All Relations between spatial orientation and brainstem

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Guillaume Rastoldo, Brahim Tighile. The Vestibular Nuclei: A Cerebral Reservoir of Stem Cells Involved in Balance Function in Normal and Pathological Conditions. International journal of molecular sciences. vol 25. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38338702. in this review, we explore the intriguing realm of neurogenesis in the vestibular nuclei-a critical brainstem region governing balance and spatial orientation. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 Not clear
Tania Sanyal, Vivek Kumar, Tapas Chandra Nag, Suman Jain, Vishnu Sreenivas, Shashi Wadhw. Prenatal loud music and noise: differential impact on physiological arousal, hippocampal synaptogenesis and spatial behavior in one day-old chicks. PloS one. vol 8. issue 7. 2014-02-13. PMID:23861759. prenatal auditory stimulation in chicks with species-specific sound and music at 65 db facilitates spatial orientation and learning and is associated with significant morphological and biochemical changes in the hippocampus and brainstem auditory nuclei. 2014-02-13 2023-08-12 Not clear
Alexander Kaske, Gösta Winber, Joakim Cöste. Motor-maps, navigation and implicit space representation in the hippocampus. Biological cybernetics. vol 94. issue 1. 2007-01-12. PMID:16331489. multiple sensory-motor maps located in the brainstem and the cortex are involved in spatial orientation. 2007-01-12 2023-08-12 Not clear
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R J Leigh, T Brand. A reevaluation of the vestibulo-ocular reflex: new ideas of its purpose, properties, neural substrate, and disorders. Neurology. vol 43. issue 7. 1993-08-09. PMID:8327125. consequently, brainstem disorders that disrupt the vor cause not just only nystagmus, but also instability of posture (eg, increased fore-aft sway in patients with downbeat nystagmus) and disturbance of spatial orientation (eg, tilt of the subjective visual vertical in wallenberg's syndrome). 1993-08-09 2023-08-12 Not clear