All Relations between feeding and bel

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Su Hyun An, Changsu Kon. Effects of Different Feeding Durations on Ileum Length and Weight and Basal Endogenous Loss of Phosphorus in Broiler Chickens Fed a Phosphorus-Free Diet. Animals : an open access journal from MDPI. vol 13. issue 11. 2023-10-29. PMID:37889741. the study investigated the effects of feeding duration on the length and weight of the ileum, and basal endogenous loss (bel) of phosphorus (p) on broiler chickens fed a p-free diet (pfd). 2023-10-29 2023-11-08 Not clear
B G Kim, Y Liu, H H Stei. Effects of collection time on flow of chromium and dry matter and on basal ileal endogenous losses of amino acids in growing pigs. Journal of animal science. vol 94. issue 10. 2017-04-25. PMID:27898860. in conclusion, diurnal variation of cr concentration, dm flow, and the bel of all aa were observed, but 4 to 6 h of ileal sample collection starting 4 or 6 h after feeding may provide representative samples that allow for calculation of accurate values for cp and aa digestibility. 2017-04-25 2023-08-13 Not clear