All Relations between taste perception and olfactory

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Nao Sakamoto, Misari Oe, Motohiro Ozon. An Exploratory Study of the Associations Between Sensory Processing Patterns and Emotional/Behavioral Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Kurume medical journal. 2024-03-31. PMID:38556271. in autism spectrum disorder (asd), abnormal sensory processing patterns are observed in various sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, touch, olfactory, taste, vestibular, and proprioceptive senses. 2024-03-31 2024-04-03 Not clear
Sanaya Stocke, Chad L Samuelse. Multisensory Integration Underlies the Distinct Representation of Odor-Taste Mixtures in the Gustatory Cortex of Behaving Rats. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2024-03-28. PMID:38548337. previous electrophysiological studies identified the gustatory cortex as a site of convergent olfactory and gustatory signals, but whether neurons represent multimodal odor-taste mixtures as distinct from their unimodal odor and taste components is unknown. 2024-03-28 2024-03-31 rat
Sanaya Stocke, Chad L Samuelse. Multisensory Integration Underlies the Distinct Representation of Odor-Taste Mixtures in the Gustatory Cortex of Behaving Rats. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2024-03-28. PMID:38548337. overall, our findings suggest that olfactory and gustatory signals interact nonlinearly in the gustatory cortex to enhance identity coding of both unimodal and multimodal chemosensory stimuli. 2024-03-28 2024-03-31 rat
Naomi Osakabe, Takafumi Shimizu, Yasuyuki Fujii, Taiki Fushimi, Vittorio Calabres. Sensory Nutrition and Bitterness and Astringency of Polyphenols. Biomolecules. vol 14. issue 2. 2024-02-24. PMID:38397471. recent studies have demonstrated that the interaction of dietary constituents with taste and olfactory receptors and nociceptors expressed in the oral cavity, nasal cavity and gastrointestinal tract regulate homeostasis through activation of the neuroendocrine system. 2024-02-24 2024-02-26 Not clear
Alyssa A Brewer, Brian Barto. Cortical field maps across human sensory cortex. Frontiers in computational neuroscience. vol 17. 2024-01-02. PMID:38164408. recent measurements point to the likely existence of cfms in the other senses, as well, with topographical representations of at least one sensory dimension demonstrated in somatosensory, gustatory, and possibly olfactory cortical pathways. 2024-01-02 2024-01-05 human
Qi Wang, Hans M Smid, Marcel Dicke, Alexander Haverkam. The olfactory system of Pieris brassicae caterpillars: from receptors to glomeruli. Insect science. 2023-12-18. PMID:38105530. to describe the larval olfactory system in this species, we first analyzed the head transcriptome of third-instar larvae (l3) and identified 16 odorant receptors (ors) including the or coreceptor (orco), 13 ionotropic receptors (irs), and 8 gustatory receptors (grs). 2023-12-18 2023-12-21 Not clear
Ghazale Molaverdi, Zahra Kamal, Mahshid Safavi, Arman Shafiee, Sayed-Hamidreza Mozhgani, Mohadeseh Zarei Ghobadi, Mahdi Goudarzvan. Neurological complications after COVID-19: A narrative review. eNeurologicalSci. vol 33. 2023-12-11. PMID:38077923. moreover, a broad spectrum of peripheral nervous system symptoms such as olfactory and gustatory dysfunctions, neuropathy, visual impairments, neuralgia, cranial nerves palsy, and muscle involvement could manifest as symptoms. 2023-12-11 2023-12-17 Not clear
Sherifa Ahmed Hamed, Mohamed Azzam Abdel-Razek Ahme. The effectiveness of cerebrolysin, a multi-modal neurotrophic factor, for treatment of post-covid-19 persistent olfactory, gustatory and trigeminal chemosensory dysfunctions: a randomized clinical trial. Expert review of clinical pharmacology. 2023-11-11. PMID:37950370. this trial aimed to monitor the outcomes of persistent post-covid-19 smell and taste disorders after cerebrolysin therapy, a ntf, and olfactory and gustatory trainings. 2023-11-11 2023-11-20 Not clear
Lala Chaimae Naciri, Mariano Mastinu, Melania Melis, Tomer Green, Anne Wolf, Thomas Hummel, Iole Tomassini Barbaross. A supervised learning regression method for the analysis of oral sensitivity of healthy individuals and patients with chemosensory loss. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-10-16. PMID:37845345. we built a supervised learning (sl) regression model that, exploiting participants' features, was capable of automatically analyzing with high precision the self-ratings of oral sensitivity of healthy participants and patients with chemosensory loss, determining the contribution of its components: gustatory, olfactory, and trigeminal. 2023-10-16 2023-11-08 human
Sávio Luiz Pereira Nunes, Chirles Araújo de França, Gabriela Dias Rocha, Samily Aquino de Sá Oliveira, Mariana Ramos Freitas, Eliane Oliveira da Silva, Katia Sampaio Coutinho, Aline Silva Jerônimo, Gustavo Barbosa de Lima, Raul Emídio de Lima, Matheus Filgueira Bezerra, Filipe Zimmer Dezordi, Marcelo Henrique Santos Paiva, Gabriel da Luz Wallau, Carlos Dornels Freire de Souza, Anderson da Costa Armstrong, Rodrigo Feliciano do Carm. Assessment of clinical characteristics and viral load in individuals infected by Delta and Omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2. Heliyon. vol 9. issue 8. 2023-08-21. PMID:37600420. there was a higher prevalence of symptoms in delta-infected individuals, such as coryza, olfactory and taste disturbances, headache, and myalgia. 2023-08-21 2023-09-07 Not clear
Cindy Levesque-Boissonneault, Nicholas Bussière, Frédérique Roy-Côté, Frank Cloutier, Marie-Ève Caty, Johannes Frasnell. A Quick Test to Objectify Smell and Taste Dysfunction at Home: a Proof-of-Concept for the Validation of the Chemosensory Perception Test. Chemical senses. 2023-08-16. PMID:37586396. in the two experiments, a total of 121 participants irrespective of having olfactory and/or gustatory complaints from various causes (covid-19, sinunasal, post-viral, idiopathic) were tested first, with one/ many of the following tests: 1) a brief chemosensory questionnaire, 2) an olfactory test - sniffin'sticks test (sst) or university of pennsylvania smell identification test (upsit) and/or 3) a gustatory test - brief waterless empirical taste test (b-wett). 2023-08-16 2023-09-07 human
Almoznino Galit, Dana Gleicher, Johnny Kharouba, Sigalit Blume. Olfactory and gustatory disorders associated with SARS-CoV-2infection in children and adults: a topic review. Quintessence international (Berlin, Germany : 1985). vol 0. issue 0. 2023-08-15. PMID:37581371. anosmia is the most common olfactory disorder (od) and hypogeusia is the most common gustatory disorder (gd). 2023-08-15 2023-09-07 Not clear
Yao Wu, Zhixin Li, Liangshan Ming, Zhongyan Huang, Gaochuan Zhang, Wen Lu, Hongning Liu, Zishu Don. Observations on the ultrastructure of the oral appendages of Glenea cantor Fabricius (Coleoptera: Lamiinae). Microscopy research and technique. 2023-08-07. PMID:37548179. the mechanical sensors sch and bb, olfactory sensor st ii, taste sensor stb iv, and carbon dioxide sensor and temperature and humidity sensors sc, sp, and sca were much more developed on the labial and maxillary palpi of females compared to those of males, which further clarified the significance of the oral appendages in oviposition behavior. 2023-08-07 2023-08-14 Not clear
Sonya M Hanson, Jan Scholüke, Jana Liewald, Rachita Sharma, Christiane Ruse, Marcial Engel, Christina Schüler, Annabel Klaus, Serena Arghittu, Franziska Baumbach, Marius Seidenthal, Holger Dill, Gerhard Hummer, Alexander Gottschal. Structure-function analysis suggests that the photoreceptor LITE-1 is a light-activated ion channel. Current biology : CB. 2023-08-01. PMID:37527662. lite-1 resembles olfactory and gustatory receptors from insects, recently shown to be tetrameric ion channels. 2023-08-01 2023-08-14 caenorhabditis_elegans
Arun Kalava, Steven A Benyahia, Ramon Tico Calzada, Christine M Staa. Efficacy of Stellate Ganglion Block in Treating Long-Term COVID-19-Related Olfactory and Gustatory Dysfunction: A Case Series. Cureus. vol 15. issue 6. 2023-07-27. PMID:37496529. olfactory and gustatory dysfunction, including anosmia, parosmia, ageusia, and dysgeusia, are common long-term symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) infection. 2023-07-27 2023-08-14 Not clear
Pedro Cardoso Soares, Patrícia Moreira de Freitas, Carlos de Paula Eduardo, Luciane Hiramatsu Azeved. COVID-19-Related Long-Term Taste Impairment: Symptom Length, Related Taste, Smell Disturbances, and Sample Characteristics. Cureus. vol 15. issue 4. 2023-05-25. PMID:37228557.  the covid-19 infection triggered in some patients a prolonged reduction in the perception of both gustatory and olfactory senses (ageusia and anosmia). these symptoms could be manifested during the first days after the contagion, acting as predictors of covid-19 infection, and additionally, they could be the only symptoms manifested at all. clinical resolution of anosmia and ageusia was expected to occur within a few weeks, yet in some cases, patients began to demonstrate covid-19-related long-term taste impairment (crltti), a condition that can persist for longer than two months, contradicting initial evidence.  objectives: the authors' aimed to describe the characteristics of the sample of 31 participants with covid-19-related long-term taste impairment, and their capacity to quantify taste and rate their smell perception.  material and methods: participants were submitted to a taste evaluation of four hyper-concentrated tastes perceived by the tongue (0-10), self-reported their smell (0-10), and answered a semi-structured questionnaire.  results: different tastes seemed to be affected differently by covid-19, despite the lack of statistical relevance observed in this study. 2023-05-25 2023-08-14 human
Anna Kristina Hernandez, Antje Walke, Antje Haehner, Mandy Cuevas, Thomas Humme. Correlations between gustatory, trigeminal, and olfactory functions and nasal airflow. European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology : official journal of the European Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies (EUFOS) : affiliated with the German Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. 2023-05-02. PMID:37129608. correlations between gustatory, trigeminal, and olfactory functions and nasal airflow. 2023-05-02 2023-08-14 human
Hongli He, M James C Crabbe, Zhumei Re. Genome-wide identification and characterization of the chemosensory relative protein genes in Rhus gall aphid Schlechtendalia chinensis. BMC genomics. vol 24. issue 1. 2023-04-28. PMID:37118660. the process of chemoreception is mediated by a series of protein gene families, including odorant-binding proteins (obps), chemosensory proteins (csps), olfactory receptors (ors), gustatory receptors (grs), ionotropic receptors (irs), and sensory neuron membrane proteins (snmps). 2023-04-28 2023-08-14 Not clear
Jingxin Ren, Yuhang Zhang, Wei Guo, Kaiyan Feng, Ye Yuan, Tao Huang, Yu-Dong Ca. Identification of Genes Associated with the Impairment of Olfactory and Gustatory Functions in COVID-19 via Machine-Learning Methods. Life (Basel, Switzerland). vol 13. issue 3. 2023-03-29. PMID:36983953. the top genes identified by these multiple methods (h3-5, nudt5, and aoc1) are involved in olfactory and gustatory impairments. 2023-03-29 2023-08-14 Not clear
Elisa Mantovani, Alice Zanini, Maria Paola Cecchini, Stefano Tamburi. The Association Between Neurocognitive Disorders and Gustatory Dysfunction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Neuropsychology review. 2023-02-22. PMID:36806051. olfactory and gustatory dysfunction have been reported in mild and major neurocognitive disorders (ncds), with variable results. 2023-02-22 2023-08-14 Not clear