All Relations between short term memory and arc

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yanli Liu, Ganqing Yang, Huiyang Wan. Series Arc Fault Detection under Vibration Condition Based on N-M-M-B. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland). vol 24. issue 3. 2024-02-10. PMID:38339675. then, the reconstructed signal is input into the series arc fault model combining a multi-scale convolutional neural network and a bidirectional long short-term memory network for training. 2024-02-10 2024-02-12 Not clear
John F Guzowsk. Insights into immediate-early gene function in hippocampal memory consolidation using antisense oligonucleotide and fluorescent imaging approaches. Hippocampus. vol 12. issue 1. 2002-10-04. PMID:11918292. as such, localized disruption of iegs arc or c-fos by intrahippocampal administration of antisense oligonucleotides or germline disruption of the iegs c-fos, tissue plasminogen activator, or zif268 impairs consolidation of long-term memory formation, without affecting learning or short-term memory. 2002-10-04 2023-08-12 Not clear
J F Guzowski, G L Lyford, G D Stevenson, F P Houston, J L McGaugh, P F Worley, C A Barne. Inhibition of activity-dependent arc protein expression in the rat hippocampus impairs the maintenance of long-term potentiation and the consolidation of long-term memory. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. vol 20. issue 11. 2000-06-15. PMID:10818134. our studies show that disruption of arc protein expression impairs the maintenance phase of ltp without affecting its induction and impairs consolidation of ltm for spatial water task training without affecting task acquisition or short-term memory. 2000-06-15 2023-08-12 rat