All Relations between planning and ct

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
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Alexa E Golbus, John L Schuzer, Chloe Steveson, Shirley F Rollison, James Matthews, Joseph Henry-Ellis, Marco Razeto, Marcus Y Che. Reduced dose helical CT scout imaging on next generation wide volume CT system decreases scan length and overall radiation exposure. European journal of radiology open. vol 13. 2024-07-12. PMID:38993285. alternatively, a new scout method utilizing ultra-low dose helical ct (3d landmark scan) offers cross-sectional imaging to identify anatomic structures in conjunction with artificial intelligence based anatomic landmark detection (ald) for automatic ct acquisition planning. 2024-07-12 2024-07-14 Not clear
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Redha Touati, William Trung Le, Samuel Kadour. Multi-planar dual adversarial network based on dynamic 3D features for MRI-CT head and neck image synthesis. Physics in medicine and biology. 2024-07-09. PMID:38981593. the proposed model synthesizes both sagittal and axial ct tumor images, used for radiotherapy treatment planning in head and neck cancer cases. 2024-07-09 2024-07-12 Not clear
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