bottom-up sensory inputs are assumed to take place in the trn to adjust attention and perception depending on the weights of external sensory signals and internal demands of higher cognitive function. 2023-06-08 2023-08-14 rat
Keri S Rosch, Mitchell A Batschelett, Deana Crocetti, Stewart H Mostofsky, Karen E Seymou. Sex differences in atypical fronto-subcortical structural connectivity among children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Associations with delay discounting. Behavioural brain research. 2023-06-04. PMID:37271314. atypical fronto-subcortical neural circuitry has been implicated in the pathophysiology of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd), including connections between prefrontal cortical regions involved in top-down cognitive control and subcortical limbic structures (striatum and amygdala) involved in bottom-up reward and emotional processing. 2023-06-04 2023-08-14 Not clear
Paul J Meigha. "What is language for us?": Community-based Anishinaabemowin language planning using TEK-nology. Language policy. vol 22. issue 2. 2023-05-22. PMID:37213430. there is growing consensus that top-down, government-led lpp must occur alongside community-led, bottom-up lpp. 2023-05-22 2023-08-14 Not clear
Colleen J Gillon, J\\xc3\\xa9r\\xc3\\xb4me A Lecoq, Jason E Pina, Ruweida Ahmed, Yazan N Billeh, Shiella Caldejon, Peter Groblewski, Timothy M Henley, India Kato, Eric Lee, Jennifer Luviano, Kyla Mace, Chelsea Nayan, Thuyanh V Nguyen, Kat North, Jed Perkins, Sam Seid, Matthew T Valley, Ali Williford, Yoshua Bengio, Timothy P Lillicrap, Joel Zylberberg, Blake A Richard. Responses of pyramidal cell somata and apical dendrites in mouse visual cortex\\xc2\\xa0over multiple days. Scientific data. vol 10. issue 1. 2023-05-17. PMID:37198203. the apical dendrites of pyramidal neurons in sensory cortex receive primarily top-down signals from associative and motor regions, while cell bodies and nearby dendrites are heavily targeted by locally recurrent or bottom-up inputs from the sensory periphery. 2023-05-17 2023-08-14 mouse
Sebasti\\xc3\\xa1n Salazar Sandoval, Nataly Silv. Review on Generation and Characterization of Copper Particles and Copper Composites Prepared by Mechanical Milling on a Lab-Scale. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 24. issue 9. 2023-05-14. PMID:37175641. this review aims to expose mechanical milling as an alternative method for generating copper-based particles (copper particles (cup) and copper composites (cuc)); more specifically, via a top-down or bottom-up approach, on a lab-scale. 2023-05-14 2023-08-14 Not clear
Ma\\xc3\\xabva Gacoin, Suliann Ben Hame. Fluoxetine degrades luminance perceptual thresholds while enhancing motivation and reward sensitivity. Frontiers in pharmacology. vol 14. 2023-05-09. PMID:37153796. yet, a clear understanding of the specific action of serotonin to each of bottom-up sensory and top-down cognitive control components and their interaction is still missing. 2023-05-09 2023-08-14 monkey
Deryn O LeDuke, Matilde Borio, Raymundo Miranda, Kay M Ty. Anxiety and depression: A top-down, bottom-up model of circuit function. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 2023-05-02. PMID:37129246. anxiety and depression: a top-down, bottom-up model of circuit function. 2023-05-02 2023-08-14 Not clear