All Relations between language understanding and spindle-shaped

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Chun Yin Liu, Ran Tao, Lang Qin, Stephen Matthews, Wai Ting Sio. Functional connectivity during orthographic, phonological, and semantic processing of Chinese characters identifies distinct visuospatial and phonosemantic networks. Human brain mapping. 2022-09-13. PMID:36097409. orthographic processing more strongly recruited the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, left superior parietal lobule and bilateral fusiform gyri; semantic processing more strongly recruited the left inferior frontal gyrus and left middle temporal gyrus, whereas phonological processing more strongly activated the dorsal part of the precentral gyrus. 2022-09-13 2023-08-14 Not clear
Yuqi You, Angeles Correas, R Joanne Jao Keehn, Laura C Wagner, Burke Q Rosen, Lauren E Beaton, Yangfeifei Gao, William T Brocklehurst, Inna Fishman, Ralph-Axel M\\xc3\\xbcller, Ksenija Marinkovi. MEG Theta during Lexico-Semantic and Executive Processing Is Altered in High-Functioning Adolescents with Autism. Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). vol 31. issue 2. 2021-10-22. PMID:33073290. they showed an early overall theta increase in the left fusiform cortex followed by greater activity in the left-lateralized temporal (starting at ~250\xc2\xa0ms) and frontal cortical areas (after ~450\xc2\xa0ms) known to contribute to language processing. 2021-10-22 2023-08-13 Not clear
Min Xu, Daniel Baldauf, Chun Qi Chang, Robert Desimone, Li Hai Ta. Distinct distributed patterns of neural activity are associated with two languages in the bilingual brain. Science advances. vol 3. issue 7. 2019-07-01. PMID:28706990. these regions, including the middle occipital cortices, fusiform gyri, and lateral temporal, temporoparietal, and prefrontal cortices, are associated with multiple aspects of language processing. 2019-07-01 2023-08-13 Not clear
J S H Taylor, Kathleen Rastle, Matthew H Davi. Can cognitive models explain brain activation during word and pseudoword reading? A meta-analysis of 36 neuroimaging studies. Psychological bulletin. vol 139. issue 4. 2014-02-12. PMID:23046391. specifically, left-hemisphere activation clusters are revealed reflecting orthographic analysis (occipitotemporal cortex), lexical and/or semantic processing (anterior fusiform, middle temporal gyrus), spelling-sound conversion (inferior parietal cortex), and phonological output resolution (inferior frontal gyrus). 2014-02-12 2023-08-12 Not clear
Stefan R Schweinberger, Amy Lisa Ramsay, J\\xc3\\xbcrgen M Kaufman. Hemispheric asymmetries in font-specific and abstractive priming of written personal names: Evidence from event-related brain potentials. Brain research. vol 1117. issue 1. 2007-01-05. PMID:16989787. with respect to previous findings that n200, n250r, and n400 reflect facilitation at the levels of font-specific encoding, lexical entries for names, and semantic processing, respectively, these findings suggest that the lh superiority for name processing is particularly pronounced for the access to abstractive lexical entries for written names, a process that may be mediated by the left fusiform cortex. 2007-01-05 2023-08-12 human
Gui Xue, Chuansheng Chen, Zhen Jin, Qi Don. Language experience shapes fusiform activation when processing a logographic artificial language: an fMRI training study. NeuroImage. vol 31. issue 3. 2006-10-06. PMID:16644241. instead, our results suggest that visual familiarity, phonological processing, and semantic processing all make significant but different contributions to shaping the fusiform activation. 2006-10-06 2023-08-12 human
David P Corina, Lucila San Jose-Robertson, Andre Guillemin, Julia High, Allen R Brau. Language lateralization in a bimanual language. Journal of cognitive neuroscience. vol 15. issue 5. 2003-10-14. PMID:12965045. in addition, these data provide evidence for the role of the right posterolateral cerebellum in linguistic-cognitive processing and evidence of a left ventral fusiform contribution to sign language processing. 2003-10-14 2023-08-12 human